IWOL Chapter 185: Mansion Reunion


The five-centimeter-thick glass shattered with a loud sound, scattering glass shards everywhere. Cui Zuojing cut the steel piece in his hand into the bottle, widening the circular hole so that he could pass through.

The noises startled the workers, and they turned their blank faces toward the young man who’d emerged from the hole.

Cui Zuojing felt a terrifying chill at being stared at by thousands of blank faces. It was as if he’d suddenly strayed into a world that was somehow different by some degrees. This was a space with no boundaries on three sides; only a wall existed in the front. If this was the resting place for the maintenance workers during the day, this wall should be the “door” that would allow them to enter the factory.

A slight air current passed through Cui Zuojing’s clothes and he reflexively moved to the side, avoiding the sudden attack of the worker who’d been standing beside him. It was as if a whistle had been blown. All the maintenance workers flew in unison toward Cui Zuojing.

There were too many of them. Even one could drown Cui Zuojing, not to mention that he lacked any real weapons. He raised his hand and a nail pierced the nearest worker’s head in an instant, making a muffled sound.

The worker’s body fell and blocked the coverall behind it that wanted to attack Cui Zuojing. He took advantage of this and twisted his body at the waist to avoid another blow. The wrench that was originally aimed at his head hit another worker, directly smashing a hole in its arm.

At this moment, these creatures seemed to be immersed in chaos and madness, leaving only the obsession of catching and executing Cui Zuojing. They didn’t care about hurting their companions and attacked with all their strength. Countless hands tightly gripping wrenches and hammers stretched out toward him, like a group of eager, blood-thirsty zombies surrounding the only remaining human in the world!

Cui Zuojing grabbed a random arm and slammed it to the ground. Then he pulled a blank face into the path of an incoming wrench. Blood exploded and splashed onto his face, but his eyes didn’t even blink.

He snatched away a wrench and swung it with a loud shout, clearing a one-meter space around him. But soon, the coveralls from the rear eagerly stepped on their companions’ injured bodies and threw themselves at Cui Zuojing, surrounding him once again.

A hammer came out of nowhere and slammed into Cui Zuojing’s back shoulder. These coveralls were generally stronger than humans. The hit made his shoulder go numb in severe pain and he nearly dropped the wrench in his hand.


Cui Zuojing gritted his teeth and reached into his pocket. In the next moment, a nut shot out, piercing the attacker’s head like a bullet.

Even though the wrench was strengthened by the power of slayer, it was still a blunt weapon after all. Cui Zuojing was more accustomed to using swords, and in his hands, the wrench was more effective in knocking the creatures away.

Cui Zuojing began to miss his Tang Sword very much. If it were in his hands, he wouldn’t have fallen into this current situation.

The coveralls still surrounded him in a battle circle. Even though Cui Zuojing expended great efforts in knocking down the maintenance workers one after another, he couldn’t stop the circle around him from encroaching closer and closer to him. Soon, he would be like a can of sardines, all squeezed into meat sauce!


At this moment, a loud shout suddenly came from an unknown place. Cui Zuojing raised his head and saw a black sword flying toward him at high speed!

His eyes brightened. He kicked away a hammer from a worker’s hand, stepped on its shoulder, and jumped high. As the black sword passed by, he grabbed the hilt of the sword that was wrapped in bandages!

The sharpness of the blade’s edge, the curvature of the blade, the rough edges of the bandages wrapped around the handle, and even the small chip from Snow Parasite Trail. They were all reflected in his heart like a mirror.

The sword became a part of his body.

Cui Zuojing let out a loud shout and swept his sword downward. The blade moved so fast that only the afterimages could be seen.

The workers in coverall that surrounded him raise their weapons, as if nothing had happened. A bead of blood dropped from the tip of the Tang Sword, and Cui Zuojing stepped on it.


A dozen or more heads simultaneously flew out as the large wounds that the creatures were still ignorant about directly killed them. A shower of blood fell on the young man carrying a sword, making him seem like a killer God walking out of the Asura field.

The hand holding the sword handle continuously loosened and tightened. The feeling of holding a weapon was extremely comfortable, and with narrowed eyes, Cui Zuojing ran into the direction the sword had came from

Nothing could stand in his way anymore. The blood grooves on the Tang Sword were already overflowing and even the hidden patterns on the sword gleamed scarlet. Cui Zuojing walked step by step toward that person, carving a path out of blood and corpses.

In contrast to the bloodied young man, there wasn’t a speck of blood on the clown’s black suit. He held the double moon scimitars and stood quietly on the spot, waiting for Cui Zuojing.

In the end, the figures in front of him finally fell, and Cui Zuojing grabbed on to edge of the high platform with one hand and pulled himself up to where the clown was standing. There seemed to be some kind of weird spell on it, so that even though the coveralls were frenzied with wanting to attack Cui Zuojing, they dared not come closer.


Cui Zuojing let out a long sigh of relief. He rolled the shoulder that had been hit, grimacing with pain. He said, “The blames all on you.”

“They were too sneaky. I only just discovered that something was wrong and rushed here as quickly as possible, hoping I wasn’t too late.” The clown looked down at the mess and turned his gaze to look at Cui Zuojing. “Are you okay?”

Cui Zuojing hummed vaguely in response. Now that the fighting was over, his adrenaline had also subsided. It was only now that he felt that his whole body was hurting. In the chaos just now, his shoulder wasn’t the only body part injured.

The clown stood tall and strong. In front of him, Cui Zuojing looked like a child. He tore off his sleeve and raised his head to ask, “How are my teammates?”

The clown said, “Which teammate?”

“Everyone,” Cui Zuojing said self-righteously.

With one glance, the clown saw through his hard mouth. He smiled and said, “Your master hid in a safe room for three days. Nothing happened.”

“Hid for three days?” Cui Zuojing thought he’d heard wrong. He was shocked for a moment. Then, he snorted and ridiculed, “How boring.”

How could Dong Zheng get enough secret letters if he hid for three days?

“Let’s go out first. This place isn’t stable.” Cui Zuojing’s changeable expressions successfully made the clown laugh. With a sweep of his scimitar, he cut an opening and walked through first.

Cui Zuojing followed him. After he stepped through, he asked, “What’s going to happen now? Will you send me back to the factory?”

“No. I know you’ll definitely get one of the top three spots so let’s leave the opportunity to others.” After a brief period of darkness, a hall appeared in front of them. Cui Zuojing stood on the luxurious velvet carpet and looked around at what appeared to be a mansion.

The clown said, “You can rest here for a while. The selection process will be over soon and the qualified pilgrims will enter. Then, you can meet your teammates.”

Cui Zuojing nodded. The most urgent thing was that he needed to take a bath. His body was bloodied and smelly. The cold that had crept to the marrow of his bones hadn’t dissipated, and so he still needed to completely warm up his body.

“What about you?”

“I still need to go back. Something has sneaked in, and the leader might not be able to cope with it alone.”

“Is it Kether?”

The clowned murmured “mmn” and split open the space in front of him. Before leaving, he turned back to tell Cui Zuojing, “Hurry up and take a good rest. Don’t worry about other things. This accident just now won’t happen again.”

Cui Zuojing waved his hand to indicate that it was okay.


The whole arena was like something straight out of an unimaginable doomsday scene.

At the beginning, Dong Zheng and He Xiufang would take turns searching for secret letters and other materials. He Xiufang could pass through a flat plane. It was this ability that had allowed her to break into the door of this safe room in the first place.

But soon, they could no longer leave at all. One of the top ten S-numbered monsters could reproduce itself in large numbers. In just one day, the entire prison was full of its “little sons,” and it could swap it’s body with any one of its sons, which was something equivalent to teleporting.

Don’t ask how Dong Zheng knew about it. He was fortunate to have just left the safe room at that time, and barely managed to turn around and rush back; otherwise, he would have found himself in the monster’s stomach.

Once they were completely trapped in the room, He Xiufang began to worry that she wouldn’t be able to leave after the three days were up. After all, everything she saw and heard was beyond the difficulties of what a trial match should be.

Dong Zheng comforted her, but even he himself wasn’t sure.

The surveillance cameras were nearly completely destroyed, and so he had no way to review the situations outside. He could do nothing but quietly wait.

Murphy appeared once, and after chatting a few words with him, she returned to recuperate.

Time passed day by day.

Finally, the last day arrived.

A few pilgrims managed to survive outside in the field. To reach this point, they each had their own hidden trump cards, and so they tried to hide themselves as much as possible and carefully struggled to survive.

When the bright white door appeared in front of them, everyone couldn’t help but become teary-eyed. Finally…it was finally over!

Dong Zheng stood up and woke He Xiufang up. “Sister Fang, the door is open.”

He Xiufang immediately woke up. She stood up from the sofa and was startled to see that there was indeed a brightly lit door there. She couldn’t believe her eyes. “Is it really the door?”

“Let’s go. We’ll probably still need to fight for the cards.”

He Xiufang hesitated for a moment. Finally, she silently put her secret letters back into her pocket. She’d been thinking that if later it became difficult, she’ll give Dong Zheng her identification card and secret letters and opt out.

But Dong Zheng’s calmness also infected her. No matter what, the elimination was now over. Rather than giving up now, it’s better to give it a try.


The sound of running water stopped.

The entire bathroom was filled with water vapor, and the warmth made Cui Zuojing’s skin glow crimson. He’d washed away the blood, expelled the biting cold, and finally felt that he was alive again.

He put the towel over his head and wrapped another towel around his waist. Then, he opened the bathroom door and walked out barefoot.

The bedroom floor was also covered with soft carpet. Drops of water silently fell from the tips of his hair, and the dark carpet fiber poked up from between his toes, making the back of his insteps appear particularly white.

Cui Zuojing wiped his hair with both hands, wondering how long it would take for the others to come over.

Suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed open.

The man who entered suddenly saw such a scene and was stunned.

He and Cui Zuojing, who’d raised his head in surprise, looked at each other, and a smile slowly appeared in his tired eyes.


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