IWOL Chapter 276: A Finger

Cerberus flipped the two hidden cards on the table one after another. Lin Hangzhi got the 3 of Hearts and the King of Clubs, which could not be combined to form any special hands with the five community cards on the table. Mr. Mo had a “Double Pair,” and the J of Knights on his cards held onto their swords tightly, looking more and more grotesque, as if laughing at Lin Hangzhi’s lack of strength.

He’d lost again.

His stack of chips had all been gambled away and they all now belonged to Mr. Mo. The area in front of Lin Hangzhi was completely empty. In the 30-odd rounds with Mr. Mo, he’d lost all the 200 million he’d earned in the past two days and not a penny was left.

Lin Hangzhi’s forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, and his palms were wet. His mind couldn’t grasp it. In just over an hour, he went from millionaire to penniless pauper. This dramatic drop was difficult for anyone to cope with.

Regardless of whether he used his ability or not, whether he got a good hidden card or a bad hidden card, the final outcome was controlled by the opposite youth. There was an indiscernible smile on his face, the self-confident kind that said he had a trick up his sleeve, looking mildly down on Lin Hangzhi and pricking him like a pin. Extremely unsightly.

Mr. Mo put his elbows on the armrests and placed his hands on his knees in a relaxed posture, gazing at Lin Hangzhi. He asked, “How about it, do you still want to continue?”

When he said this, his intonation was very light at the end, giving rise to a certain kind of temptation. Lin Hangzhi stared at Mr. Mo’s stack of chips. Thinking that these originally belonged to him, a certain emotion spread out of control in his heart.

It was so strong that Lin Hangzhi’s heart completely twisted into a lump, and even breathing was difficult. He swallowed hard and said in a hoarse voice, “I have no bargaining chips.”

“Then you don’t need to use money as a bet. In this world, there are many things that can be used as a bargaining chip.” Mr. Mo looked down and his gaze fell on Lin Hangzhi’s nervous index finger that kept tapping on the table. “Let’s do this. You can bet a finger in it. If you win, all these chips will be returned to you, and I won’t keep a single one.”

Bet on a finger?

Lin Hangzhi’s eyes widened. He subconsciously pressed his left hand over his right hand. His fingers curled up and nestled in his sweaty palm, moving restlessly.

He had difficulty breathing. A finger for a fortune of 200 million…What a choice that could make people sway and struggle!

Lin Hangzhi looked at Xia Qiongyun, wanting to get some advice from her, but the girl sitting next to him didn’t look at him at all. She looked at the clouds drifting outside the window, her chin lifted slightly, proud and arrogant as a princess. Even a god would not give alms to Lin Hangzhi.

Lin Hangzhi felt that there was something wrong. Yes, something was very wrong. But at this moment, he was overwhelmed by these successive failures and the surging emotions of having nothing, and he couldn’t think carefully. He whispered, “Xiao Xia?”

When Lin Hangzhi called her, Xia Qiongyun finally turned her head and looked at him. She was expressionless, looking at Lin Hangzhi’s as if looking at something dirty, revealing an undisguised disgust.

“Stop barking and asking me about everything. Are you brain dead?”

This uncommon abnormality should make Ling Hangzhi more vigilant, but all Ling Hangzhi could think about was the two hundred million chips. Even Xia Qiongyun’s scolding him as brain dead wasn’t enough to rouse him. He no longer tried to test what kind of insulting words could come from Xia Qiongyun’s mouth, and looked at the piles of chips.

Those things… ‌ belong to him!

If he won this time, wouldn’t they all come back?

Even if he lost, he could still discuss another round with Mr. Mo. He believed that he would never lose, and sooner or later he would win back what belonged to him! Even… even more.


Inside the wine cabinet in the minibar, a bottle of red wine on the top shelf suddenly fell to the ground without warning. Shards of glass scattered and the dark red wine spread and flowed silently. The aroma of grapes and alcohol quickly filled the card room.

But no one noticed this episode, and no one cared about whether this accident had a certain meaning behind it.

“Of course, if Mr. Lin feels that it is inappropriate, let’s stop here.” Seeing Lin Hangzhi’s hesitation, Mr. Mo didn’t force him. He waved gently to Cerberus, who moved to put away all the chips on the table.

“Wait a minute!”

Lin Hangzhi swallowed hard. He stared at the 200 millions-worth of gambling chips and looked at Mr. Mo with a mad obsession. This obsession was something Lin Hangzhi had seen on countless gamblers, the addicted kinds that would gamble until bankruptcy. But he didn’t notice his own abnormality and said firmly and slowly, “I’ll gamble.”

“Oh?” Mr. Mo was in the middle of standing up, but now he paused. He slowly sat back down and asked, “Have you thought about it?”

“I’ll bet a finger.” Lin Hangzhi gritted his teeth and said, “If I win, those chips belong to me.”

A smile flickered over the corners of Mr. Mo’s mouth and his fingers brushed against his lips as he softly said, “Good.”


At the end of the long hallway, there was an opening. Victor and Dong Linhai entered into a room enclosed by red wallpaper. It was like blood stimulating the retina, making irritation come easier.

The bright red in his eyes made Dong Linhai feel that his whole body was gradually burning up, as if someone had lit a fire in his veins. The sparks ignited every cell as blood circulated through his body, even when he breathed.

He was extremely impatient, and the fire in his body was still burning, making him feel unbearable. Dong Linhai urgently needed to find an outlet to vent, otherwise…he would explode!

Victor was frowning as he observed the furnishings in the room. A couch of the same color was placed against the wall with two lamps standing beside it, and a wall-mounted LCD TV was placed on the opposite side. There was no window. The square room was minimalist to the extreme, and there was a door on the wall facing them. The door was white, making the patch of red blood on it even more obvious.

Victor’s stomach growled, and he pressed his hand against his stomach. His stomach was rumbling. He hadn’t eaten breakfast and so he was hungry.

“How on earth are we going to get out?” Dong Linhai sighed, his voice tinged with suppressed anger. “Uncle, aren’t you in control of the power of body? You can’t even solve this kind of spatial maze?”

“Different elements have the power to suppress each other. In the end, I still have another seal left. If I could fully control my physical ability, I would be able to cope with it. But since my last seal hasn’t been unlocked, it would be impossible to use brute force to break out.”

As Victor said this, he looked at Dong Linhai and noticed his abnormality. At this time, Dong Linhai was gritting his teeth, the line of his jaw was very tight, and his breathing was quick. He was staring at the ground, not looking at him.

Victor’s hunger seemed to have gotten worse and was turning into an unspeakable discomfort. But it was still within the range he could tolerate. In the meantime, he had no control over it.

“What’s the matter, Linhai?”

“There’s something wrong with me.” Dong Linhai took a deep breath, trying to let the air cool the anger surging in his body.

Victor stretched out his hand to check his body, but just before he touched Dong Linhai’s shoulder, Dong Linhai severely knocked his hand aside. “Don’t touch me!”

Dong Linhai finally raised his head, his eyes filled with an alarming anger. He glared at Victor, who was half a head taller than him. As if facing the concerns of his elders, he sternly said, “Don’t be hypocritical! If you were really good to me, you would have already taken me out of this lousy place!”

It wasn’t until the words were out that Dong Linhai realized what he had said. He was stunned, then he panicked and said, “It’s not true, Uncle. I never thought that!”

“I know.” By now, Victor was already aware that there was a problem. He quickly grabbed Dong Linhai’s shoulders, and the power of purification entered the boy’s body. The unprovoked rage was relieved, so that he was no longer burning with unreasonable anger.

“Hurry up,” Victor urged. He walked quickly to the other end of the room, opened the white door, and dragged Dong Linhai through.

They entered an orange room .

On the long table in the center of the room, there were countless foods. They were steaming hot, and under the bright lights, they emitted an attractive aroma and colors.

The moment he smelled the cooked meat, the hunger in Victor’s stomach was so intense that it turned into an unbearable pain, urging him all the time: Go eat something!

So hungry.

So hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry so hungry.

But Victor still endured. Until now, these delicious foods had not shaken the will of this man—

Until he saw the alcohol.

The clear bottle was filled with transparent liquor. Victor’s pupils shrank, and the VODKA logo reminded him of the esophagus and stomach burning like flames when he swallowed the cold liquid. Even if he was walking in a snowstorm in Siberia, he could warm up immediately with just one sip.


Victor took a step forward, grabbed the liquor from his hometown, pulled the cork with his bare hands, and took a gulp with his head tilted back.

This gulp of alcohol seemed to have opened Pandora’s box and activated all his taste buds. Victor couldn’t help it anymore. He teared off a leg of the salted chicken and bit into it.


Jealousy was the most deadly poison.

Wang Que was already deeply aware of this a long time ago, but now that she had experienced it firsthand, she knew how this kind of “evil” could torture people.

She was jealous of Cui Zuojing, jealous of Dong Zheng, jealous of all people who were better than her, jealous of everything she had never had before. A whole world of jealousy was inside her, filling her with the unwillingness and pain of the unattainable. And the more she looked at them, the more brilliant they looked.

When Tan Qiuyu pushed her off the roof, was she also so tightly wrapped in this kind of pain that she couldn’t breathe?

No! She couldn’t become this kind of a person! Not even if she died! Who cared about what was in Tan Qiuyu’s heart, she absolutely didn’t care!

They were in a dark purple room at this time, and Cui Zuojing stopped. He seemed to be tired. Yawning, he looked at the sofa in the center of the room—it was the only furnishing here.

“So tired,” the youth muttered as he sat down on the sofa. Within a few seconds, he seemed to still feel tired while sitting and so he laid down.

Dong Zheng stared closely at the small piece of skin exposed by the neckline of Cui Zuojing’s shirt. The young man’s lazy look, his languorous body, the black hair at his temples…Everything aroused the instinctive desire from the very depths of his soul.

Before Wang Que burned down with jealousy, she stumbled out and left the purple room by herself.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

So…they’re each experiencing one of the seven deadly sins in that space? O.O The team exactly has seven people too. If I’m guessing right, then greed for Lin Hangzhi, pride for Xia Qiongyun, envy for Wang Que, wrath for Dong Linhai, gluttony for Victor, sloth for Cui Zuojing, and lust for Dong Zheng? Ooh boy, hopefully they’ll break out of it soon >.<

2 years ago

Well…shit. Looks like the seven deadly sins have started taking effect. But how does FZ have this power..?

2 years ago

Seven Deadly sins!! The purgatory punishment!! 😱😱

I dunno
I dunno
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Dang… Seven deadly sins? How come The fragment has this ability? Morality?