IWOL Chapter 165: Unfathomable

The news that Cui Zuojing single-handedly beat up the Deep Disguisers by himself, for some reason, spread throughout Heimdall. 

The people in the Deep Disguisers naturally wouldn’t tell such embarrassing things. When the first person came to ask them if it was true, Anton’s face turned blue. 

Who leaked the news?  

This made them lose too much face. After all, they were also one of the most powerful teams in Heimdall. Anton’s personal strength ranked among the top five in the entire organization, but even so, he was still beaten by the boy named Cui Zuojing, with no way to fight back. 

Indeed, after the “pointers,” he immediately found Heinrich in the office on the third floor. The first reason was to ask him to help treat everyone’s injuries, and the other reason was to find out about the young man who easily overturned the three of them. 

Heinrich took them to the open-air garden on the roof. He put one hand on the trunk of a lush banyan tree, and the other hand touched Anton’s bleeding nose. He raised an eyebrow and said, “Did you go looking for him?” 

The answer was self-evident. No one spoke for a while. Finally the woman hesitantly said, “We just wanted to see what the Wanton Insurgency team was like…”

Heinrich’s eyes showed a bit of pity. He sighed, and in line with the principle of sustainable development, he released the banyan tree that had begun to die due to the extraction of life energy, replaced it with another one, and said, “Whoever you find is no good, but you just had to provoke the worst one. His name is Cui Zuojing. I once entered a box with their team, and I know a little bit more about him.”

“What do you think of his strength?” Anton asked, “During the fight, it seemed like he didn’t even use his ability.”

“Of his strength…” Heinrich paused, thinking of the young man on Dusk Island slashing the guardian of the balance, Amit, to death and cutting off the head of the divine bird Ziz. When the breath of blood splattered, it was splashed onto his face by the strong wind. 

He let out a low chuckle and said one word, “Unfathomable.”


“Is it really okay to spread the news like this?” Lin Hangzhi lay on the back of the sofa and stretched out his head to look at the screen of the mobile phone in Cui Zuojing’s hand. 

The culprit, Cui Zuojing, had two feet overlapping on top of the coffee table. He wore a pair of thin, black pants, making his legs look smooth and slender. His whole body sank lazily on the sofa as he fiddled with the phone. 

“What’s wrong with it?” Cui Zuojing clicked to refresh on the post “New Commentary on S-Rank: One Person Single-Handedly Beat the Deep Disguisers.” He glanced at the new comment underneath it and replied to the response that said “Bogus! If it weren’t for being environmentally friendly, I would have shit on it.” He wrote, “Trouble you to treat your own chrysanthemum, okay?” 

After pressing the send button, Cui Zuojing also lost interest. He locked the phone screen and said, “Only when everyone knows that we’re not easy to mess with, will there be no unnecessary troubles in the future.”

Lin Hangzhi admitted that this made sense, but he was still a little worried. “Isn’t this going to draw too much attention?”

“What are you afraid of? Didn’t we agree with Heinrich? He wanted us to help him get the name Heimdall out there. Sooner or later, we’ll be as famous as our Afternoon Tea Party was back then. Eight years have already passed, but our legend is still circulating in the Pure White Realm. Don’t you want to experience this feeling too?”  

Fame wasn’t very attractive to Lin Hangzhi. If he was a person who was keen on fame, wealth and money, he wouldn’t have gone into medicine in the first place. But since Cui Zuojing had considered it very clearly, there was no need for him to worry. 

Every organizations had its own internal forum. Cui Zuojing just wrote down what happened that day and posted it there. For the post to be labeled with the “HOT” logo in just one day, it wasn’t the least bit surprising. 

The curiosity the other teams had toward them would only increase unabated. It was just that the Deep Disguisers was confident in their own strength and was the first to come and test them.

As they were chatting, Dong Zheng came downstairs from the second floor. He’d taken a shower after completing his physical training. His hair was still wet and the dripping water made dark dots on the shoulders of his shirt.

Seeing Dong Zheng coming over, Lin Hangzhi seemed to have thought of something. He immediately straightened up, no longer sitting so close to Cui Zuojing. Just now, in order to see the phone screen more clearly, he’d leaned his head over.

After careful observation and some serious thinking over the past few days, he was pretty certain that these two people had the kind of relationship he imagined. 

Although Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing didn’t look like the type of people who would get together with the same sex, since they’d made their choices, Lin Hangzhi would accept it regardless.

Cui Zuojing didn’t pay attention to Lin Hangzhi. He only remembered that Lin Hangzhi seemed to have something he’d wanted to talk to him about when he came looking for him, so he turned his head and asked, “By the way, why are you looking for me?”

“Ah, on Dusk Island, I got a set of divination cards. Now that I almost understand how to use it, I wanted to ask if you can test it for me.”

Cui Zuojing immediately agreed. “Okay, what should I do?”

Lin Hangzhi cleared the table, spread out a black cloth as the divination place, took the cards out of his pocket as if they were treasures, and placed them neatly in front of Cui Zuojing. “Now say what you wanted me to divine for you, then choose five cards.”

Cui Zuojing caught a glimpse of Dong Zheng, paused, and then his lips hooked up in a sly smile. He said, “I want to know what my future relationship will be like.”

Lin Hangzhi didn’t expect this. “Calculate this?”

“Yes.” Cui Zuojing reached out to choose his cards. “For now, the only thing I want to know is this.”

Before his fingers could touch a card, a hand grabbed hold of his hand.

“Don’t calculate this.” Dong Zheng looked at Cui Zuojing, holding his hand. “You can calculate anything else but not this.”

Cui Zuojing looked at him and held his cheek with his other hand. His dark eyes were bright. “Don’t want to know the answer in advance?”

“No. Not everything is suitable for knowing in advance.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds. Cui Zuojing stuck out his tongue at him and no longer deliberately teased him. He took his hand away from Dong Zheng and asked, “Can I change the question?”

Lin Hangzhi nodded hurriedly and allowed Cui Zuojing to change his question.

The result wasn’t bad. Midway through, Dong Linhai called Dong Zheng away. Lin Hangzhi was sure he couldn’t hear them anymore, and as he packed up the cards, he whispered, “If you two want to play around next time, don’t include me, okay? I was so scared.”

“What’s so scary about this?” Cui Zuojing chuckled loudly and clasped Lin Hangzhi’s shoulder. “Don’t you think it’s fun to tease him?”

Lin Hangzhi said, “….It’s not fun.”

Cui Zuojing looked indifferent. “What’s not fun about it? Besides, I haven’t made up my mind yet. Since he’s like this, he might suffer the consequences of his own actions.”

Lin Hangzhi saw that Cui Zuojing wasn’t shying away from this topic, and his heart for gossip suddenly rose. He asked in a low voice, “Oh right, what the hell is the situation between you and Dong Zheng?”

“Just what you see.” Cui Zuojing stood up and patted his shoulder. “I’m going to Heimdall in a moment. Everyone has to go and get ready.”  

Poor Hangzhi was left on the spot, blinking, and trying to digest the information in Cui Zuojing’s words.

In the end, he sighed sadly. Dong Linhai liked Wang Que, and now Dong Zheng and Cui’er seemed to be getting together, leaving him alone in the team.

Too difficult!

An hour later, all members of the Wonton Insurgency team went to Heimdall again. 

There were many people in the hall. It seemed that some kind of rally had just been held and the crowd hadn’t completely dispersed. Some people recognize that they were the newly rated S-level team, and they either whispered to their companions, were secretly peeping at them, or stared at them outright.

Cui Zuojing didn’t care, but everyone else was a little nervous. It was just that Dong Zheng’s handsome face concealed it well. Without looking at the crowd staring at them, he walked toward the intelligence room with his gaze fixed straight ahead.

His performance was a good example for others. Dong Linhai put his hands in his pockets, pretending that he was also a cool guy with two meters long legs and walking with the wind. As they walked through the hall and left the whispers behind them, Dong Linhai finally whispered, “It seems that we’re also celebrities.”

Cui Zuojing shook his head, quite pleased with himself. “I allowed you to soak in my limelight and ride on my coattails.”

They went to the intelligence room, swiped their cards to enter, and then split up. Each person was in charge of looking through the several rows of counters to find information about Hell Circus.

Although the world thought that the Afternoon Tea Party had already left the Pure White Realm and Shiratori revoked their internal identity cards, Fu Zhe still had part of Shiratori’s authority. Before entering the God’s Back Garden, he took precautions and reserved a key for himself, which allowed him to enter Shiratori’s databases.

This was Fu Zhe’s “old friend” in Shiratori.

With the help of Dong Zheng’s program kernel, they’d sneaked into Shiratori’s database and retrieved some news about Hell Circus. They learned that the circus had just left District VI, and its next stop was the Top of the Giant Tree.

They were afraid of being discovered and dared not access more relevant data. Such confidential databases were generally managed by the NPCs that the organization had hired. Once there were any abnormalities, those NPCs with functions specifically assigned by Kether would easily detect them.

Thus, they could only rely on getting more specific clues from Heimdall’s Intelligence Center.

Except for them, there was no else in the room. Dong Zheng searched the computer of the Intelligence Department, while the rest searched through paper documents. Heimdall hadn’t yet managed to unify its databases, and many materials were organized based on experience in the box. Most of this information was kept in the form of paper documents. 

“Look at this. It’s written here that they saw a circus poster in a safe house!” Dong Linhai was the first to discover something half an hour later.

“When was the document created?”

“Last week.” Dong Linhai was handing the document to Cui Zuojing when he heard the sound of a card being swiped at the door of the intelligence room. He looked over and saw a girl with short hair walking in.

Dong Linhai didn’t care, thinking that she had come to check for information too. Until the girl looked at everyone and went straight to Dong Zheng, who was in front of the computer. 

“Hello,” she said softly. “Excuse me, are you the captain of the Wonton Insurgency, Mr. Dong Zheng?”

“It’s me.” Hearing this, Dong Zheng looked away from the screen and turned his head to look at the girl’s face. The moment he saw her, he was astonished.

The girl was also obviously surprised. After a few seconds, she showed an incredibly complex expression. “I didn’t expect it to be you.”

At a reception a few years ago, she’d walked across the red carpet in the arm of an emperor. At that time, she was as cold as a princess. The face of that girl and this woman gradually overlapped, showing that she’d matured a lot. The long black hair that hang down to her waist had become even more clean and neat.

Although they’d only met a few times, Dong Zheng was certain that neither of them recognized the other person incorrectly.

Dong Zheng let go of the mouse, nodded to her, and said, “Long time no see, Miss Xia.”



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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

I wonder what she wants with Dong Zheng O.O And our team has become celebrities~ Poor, single Lin Hangzhi feels left out now that everyone around him is getting together XD Will the next arc be related to the circus? Maybe Cui Zuojing will meet the clown and get his emotions back~

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Hey, hey, hey! I’m pretty sure the TL is doing a good job so maybe it’s the author who made a mistake. So far, Ms. Xia has been described with short hair. Now near the end of this chapter it says she has long black hair up to her waist! The inconsistency! 😥