IWOL Chapter 341: The Power of Chaos

It looked like Cui Zuojing didn’t need his help…Lin Hangzhi hid around the corner and looked at him. He didn’t rush forward to disrupt the rhythm of the battle. Victory and defeat was between those dueling on the front line. If he wanted to help Cui’er, he needed to decide on the spot.

But… he didn’t need to go closer to help.

Lin Hangzhi watched the two people’s interlaced figures closely and muttered repeatedly, “I curse you. I will give you all my bad luck. I wish you bad luck, just like me. No, it’s worse than me…”

He kept chanting like this. Even if Tang Seng was in front of him, he wouldn’t be overshadowed and Tang Seng’s ears would be worn out.

Cui Zuojing gritted his teeth. His Tang sword collided with the katana, which was vibrating with tremendous power, so strong that it was hard to believe it came from a female. The web between his thumb and forefinger protested sharply and painfully, nearly splitting open. This was originally Cheriyu Nana’s ability as a pilgrim. What’s more, the power of chaos allowed her to change the sword in her hand into different shapes, morphing like ghosts and making it extremely difficult to resist.

For her part, Nana was also struggling. With the addition of his time power, Cui Zuojing was simply too fast, so fast that she could barely catch his movements with the naked eye. She could only respond by relying on the instinct she’d honed over countless battles. As the power of time and chaos continued to collide and explode, matters were born out of the entangled energies before shattering and dissipating.

With the sharp sound of metal breaking, Cui Zuojing flew backward, pushed back by the power of chaos. He slid back some distance before he was finally able to stabilize his figure. Then he raised his hand and swiped off the blood that was spilling from the corners of his mouth.

Oh no! Was Cui’er hurt?

Lin Hangzhi looked anxiously at Cheriyu Nana and suddenly realized that the sword in her hand was broken.

The power of Slayer had turned the Tang sword in Cui Zuojing’s hand into the sharpest weapon in the world. It was indestructible, and even the katana that had been with Cheriyu Nana for the longest time could not withstand its strength. It was unknown where the broken half had flown off to. Nana’s chest was undulating hard as she tried to force back the blood surging up her throat while condensing the power of chaos into a brand new blade.

Cui Zuojing was silent. He shook his numbed arms and stared at Nana like a predatory beast. Without warning, he launched into another offensive attack.

Blades collided.

Lin Hangzhi became anxious. Although it seemed that they were evenly matched, such large movements may also attract other heirs. If another heir arrives, he won’t be able to provide much help and Cui’er will be in trouble.

So he murmured again, “Jade Emperor, Allah, Jesus, Virgin Mary, please let her be unlucky. Usually you are so against me and let me struggle so much. But help me now. Otherwise, I’m simply too useless. At least allow me to bite people like a raised dog. If you’re willing to help, when I return, I’ll offer you some super delicious food…”

Cui Zuojing had already noticed Lin Hangzhi’s arrival, but now he had no time to pay attention to it. With the blessing of the power of chaos, Nana was much stronger than she’d been in the past. Now, based on the way things are going, the odds of him winning was 50-50.

It couldn’t go on like this. He was the team’s strongest fighting force; he absolutely won’t allow himself to be stopped here.

Nana slammed her sword into the Tang sword, sending out the strong force of chaos, the erosion of it so powerful that the Tang sword made an unbearable buzzing sound. It was thanks to the power of Slayer that the sword wasn’t crushed into powder on the spot!

Cui Zuojing gritted his teeth and decided to use his trump card. Even if it was something he’d prepared for dealing with the Queen, if he couldn’t even make it to face the Queen, then there was no point in it!

He took a deep breath. All three seals on his wrist lit up, and an orange light glowed in his eyes. The phantom image of the Mobius ring emerged from his feet and rose up to surround him.

Realizing what Cui Zuojing wanted to do, Cheriyu Nana backed away vigilantly. The power of chaos gathered in her hands, ready to respond–

And then she tripped on a small rock.

It was unknown when this little rock appeared, why it just happened to appear under Cheriyu Nana’s retreating footsteps, and no one could explain why a top swordswoman like Cheriyu Nana would be tripped up by a rock…But no matter what, no matter how impossible it seemed, it really happened.

This sudden stagger made Cheriyu Nana’s posture unsteady for a moment, and it was this unsteadiness that made her unable to avoid the Tang sword, which directly pierced her in the chest.

The icy blade cut her soft flesh like tofu and pierced deeply into it. The bright red tip came out through her back, dripping blood onto the green grass.

Nana’s body was forcibly held in place by the sword, stopping her fall and making her upper body hang in mid-air. Cui Zuojing froze, the sword handle still gripped in his hand.

A few seconds later, Nana raised her hands, and holding the blade, she took two steps back, pulling the sword from her body.

Blood gushed out from the wound, instantly turning her clothes red. Cheriyu Nana looked at Cui Zuojing, and her lonely wolf-like eyes suddenly became warm as her lips curve in a slight smile.
She opened her mouth, wanting to say sorry, but these unnecessary words stopped at her lips as her body fell.

Lin Hangzhi was stunned. He hurried over from where he’d hidden at the corner. Cheriyu Nana lay on the ground, gently closing her eyes. She waited quietly for her impending death, feeling a pool of blood spilling out from underneath her.

This was it?

Cui Zuojing didn’t know what he’d felt, but since the moment his sword had pierced Nana’s chest, his hand hadn’t stopped trembling.

He thought he had given up their past friendship.

A drop of tear fell on Nana’s face. It wasn’t until he saw this that he realized he was crying.


The power of chaos sensed Cheriyu Nana’s life slipping away. It rose from her chest, and before they could react, shot straight into Lin Hangzhi’s chest.

The gray light didn’t immediately completely enter Lin Hangzhi’s body. When he opened his mouth, it stifled any sounds he could make. A powerful force filled his limbs, gushing into every blood vessel and every cell. The rush of power gave him an unprecedented sense of fullness. He opened his eyes wide, and for the first time, saw the power of time lingering around Cui Zuojing.

Obviously, everything was still the same, but the whole world also seemed different. He could see the force of chaos filling every inch of the air. He saw matter being borned and annihilated in it, and he saw the law of everything.

At first, God said let there be light, but before that, there was energy. Pangu swung a great axe to cut through chaos. The God of Chaos, Khaos, gave birth to the earth, hell, and the god of love. The ether flowed, and boson and fermion established matter…These unspeakable knowledge revolved in Lin Hangzhi’s mind. This was his cognition, his power, and his world.

He… became the new holder of the power of chaos.

The gray light gradually dimmed, all converging into Lin Hangzhi’s body. He looked down at his hands in disbelief, turned to Cui Zuojing, and uttered a blank syllable, “Ah?”

With Cheriyu Nana taken care of, Cui Zuojing stood up and pulled Lin Hangzhi up. The blood on him stained the doctor’s hand. “To maintain the five forces, the powers will select the person who kills their previous masters as their new master. Congratulations. You’re the new Master of Chaos.”

This was simply too fantastical.

Lin Hangzhi was in disbelief. Wasn’t he always the weak chicken?! After being the weakest person in the team for three years, how could his luck suddenly change like this?

But since the power of chaos came to his door all on its own, did he have any reason not to accept it? Lin Hangzhi fisted both hands and felt unprecendented power surging in his body.

“Now our chances of winning are even greater!” Lin Hangzhi said excitedly. “Now, except for the power of dream, we have all of the other four powers on our side. We can definitely defeat the queen.”

After a brief period of sadness, Cui Zuojing also felt happiness. He let out a long sigh of relief and looked down at his right hand.

Without the power of slayer, the Tang sword had begun to turn into powder little by little.

Even if it had been transformed into a powerful weapon with the help of the clown’s metal, the Tang sword was forced to handle more than it could bear. It could not withstand the force exerted on it.

From the moment he’d received it from Doll’s House, the Tang sword had accompanied him through every mission’s completion. Now, it had completely shattered into powder.

Cui Zuojing let go and the sword’s hilt fell and disappeared in the air. He felt a little regretful, but now wasn’t a good time to digest these emotions.

“Go, let’s find the others.”

They were about to leave when they suddenly heard a voice behind them, “Cui’er!”

The voice was so familiar that Cui Zuojing immediately turned his head and a figure appeared around the corner. He had dazzling messy red hair, sea-blue eyes, and his face was full of unbearable joy. “I finally found you!”

“Allen?!” Cui Zuojing and Lin Hangzhi both blurted out. Lin Hangzhi took a big step forward in excitement. Cui Zuojing looked at the young man who had hardly changed since the last time he saw him, and said, “You…remember?”

“Yes, Dong Zheng destroyed Kether, my memories that were washed away came back.” Allen grinned and pointed to his head. “I remember everything.”

Hearing that Dong Zheng had destroyed Kether, Lin Hangzhi’s eyes lit up and he nearly jumped in joy. “That’s great!”

Cui Zuojing breathed a sigh of relief. The good news in succession made him feel excited. He looked behind Allen but didn’t see Dong Zheng’s figure and asked, “Where’s Dong Zheng?”

“The two of us got separated. I didn’t expect to meet you first.” Allen said, “We were both looking for you. Dong Zheng said he learned something very important from Kether’s kernel and he must tell you about it.”

Upon hearing this, Cui Zuojing felt unspeakable regrets. He wanted so much to see Dong Zheng, but he didn’t show it. “What did he say?”

“He said that he finally understood the true meaning of that sentence. Something about overgrown entropy and believers. In the process of destroying Kether, he overdrafted his ability, and his kernel was practically dried up. The situation isn’t very good.” As he said this, Allen became visibly anxious. “Originally, he and I were together, but now he’s gone.”

“Dong Zheng is injured?” Cui Zuojing was shocked. Although he knew that destroying Kether would take a huge toll, Cui Zuojing’s heart was still shrunk when he heard that Dong Zheng’s kernel had withered. He immediately said, “Let’s go find him.”

Allen hesitated for a moment and said, “Go ahead. I’m https://xixistranslations.com/love-delusion-chapter-29/going to find Que’er. Just now, Luo Yan gave me a dream, saying that Que’er is in danger. I don’t know what’s going on. I’ll just go over there quickly.”

“What? Is Que’er in danger too?!” Lin Hangzhi said immediately, “You and I can go look for her together. Cui’er, you can go look for Dong Zheng yourself.”

Cui Zuojing frowned. “You want to move separately?”

“Don’t worry. Don’t forget that I am the Master of Chaos now. Although I am not very skilled, it should be enough to protect me if I ended up facing an heir,” Lin Hangzhi patted his chest, confidently assuring Cui Zuojing.

As the master of time, Cui Zuojing knew how strong the five forces were. Lin Hangzhi was right. Under normal circumstances, even if Lin Hangzhi couldn’t defeat an heir outright, it was unlikely that he would be killed.

He made up his mind, nodded and said, “Mmn, I’ll go look for Dong Zheng. You two must be careful.”


Cui Zuojing hurried away. Lin Hangzhi watched him disappear in the corner, and said to Allen, “Come on. Let’s go look for Que’er.”

Allen didn’t move. His arms stretched out wide and he said with a laugh, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time. You won’t give me a hug?”

A black snake hid in the bush not far away, but no one noticed it. Lin Hangzhi didn’t see it. He stepped forward and gave Allen a big hug.

At this moment, a drop of rain fell without warning. It dripped on Lin Hangzhi’s shoulder, bringing with them a biting chill.

Lin Hangzhi hugged Allen and patted him hard on his back. His nose was a bit sour. He wasn’t able to see Allen one last time during that incident inside Snow Parasite Trail. He didn’t expect that there would come a day when they would actually meet again.

“Okay, let’s hurry up—“ Loosening his arms, Lin Hangzhi’s eyes suddenly widened, and the remaining half of his sentence stopped abruptly.

A whip had penetrated his chest.

He looked down at his chest in disbelief. The arrowhead of the nine-section whip was embedded in his chest, and his blood was running down its vicious groove.

A wide, crazy grin appeared in “Allen’s” face. His wrist shook fiercely, yanking the whip out from Lin Hangzhi’s chest, damaging his heart in the process.

Under Lin Hangzhi’s horrified gaze, “Allen’s” red hair and blue eyes turned black. His body shrank, and he became a seventeen to eighteen-year-old boy in a blink of an eye!

It was the heir, J! He and Cui’er had been deceived.

Lin Hangzhi’s mouth open a few times. But in the end, he quietly fell.

The rain tumbled down, and the girl holding an umbrella stepped out from around the corner. She went and stood beside Tang Ji. Chang Hui looked at Lin Hangzhi’s body on the ground and sighed softly. The gray power of chaos rose from Lin Hangzhi’s chest and rushed into Tang Ji’s body.

The sense of fullness that came with power was so intoxicating. Tang Ji licked his lips and sneered, “I lied.”


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3 years ago

I really didn’t see that coming. Damn, good thing Lin Hangzhi got the powers of chaos, otherwise he might not be able to survive this one. I hope Cui finds Dong Zheng fast, I have a really bad feeling something worse is going to happen. Stay strong, guys!

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Wait, rereading this, I just realized… if Tang Ji already knows this much about Dong Zheng and what happened with Kether, does that mean they already captured Dong Zheng/Allen???

2 years ago

The “‘Go ahead I’m “{insert webpage link to love delusion}”‘ was such a comedic relief in this situation. Even though it was probably an accident, thank you for putting it there, because it succeeded in cracking me up.

Edit: DamnI didn’t finish the chapter but I had such an ominous feeling because Allen knew everything but why did he appear so randomly?? And now T-T goddamnit

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Nuuuuu Hangzhi!!!
I was so happy for him finally getting the power of chaos!

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The way this power chooses people seems to be very random!
Thank you for the chapter

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