IWOL Chapter 222: Mysterious Bloodied Prints

Cui Zuojing found a dagger from the holster on the corpse thief’s waist. In order to ensure the integrity of the corpse, the thief didn’t use the dagger to kill Mia.

As he cut the restraint, Cui Zuojing smiled to prevent Mia from screaming. “If you called for the doctors and nurses, you may have an even more painful death.”

Mia closed her mouth stiffly.

Cui Zuojing pulled the knife away. “Find a place to hide. As long as it’s still dark, don’t come out no matter what you hear.”

Mia nodded in a panic.

“Let’s go.” Cui Zuojing pulled her off the iron bed and gently pushed her forward.

Mia gave him and Rudolf a flustered glance, carelessly stepped on the blood pooling under the corpse thief, and ran out of the confinement room, supporting the wall.

Leaving a trail of bloody footprints.

Cui Zuojing helplessly said, “This is too stupid.”

But at this point, it didn’t matter anymore. He and Rudolf had temporarily changed their plans in order to save Mia. In the end, he patted Rudolf’s tensed shoulders, and said, “Hurry. Someone might have heard the noises.”

Rudolf took two steps back, stared fixedly at the bloodied corpse on the ground, and murmured, “I…killed him?”

“You didn’t kill him. It was me.” Cui Zuojing dragged him out of the confinement room, placed both hands on his shoulders and turned him so that they faced each other. He stared at him. “Do you still want to go out? Then don’t dawdle.”

Rudolf took a deep breath and nodded. They walked toward the back door as planned.

At that moment, they heard strange sounds coming from the confinement room.

It sounded as if an injured person was groaning and slowly getting up from the floor. In the process, he accidentally hit his foot on the iron bed next to him, making a loud noise.

Rudolf’s eyes widened, and his body couldn’t help but tremble in fear. “…What’s that sound?”

Cui Zuojing gestured for him to be quiet, left the lamp on the floor, and stuck to the wall as he approached the door of the confinement room step by step.

The noises continued. Cui Zuojing arrived at the door, where the spread of blood had already reached. Using the light of the kerosene lamp, he saw that the man who he’d stabbed in the heart two minutes ago was now standing. He leaned on the iron bed with one hand, and with the other hand, he grabbed the iron rod and violently yanked it out!

Blood spurted out, but soon the wound healed. Even the flesh wound on his head was now completely intact.

He had resurrected!

Cui Zuojing narrowed his eyes at this interesting scene.

Throwing the iron rod stained with his own flesh and blood, the corpse thief raised his head and gave Cui Zuojing a dark and evil smile.

His figure seemed to be taller and bigger than before.

Rudolf couldn’t see the scene in the confinement room, but he could guess what was happening based on the young man’s expression. He didn’t dare move, and as he watched nervously, Cui Zuojing raised one foot and walked in.

Then he heard the man’s deep laughter, followed by the sound of a sharp weapon piercing a body, and the laughter stopped abruptly.

There were the sounds of something collapsing and the iron rod crashing to the ground.

Rudolf’s legs were shaking so much that he could barely stand. If he wasn’t leaning against the wall, he would have fallen to the ground.

One after another, he heard crisp sounds that reminded him of a butcher killing a pig in the market and using the deboning cleaver to dismember the pig.

Half a minute later, the sound finally stopped, and Cui Zuojing walked out.

The dagger in his hand was dripping with blood, and the clothes in front of him were stained with splashes of red. There was even a bright red speck of blood underneath his eye, like a mole. In the dim light, he looked like Asura coming out of hell.

The young man acted as usual and said to Rudolf, “I don’t know how long it will take him to resurrect in this state, so let’s hurry up and move.”

Rudolf opened his mouth, and finally ended the thousand words in his heart with one spoken word, “Okay.”

“Follow me and listen to what I say. I’ll try my best to let you live.” Cui Zuojing picked up the karosene lamp and walked back the same way they came. “The plan is going to be changed. That thing isn’t a human being. He can be resurrected indefinitely. If we don’t find a way to solve him, we will never be able to escape.”

“…Resurrection?” Rudolf trotted after Cui Zuojing, whose temperament was now a complete reversal from his previous sloppiness. Now, his invisible ferocity and courage made Rudolf a little terrified.

“Yes, if there is a chance. I will explain to you again. In short, if he’s not killed, he will recover after a certain period of time. The only way to kill him may be burning. It’s unknown.” Cui Zuojing walked all the way to the dining hall. The dining hall that was extremely lively during the day was now quiet and disturbingly eerie. He used a dagger to smash the lock of the back kitchen, kicked it open with his foot, and walked in like an intruder.

Cui Zuojing unceremoniously chose a long knife for chopping bones as a weapon and, at the same time, gave Rudolf a knife. As the son of a rich businessman, Rudolf had never even killed a chicken, and so he held the knife with trembling hands, the tip faced out awkwardly.

Cui Zuojing turned around with the cleaver in hand. “Go.”

When they left the kitchen, they also took the lantern they’d placed on the stove. When they walked through the door, Rudolf discovered that there were bloodied footprints on the floor. Although Cui Zuojing had blood on his shoes when he killed the corpse thief the second time, the blood had already been wiped off as he walked.

And the size of the footprints wasn’t like theirs; it was more like a female.

“Is it Mia?” Rudolf whispered .

Cui Zuojing shook his head. “She was wearing shoes at the time, and these footprints are barefoot so it’s not her. And this amount of bleeding…the person is most likely injured.”

“…Who could it be?” Rudolf’s words were full of fear.

Cui Zuojing walked forward and observed the footprints. According to the size, the owner of the foot should be about 165 in height, thin in size and had good physical fitness; otherwise the distance between the footprints would not be so large.

“She should be avoiding something,” Cui Zuojing thought out loud, and then he slowly frowned.

He happened to know one person who met this condition—Xia Qiongyun.

Since entering this box, he hadn’t seen other teammates except Dong Zheng. This wasn’t in line with Cui Zuojing’s understanding of the box. Even if the box wanted them to act separately, it shouldn’t let the members of a team go from beginning to end with absolutely no intersection. If so, what was the difference between this and everyone participating in a single box?

After his mind turned back, Cui Zuojing settled the master. He didn’t know how to leave this scene. He hadn’t received a task from the box. The only breakthrough was the unknown bloodied footprints in front of him.

“Follow the footprints.”

Rudolf had completely lost his opinion. The development of matters was completely beyond his expectations. How could he escape this madhouse? So many things happened that he didn’t understand, and the young man in front of him was not as simple as he seemed.

In fact, he could directly throw Cui Zuojing off and leave according to the original plan, but what if the situation developed in even more terrifying ways? Even if Cui Zuojing couldn’t deal with it, at least he could still help him.

Rudolf was thinking in confusion when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching the stairs. Someone was coming!

It was the corpse thief! After being chopped into pieces, it only took him five minutes to resurrect!

“Hurry up.” Cui Zuojing pulled Rudolf and ran along after the footprints. He did not throw away the light even though it would reveal their positions. He needed it to see the footprints.

The person seemed to have found their trail because the footsteps behind them accelerated. Rudolf didn’t turn his head and followed closely behind Cui Zuojing. The young man ran all the way after the bloodied footprints. They reached the stairs and went up to the second floor.

The footprint stopped here.

Losing his direction, Cui Zuojing looked at both sides and randomly chose one side. “Here.”

Rudolf was breathless. This floor was where the doctor’s offices and the operating rooms were located. There were nurses and doctors on duty and the same held true even now. After the corpse thief kills the patient, he would need to communicate with the doctor to ensure that things go smoothly before taking away the corpse.

There was an opened door in the hallway, and light streamed out from it. The silent opened door and glow of the dim light revealed an unspeakable horror.

Rudolf whispered, “That’s the office of the doctor on duty.”

Cui Zuojing raised his hand with the knife in front of him and approached the office carefully step by step. He stuck closely to the wall and silently peered in. The doctor who’d tried to trick him with an operation was sitting on a chair behind his desk. There was a half-peeled apple in front of him, but the fruit knife used to peel the apple was protruding from his throat.

His eyes were wide open, and he was leaning back against the back of the chair, as if he hadn’t expected to be killed like this. Blood ran down his neck, straining the front of his chest red.

Cui Zuojing checked the corpse and discovered that its body temperature hadn’t completely cooled. “The time of death shouldn’t be more than two hours.”

Seeing another dead body, Rudolf swallowed hard. “Who killed him? Was it the owner of the footprints?”

“Maybe.” Cui Zuojing no longer cared about the doctor’s corpse. Seeing Rudolf turned pale, he smiled. “You looking like this, how can you compete with your cruel brother for property?”

Rudolf was about to answer, but Cui Zuojing’s expression abruptly changed. He raised his hand for Rudolf to be quiet.

The footsteps that had been following them for some time suddenly stopped.

After finding a place for Rudolf to hide, Cui Zuojing narrowed his eyes. He slowly pulled the paring knife inserted in the doctor’s throat and abruptly threw it at the door!

The sharp knife slammed into the wall on the other side of the hall, the blade plunging into the wall without trembling.

Nothing happened.

Cui Zuojing approached the door step by step with his knees bent, his figure lowered, and his left hand in front of his throat to protect his vitals. There was no sound. Rudolf hid behind the table and looked at Cui Zuojing’s figure. He squeezed the kitchen knife tightly.

Cui Zuojing’s toes were only one step away from the doorframe.

His footsteps paused slightly, and in the blink of an eye, Rudolf saw the figure of the young man suddenly disappear out of thin air.

Where did he go?!

Rudolf was shocked.

At this time, Cui Zuojing was in the middle of pulling out the deboning knife from the corpse thief’s heart when he suddenly realized that the figure of the person in front of him was larger than before. The bloodied, tattered clothes on the man’s body were almost torn apart by his bulging muscles!

He was still holding onto the iron rod.

Would he become stronger with each resurrection?

The suspended time began to flow again. The corpse thief let out a roar. Although he’d been pierced through the heart once more, he still hadn’t lost his ability to move. Instead, like a bolt of lightning, he grabbed the hand Cui Zuojing hadn’t yet fully retracted. Gripping Cui Zuojing’s wrist, he directly lifted him and threw him!

Rudolf saw Cui Zuojing flying across the open doorway like a cannonball. He wanted to rush over to help, but when recalled that the young man wanted him to hide, he hesitated.

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3 years ago

Hi Xixi, sorry for disturbing ^^ but I think chapters 22-23 are not linked in NU

2 years ago

What I dont get is how they are not sus that kether had done something to their box. That’s alrdy my conclusion as soon as they asks about the ship from previous chapters. And its not like they didn’t encounter her before. Heck allen died cuz of her but here, especially CZJ not questioning the box.