IWOL Chapter 309: Rose Church

In the next six months, everyone in the Wonton Insurgency worked hard to collect information about Nana’s box. Although there was a Heimdall branch here, they couldn’t find much information. Therefore, Fu Zhe directly used his key to enter Shiratori’s intelligence system to steal information.

No way, how could people of culture call this stealing? It was to increase the utilization of information. Therefore, by using the information obtained from Shiratori, they never lacked for boxes.

During these six months, they maintained a frequency of one to two boxes per month, and so they had already passed a total of nine boxes. Cui Zuojing’s time in the Pure White Realm also reached the third year.

That night, after finishing a day of regular training, Cui Zuojing left the old castle and entered the apartment. In the past, all the apartments they rented had rooftops, but this time, they had no such good luck. At least, there was a big balcony, which wasn’t too bad. Cui Zuojing had set up a lounge chair and a small table on the balcony, and he liked to lie there, resting in the wind.

The total population of District VII was like the giant tree. At this level, everyone knew their own levels and knew exactly where they were going. Not very many people decided to settle down here, and to continue their journey, they relied on entering boxes or other means to obtain survival points.

Among the new pilgrims who were full of confidence and high spirits when they first entered the Pure White Realm, only a small number of talents came back alive, and among these few, there were even fewer determined to leave. Moreover, the only person who had truly made a successful pilgrimage was Cui Zuojing.

And now, the situation of these survivors was also unclear.

Cui Zuojing sighed. The sky was still covered by clouds. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw the sun. In the past, Cui Zuojing preferred rainy days, but he had to agree that not seeing the sun for long periods of time can put people in a bad mood.

Cui Zuojing sincerely missed the crisp vegetation and warm sunshine of Top-of-the-Giant-Tree. He sighed, annoyed, and covered his eyes with the towel over his head, intending to take a nap.

Dong Zheng lifted the curtains and saw that Cui Zuojing was lying motionless on the balcony, so he sat on the reclining chair next to him. Hearing his movement, Cui Zuojing lazily patted the armrest and said, “I’m so annoyed.”

“What’s so annoying?”

“I don’t know. I’m just inexplicably in a bad mood.” Cui Zuojing sighed and said, “I don’t know how much longer we’ll stay here. It’s hard not seeing the sun. I really don’t know how the pilgrims who settled here can bear it.”

“They’re probably used to it, so it’s not too terrible for them.” Dong Zheng touched Cui Zuojing’s hand. He turned his palm over and rubbed the calluses that had hardened due to holding weapons on the two joints of his slender hand.

Dong Zheng looked at his own hand. Originally, he only had a hard callus on the left side of the first knuckle on the right middle finger. Now his palm was also covered with a layer of calluses.

He rubbed the callus on Cui Zuojing’s index finger with his fingertips, and suddenly asked, “I have so many calluses on my hands, do you feel pain when I play with you?”

After half a second of stillness, Cui Zuojing lifted up his head. Once he removed the towel, he raised his eyebrows and said, “You try it on yourself and you’ll know.”

“I personally prefer the theoretical route.” Dong Zheng politely declined his kindness, and continued to trace Cui Zuojing’s skin. Cui Zuojing’s muscles were lean and smooth. Probably because his time was frozen at 16 years old, which hindered his development, he wasn’t hairy at all. His skin was delicate and smooth, which was rare for men, and his hand felt very good.

Cui Zuojing let him touch his hand. They looked at each other for a few seconds, and he saw the familiar desire in the other person’s gaze. It had been a while since they had time to be intimate.

Facing Dong Zheng’s questioning gaze, Cui Zuojing grabbed the towel and threw it over Dong Zheng’s handsome face. Then he got up and straddled Dong Zheng’s lap.

Cui Zuojing covered Dong Zheng’s eyes with the towel. He captured the man’s two hands and held him down. Then he leaned forward, put his mouth against his ear, and said in a low voice, “Suddenly touching my hand like that, what is your intention towards me?”

When it came to hand-to-hand combat, Dong Zheng could only be Cui Zuojing’s opponent if he uses insidious tricks. Therefore, he didn’t bother struggling. With his vision blocked, his other senses were magnified. The brush of Cui Zuojing’s breath against his ear, and the temperature of his palms as he held his wrists…these sensations were enough to burn him in flames.

Dong Zheng instantly hardened, and his breath caught in his throat. Cui Zuojing’s tongue traced his earlobe, touching that sensitive piece of skin with his warm and soft moistness. This sudden teasing succeeded in turning Dong Zheng’s breathing uneven.

Feeling the other party’s physical changes, Cui Zuojing smiled triumphantly. He turned his head and looked around. After some observation, he determined that this place wouldn’t be seen by others. With one hand holding Dong Zheng’s wrists together, he slowly undid the buttons under Dong Zheng’s neck.

“Go to the bedroom?” Dong Zheng finally brushed away the towel that was covering his eyes. He looked at Cui Zuojing on top of him. This person had just been complaining about the weather and now he was aroused and in a good mood. Dong Zheng sat up, so that they were pressed closely together with Cui Zuojing still straddling him. He put his arms around Cui Zuojing’s waist and raised his head. Their lips lightly brushed.

On the balcony, their kiss deepened, their noses brushing. Cui Zuojing was incredibly sticky, pressing close and biting Dong Zheng’s lips. Dong Zheng held him with both hands and stood up from the recliner. With Cui Zuojing still wrapped around him, he walked from the balcony to the bedroom.

After freeing a hand to lock the door, Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing fell on the bed. When they were finally connected and their bodies were moving together, Dong Zheng kissed Cui Zuojing’s eyebrows and temples. The man under him threw his head back, moaning in enjoyment, like a cat being scratched.

Dong Zheng pushed his upper body up and looked down at Cui Zuojing, who looked soft with his hair scattered back to reveal his smooth forehead. He suddenly said, “In fact, cloudy days are also very good.”

“?” Cui Zuojing opened his eyes and looked at him.

Dong Zheng solemnly said, “This way, we don’t have to care about whether it’s day time or not. You can be as lewd as you want and release more——”

“Screw you!” Cui Zuojing scolded. He tucked his hand under a pillow and smashed it against Dong Zheng’s shoulder. Laughing, Dong Zheng grabbed the pillow and pressed him down on the bed to counterattack.

In the end, with the company of lovers and friends, no matter how difficult the environment, life wasn’t too difficult to endure. In the sixth month after coming to District VII, Cui Zuojing successfully found a box that seemed to have the force of chaos.

He found the box in the trading floor of the Pilgrim’s Union. It was said to be incredibly difficult and so no one was willing to try it. Cui Zuojing and Victor had been strolling weekly around the market where boxes were sold, hoping to stumble upon a box that had traces of the power of chaos.

So when Cui Zuojing noticed the familiar power fluctuation coming from the box with the pattern of roses and crosses on it, he didn’t hesitate to buy it.

The seller of the box kindly reminded him that the box’s difficulty level was judged to be very high. Although this meant that once you passed it, you could get unimaginable rewards and points, you must also be alive to be able to enjoy it.
“Doesn’t matter,” Cui Zojin said. “We plan to put it aside for the time being and wait until our strength permits before entering.”

When the seller heard this, he was rest assured. He had already tried to persuade Cui Zuojing out of good intentions, but since the man insisted on purchasing it, he wouldn’t cut himself off from making money.

So when they came back, this box was placed on the long table in the old castle as the focus of the meeting.

“The name of the box is [Rose Church]. It was found behind a tomb in a church in the city center. The difficulty rating is said to be five stars.” Cui Zuojing repeated what the seller had told him. “I sensed the fluctuation of chaos power coming from inside. If I’m not mistaken, Nana’s real body should be trapped inside.”

“It’s quite obvious.” Victor nodded in agreement. “But since it’s rating is so difficult, should we go in now?”

Dong Zheng said, “I think we should take more time to prepare. Although it’s difficulty level may be rated as five stars, if the heirs become secretly involved, the difficulty level will be increased to a point beyond our imagination. Before we can maximize our strength, it would be rash to make a move now.”

Dong Linhai raised his hand, “But your former teammate is still waiting to be rescued?”

Fu Zhe said, “She has been holding on for ten years. It wouldn’t make a difference if she waited for another few months.”

Although these words were cold-blooded, they succeeded in bringing everyone to a unified stand. They decided to spend a few more months to prepare and to wait until they were stronger before going in to rescue Cheriyu Nana.

Cerberus sat on a couch not far away, observing the meeting. Everyone didn’t immediately conceal these matters from him. Anyway, no matter what Fu Zhe requested, Cerberus would do it with perfect execution. They absolutely had no worries that he would have other thoughts.

After several months of living in the old castle, he had pretty much learned about most of Fu Zhe’s matters from various clues, and he also knew that these people were on a pilgrimage to overthrow the world’s ruler in order to return to the “real world.”

Would Fu Zhe go back too? He didn’t know, but one thing Cerberus knew for certain was that, no matter where his master was, he would always do everything possible to follow him and stay by his side.

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2 years ago

Cerberus is so loyal T^T

2 years ago

if ever they go back to reality, would cerberus be able to go there as well?? or maybe fu zhe would stay there after overthrowing the queen and live more peacefully and freely than he does now with cerberus?