IWOL Chapter 203: Making a Weapon

Murphy smiled.

She raised her hand and touched the cage that trapped her. The straps were flexible but extremely hard, and they changed completely with Dong Zheng’s mind. These things… were they made while she was sleeping and resting?

“If you have enough time, you might become a real threat.” She gently pressed it down, and the cage disappeared in her hands as if it had never existed.

She took a step forward, and when her feet touched another inch of ground, another cage turned up.

“I constructed a loop with no termination conditions,” Dong Zheng said. “If you want to leave the kernel, you must get out of the firewall. With every step you take, you’ll be trapped anew.”

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. What cycle, what kernel firewall? You know, I used to be a Cthulhu in the eyes of those people. What science can you expect the Cthulhu not to know?” Murphy didn’t care much. She just walked step by step, breaking the cage that rose up with every step.

Soon, she walked to the firewall under Dong Zheng’s watch.

“I’m leaving.” The girl who was so thin that she looked as if she would be blown down by a gust of wind raised her hand and pressed it on the firewall. The wall didn’t stop her at all and opened an exit.

As the Red Queen used to call her–she was like a virus.

Of course, he didn’t really think that he could stop Murphy.

Even if he trapped Murphy’s consciousness in his kernel, she had already dispersed into countless replicas in other people’s minds.

Her consciousness leaving was just a matter of time.

Dong Zheng nodded, “Goodbye.”

“By the way, I left you a gift. If you encounter something that is difficult to solve, remember to open it and take a look.”

The girl’s voice finally disappeared in the kernel world. After she left as if she’d never appeared, the kernel settled down again.

A gift?

Dong Zheng frowned. He didn’t need to look at all; he could see the situation in the entire kernel in his heart.

There was nothing unusual.

In the next moment, he appeared on the steps of the temple in the sky and pushed open the heavy temple door.

The stairs to the second floor were still blocked by an invisible barrier; everything was the same as before.

Dong Zheng checked around a bit more and finally left the kernel without discovering what it was.

The chat with Heinrich continued. Dong Zheng finally looked at the message that the other party sent and went upstairs to find Cui Zuojing.

Cui Zuojing was talking to Fu Zhe in detail about the mental pollution trap that Kether had set for him in the box. When he saw the formation on the floor, he asked curiously, “What is this?”

“Locating the whereabouts of my other two soul fragments,” Fu Zhe explained. “They are consciously hiding their tracks. We can sense each other, and our senses are also interoperable to a certain extent. I’m worried that they might be able to perceive information about us from me so it’s better to find them as soon as possible.”

Cui Zuojing said, “Once you’re sure about the location, we’ll look for them immediately. But I feel that the remaining two won’t take being brought back as kindly.”

After leaving the study, Cui Zuojing just happened to meet Dong Zheng coming upstairs, and his heart lifted.

Seeing that Dong Zheng seemed to be worried, he gave him a questioning look.

“Murphy left.” Dong Zheng went back to the bedroom, opened the drawer on the bedside table, and took out a strangely shaped ring containing the metal he’d obtained from the clown’s shop. “Come with me to the weapon shop.”

“Okay. It happened that I also need to fix this sword.” Cui Zuojing grabbed the Tang sword, but he was still concerned about Murphy. “She didn’t do anything bad to you?”

“No, she said she left me a gift, but I couldn’t find it. I hope it’s not something strange.”

Gunshots were constantly coming from the training room. Dong Linhai was training, while Wang Que and Lin Hangzhi were still writing reports in the living room. Cui Zuojing told them they were leaving and went out with Dong Zheng.

He had always wanted to create a weapon that was suitable for Dong Zheng. Once the blood contract between them was lifted, it would be very worrisome if Dong Zheng didn’t have enough life-saving abilities.

Dong Zheng had just asked Heinrich about the best weaponsmith in Top of the Giant Tree. The weaponsmith’s shop was far away from their apartment, so they went directly from the castle to Heimdall.

The shop wasn’t too far away from Heimdall. Dong Zheng asked to borrow Beverly’s little sheep motorcar and drove out slowly with Cui Zuojing.

It was nighttime and the moons and stars were bright in the dark sky. Cui Zuojing sat on the back seat of the motorcar with his hands around Dong Zheng’s waist. There weren’t many people on the street. The wind blew slowly against his face, while one side of his face was pressed to Dong Zheng’s back. Looking at the shops on the side of the street, he felt happier than ever.

Dong Zheng had already memorized the map in his mind, and so he didn’t have to worry about finding his way. Meanwhile, the young man behind him was touching his stomach dishonestly, squeezing from time to time.

Dong Zheng let him make trouble. When Cui Zuojing began to wander in a certain direction in a rather naughty way, he freed up a hand to pull his wandering paw back up and pressed it to his stomach.

“When I was a child, my school was too far away from home so my dad would ride a motorcar to drive me to and fro.” Cui Zuojing stopped his wandering hands, placed them on Dong Zheng’s shoulders, and straightened up. “I especially like to stand on the back seat.”

As he said this, Cui Zuojing stood up with his feet on both sides. He’d grown too much and was no longer the size of a child. Standing too high would destabilize his center of gravity. In order to prevent Dong Zheng from being thrown over, he didn’t stand directly on the seat.

“Slow down.” Dong Zheng was worried that Cui Zuojning would fall and looked back at him. Cui Zuojing lowered his head and took the opportunity to steal a kiss. Then he smiled triumphantly, like a child who’d managed to succeed in doing bad things.

Dong Zheng squeezed the accelerator. The engine made a whining sound, and the little sheep motorcar rushed out. The evening breeze blew across his face, so that he had to squint his eyes. Cui Zuojing supported himself with Dong Zheng’s shoulders to ride the wind, and waving like a sailor, he pointed to the front and shouted vigorously, “Go!”

They had fun along the way, and before they knew it, they’d arrived at their destination. The weaponsmith was very famous in Top of the Giant Tree. His weapon shop was very large, easy to find at a glance. Dong Zheng found a place to park nearby, put the car key in his pocket, and threw his arm over the waiting Cui Zuojing’s shoulder. “Let’s go.”

Dong Zheng’s unrestrained energy when parking really had the temperament of an overbearing president. Of course, that was, if you replace the little sheep motorcar with an Audi A6L.

They walked into the weapon shop. The young man playing with his mobile phone behind the counter raised his gaze and put his feet down when he heard someone coming in. “Welcome. How can I help you?”

Perhaps due to the existence of the Blood Night, most pilgrims wouldn’t go out very much at night. As a result, shops would close very early. Unlike the bustle of the day, during this time of night, the shops were deserted. In fact, the young man was originally planning on closing up for the day.

Cui Zuojing said, “Can weapons be customized?”

Both of them quietly observed the shop. There were some weapons, mostly guns, on the display case in the front hall. There were also some oddly shaped fans, umbrellas, and hidden weapons, as well as various types of cold weapons, hanging on the wall. There was a door to the back area and a corner of the display case inside could be seen.

“Please come with me.” The young man at the counter led them to the back room. The shop was bigger than it appeared from the outside. After passing through the room where there were more weapons and props on display, the young man went to a closed door, knocked twice, and said, “Mr. Hades, there are guests.”

Not long after, the door opened and a gray-haired elderly man came out. He was wearing a plain checked shirt and overalls. There were large framed glasses on his face, giving him a kind look. Seeing Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing, he knew what they wanted. “Who wants to make a weapon?”

Dong Zheng said, “Me.”

Mr. Hades nodded. He returned to the room and went to the counter. Meanwhile, the young man went back to continue watching the shop. Cui Zuojing and Dong Zheng followed Mr. Hades. The old man sat back in his chair and laid out a huge drawing paper on his table. “Are there any special requirements?”

“Make it with this.” Dong Zheng lightly placed the ring on the table. “I brought this material. See if it’s appropriate.”

Hades took the ring. He obviously knew how to use it. He tapped his finger on it, put the ring on the ground, and a huge piece of metal appeared on the floor.

“Wait a minute.” The old man knocked off a small piece with an iron pick and went into the inner room to test it. While he was gone, Cui Zuojing walked around the metal. The more he looked at it, the more he thought it looked familiar, as if he’d seen it somewhere before.

“Is this from the clown’s shop?”

“I think it looks good, so I chose it. The ready-made weapons over there weren’t very suitable for me.”

Hades sat in front of the laboratory and carefully checked the properties of the metal. Cui Zuojing glanced at him, tugged on Dong Zheng’s cuff, and raised his head.

Dong Zheng leaned down and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. The wind blew in from the open gap in the window, bringing with it a damp breath, as if it was going to rain.

Cui Zuojing simply loved this kind of sneaky intimacy. But it was limited to this. He still had some moral principles and won’t do anything more than this.

Hades came out quickly from his laboratory. He held the small piece of metal in the palm of his hand and asked, “Was this obtained from a box?”

“Yes, how about it? Can it be used?”

Hades said, “It’s excellent material. Whoever wants to use it, let’s measure their shape first. If there are no other requirements, I will design it directly according to your physical condition.”

“Okay, thank you.” After putting the metal away, Dong Zheng took off his coat and stood in the middle of the room. Hades yelled out and the little brother who had already locked up the shop hurried over with a measuring tape. “Do you want to measure both gentlemen?”

“Just do it for him. I don’t need it.”

Cui Zuojing watched the little brother measure Dong Zheng’s body, as if he was being measured for tailor-made clothes in ancient times. As the little brother measured, he would record the data in his notebooks, muttering to himself.

The little brother squatted down and used various postures to measure Dong Zheng. When he was finally finished, he looked tired and sweaty. He wrapped his hands around Dong Zheng’s waist and couldn’t help but praise, “Ah, this is definitely the best physique I’ve seen recently.”

“It is.” Cui Zuojing knew that Dong Zheng was a modest person and answered for him. “After watching him practice day after day, how can it not be?”

When he heard this, Dong Zheng laughed. His current appearance was indeed due to Cui Zuojing’s hellish training.

Fifteen minutes later, the little brother put away the measuring tape. Hades raised his head and said, “By the way, can you tell me the direction of your ability?”

“I’m a brain domain developer.”

“Brain domain developer….” Hades nodded and said, “Okay, come back to take a look at the design in two weeks. If there’s no problem, then I’ll make the finished product. The specific production timeframe will depend on the complexity of the weapon. Until then, it’s hard to give you a good estimate now.”

“Okay, then please do.” Dong Zheng put his coat back on and looked at Cui Zuojing, reminding him that he had also needed something as well.

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