IWOL Chapter 357: The Domineering President and the Handsome Office Worker

Cui Zuojing couldn’t keep the salted fish life for too long. He was eventually caught by Dong Zheng and went to work in the company.

Dong Zheng arranged for him to work as an office worker. He needed to sort out documents and forms, print materials, deliver materials, answer phone calls, and so on. In other words, it was essentially unskilled work.

Cui Zuojing felt that it was pretty good. Since he didn’t even have a high school diploma, could he find a normal job if he wasn’t related to Dong Zheng?

What’s more, he was also making money beyond work. He was very lucky. At present, the gaming host industry was developing well. In the future, it may become his main source of income, and he no longer needed to be raised by Dong Zheng. But the primary reason he needed to work was that staying home every day was not conducive to his physical or mental health.

In the first eight years when he left the Pure White Realm, Cui Zuojing truly experienced the tremendous impact of social deficiencies on his life. Now, he wants to return to a normal life, and he must never be like his past self again.

Cui Zuojing was still subject four short of getting his driver’s license. He sat in Dong Zheng’s car. The life of a small office worker who could sit in the boss’s passenger seat was also quite good. He felt rather nervous and so he asked Dong Zheng what he should pay attention to.

“Just follow your department manager’s requirements. Then the job shouldn’t be a problem for you. If you don’t understand something, don’t feel it bad. Just ask.” Dong Zheng stopped the car and turned toward Cui Zuojing. “”It’s fine. Although I haven’t called the department manager, the others should be fine. If you really feel like it was too hard, just come to me.”

On his first day of employment, this youthful person was wearing a formal white shirt and black pants, a rare ensemble. The hem of his shirt was tucked into his waistband, outlining a thin waistline. The top button on the shirt was unbuttoned, and his collarbone could be seen vaguely. He looked lively and full of sunshine. Last night, when Cui Zuojing tried on his clothes, the result was that Dong Zheng directly lost control.

Cui Zuojing nodded to indicate that he remembered. Seeing that he was nervous, Dong Zheng laughed. “There is a boss to support you, what else are you afraid of?”

“It’s been so long since I tried to get along with normal people, so I’m a little nervous.” He took a deep breath and laughed. “But sooner or later I have to adapt.”

“You’ll fit right in.” Dong Zheng leaned over and exchanged a short kiss with Cui Zuojing. Once they got out of the car, they would try to hide their relationship.

Their rings were taken off and tied with silver chains to become pendants, which currently hung around their neck, against their chest so as to prevent others from discovering them.

Dong Zheng often arrived at the company a little earlier every day, so there were no other employees in the parking lot. They walk into the elevator. Once the elevator door was closed, Dong Zheng finally arranged Cui Zuojing’s collar for him. Afterward, his fingers hooked around the silver chain around his neck and down to where the ring was hidden.

On the first floor, the elevator door opened. Several employees were waiting. When they saw Dong Zheng, they all said hello. “Hello, Mr. Dong.”

Dong Zheng nodded in response, and Cui Zuojing moved to the side to get out of the way. From the corner, he looked at Dong Zheng, “pretending” to be an employee.

Dong Zheng’s company took up the sixth, seventh, and eight floors of the office building. With regards to his age, it could be said that Dong Zheng did quite well. Cui Zuojing went down the elevator on the sixth floor to find the department manager, while Dong Zheng’s office was on the eighth floor, so they ended up separating.

The first day of entry was quite smooth. The office workers were indeed workers who didn’t need much technical knowledge. Cui Zuojing learned what needed to be done and started to work. He didn’t want too many people to know about their relationship, so Dong Zheng only told the supervisor and added that, in the eyes of others, Cui Zuojing was to be treated no different from other hired employees.

As Dong Zheng expected, with the support of the two top managers, Cui Zuojing adapted very well. His personality was originally cheerful, and he was young, handsome, and quite good at talking. He soon mixed up with like-minded people. Just half a month later, the department manager came over secretly and asked if Cui Zuojing had a girlfriend. His niece had just returned from abroad, and she was very beautiful.

Cui Zuojing didn’t expect that this would ever happen, so he was speechless. He didn’t know what the department manager was thinking. With regard to the lack of capital he’d already exposed, why would a high-achieving girl just returning from abroad look at him? Even if he was handsome, it wasn’t like he could feed her with it.

After hinting to the department manager that he already had a partner and that their relationship was very good, Cui Zuojing continued to work under the manager’s slightly regretful gaze. Cui Zuojing secretly breathed a sigh of relief, but his heart couldn’t help but swell—it seemed that he was still very marketable. He must show it to Dong Zheng.

He had printed documents that needed to be sent to another department, so Cui Zuojing sent the documents to the eighth floor and sneaked into Dong Zheng’s office without anyone paying attention.

Dong Zheng was working. He heard the knock on the door, and without raising his head, said “Enter.” Cui Zuojing walked in and immediately closed the door, before walking briskly to his desk.

Seeing that it was Cui Zuojing, the corners of Dong Zheng’s lips couldn’t help lift up in a smile. He temporarily stopped what he was doing, and said, “What’s the matter?”

“I came up to deliver the documents and decided to come and take a look at you.” Cui Zuojing naturally stood behind Dong Zheng and stretched out his hand to help rub his forehead. The shadow caused by the shrinking kernel hadn’t disappeared from Dong Zheng’s head. The remnant of the inner core made his brain better than before, but if he used his brain too much, he would also have a headache similar to an overdraft.

Dong Zheng leaned on the back of the chair and looked up at Cui Zuojing.

“Are you sure you didn’t come to see me and the documents just happened to come along?”

“You think so beautifully.” Cui Zuojing smiled and lowered his head to kiss the tip of his dear Dong Zheng’s tall nose. He couldn’t understand what was displayed on Dong Zheng’s computer screen and wasn’t interested in learning.

Dong Zheng grabbed Cui Zuojing’s wrist and pulled him in front of him. The young man sat down on his lap and pressed his shoulders with both hands, and said, “Aren’t you tired working everyday? I only had to deal with some of today’s mess and I already found it quite annoying.”

“I got used to it. In the past, I was much busier than I am now. I often worked overtime all the way until midnight, but I now have a lover who is more important so I’m not working as hard anymore.”

“Now that your more important ‘lover’ is with you at work, are you happy?”

Dong Zheng just smiled and did not answer. He raised his head and looked into Cui Zuojing’s eyes. Just as he pulled the hem of Cui Zuojing’s shirt from his belt and was about to touch his waist—

A knock on the door suddenly sounded, startling Cui Zuojing. He immediately got off Dong Zheng’s lap and slipped under the desk within a second, moving in one go, proficient as if he had practiced countless times before.

“Mr. Dong, I’m here to deliver the monthly report.”

The secretary’s voice came, and Dong Zheng inwardly relaxed. He patted Cui Zuojing’s dishonest hands away, and adjusted his state, “Come in.”

The secretary walked in, handed the report to Dong Zheng, and reported the relevant information. Cui Zuojing had met her several times before. She was a very beautiful woman and she looked to be only 25 to26 years old. If it weren’t for Dong Zheng, he would have never guessed that she was already the mother of two children.

Dong Zheng listened to the secretary’s report and seemed to be paying attention to everything. But only he and the other culprit in the office knew what was happening under the desk. When the secretary finished the report and left, his forehead pulsed. The moment the door closed, he hissed and reached out to pull Cui Zuojing up from the below.

Dong Zheng lowered his head as calmly as he could and looked at Cui Zuojing, who was smiling slyly under his desk. Then he stood up and went over to lock the door.


Cui Zuojing mumbled to himself as he adjusted his hair in front of the glass. The redness at the corners of his eyes hadn’t subsided. Dong Zheng fastened his shirt buttons one by one and asked, “How was it?”

Having experienced firsthand the forbidden love affair between the domineering president and handsome office worker, with himself still out of breath, he went back to sit on Dong Zheng’s lap and said, “Very exciting.”

The time Cui Zuojing was here wasn’t short, so he must quickly return to his job duties. But first, he needed to wait a little bit longer so that other people wouldn’t notice anything,

They spoke private words as if they were still at home. At this moment, a pop-up box appeared on the lower right corner of Dong Zheng’s computer screen, and he glanced at it subconsciously. As intended, the bold title easily attracted people’s attention.

“The Emperor’s Daughter Kisses Mysterious Boyfriend at Night.”

It was accompanied by a picture. Under the streetlamp, the leading lady had long black hair draped over her shoulders, and the man that she’d hauled toward her by the collar and was kissing was a little hunched. Only half of his face could be seen, and it was clear that the picture was secretly taken, making it terribly blurred. Even so, Dong Zheng still recognized that familiar figure with a single glance.

He almost squirted out a mouthful of tea and couldn’t help coughing. Cui Zuojing said, “What?” and followed his shocked gaze.

“Fuck! Isn’t that Hangzhi and Xiao Xia?”


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2 years ago

Hahaha cute chapter, and the others are starting to appear. Hopefully they are all able to meet again!

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