IWOL Chapter 260: A Game of Picking Balls

The previous questions were all relatively basic. It wasn’t until he reached the 20th questions that they became increasingly harder, and topics like architectural programming and design algorithms began to appear.

Fortunately, Dong Zheng had his kernel to rely upon. The kernel already had programs like java, python, C++, R language, and matlab running scripts.

With the bonus of his kernel, the first 60 questions passed by in a thrilling manner, leaving Dong Zheng sweating a little. He took a deep breath, submitted his answer, and the 61st question appeared.

Question 61: The first generation of the Dolga Optical Computer is limited to:
A: 11 years Ephemeris
B: 7 years Ephemeris
C: 427 years Great Universal Age
D: 425 years Great Universal Age

‌Dong Zheng: ?

A question mark slowly appeared on top of his head. The other four people were also surprised. Although they could not understand many of Dong Zheng’s questions, the questions were still reasonable for the category. But what was this? Optical Computing? Ephemeris? Great Universal Age? Wasn’t this something straight out of a fucking science fiction world?!

However, Dong Zheng had the impression that he’d read some information relevant to this question during the week of crazy reading in the library study room. Dong Zheng searched through his vast sea of ​​memories, and the text compressed into data was quickly retrieved. He confirmed that he had remembered correctly and chose option B.

The answer was correct.

But before Dong Zheng could relax, the next question appeared.

Question 62: What is the kind of system used by the first generation of smart mecha?

Dong Zheng was also certain that he had read this information somewhere. After searching, he found the correct answer. He’d read it in a book called The History of Mecha Development (Volume 1). Dong Zheng didn’t know when he read it or why he wasted time reading this kind of book that had nothing to do with his current situation.‌ So why did he read more than a few pages? It might be because of the male’s natural love and enthusiasm for mechas. Therefore, upon seeing this topic pop up in the book, he ended up finishing it.

After all, he liked to watch Gundam the most when he was a kid.

Dong Zheng calmly chose answer A.

After that, Dong Zheng relied on the books he’d read in the library to answer three questions in a row. Except for his answers, the whole room was silent. Everyone was surprised. This man as thin as a bamboo pole turned out to be able to answer questions that they couldn’t comprehend. Answering one or two questions correctly could be attributed to luck, but even after five questions, he still managed to answer correctly.

What was going on here?

It wasn’t until the 66th question came out that Dong Zheng knew his streak would come to an end. It was because he had no impression of the topic addressed in the question.

Dong Zheng searched the kernel to no avail, and thinking that his progress was enough, he casually answered it.

Dong Zheng had never been a particularly lucky person. After arriving in the Pure White Realm, his luck only exploded once, which was when he was nearly split in half by Knight Henry and had managed to summon Cui Zuojing when he was about to die.

Sure enough, he failed to get it right.

“The answer is wrong,” Mr. Deeds said. “Mr. Toaster No. 5 has successfully answered 65 questions. It is a good result. No. 3, please select your subject.”

Dong Zheng was very relieved. He didn’t know how well he did, but at least he tried his best based on his own capability.

No. 3 was Fake Dong Zheng, who pondered for a moment and chose Gaming.

Question 1: When was the Red and White Gaming Console first launched?

Fake Dong Zheng: “1983.”

The scope of this topic was very wide. Although Dong Zhen’s subject spanned a wide range of computer science content, it was still system related, after all. In contrast, the scope of the gaming industry was quite vast. In the forty years of the rise of video games, countless games had been born. There were both 3A masterpieces produced by famous companies, and indie games made by small companies or individuals.

Candidate No. 3 was very knowledgeable about this subject, managing to maintain a perfect pace by answering up to 56 questions correctly. Dong Zheng saw this and began to wonder whether Fake Dong Zheng was the two-dimensional fan.

He didn’t think that Female Doctor, Bamboo Pole, and Chen Jianguo were the kind of people who knew gaming well and so the most likely guess was Mr. Fat Otaku.

Fake Dong Zheng went through all the way, until there was a little accident in question 57.

Question 57: In “Wind Journeyman,” what kind of kinetic energy can be supplemented by unknown travelers?

He didn’t know the answer.

Fake No. 3 Dong Zheng’s results stopped at ‌56 questions.

He touched his nose, obviously pressured by Dong Zheng’s excellent score of 65 questions. But there was nothing else he could do so he didn’t say anything and sat down again.

The next person was No. 2 Fat Otaku, who chose history. His initial questions were very simple, allowing him to answer quickly. Obviously, his knowledge of history from ancient times to modern times was quite deep.

Dong Zheng silently watched as Fat Otaku got all the way up to Question 61.

Question 61: Which event caused Star War I?

The God of Destiny also did not patronize Fat Otaku, and he couldn’t answer the question correctly.

He sighed and slumped back into his chair again, not very regretful.

Because this question was impossible to know.

Now it was No. 1 Female Doctor’s turn. She chose Biology.

Question 1: In history, what surgery caused the highest mortality rate?

“In 1847, when the “Fastest Knife” Dr. Liston was performing an amputation for a patient, he also ended up cutting off his assistant’s fingers. At the same time, he also inadvertently cut off the genitals of a dentist who was observing the surgery. In the end, the patient died of pain and excessive blood loss, and the assistant and the dentist died of infection. This operation is considered to have a 300% mortality rate.”

Despite having Victor and Lin Hangzhi, these two doctors, in the team, Dong Zheng didn’t know much about medicine. As he listened to Female Doctor’s answers to the questions, he gained a lot of knowledge. But, once she got up to question 61, a problem appeared.

Question 61: How long can the Dumitians stay in a dormant state after active dehydration?

She hesitated for the first time. Half a minute later, she submitted her answer and was wrong.

So it was like this…

Dong Zheng frowned.

If these questions were indeed based on the truth of the world, ranging from simple to difficult, then based on the development of a discipline, the 60th question could be considered a demarcation of two points in time: what had already happened or had already been discovered by humans and what humans hadn’t yet understood or discovered.

Such as future technology, future development, and future events?

The last one was No. 4 “Chen Jianguo,” who chose law.

Chen Jianguo’s answers were also quite smooth in the early stage. His answers to many legal provisions displayed his strong memory and organized character.

A change also appeared in Question 61. A new concept that completely exceeded their understanding emerged. Chen Jianguo was silent for a few seconds but still answered according to his own understanding of the law.

When one’s understanding of the law and human society had deepened to a certain extent, even unknown legal provisions could be guessed. Therefore, Chen Jianguo was able to answer two consecutive questions about the views of interstellar immigration law, but this achievement stopped at the 63rd question.

He let out a long sigh and sat back down.

Fake Dong Zheng, who answered the fewest questions out of all of them, was a little uneasy. Although it wasn’t very obvious, everyone here were elites, after all. They all noticed his small movements, and each of them fell into their own thoughts.

This kind of small, instinctive reaction best reflected the essence of a person. This uncomfortable appearance wasn’t like the Chen Jianguo that Dong Zheng knew. This allowed him to rule out the possibility that No. 3 was Chen Jianguo.

Mr. Deeds elegantly tapped the table and said, “Everyone performed very well, so it is difficult to tell the identity of the ghost only by answering these questions. It is better for us to temporarily add another segment.”

After the butler spoke, another box covered with red silk cloth magically appeared in the middle of the table. He shook the box, and it emitted the clear sound of things rolling and hitting the sides of the box.

The butler inserted his hand into the box and pulled out a small, shiny metallic ball the size of a pea.

“There are a hundred of these balls in the box. You will pull them out in the order starting from the person with the most correct number of answers to the least. Except for the two people who grabbed the most and the least amount of balls, everyone will obtain extra information about the ‘ghost.’ During the whole process, you are barred from communicating in any form. If two or more people grab the most or the least amount, this segment will be directly invalidated. As a special reminder, please note that the 100 beads don’t need to be evenly divided.”

Female Doctor’s expression flickered slightly, and the expression on Chen Jianguo’s face also loosened for a moment, all of which were noticed by Dong Zheng through the mirror.

After Mr. Deeds announced the rules for this playoff, he said, “So which lucky ladies or gentlemen will obtain information about the ‘ghost.’?”

The person who answered the most questions correctly was No. 5 Dong Zheng, who was wearing Bamboo Pole’s skin. Therefore, Mr. Deeds held the box in front of Dong Zheng. Dong Zheng looked at the hole in front of him, certain that the person who reached in to touch the beads would not only have the ability to take out any amount he wanted, but also gauge the number of beads left in the box.

“This game isn’t fair to me.” After a while, Dong Zheng sneered and leaned back against his chair, expressing his resistance with practical actions. “Now matter how many I choose, I won’t be able to gain any clues.”

Mr. Deeds politely said, “Sorry, you have to pick.”

“It’s okay.” Dong Zheng looked away from Mr. Deed’s face and stretched his hand into the box.

The sound of him touching the beads sounded in everyone’s ears. One minute later, Dong Zheng pulled his hand out, holding a small pile of metal beads in his palm.

Mr. Deeds held the box in front of No.4 “Chen Jianguo.”

“Chen Jianguo” didn’t think too much about it and directly stuck his hand inside. After touching carefully for a while, he pulled out some beads.

Female Doctor mumbled to herself and quickly finished.

The box moved its way through the five people. By the time No. 3 Fake Dong Zheng, who was last, reached into the box, there were no longer any sounds of movements coming from the box.

They all collectively palmed 100 small beads.

Mr. Deeds let out a silent sigh. The empty box disappeared, and he announced, “The same number of beads were drawn by all five people. This segment is invalid. We will now enter the voting period.”

Dong Zheng loosened his grip, and twenty small beads fell from his palm onto the tabletop, making a clattering sound.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

Things are getting tense. I wonder how Dong Zheng will find the identity of the ghost.