IWOL Chapter 201: I Like You

This trip to the circus could be said to have gone quite smoothly. They completed the original plan and got many unexpected gains. Cui Zuojing got his feelings back, Victor lifted his second seal, Dong Zheng got a piece of a mysterious metal, and Wang Que and Xia Qiongyun each got a high-quality precious item as a reward.

Having failed to get an admission ticket, Lin Hangzhi and Dong Linhai waited for them back at the castle. Seeing a tall figure he’d never seen before, Dong Linhai was stunned. Then he sensed the summoned beast contract that he’d made with Victor coming from the man and nearly spit out his tea.

Lin Hangzhi was also dumbfounded. Why did they suddenly bring a stranger into the house?

Lillian heard movements and poked her head out of the kitchen curiously. With a cry, Fu Zhe abruptly stood up, not even noticing that his book had fallen by his feet. He stared at the Russian man with cropped hair and violet eyes. Thousands of words wanted to pour out, but in the end, he only smiled and said, “Welcome back.”

Fu Zhe opened his arms and Victor went over to give him a hug.

Lin Hangzhi looked at Victor and Fu Zhe again. Confused, he turned his gaze to Dong Zheng and the others and suddenly realized that Uncle wasn’t there.

Where did Uncle go?

Smiling at Dong Linhai’s shocked expression and Lin Hangzhi’s confused face, Victor said, “Hangzhi doesn’t recognize me?”

Lin Hangzhi: ???

Lin Hangzhi: !!!

The white cat had spoken to him with this voice every day and he’d become quite familiar with it. Lin Hangzhi rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and just to make sure that he wasn’t mistaken, cried out, “Victor?!”

“It’s me.” Victor let go of Fu Zhe. This was such a familiar castle, but when he stopped observing it from the perspective of a cat, he suddenly realized that it became a lot stranger.

His favorite corrugated paper bin was on the side of the sofa, his semi-enclosed litter box was in the corner, and the shell comb for his fur was placed next to the food tray and water basin. From that height, he could just barely see Allen in the painting.

“Uncle, your second seal has been lifted?” Dong Linhai rushed to Victor and looked at him from head to toe. Although he’d thought of his Uncle’s appearance many times, now that he saw him with his own eyes, he realized that the person supplemented by his imagination was so different.

Only the kindness in those purple eyes was exactly as he’d imagined.

Uncle must have been a super handsome guy when he was young.

“Did everything go well?” Fu Zhe asked. He and Cui Zuojing looked at each other. Seeing that the young man showed a rather brilliant smile, it suddenly seemed as if he had returned to eight years ago.

It was as if…everyone was still here, and there was no suffering and no catastrophe.

“Very smoothly.” Cui Zuojing quietly touched Dong Zheng’s hand and said, “Let’s talk about it after a good rest. I’ll take a bath and sleep first.”

Dong Zheng’s ability to control his expression was as good as ever, and so his face was as calm and hard to read as usual. He said, “I also needed a rest. If you want to know anything, you can ask Uncle.”

Victor gave a mmn, and his eyes wandered around the corrugated paper bin before he finally sat on the sofa.

Wang Que was also very tired. After coming out of the arena box, she thought she would be able to rest in the mansion overnight, but she didn’t expect that she wouldn’t get the chance to rest until she left the circus.

“I’m going to rest for a while.” After saying this, she hurried upstairs, squeezing past Cui Zuojing and Dong Zheng. Her excellent sixth sense told her that she must seize the time to shut herself in her room so as not to disturb their late night meeting. She didn’t want to see or hear something she shouldn’t have.

Not long after she went up, Lin Hangzhi and Dong Linhai surrounded Victor, full of curiosity and novelty. Cui Zuojing and Dong Zheng went upstairs one after another. They were full of anticipation, and although they seemed steady, each step seemed to beat at the tip of their heart.

After turning the corner and reaching a place completely invisible to those downstairs, the young man suddenly whipped around and crashed into Dong Zheng’s arms.

Dong Zheng embraced him with one hand and twisted the doorknob with the other. Like this, they pushed into his bedroom.

The door slammed shut.

Staggering back a few steps, Cui Zuojing pushed Dong Zheng to the wall and looked up at him. His eyes were brilliant like stars, and Dong Zheng couldn’t help laughing. He touched the side of Cui Zuojing’s face and lowered his head to kiss him.

The both of them were wearing clothes they’d changed into in the mansion. After the freak show, their clothes were already a bit messy, especially Dong Zheng’s shirt, which already had two buttons violently ripped off by Cui Zuojing.

The smell of alcohol still lingered on Cui Zuojing’s body. He’d taken a few sips of vodka when drinking with Victor and the clown, and so he was a little drunk. Now that Dong Zheng was the only person with him, he didn’t bother with trying to maintain sobriety and could do as he pleased.

Cui Zuojing’s head was buried in the crook of his shoulder, and the tip of his hair swept itchily across Dong Zheng’s skin. Dong Zheng took a deep breath. Every inadvertent contact with Cui Zuojing was so vivid and warm. Like clusters of invisible flames, they burned from the bottom of his heart to his body, making him respond

Cui Zuojing’s movements suddenly stopped. He blinked and silently raised his head to look at Dong Zheng.

Dong Zheng:………………

Cui Zuojing:…………

Dong Zheng coughed lightly, his face burning. Since his back was pressed to the wall, he couldn’t withdraw so he grabbed hold of Cui Zuojing’s arm and used a bit of strength to ensure that he wasn’t sticking so close. “Let’s take a bath first.”

“Oh,” Cui Zuojing answered. He raised his head, stretched out his hand, and then took two steps back. His expression was normal, as if nothing had happened, as he said, “Then you go first.”

But the tips of his ears and his cheeks were flushed red, betraying him.

After being suddenly attacked by him, Dong Zheng needed to take a breath to cool down. Seeing Cui Zuoing’s eyes evading him, he knew that the young man had bitten more than he could chew. His hands on Cui Zuojing’s arms suddenly tightened and he pulled Cui Zuojing back at once.

In an instant, their position changed with Cui Zuojing pressed against the door. Before he could react, Dong Zheng lowered his head and gently bit down on the base of his neck.

Cui Zuojing’s thoughts suddenly returned to Snow Parasite Trail, where in the underground military base, he’d bitten Dong Zheng in the same place.

Wang Que’s explanation suddenly came to his mind. The meaning of those long ago, indistinct, and incomprehensible words had never been clear. What mark, what estrus, what body and soul binding?

In the end, he didn’t know how this magical setting came to be. Sure enough, those girls’ minds were adorned with a sea of stars.

Dong Zheng didn’t know what Cui Zuojing was thinking about. When Wang Que blushed and told them about ABO, he was studying with Lin Hangzhi. But now, compelled by emotional instinct, he was biting the young man’s neck and licking the tooth marks left on his skin.

Cui Zuojing’s breathing immediately became erratic. He closed his eyes, arching his body subconsciously toward Dong Zheng, eyelashes trembling. He clearly had a reaction.

Dong Zheng was very satisfied with the result. He pressed a quick kiss on the young man’s flushed lips, straightened up, and went into the bathroom before the situation got even more out of control.

Cui Zuojing slumped against the wall and sucked in a deep breath. He rubbed his face vigorously and listened to the sound of water running in the shower. It reminded him of the events in the mansion. He took off his jacket and shoes, fell onto Dong Zheng’s bed, and rolled around a few times.

Now that strong emotional eruptions had subsided, the feeling of love also gradually settled. He no longer felt such a pressing need to release the bottled up emotion. Laying flat on his back and covering his chest with his hand, Cui Zuojing felt such an unprecedented sweetness.

It turned out that this was what it felt like to like someone. Was being with him such a happy thing?

Dong Zheng went to take a shower.

Cui Zuojing rolled over to the bedside table and flipped through the drawers. Apart from a tablet, a notebook, and some small scattered things, there was nothing else that shouldn’t be there.

The restlessness that Dong Zheng had aroused in him made him a little uncomfortable. He bent a leg to make the front of his pants less tight, and then he suddenly became nervous when he remembered the man’s hot eyes before entering the bathroom.

If Dong Zheng really wanted to do it, would he agree?

Although he was the one who proposed it first, if they went to bed as soon as they confessed their feelings, wouldn’t it be a bit too fast?

Remembering how thirsty and hungry he’d been in the circus, Cui Zuojing wanted to dig a place to hide in. He really couldn’t control it at the time and needed to find a way to vent.

But if Dong Zheng really wanted to, he wouldn’t reject him. Since they cared about each other so much, wasn’t it a natural thing to further their relationship?

Cui Zuojing lay on the bed, his head full of random thoughts. He touched the tooth marks that had yet to fade on his neck, and his other hand curled around the comforter, feeling amused.

So good.

Dong Zheng took a long time to wash up. Cui Zuojing waited until he fell asleep. He didn’t hear when the water stopped.

When Dong Zheng came out of the bathroom, he saw Cui Zuojing curled up with the comforter, already asleep. The hem of his shirt was turned up, revealing the back of his waist. His eyelashes cast a small shadow on his cheeks, and he looked exceptionally quiet.

Dong Zheng lightly sat down on the edge of the bed. The burning fire had been extinguished. He stared at the young man’s peacefully sleeping face, stretched out his hand for a while, and gently touched Cui Zuojing’s cheek.

“…Mmn?” Cui Zuojing was still asleep and woke up as soon as Dong Zheng touched him. He opened his eyes and asked vaguely, “Have you finished washing?”

He’d been waiting for too long and the fatigue had crashed into him, making him only want to sleep.

“Yes, you go now.”

To be honest, Cui Zuojing didn’t want to wash and wanted to go back to sleep instead. But thinking that this was Dong Zheng’s bed, he rubbed his eyes, got up, stripped two to three articles of clothing, and entered the steamy bathroom.

With sleepy eyes half-closed, Cui Zuojing quickly finished washing. When he came out, Dong Zheng had already put on his pajamas. He was holding a tablet and looking at it, and he didn’t look the least bit like he was waiting to do something.

Cui Zuojing rolled onto the bed wrapped in a bath towel, and wiggled under the comforter like a silkworm. Pulling the bath towel away, he hid under the cover and put on his underwear.

The man’s body was still warm after taking a shower. Cui Zuojing pulled on Dong Zheng’s arm, and so he put away the tablet and lay down beside him.

He and Dong Zheng looked at each other silently. His feet kicked to and fro nervously, until it finally ended up hitting Dong Zheng’s lower abdomen.

Cui Zuojing:………………

He suddenly became sober.

Seeing a subtle change in Cui Zuojing’s expression, Dong Zheng held back a smile. He touched Cui Zuojing’s back with his hand and traced his fingertips down along the slope of his spine.

Cui Zuojing’s body immediately stiffened but soon relaxed. He scooted forward and silently buried his face in Dong Zheng’s neck.

“Do you want it?” Dong Zheng asked in a low voice.

Cui Zuojing didn’t speak, but his hand under the cover found Dong Zheng’s hand and clasped his fingers.

“Then, go to sleep if you’re tired.” Dong Zheng saw that he was abashed and didn’t force him. He lowered his head, kissed Cui Zuojing’s forehead, and softly said, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Cui Zuojing also let go. Although he secretly felt a little regretful, he was also relieved.

Dong Zheng turned off the lamp. In the darkness, Cui Zuojing closed his eyes and what happened today resurfaced in his mind.

It seemed…that he still hadn’t fully expressed his heart to Dong Zheng.

Only their quiet breathing broke the silence of the room. As time passed, Dong Zheng began to fall asleep, and suddenly, he heard a small voice whisper in his ear.

“I like you.”

It wasn’t the implicitness of “the moon is beautiful, the wind is gentle, and you are gentle.” In fact, even the most straightforward expression couldn’t truly express what Cui Zuojing felt in his heart.

At this moment, the spoken language had never seemed so pale and feeble.

Dong Zheng didn’t speak. He lifted Cui Zuojing’s hand and pressed a kiss to his fingertips.


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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

Aww, this was so soft and sweet!! >w< I’m glad they aren’t rushing and that Cui Zuojing remembered to express his feelings to Dong Zheng properly. I feel like I might kind of miss kitty-Victor though…

3 years ago


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tbh, i’m quite sad because Allen couldn’t get to see cui zuojing getting his emotions back, victor’s real body and the romantic relationship between the two. if only he was still there 😢😢

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So sweet, I think my favorite was Victor wondering if he could still fit into the cardboard box XD

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