IWOL Chapter 359: Marrying Into a Wealthy Family


After Xia Qiongyun left that day, Lin Hangzhi’s parents pulled him into the living room.

“Hangzhi, we have to talk to you about something serious.”

“Ah?” Lin Hangzhi sat on the sofa, holding his crutches. “What’s the matter?”

Father Lin rubbed his hands a little awkwardly. “That…Xiao Xia, is she…in that kind of relationship with you?”

These words stopped Lin Hangzhi. He could feel that Xia Qiongyun was steeping him, and he really liked her, it was true. But neither of them had discussed any changes in their friendship.

“She’s not yet.” With one’s parents asking about this kind of thing, anyone would be embarrassed. Lin Hangzhi stood up to leave. “Aiya, both of you stop asking. I’m not a child anymore.”

Mother Lin pressed him back down. “Don’t go! What’s wrong with asking? You also know you’re no longer a child? All your elementary school classmates are married with children, but you haven’t even thought about getting married. Can’t we feel a sense of urgency? Sit down, sit down.”

Lin Hangzhi was helpless. With the current state of his legs, he couldn’t run away even if he wanted to, so he could only consent. “Okay, okay. Go ahead and ask.”

“That person, Xiao Xia, must come from a very wealthy family. Yesterday, I asked Xiao Liu from across the hall and found out that the bag she carried might be worth tens of thousands of dollars. She is so beautiful and classy. Such a good girl, how did she fall in love with someone like you?”

Lin Hangzhi’s eyes widened. “Look at me, I’m not bad, okay!”

Mother Lin also widened her eyes and began counting her fingers. “Look at you. You’re almost 30 years old, living in a rented house, and don’t even own a car. You’re unlucky on a daily basis, your appearance is ordinary, you’re always hunched, and your temperament is too low-key. What is there to fall in love with?”

This sentence was like a little arrow, shooting biubiu straight into Lin Hangzhi’s heart, turning it cold. He raised his hands to cover his chest as if his heart hurted.

“Am I your son?” After a long time time, these were the only words he could manage to squeeze out.

“It’s because you’re my son that I can say this. Hangzhi, you tell me and your father truthfully. How did you and Xiao Xia meet?”

“We…uh, we met each other by fate. Fate. The length of our acquaintances isn’t short, and we also share other acquaintances. You both definitely don’t need to worry.”

Mother Lin and Father Lin looked at each other, still skeptical.

Lin Hangzhi put his hands together. “Really, you don’t have to worry. The reason she likes me has nothing to do with the things you mentioned. It’s all because your son is a good person, a really good person. I won’t deceive her or toy with her. I beg you, don’t worry.”

He stood up, picked up his crutches, and prepared to go back to his bedroom. Mother Lin was still chattering, “Hey, tell me, did Xiao Xia deliberately come looking for our Hangzhi, who is such an honest–”

“Mom!!!” Lin Hangzhi finally couldn’t bear it anymore. “It doesn’t matter what you guys do, but please don’t think about her so casually. On what basis can you judge how good she is? On what grounds can you suspect whether a rich person’s love is true or not?”

The living room was silent for a moment. The only sound that could be heard was LinHangzhi’s angry movements. Ten seconds later, the bedroom door slammed shut.

The two elders in the living room looked at each other. Father Lin sighed a few times, and he could only say, “You see, you see? You made him mad.”

Mother Lin recalled Hangzhi’s face shifting from red to white and felt a twinge of guilt. Finally, she said, “I’m not worried about him at all!”


Lin Hangzhi threw himself on the bed, gloomily took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to Xia Qiongyun, “Have you left yet?”

“I’m buying things at the supermarket,” Xia Qiongyun quickly replied. “The weather is very good today. Why don’t you come down for a bit?


Mother Lin and Father Lin were still on edge about having annoyed their rabbit-like son. Suddenly, they heard the bedroom door open. Lin Hangzhi had changed his clothes. When they came out to look, they could only watch as their son moved step by step toward the door and opened it.

Before walking out of the door, Lin Hangzhi stopped and left a sentence, “Okay, I’m not angry anymore, but don’t be like that next time.”

The door closed, and Mother Lin and Father Lin looked at each other.


Xia Qiongyun waited for him downstairs. The weather today was indeed very good. It was rare that it wasn’t humid. Lin Hangzhi lived in a small community, and so the two of them walked comfortably along the road in the shade of the trees.

Lin Hangzhi’s mind was full of the questions his mother had asked just now. Yes, he wasn’t handsome, didn’t have money, had no job, and was unlucky. So why didn’t she fall in love with someone handsome and rich instead? This wasn’t like in the Pure White Realm. Here, she could easily find such a man.

But he didn’t ask. Lin Hangzhi struggled to walk like this. After returning to reality, the good body he’d trained from the Pure White Realm became his original appearance, and his physical strength wasn’t as great. After a while, the two of them sat between the flower beds to take a rest.

The trees were lush, and there were unknown purple flowers in the beds. They sat with their shoulders 30 centimeters apart. Lin Hamgzhi began to feel uncomfortable. This hazy and ambiguous atmosphere really made him itch from the bottom of his heart, making him want to ask her clearly or to directly confess that he likes her. But…but he didn’t have the nerve to.

How long had they been teammates in the Pure White Realm? He could clearly see what she was doing with these visits. Wasn’t it obvious that she was steeping him? Since this was the case, why couldn’t he muster up the courage to do it? How could he say he was a man otherwise?!

Lin Hangzhi plucked up his courage, “Xiao Xia, I—“

Xia Qiongyun looked at him. At this moment, a sycamore fruit fell from the tree, and it happened to hit Lin Hangzhi. It startled him so much that he shrank his neck back fiercely, and the words budding at his mouth were gone.

Xia Qiongyun was amused by his reaction. She stretched out her hand to pluck the sycamore flocculent on Lin Hangzhi’s hair, and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The courage that Lin Hangzhi finally mustered up withered, and he became silent for a moment. Finally, he said, “It doesn’t matter that you’re here all the time? Does it inconvenience you?”

“I want to wait for your leg to heal first, then we can go up to see Xiao Cui and the others.”

“My leg still needed at least a month or more in order to walk properly.”

“No.” Xia Qiongyun gently pressed her hand on Lin Hangzhi’s leg cast in plaster, and whispered, “It will be well soon.”


Exactly as Xia Qiongyun said, since that day, Lin Hangzhi’s leg made a rapid recovery. Within a week, the plaster was removed and he could slowly walk again. After some weeks, he was able to walk normally so that no one could tell that he’d broken his leg before.

Just like other’s abilities, Truth Speak still existed.


By the 28th day of their reunion, Lin Hangzhi’s leg had completely healed. Their range of activities increased, or it could be said that the ways of dating became diverse. Therefore, they weren’t idle that night. They went to a nearby gym.

After being forced to live with potato chips and coke every day for more than a month, Lin Hangzhi inevitably became blessed. After doing four push-ups, he collapsed to the ground, panting. Xia Qiongyun wasn’t much better. The timer on the tablet only persisted for five seconds. The good bodies they’d trained in the Pure White Realm had completely waved them goodbye.

But regardless of whether it was Lin Hangzhi or Xia Qiongyun, they really missed the time when their physical fitness was good. It was just that it would take a long time to get back into practice.

After Lin Hangzhi exercised, he laid flat on the mat, completely exhausted. He stretched out his hand to pinch his waist, grasping the horrible softness in his hand.

Lin Hangzhi was silent. His toned abdominal muscles had completely left him.

Xia Qiongyun’s cell phone rang. Her cell phone was placed on Lin Hangzhi’s side, and so she pushed up from the mat and reached over for it. Her upper body inevitably passed over Lin Hangzhi. Lin Hangzhi looked straight ahead, though his eyes did drift uncontrollably for a moment. Her slender arm in front of him was covered with a thin layer of sweat. Her chin and neck were stretched, and her collar bones were deep…He felt as if he was seeing something he shouldn’t be seeing.

Xia Qiongyun got the mobile phone and noticed that Lin Hangzhi was watching her. She moved back a little bit and looked down at Lin Hangzhi. His face began to burn, and his hands against the floor unconsciously tightened. With his breath caught in his throat, he stared at Xia Qiongyun and found that her ears were red.

Xia Qiongyun leaned over and the tips of her hair brushed across Lin Hangzhi’s face, just like in the Labyrinth of Time. Her black hair swept across the tip of his nose, carrying an unknown scent of shampoo and making his nose itch with the need to sneeze.

The fearful and uneasy restlessness that had troubled him for weeks was now completely gone. This was a stirring kiss, and except for the drowning softness of her lips, he could feel nothing else. Lin Hangzhi, who had, in addition to the years he’d spent in the Pure White Realm, never fallen in love before, exploded into fireworks on the spot.

Xia Qiongyun straightened up and sat beside Lin Hangzhi, holding his sweaty hand, and said seriously, “Follow me.”


Lin Hangzhi followed Xia Qiongyun to Shenzhen, which was where she often lived, aside from Toronto.

Their relationship was finally confirmed. Lin Hangzhi felt like a little white face being raised. Xia Qiongyun was really rich, so rich that the monthly interest of the money she deposited into the bank alone was equivalent to half a year of his wages. She’d kept 40% of her monthly pocket money since she was eight years old. Now, at 24 years of age, the accumulated amount was so impressive that Lin Hamgzhi would not be able to earn that much money in eight lifetimes.

In addition, Xia Qiongyun still owned five houses in Shenzhen. She lived in her own apartment and rented out the rest. Even the rent alone was enough to help her maintain a prosperous life.

She didn’t need to work at all and would usually travel with her group of sister friends to various parts of the world to tour and play at photography.

The late summer night found the two of them walking on the street. This was Lin Hang’s first visit to Shenzhen. It was more prosperous than he thought. The pedestrian street was brightly lit on both sides. He bought Xia Qiongyun a cup of peach oolong milk tea when they passed by the milk tea shop. Meanwhile, he chose blueberry lemon mint for himself, a mixture that tasted both sour and sweet.

“The location of the hospital is nearby. I’ll take you to see it tomorrow. You’ll be working in the thoracic surgery department. Since you have a higher level of qualifications, in fact, you can actually be the director in charge—“

Lin Hangzhi hurriedly waved his hand. “No, no, no, no, I can continue to do clinical work as a small doctor. I haven’t officially been in front of the operating table for almost four years. It will definitely take a while for me to get back my old finesse.”

Xia Qiongyun laughed. She knew that Lin Hangzhi would refuse. After spending more than two years in the Pure White Realm with him, she was very sure of what kind of person Lin Hangzhi was. “By the way, your ability will not affect your operations?”

“Eh?” Lin Hangzhi smiled and said, “If I was unlucky on the operating table, then I would never have become a doctor. Really, I actually feel lucky on the operating table. Every surgery I participated in, no matter how bad the situation, had never failed.”

“So you’ve used all your good luck to save people?”

“More than that.” Lin Hangzhi lowered his head to look at her. He was a little over 1.8 meters tall, and Xia Qiongyun was 20 centimeters shorter than him. Without heels, she just reached his shoulder. Facing Xia Qiongyun’s gaze, he just smiled and said no more. It was getting late, and so they left the pedestrian street and walked toward home.

They walked slowly, chatting about when they would start looking for Cui Zuojing, Dong Zheng, and Dong Linhai. The fading light stretched their shadows onto the street floor.

“I think Cui’er will go to Shanghai to find Dong Zheng. After all, he sneaked in and didn’t need to spend time to heal his injuries.” Xia Qiongyun suddenly stopped, and their locked hands were nearly pulled apart.

“?” Lin Hangzhi looked back at her. She suddenly grabbed him by the collar and pulled him down, even as she rose up to kiss him.

He jumped in shock but responded obediently. As their lips parted, he asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“There was a paparazzi just now.” Xia Qiongyun pointed behind him.

“Huh??” Lin Hangzhi was dumbfounded, and he immediately turned to look for the paparazzi. But he couldn’t find anyone. “Could it be that we were secretly photographed?”

“Just let them take it,” Xia Qiongyun replied. She hooked her arm through Lin Hangzhi and held her head high. “Let’s go. There’ll be something fun tomorrow.”


The next day Lin Hangzhi saw the fun that Xia Qiongyun spoke of in an entertainment article.

Xia Qiongyun, who was booking plane tickets to Shanghai, put her chin on his shoulder and was taking a look when she received a call from her father.

Listening to Xia Qiongyun’s call, Lin Hangzhi was so nervous that he was numb. He didn’t know where to put his hands and feet. His mind was full of a “give you five million to leave my daughter” drama, and he couldn’t sit still. He fell off the chair, and when he fell, his head happened to hit the corner of the table, and it was so painful that he almost died on the spot.

Xia Qiongyun laughed.


Question: [ What’s it like to be taken care of by a rich woman? Say, do rich women have many strange hobbies?]

A: Thank you for your question. I am in Shanghai and had just gotten off the plane.

I used to spend my wages with meticulous planning and careful accounting, thinking about saving money to buy a house, buy a car, and then look for someone. But now, I have no worries at all, and I don’t even need to bother with having a concept of money. In the early days, when I woke up, I would feel like I was dreaming, and it felt so unreal that it made me nervous. However, with the passage of time, I no longer felt this way. A rich woman is just like any woman, and all I can do is try to give her all that I can.

I don’t have any special ability, except that I am better at conducting myself with integrity. It’s possible that I spent the early part of my life moldy, using all my good luck just to meet her.

Xixi: Xia Qiongyun may have stolen Lin Hangzhi’s ticket when they first met, but what she shared with him in return was her heart and her wealth. Who would have thought that Lin Hangzhi’s unluckiness would result in such a good investment? I loved it.

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