IWOL Chapter 228: Waiting for Godot

Cui Zuojing didn’t go directly downstairs, but knocked on Lilian’s door.

Lillian was a prisoner they’d rescued from Dusk Island and seemed to have taken charge of looking after them. Cui Zuojing knocked twice and took out his phone to give Lillian a ring.

Minutes later, the door opened from the inside. The young girl dressed in pajamas was sleepy-eyed. Seeing Cui Zuojing waking her up from her deep dreams in the middle of the night, she instantly smiled happily. “You’re back from the box!”

Cui Zuojing brought his index finger to his lips, and Lillian hurriedly lowered the volume of her voice. But when she didn’t see anyone behind him, she frowned.

“It’s just me and Dong Zheng back. We want to rest a while. Can you guard the box for me? I’m afraid that when the others come out, they won’t be in a good state.”

Lillian immediately agreed. She was all too familiar with what could happen to a pilgrim in a box. She closed the door to change clothes, and two minutes later, she came out neatly dressed with her hair tied. Then she followed Cui Zuojing downstairs.

Cui Zuojing looked in the hall and finally found the little bear sleeping in Victor’s cat litter. He took the little bear, and he and Lillian returned to the apartment.

The box was still there; no other person had come out yet. Cui Zuojing handed the little bear to Lillian, saying, “If anyone’s hurt, just put the little bear next to them. Treat them first and then bring them back to the castle. If it’s something important, you can call my cell phone at any time. I’ll come over immediately.”

Lillian said, “Bring everyone back?”

Cui Zuojing knew she was asking about Xia Qiongyun. With a nod, he said, “Bring them all back. You can also meet the newest member of the team.”

Since Xia Qiongyun had passed the test and could join the team, Cui Zuojing intended to tell her their secrets. Lillian responded with a sound of acknowledgement, and whispered softly, “I’ll stay here. You can go and rest.”

Cui Zuojing didn’t refuse her. He was indeed tired. Lillian had been Wang Que’s prisoner for eight to nine months now, and he knew that this girl was very reliable in doing things. He wasn’t worried and returned back to the old castle.

When Cui Zuojing walked into Dong Zheng’s room with light steps, Dong Zheng was only half-asleep. He was exhausted, but the pain made it difficult for him to fall asleep right away. When he suddenly heard someone coming in, he thought he was hallucinating.

Until Cui Zuojing took his clothes off, slipped in under the cover, and lay down next to him.

Dong Zheng’s eyelids were lightly lowered. He didn’t open his eyes and asked, “How come you’re back?”

“Don’t you want me to stay?” Cui Zuojing whispered. “I let Lillian and Little Bear watch for them. Uncle hasn’t come back yet, otherwise I would have brought him to help you.”

“I’m fine.”

“Come on, I can’t be with you if you’re fine?” Cui Zuojing knew that Dong Zheng actually wanted him to accompany him, but he didn’t want to say it. Since the other party won’t say it, he’ll tell him then. “Furthermore, in my heart, you are of course the most important thing.”

Dong Zheng didn’t speak, as if he was shy. Cui Zuojing let out a hey in his heart and poked Dong Zheng’s shoulder, but there was no response.

Cui Zuojing realized that Dong Zheng must have fallen asleep while he was talking.

He didn’t know if he heard his last words.

Feeling regretful, he stopped talking. Since it wasn’t easy for Dong Zheng to fall asleep, Cui Zuojing naturally wouldn’t continue disturbing him.

The bedroom fell into silence, leaving only the sounds of two people smoothly breathing. A few minutes later, when Dong Zheng was certain that Cui Zuojing was already asleep, he leaned over and pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead.


When Xia Qiongyun suddenly appeared in the apartment, she almost shocked Lillian, who was napping on the sofa. The smell of blood quickly spread, and the dripping blood stained the floor scarlet.

Xia Qiongyun collapsed on the ground and sucked in a breath of agony. Her entire right leg had disappeared from the knee down. When she looked up and saw a strange woman, she gritted her teeth, tensed her body, and tightened her hold on the dagger.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t hurt you. I’m Wang Que’s prisoner.” Lillian hurriedly gave the heart-stitched bear she was hugging to Xia Qiongyun. She guessed that this was probably the new teammate she hadn’t yet met. The girl was so badly wounded that she could even see the bone joint of her knee, the sight making her hands and feet go soft. The heart-stitched bear immediately spit out pieces of cloth and a needle from his mouth and began to treat Xia Qiongyun’s wound.

Xia Qiongyun was close to fainting due to the pain. The little bear who was working busily on her broken damaged leg looked familiar, so she asked through clenched teeth, “An scp?”

“It’s very powerful. Your leg will soon be fine.” Lillian tried to comfort Xia Qiongyun as much as possible, but the girl was stronger than she thought. At this moment, the box behind Xia Qiongyun emitted a bright flash of light again.


Lin Hangzhi suddenly appeared out of nowhere and screamed as he fell. Lillian’s pupils dilated and she was about to rush up and push Lin Hangzhi aside, but Xia Qiongyun immediately lifted her leg. Her foot swept across Lin Hangzhi’s waist, kicking him away!


Lin Hangzhi knocked over the coffee table and laid face up over the mess. He rubbed the back of his head, and the moment he crawled back up, he saw Xia Qiongyun and the spreading pool of blood under her body.

“Fuck!” Lin Hangzhi didn’t care about anything else. He crawled over on hands and knees, glanced quickly at her wound, and grabbed Xia Qiongyun’s barely conscious hand. “Don’t breathe so fast. I’ll help you breath. Follow my lead. Exhale—inhale, exhale—inhale.”

The little bear had already cleaned the wound and was beginning to stitch. Xia Qiongyun didn’t dare look at her wound anymore and gripped Lin Hangzhi’s hand tightly as she endured the pain. The loss of blood would inevitably start to make her feel cold so Lillian half-held her in her arms, her heart full of anxiety.

Seeing Xia Qiongyun suffered such a serious injury made her very worried about Wang Que.

After being hit by the bell that fell from the sky, Xia Qiongyun instantly entered another scene. She found herself standing on the side of an empty street and her task became [Wait for Godot].

A series of weird things happened one after another. The woman in black walking alone on the road in the fog who suddenly disappeared five meters away from her; the carriage full of things driving back with black blood dripping through the gaps, leaving a trail of blood on the stone road; the two girls in blue dresses who would come over every hour to ask her if she knew where No. 237 was on the street.

Later, the girl in the red cloak held a giant sickle and sliced off the head of the woman in black. The passing girl had skin pure as the snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony. She picked up the woman’s head, took a bite out of it, and brought out seven children. When she left, she accidentally dropped a shoe. A woman with a hundred legs under her skirt picked up the crystal shoe and put it on her foot. Then a flock of pigeons flew over her and, with a cry, pecked her to death.

Xia Qiongyun waited and waited, but Godot never came.

She didn’t try to leave; anway, no matter how far she walked, the fog would only allow her ten meters of visibility. And so she continued to wait under the forever dimly lit street.

As time passed, the strange events happening around her gradually became more and more shocking, and they even began to affect her. Xia Qiongyun couldn’t remember exactly how long she stood under the street light in the fog. The last thing she remembered was running desperately as a group of monsters chased behind her, until one bit her right leg.

Immediately afterward, the whole world grew distorted and collapsed. Xia Qiongyun was in such agonizing pain that she wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating, but there seemed to be something in the chaotic fog, and she tried to break through to it.

But she couldn’t do it.

In the next moment, Xia Qiongyun left the box without warning, followed by the sound of a prompt.

“[Challenge: Bald Soprano] failed. Please keep working hard.”

The little bear sewed Xia Qiongyun leg, constantly spitting out large amounts of cloth and cotton wool. As the bear’s work gradually slowed down, Lin Hangzhi couldn’t help but wonder if it would eventually empty itself out.

But the remaining half of Xia Qiongyun’s leg was gone; otherwise, the little bear wouldn’t have to work so hard. Lin Hangzhi held Xia Qiongyun’s hand tightly, and her nails dug into his palm so hard that it nearly bled.

If only Victor was here, Lin Hangzhi thought. He cast his gaze on the box, but it remained quiet. Wang Que and Dong Linhai were still inside. He didn’t know what they were going through, but he knew that they wouldn’t have it easy either.



Muffled thunder rolled across the horizon. Dong Linhai was sitting on a small, square table with Wang Que sitting on his left. Across from them sat two other people, but the other three chairs were vacant.

“Kill No.1 and No.6 and find a way to escape.” The sexy girl with heavy makeup had a cigarette between her fingers. The lightning outside the car window flashed across her face and the face of the tall man next to her. He wore a tall hat, and one of his arms was mechanical.

“We have enough clues to believe that the secret to escaping is here,” the man said. “The second leader is in charge of this body. She trapped us all in this train with the help of the doctor. I have a hunch that if we don’t escape, we’ll be killed by her sooner or later.”

Under the table, Wang Que held Dong Linhai’s hand tightly. She didn’t speak and was quiet as a doll.

After personally stabbing the stranger in the heart, her challenge mission was considered completed, and so she was able to successfully enter the next scene. She accepted the commission of a girl in a red cloak, sneaked into the palace dominated by the demon in black and stole the sickle from her.

When the demon named Godot sensed her, the demon woke up from her slumber and flapped her black wings that covered the sky and the sun. But Wang Que managed to escape from the underground palace and handed the sickle to the girl in the red cloak.

The girl was able to easily kill the demon.

Once the challenge was completed, the girl sent her to a train that was passing through a black river. She was the only person in the fourth car, but when the doors between each car opened, she discovered that the voice from the box had not deceived her. She saw Dong Linhai again.

He was alive. Only a live Dong Linhai could laugh and run like that.

Dong Linhai was in the fifth car next to her. Except for a wounded arm, he didn’t seem to have any serious problems. The moment he saw Wang Que, he still remembered to feel embarrassed, but he still held her tightly.

No one knew what kind of turbulence Wang Que felt in her heart. Her original tension and her nearly fractured mind was finally comforted in this most dangerous and urgent moment, pulling her back from the brink of collapse. Dong Linhai patted the top of her head and said proudly, “Look, just as I thought, I’m okay.”

Then an angry fist shot at him.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter :3

3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters~

Oof, so Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing are finally out? O.O I feel like I should wait for another weird twist after all those instances -w-; So in the end, all those fragmented instances were a part of that test? Poor Xia Qiongyun, but I’m really, really glad that Wang Que and Dong Linhai were reunited >u< I do hope their condition won’t be bad by the time they clear the box though.

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
3 years ago

Linhai, what a thing to say, you scared the poor girl. But I’m glad you’re okay! owo

2 years ago

i feel like this is somehow related to Nana, i don’t see it any other way aaa