IWOL Chapter 218: Pierce the Heart

That strong, young man with firm, loving eyes, holding her hand tightly as bright red blood poured out from his heart. Red blood cruelly splattered on the snowbound trail. The sound of Allen’s scream. The cold flash of the dagger as he cut off his arm. All these scenes condensed in Wang Que’s eyes.

She couldn’t save them at all.

She couldn’t save anyone!

Why was she like this?


Useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless useless!!!

Her tears seemed to have run dry, and even blinking with dry eyes had turned into a torment. She gasped for breath, drowning in her heart-sickening guilt and sorrow. Wang Que stumbled forward; she seemed to have become a walking corpse, only thinking about how to save him.

She must! She must let Linhai return!

The hallway looked endless. Wang Que kept walking and walking. She was cold all over, supported only by the obsession in her heart.

There was a loud noise, and something fell from the ceiling behind her but Wang Que walked forward stubbornly without turning her head back.

She didn’t know how long it took, but there was suddenly a wooden door in front of her. It seemed to be locked from the inside and could not be opened.

A key fell onto the floor in front of the door.

[You seem to be a little sad, but the choice is always accompanied by regrets, don’t you think so?]

Those inexplicable words appeared again, but Wang Que was expressionless.

“Are you satisfied?” she asked coldly.

[Don’t be depressed, my dear little girl. Just like the boy said, death here is not real death.

In the room in front of you, there is a wicked murderer. His hands are stained with countless innocent blood. In your next mission, kill him.

Once you’re done, I will bring that boy back to you.]

[Task Update: Kill the murderer.]

She didn’t fully believe those seductive words. Since Kether was manipulating the story, anything she said could be lies.

But if she didn’t complete the challenge task, if she wasn’t able to clear the box, then Linhai would have no chance to return at all.

This sin she had committed, even if there was only a small chance of redemption, she would not give it up!

Wang Que didn’t hesitate. She silently bent down, picked up the key, and put it into the keyhole with trembling hands.

The door opened. In the hotel-like room was a man who’d collapsed on the floor. He was dressed like a cowboy, and he was tall with slightly curly brown hair. His beard covered half of his face, and judging by the look of him, he seemed to be about forty-years-old.

His eyes were closed tightly, as if he’d lost consciousness.

There was a cowboy hat and a glass of milk on the table. Wang Que walked around the man step by step. For a long time, she stared at his completely familiar face. Finally, she crouched down and touched the dagger at his waist.

Kneeling by the man’s side, she held the dagger in both hands and pointed the sharp tip down at his chest.

Was he really a murderer?

In her collapse, her remaining reason asked her this.

But this question was quickly overwhelmed by a fierce stubbornness.

She thought of the boy who’d dropped a nostalgic kiss on her lips and pierced his own heart with her hand.

—You quickly come back.

Wang Que closed her eyes. Tears flowed into her eyes again, dripped down her cheeks, and landed on the back of the man’s hand.

She gritted her teeth tightly and brought the dagger down with force.


Xia Qiongyun clutched her injured abdomen and moved next to the hole on the floor. In accordance with the challenge task, she’d managed to find a little key and throw it down the hole.

With a soft sound, it landed in some unknown location. Xia Qiongyun took a deep breath, grabbed hold of the table, and stood up.

[Challenge Task: Find the key and drop it in the designated location (Completed).]

[Task Update: Escape Mermaid Hotel.]

The closed door automatically opened. Xia Qiongyun limped out of the room with some difficulties and entered the long hallway. The furnishing was like a western hotel in the early 20th century.

Her gunshot wound was still bleeding, and Xia Qiongyun bit her lip, enduring the desperate pain. She constantly muttered to herself, “If you hold on a bit longer, it’ll be over soon. You’re fine. You’re not hurt at all.”

Truth Speak went into effect, and the pain eased significantly. The blood flowing out seemed to have also slowed down. Xia Qiongyun seized the time and looked for a way out.

She walked past a closed door and heard sounds coming from inside. It seemed that someone had bumped into a table.

What was that? Could it be a teammate?

Just as Xia Qiongyun thought this, the chain of the huge bell that was hanging directly above her head suddenly snapped and the bell fell from above.


Lin Hangzhi grimaced and climbed back up.

How could he hit the table for no reason?! This bad luck was absolutely no good! Could he please start being lucky soon?

He rubbed his knees and walked to the corner of the room. There were a dozen ropes that were stretched taut. A pair of scissors rested in the chair next to him, with a note that said: Cut the correct rope to open the door. Try and see which is correct.

There was no penalty for casually trying?

Before he started, Lin Hangzhi looked around him but failed to find any useful clues. In the end, he turned back to the rope and accidentally knocked loudly into the table again.

Lin Hangzhi picked up the scissor, frowned, thought for two seconds, and decided to hand it over to fate as usual.

He casually cut one off.

There was a loud bang outside the door, as if something had fallen from above.

A few seconds later, a puddle of blood flowed through the crack under the door and leaked into the room from outside.


Cui Zuojing abruptly opened his eyes.

The residual pain in his chest was enough to make him suspect that his heart had been cut out. He clutched his chest tightly, panting hard, and the beads of sweat rolled off his forehead.

The blood contract had faithfully transferred half of Dong Zheng’s injury onto his body.

In the hotel room, just as they were about to go out and find information that could lead to clues about the murderer’s identity, Dong Zheng suddenly felt dizzy.

As his body began to sway, he raised his hand to support himself on the table but it was to no avail. His body was completely out of his control, and his brain seemed to have fallen into a groggy muddle that was difficult to shake off. Dong Zheng quickly entered the kernel. Within a few seconds, the data streaming through the information superhighway slowed down. Just like his thinking, it’d almost stopped completely.

But he didn’t even drink that glass of milk!

The poison must have been on the clothes Lois had given him! After seeing him with the gold, she’d planned to kill him and so that’s why she kept trying to get closer to him to get an opportunity to poison him!

Dong Zheng fell heavily to the ground and completely lost consciousness.

As a prisoner, Cui Zuojing needed to consume Dong Zheng’s mental power when outside of the prisoner’s space. His figure became transparent the moment Dong Zheng noticed his dizziness. He didn’t even have time to say anything to Dong Zheng before he was forcibly pulled back into the prisoner’s space. An indescribable weakness flooded him, and Cui Zuojing fell to the ground without even the strength to lift a finger.

A thick mass of darkness silently surged over him, wrapped tightly around him, and dragged him into the suffocating depths.

An extremely sharp pain had forced Cui Zuojing out of his slumbering consciousness.

He’d been stabbed in the chest. Although he didn’t see what had happened at the last moment, Cui Zuojing was still very sure about this. Gritting his teeth, he curled his whole body up into a ball, hoping to alleviate the pain a little.

After two long minutes the pain gradually subsided, and Cui Zuojing took a long, drawn-out breath. His fists were clenched so hard that his fingers had stiffened and he’d had to struggle to straighten them.

Lois had tried to seduce Dong Zheng, and then she’d poisoned him and killed him by plunging a knife into his heart. However, due to the blood contract, he wasn’t killed instantly. Instead, this fatal injury was evenly divided between two bodies, preventing Dong Zheng from dying immediately.

Later, they must have entered a transition period, similar to when the dragon ship fell. The setting changed, their identities changed, and their injuries disappeared. It was just that the pain hadn’t immediately faded away.

Cui Zuojing was sweating. He raised his hand and found that the back of his hand was dirty and the cuff of his white shirt was frayed after repeated washing.

He sat up, lowered his head, and looked at the dusty white robe and the torn back restrains.

His wrists and ankles had obvious traces of abrasions received from being restrained. He was in a small room that was only about ten square meters, and he was sitting in an iron bed set up in the center of the room. The room had nothing else, except for a window close to the ceiling that allowed the weak light to enter, reminding the person inside whether it was day or nighttime.

Dong Zheng’s prisoner link was still there, but Cui Zuojing couldn’t sense his location at all or communicate with him. But since he was still alive, Dong Zheng should be fine for the time being.

But wasn’t he a prisoner? How could he be alone in this setting?

Cui Zuojing wasn’t sure what was going on. He hadn’t accepted the challenge task. Could it be that he was existing as a branch of Dong Zheng?

No matter what it was, he must act.

The room was dark and damp and had no lights. Sporadic coagulated blood stains spotted the foot of the bed, looking as they’d been left there for a long time. The tightly closed door had a small sliding window that could be opened to give food and water.

Cui Zuojing made sure that his body wasn’t obstructed, and then he pressed his chest again, making sure that his heart was still faithfully beating. He got out of the bed but didn’t find any footwear. Barefooted, he stepped on the cold concrete floor and walked to the door to find that it was locked from the outside.

This kind of trick wasn’t difficult for him. Cui Zuojing picked up a stone from the corner of the wall and cut off the restraint belt affixed to the bed. The belt became extremely hard and sharp in his hand, like a knife. He stabbed it into the iron door and sawed it back and forth a few times, smoothly cutting a rectangular hole in the iron door.

As soon as Cui Zuojing was done, the belt broke into countless pieces and he casually threw it on the ground.

The hallway was long and narrow, with white walls coated with blue-green paint that was peeling off. The windows were so dirty that they were covered with brown grimes. There was another room next to his. The door was wide open but there was no one inside.

It was quiet everywhere, as if he was the only living thing.

This place was probably in an isolated area. Cui Zuojing walked down a section of the hallway and looked at the stairs leading to the next floor. When he entered the next floor, he finally heard other voices.

This hallway was much wider than the one below. A nurse walked toward him and only spared him a glance before ignoring him completely and walking past him.

Cui Zuojing continued to walk forward. The voices were getting louder and louder. Soon, he was in front of an opened door, and the voices seemed to be coming from inside.

Cui Zuojing looked inside. There were five to six people in this lounge. The men, women, and children looked somewhat strange. They simply ignored each other and were focused on their own things.

There was the elderly, gray-haired woman holding a pair of knitting hooks and carefully knitting the air, as if knitting a sweater bit by bit. A chubby middle-aged man had his head on the table, looking at a radio and babbling on and on with spittles flying, prophesying that the “sun will explode in three months.” A malnourished boy crouched in a corner, smearing on the wall. A girl with golden hair looked affectionately out the window, but the window that was 30 centimeters in front of her had its curtains tightly drawn.

Xixi: The Dong brothers literally got stabbed in the heart one after another by Wang Que.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~ And yay for the increased character count! >u<

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I dunno
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