IWOL Chapter 35: Happy Cooperation

Cui Zuojing proposed, “Let’s find a suitable place to talk.”

Dong Zheng had just taken a good look at their surroundings. It looked like they were in a study. The three large bookcases in the room were packed full of books and even the ground was practically covered in stacks of books. There were so many of them that, just like the flute player’s bedroom in Hamelin, there was no place to step on.

When Allen fell in, he’d encountered a stack of books, causing a terrible chain reaction. Several stacks of books toppled over and scattered on the ground. He and Dong Linhai were about to start picking them up, but Fu Zhe gently blew on his flute. The books became enchanted, and they all flew back up and noisily re-stacked themselves.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Fu Zhe said, “Come on. Let’s go downstairs to the living room and talk.”

Five people and one cat went to the living room and sat on the sofa. Dong Zheng observed that the structure of the castle was almost the same as that in Hamelin, but the furnishings were modern. Fabric sofas, Gundam models, crystal paintings, a fireplace on the opposite wall, and there were even large-screen gaming consoles.

Fu Zhe said, “I don’t know how much A’Zuo has told you about us, but now, let me explain those about myself first.”

Cui Zuojing said, “I basically didn’t say anything… Okay, I told Dong Zheng a little bit.”

Fu Zhe said, “Then I will briefly talk about it. The post-death world we are in is called the Pure White Realm. There are five basic components here, namely time, space, body, dreams, and chaos.”

“And I can control the power of some spaces. Rearranging the book just now was a manifestation. There are also the keys that I sent to A’Zuo. No matter what kind of door, the key will be able to open them and allow you to directly come to me. Your team can live here from now on. If you want to go out, just think about the destination and casually open a door with the key.”

Allen couldn’t help sighing, “So cool? It is equivalent to an ability.”

Dong Linhai exclaimed, “Wait, SCP-005?”

Everyone looked at him. Only Allen and Dong Zheng didn’t understand it. Cui Zuojing exclaimed, “You know about SCP?”

Dong Linhai puffed out his chest and said, “Of course! For better or for worst, I’ve also mixed in with that internet culture for many years. But I still don’t know much, and can only understand it a little.”

Fu Zhe smiled helplessly. “More or less. I am what powers the key, so everyone can have the ability of 005. Because of certain things, I was cursed and can never leave this castle, which is the most important reason why I invited you over.”

Allen quietly poked Dong Zheng and asked in a low voice, “So what is SPC? Did you figure it out?”

Dong Zheng shook his head. “After a while, I’ll ask.”

“I, A’Zuo, and Victor were all pilgrims belonging to a common team. We encountered something very dangerous in a certain box, so that I was imprisoned in this castle, Victor became a cat, and A’Zuo—“

Fu Zhe looked at Cui Zuojing. The youth’s lips twisted and he said openly. “Well, my time was frozen, so that I will always remain at the age of sixteen.”

Dong Zheng froze. “You’re actually older than this?”

Cui Zuojing said, “Much older. I lived in the Pure White Realm for three years. After the accident, it was another eight years before I became your prisoner. In reality, I’m almost 27 years old.”

Dong Linhai: ……………………

Allen: ……………………

Dong Linhai was petrified. Before, whenever Cui Zuojing rudely criticized him, he would always mollify himself by thinking “Don’t lower yourself to a child’s level.” He didn’t expect him to be about the same age as Dong Zheng!

Cui Zuojing waved his hand. “Don’t mind these insignificant details. My age doesn’t have a dime to do with these matters. Just continue on as normal.”

Fu Zhe said, “Our purpose is to ask you to help us lift the curse.”

Dong Zheng asked, “How do we do that?”

“After being trapped here, I checked a lot of information. The opportunities to lift the seals on A’Zuo and Victor may appear in various boxes. So they need to participate in the box with you and do their utmost to wear down the power of the seal as much as possible. After reaching a certain threshold, the seals will be lifted.”

“As for me, I need to collect all three scattered soul fragments and my seals will unlock. In this, I will also ask for your help.”

Fu Zhe paused and asked softly, “So, are you willing to help us?”

Both Dong Linhai and Allen looked at Dong Zheng. Dong Zheng did not answer directly, but said, “Cui Zuojing is my prisoner and Victor is Dong Linhai’s summoning beast. No matter what, they will follow us to participate in the box. Due to the relationship between the three of you, once you have news about your soul fragments, you can tell us and we’ll look for them.”

Cui Zuojing thought he would make impossible demands. “Ah, that’s right. So your answer is that it doesn’t matter?”

Dong Zheng nodded. “We are willing.”

Fu Zhe smiled and said. “Very good. I hope we can cooperate happily in the future. If there is anything you need help with, please don’t be polite. The space outside the castle is often messy, and you can’t see anything through the windows here. For these things, if you feel bored, you can live in the house you have applied for on weekdays. If you’re in trouble, please come and find me with the key at any time.”

After saying this, Fu Zhe stood up. His mild and gentle manner of speaking made Dong Zheng realize that he must have been the commander of Cui Zuojing’s old team that he’d spoken of.

“I’m going to talk to Fu Zhe. You can do as you please.”

Cui Zuojing left a sentence, and he and Victor followed Fu Zhe upstairs, leaving only Allen and the pair of brothers in the living room.

Dong Zheng’s brow furrowed slightly as he looked at the two of them thoughtfully.

Allen tentatively said, “So from now on, the three of us and the three of them will have a cooperative relationship? This development is so amazing! How do I feel like I jumped into a pit?”

Dong Linhai said, “It’s too late to repent now. You have already been pulled into this thief ship by my brother. Just obediently obey. But how do I feel that they’re the ones losing money? With their strength, they can obviously find a stronger team, instead of working with a few of us newbies.”

Cui Zuojing’s figure disappeared around the corner of the second floor, and Dong Zheng pulled his gaze back. “That is because they have no choice. It was completely accidental that Cui Zuojing became my prisoner. I am sure that if there is no blood contract, he would kill me directly, and then look for the next master that suits his heart.”

Allen didn’t know that there was such a thing. “Oh.”

In contrast, Dong Linhai was the most calm. “Anyway, it’s a relationship of cooperation and is a win-win situation, without us having to worry about being pitted.”

Dong Zheng took a deep breath. “For the time being. But remember that even if Cui Zuojing is my prisoner and Victor is Linhai’s summoning beast and Fu Zhe is helping us, we mustn’t completely trust them too easily.”

“That’s for sure.” Allen nodded. Then, he lowered his voice and said, “To be honest, the magic flute player gives me a strange feeling. I hope it’s just that I’m being preemptive, or because he behaves a little mysteriously.”

“Dong Zheng.” At this time, Cui Zuojing poked his head out from the railing on the second floor and waved at him. “Come up.”

Once Dong Zheng joined him, Cui Zuojing led him into the parlor and closed the door.

Fu Zhe stood by the window, and Victor sat on the table. Cui Zuojing stood in front of them and said to Dong Zheng, “Let’s check the light that entered your body in the secret realm. Come closer.”

Dong Zheng took two steps forward so that he was face to face with Cui Zuojing. The young man’s right hand was pressed against his chest, while Victor stretched out his pink front paw, and Fu Zhe pressed the flute in his hand over Dong Zheng’s heart.”

Orange, lilac, and emerald green lights emerged from their fingertips and became entangled in Dong Zheng’s chest.

The unprecedented sense of fullness made Dong Zheng sigh in relief. There was a wonderful sensation that every cell in his body was full of power and vigor. He lowered his eyes and saw the tips of Cui Zuojing’s slightly trembling eyelashes.

After a few seconds, Fu Zhe took the lead to pull back, and Victor sat down again.

Those forces that did not belong to him were withdrawn. Dong Zheng seemed to fall from the sky to the ground all at once. The huge drop caused him to frown as he resisted the discomfort of his whole body. He asked, “How is it?”

Fu Zhe said, “It’s very mild. There is only silence. We’re unable to tempt it to respond to us.”

Cui Zuojing smoothed the folds of Dong Zheng’s front clothes and patted his chest. “It seems that it can only be left there for the time being.”

Victor nodded and said in a deep voice, “If there are any changes, you must inform us immediately.”


Aside from this word, Dong Zheng didn’t know what else he could say.

Cui Zuojing’s whole body became somewhat tired; he and Victor were far inferior to Fu Zhe when it came to controlling the elements of time and body. After returning from the real world, the curse had rendered them unable to use the powers within their body.

But Fu Zhe was different. He’d been studying how to crack the seals for eight years. Moreover, Cui Zuojing had just returned the soul fragment [Goodwill] that he’d taken from Hamelin, which had directly resolved one of Fu Zhe’s seals.

“Rest for now. Tomorrow, we will go to awaken your ability. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask us as you please. It’s all good.” The coat of arms on Dong Zheng’s hand flashed, and Cui Zuojing let out a breath. His figure began to gradually fade away, “I probably needed to rest for a moment.”

After the youth disappeared in front of everyone, Fu Zhe leaned on the edge of the table and smiled at Dong Zheng. “Since you’re the ones selected by A’Zuo, I believe that you all will have excellent abilities. Go.”

By the time Dong Zheng returned, Dong Linhai and Allen had already explored the first floor of the castle. Like Hamelin, there was also a dungeon here, but Fu Zhe had converted it into a workshop, which contained many weird mechanical devices and chemical agents. It was unknown what they were all for.

Many of the castle’s decorations were modern, and there was even a huge gaming screen.

Dong Zheng spoke with them about going to the ability awakening tomorrow, and Allen, who had known about this for a long time, was eager to try. “Hopefully, I will have a very cool ability. Just like Magneto, Wolverine, Red Tank, or Phoenix, I alone could destroy the world! Hey, what kind of ability do you want?”

He lightly nudged Dong Linhai, who quickly stabilized his shaking body. Full of expectations for the next day, Dong Linhai smiled and said, “I don’t know, but I hope it’s practical.”

So, the next day, when Dong Linhai stood in front of the awakening tester and saw the bent spoon in his hand, his entire body did not feel good.

“What? What do you mean?! You must have made a mistake!”

The huge butterfly responsible for awakening and guidance was still attached to the dome of the building, but its soft voice was heard by everyone in the hall.

“Congratulations! Mr. Dong Linhai, you have successfully awakened the ability to bend spoons.”

Xixi: My only question is: Where did that spoon come from? O.O Here’s the link to SCP-005. 


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3 years ago


3 years ago

I pity linhai… He just wants something practical lmao

Thanks for the chapter ❤️

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Qi Qi
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If it is defined by how the user defines a spoon, then… Getting the user to see other objects, even people, as spoons would make them able to “bend” them. Then you could redefine what bending means, or the boundaries of it, and they could manipulate the object almost freely.