IWOL Chapter 296: Waking Up Linhai

Aside from them, there was no one else in the carriage. It was very quiet, and the others showed no signs of waking up. Wang Que gently stroked Victor’s back. “What should I do?”

“Wake them up,” Luo Yan said. “I can’t take the others out of their dreams; otherwise, the movement would be too big and I will be discovered.”

Luo Yan must have a special method to keep in touch with her, and that might be the pendant she’d obtained from the circus that was now hanging around her neck, hidden under her clothes. Wang Que said, “How do I wake them up?”

Lup Yan stared into her eyes and whispered, “Death. You need to enter their dreams and kill them. Only by dying in the illusion would they truly be able to come back.”

Although she was somewhat expecting it, Wang Que was still slightly startled. She frowned, looked at Luo Yan, and pressed her lips together. Luo Yan could only shuttle in dreams and was unable to show herself in reality, which meant that Wang Que herself was dreaming right now. Just then, a terrifying thought appeared in her mind–What if…what if this dream was also false?

What if killing other people in “Dreamland” didn’t wake them up, but made them lost in the dream forever, like in Inception?

Too much uncertainty entangled Wang Que’s heart. Luo Yan didn’t speak and waited for her answer. Did Wang Que really understand the girl in front of her? No, all she knew was that Luo Yan was once Cui Zuojing’s teammate. She was a member of the Afternoon Tea Party and the owner of the Power of Dreams. Luo Yan seemed to be on their side and, up to now, hadn’t done anything detrimental to them. She even told her about Worm of Mystery and the clown’s past through dreams. But now…Wang Que’s teammates’ life was in her hands. Even if there was only a slight possibility of them being in danger, she couldn’t act rashly.

Wang Que looked fixedly at her, and after a brief struggle in her heart, she whispered, “Can I trust you?”


Wang Que nodded. She took a deep breath and said, “Okay, send me to their dreams. I’ll wake them up as soon as possible.”

“Uncle and Ah’Zuo had successfully crossed the Corridor of Memory before. This time, they should also be able to wake up on their own. I’ll send you to the other people’s dreams first.” Luo Yan stretched out her hand and tapped her finger between Wang Que’s eyebrows. The dark blue power of dream sank into it, and Wang Que immediately closed her eyes and fell on to Dong Linhai’s body.

Luo Yan retracted her hand. She sat upright in her seat and turned her head to look out the window. Countless familiar images kept flashing past–those were the memories of her past that was deeply hidden in her mind.

The train rumbled on.


In the afternoon, Dong Linhai woke up from his nap and grabbed his phone in a daze to glance at the time. As he did so, he noticed that he had a special notification on QQ.

Wang Que sent him a message saying that she had finished another painting, and she wanted him to go over.

Dong Linhai became wide awake in an instant. He replied, “Sorry, I just woke up from a nap. I’ll come over right away.”

Afterward, he put down his phone and rolled around on the bed excitedly.

From the first time he saw Wang Que, he felt a sense of familiarity from her for no reason. No matter that he only met her by accident, she could always affect his thoughts. The reason why Dong Linhai paid so much attention to Wang Que wasn’t only because he really liked her wonderful paintings, but because he also wanted to chase her.

The person he really liked had actively invited to meet up. How could he not go? Dong Linhai quickly got up from his bed, got dressed, confirmed that he looked fine, and happily left the house.

On the wall of his bedroom, the train was leaving from the platform at the top of the giant tree.

After he parked the car in the art gallery’s parking lot, Dong Linhai sent a message to Wang Que: “I’m here, where are you?”

Wang Que quickly replied, “The stairs on the left side east of the build will lead up to the rooftop. I’m waiting there.”

The rooftop? Dong Linhai was taken aback. In an instant, countless classic images of daily comics appeared in front of him. It was where the Cheng Brothers fought, where Kuriyama Miku met Akira Kamihara, and where countless classic confession scenes were staged… He trembled with excitement. Oh my God, the meeting place was on the rooftop! Did this mean that something good was going to happen?

He suppressed his excitement and replied, “Ok.”

He happily entered the east side, took the elevator to the top floor, and walked quickly to the leftmost staircase. The door leading to the rooftop was open. The wind passed through it, while the fiery glow of the sun was scattered on the steps.

Dong Linhai didn’t think about this door that was usually locked would be open at this time. When he took the last step, he finally saw Wang Que standing by the rail with her back to him. She was looking out at the sunset.

Dong Linhai took a deep breath, slowed down his footstep, and walked in. He went over to Wang Que and stood next to her. The scenery here was really good. The height of the six-story building could allow one to see far into the distance. The setting sun was gradually sinking to the West, and Dong Linhai thought in amazement that it looked like it was swallowing the world.

The railing was 1.5 meters high and was very sturdy. Although it looked somewhat frightening when he looked down, there was a fence here and he didn’t have to worry about falling.

The wind blew slowly. He squinted his eyes and secretly glanced at Wang Que. She seemed to be thinking as she looked into the distance in silence.

“Why did you think of meeting here?” Dong Linhai decided to take the initiative.

“The rooftop was the place I was most afraid of.” When Wang Que finally addressed him, her voice was very soft. “Do you know what it feels like to fall down?”

“Ah?” Dong Linhai thought he didn’t hear her clearly. “What did you say?”

Wang Que smiled and shook her head. “By the way, Linhai, do you often feel that this isn’t real? It’s like, except for you, everything around you is false.”

“Ah? No…no, yes.” Dong Linhai was caught off guard. His eyebrows furrowed as he pondered her question. “Now that you mentioned it, it does seem to be true. When I look at your paintings, I feel like those scenes were ones that I…”

“Like you’ve been there?”

Dong Linhai didn’t understand it at all. It seemed that the development of the matter was not quite what he had imagined. Where was that good confession?!

“…What do you mean?”

“Do you trust me?”

Dong Linhai said without hesitation. “I trust you.”

“Then go back with me.” Wang Que rushed into Dong Linhai’s arms, hugging him tightly. Dong Linhai was caught off guard. But before he had time to appreciate the experience of Wang Que in his arms, he felt the railing behind his back suddenly disappear.

Dong Linhai: !!!

Under the impact of Wang Que’s momentum, Dong Linhai’s entire body fell backward. The railings that surrounded the entire rooftop disappeared without a trace, as if it had never existed.

He fell down. Right before Dong Linhai hit the ground, he saw Wang Que’s curly hair fluttering in the wind, and behind her, the sun seemed to have almost swallowed everything up.


Dong Linhai gasped and nearly jumped up from where he was sitting. He panicked and scanned his surroundings with lingering fear. His memory gradually returned and he finally remembered everything. The fear that stemmed from the monstrous fall from the rooftop in his dream slowly faded the longer he stayed awake.

Those turned out to be just a dream.

He turned to Wang Que. The moment when their eyes met, Dong Linhai understood. “Was that to wake me up?”

“Yeah.” Wang Que nodded. She held Dong Linhai’s hand and her palm was full of sweat. It was a tremendous challenge for her to overcome her fear of the rooftop, but at the time, that was the only method she could bear to use to “kill” Dong Linhai.

Looking at Xia Qiongyun and Lin Hangzhi, both of whom were sitting diagonally across from them, Wang Que said, “Now, we need to wake up other people as well.”

“How do we enter their dreams?”

“Luo Yan gave me some of her powers.” The woman who had sat across from her was missing. Wang Que had probably been dreaming earlier when she met her. “If you want to wake people up, you have to kill them in their dreams. Regardless of whether it was up or the owner of the dream, we can consciously manipulate the dream. As long as we dare to think about it with absolute confidence, we can manifest it.”

“So that’s why the fence on the rooftop disappeared,” Dong Linhai said. “By the way, why were we in the same dream?”

“It should be because, since everyone was living according to their original life trajectory, there may be some overlap. But also, maybe for a lifetime, some people will not ever meet,” Wang Que said softly. “If that was really our fate in reality, then I can only say that I am very glad that we still ended up meeting anyway.”

Dong Linhai’s face went red like a persimmon, starting from the root of his neck. He looked around to make sure the others were still asleep and leaned in to kiss Wang Que.

Afterward, Dong Linhai said, “Who should we start with? I know that situation on my brother’s side quite well, but not the others.”

Wang Que answered, “Doctor Lin. We need to enter his dream. We’ll let Brother Dong try to wake up by himself. Luo Yan said that when their team passed here, it was Fu Zhe who realized what was happening and woke everyone up. But, Brother Cui and Uncle had experienced this before so we shouldn’t have to worry about them.”

They moved to the opposite booth with the sleeping Lin Hangzhi. Wang Que held Dong Linhai’s hand while she used her free hand to touch Lin Hangzhi’s brows. The power that Luo Yan had temporarily given her sucked them into Lin Hangzhi’s dream.


Lin Hangshi let out an earth-shattering sneeze and rubbed his nose listlessly, suspecting that he had caught a cold from his night shift last night.

The elevator stopped on the second floor. He entered the underground parking lot and pressed the car key. The black Lacrosse parked in the parking space flashed its lights. Lin Hangzhi sat in the driver’s seat, fastened his seat belt, and slumped on the back of the chair. He sighed.

When he got home, he intended to sleep well and then go out on a blind date at night…Lin Hangzhi drove out of the parking lot listlessly. It stood to reason that since he was in a good profession, and although he wasn’t handsome, at least his physical appearance was passably decent, it shouldn’t be so hard for him to find someone. . But he was a natural klutz, and he would often encounter embarrassing situations in front of women, causing them to be very awkward. So to this day, he was already thirty years old but still could not find a long-term girlfriend.

There were not many vehicles or pedestrians on the street this early in the morning. As he drove home, Lin Hangzhi kept yawning sleepily. But suddenly, something huge fell from the sky and landed with a bang directly in front of him twenty meters away.

Lin Hangzhi immediately slammed on the brakes. His car screeched to a halt five to six meters away from the thing. By now, Lin Hangzhi was wide awake. While he was in the middle of cursing, he suddenly realized what the thing in front of him was, and his voice abruptly choked off.

Was that…Gundam?

Suddenly, Lin Hanzhi’s entire body went silly. He didn’t hesitate to slap himself hard in the face. He cried out from the pain and covered his face, now certain that he definitely wasn’t dreaming.

Gundam slowly squatted down. His two big mechanical hands grabbed the car and lifted it, with Lin Hangzhi inside, into the air.

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This is the best lol

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Lin Hangzhi’s scenes are always comedy gold

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If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship
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Right, I’m always torn between laughing or crying when it comes to Hangzhi ToT

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i’m wheezing!!! poor hangzhi 😂😂😂

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