IWOL Chapter 38: Interdependent Blessings and Disasters

Lin Hangzhi nodded. “This is my ability, named [Interdependent Blessings and Disasters]. I can temporarily improve my luck by a large margin, but at the cost that I, or the people around me, will become very unlucky accordingly.”

Lin Hangzhi spoke with very little confidence. He was afraid that after learning of his ability, Dong Zheng would directly reject him. After all, this wasn’t the first time he had been rejected.

People who learned of his abilities usually didn’t have enough time to avoid it, and even he himself sometimes felt very disgusted with it.

Everyone was silent.

This was a…very unfavorable turn of event. The ability was a little troublesome.

If Lin Hangzi became their teammate, many unlucky things may happen to them. Any accident in a crisis-ridden box could prove fatal.

But, his absolutely good luck could sometimes become crucial. After all, luck was also part of his strength.

Lin Hangzi sat down again and anxiously waited for the final result.

“It’s a good ability.” What he hadn’t expected was that the boy would be the one to speak out first. However, there was no emotion in his eyes. “What do you need to do to achieve the best luck?”

Lin Hangzhi said, “I haven’t tested that yet. But, there’s no problem correctly guessing a six-digit password. This world doesn’t have a double color ball lottery but if it did, I think I could win a high prize….But I may not be able to bear the corresponding bad luck.”

“Yes.” Cui Zuojing looked at Dong Zheng. “What do you think?”

Dong Zheng, who had yet to express his opinion, nodded and said, “I also think so.”

Lin Hangzhi fell into a daze. “Ah? There’s good luck but, after that, there will be a painful price to pay. Have you seen what happened just now? Don’t you care?”

“We all believe that a person’s ability is more than meets the eye. Although we just met, I think we shouldn’t have any problems getting along.”

Dong Zheng got up and extended his hands to Lin Hongzhi. “From today onward, you’re our new teammate. I will officially start our introduction. My name is Dong Zheng, and this is my prisoner, Cui Zuojing.”

Cui Zuojing inclined his head in greeting.

“Dong Linhai.” Dong Linhai touched the white cat’s head. “This is my summoning beast, Victor.”

Victor said, “Hello, my full name is Victor Vladimir Morozo.”

Lin Hangzhi: ???

A Russian cat? A summoning beast?

Allen patted him on the shoulder. “Allen King. You can call me King or Allen.”

Lin Hangzhi was still shocked stupid. He shook Dong Zheng’s hand again and smiled at everyone. “I’m Lin Hangzhi. Everyone, please feel free to call me Hangzhi. It’s only been three months since I came to the Pure White Realm. There’s still a lot of things I don’t understand yet. Please take care of me later.”

Dong Linhai shrugged his shoulders. “It’s okay. To be honest, it’s only been a little over a month since my brother and I came here.”

Dong Zheng said, “Good. Whatever hasn’t been said, we can go back and talk about it.”

Lin Hangzhi exclaimed, “Wait, go back? Go back where? Isn’t this your base?”

Allen fished out a mediocre looking key, opened the closed bedroom door, and made a welcoming gesture to Lin Hangzhi.

Lin Hangzhi glanced past him and saw that the inside was pitch black.

Lin Hangzhi: ???

Then a great force came from his behind, and Allen’s chuckle followed after him as he flew inside.

Lin Hangzhi stumbled through the door. A scene opened in front of him and he widened his eyes. He looked at the magnificent decorations in the castle, dumbfounded. For a moment, he thought that he had passed through a box and was experiencing another adventure.

The young man with a tear mole under each eye sat a table, drinking tea. He nodded to Lin Hangzhi and calmly said, “Hello, welcome to this new world.”

Lin Hangzhi got up and looked around in shock. The group walked out of the door behind him. Victor looked up at Lin Hangzhi’s colorful expression with amusement. Dong Zheng introduced him. “This is the logistics of the team, Fu Zhe.”

Ten minutes later, Lin Hangzhi sat on the sofa and digested everything he had just heard.

“In other words, even the cat in our team is male, right?” This was Lin Hangzhi’s first question.

Dong Zheng’s lips twitched, and he admitted, “Yes.”

Lin Hangzhi sighed and murmured very quietly, “That’s great, then I don’t have to deal with women.”

Dong Zheng didn’t hear him and said, “If you have any questions, please ask.”

Lin Hangzhi thought about it. “Wherever there are doors, we can come here with a key? Even if we go to other areas in the future?”

Dong Zheng said, “Yes, this is very convenient. When we travel, we won’t even need to take our luggage.”

After being smashed to death by a billboard, Lin Hangzhi had been struggling to survive in the Pure White Realm. His three views had long disappeared, and he quickly accepted the setting of the castle and the  space key.

Dong Zheng held back a lot of details and only told Lin Hangzhi some irrelevants things. So, Lin Hangzhi only thought that Cui Zuojing was an ordinary prisoner, that Victor was an ordinary summoning beast, and that Fu Zhe was a pilgrim just like them.

Finally, Dong Zheng said, “We will probably enter the next box in a week. Before that, we hope to get acquainted as much as possible. Everyone normally doesn’t have much going on and their temperaments are pretty good. Now and then, we can make time to chat.”

Lin Hangzhi nodded and watched as Dong Zheng went upstairs and his body eventually disappeared around the corner. After a long time, he let out a long breath.

Great. He finally had his own team.

After coming to the Pure White Realm, Lin Hangzhi had participated in seven boxes. Because of his unlucky physique, no one wanted to partner with him at all.

In the last box [Labyrinth of Time], he finally got a ticket after much hardship, but it was snatched away by a female thief from out of nowhere, which caused him to spend a full 200 points to exchange a ticket so that he could finally come to District XII.

At present, he didn’t have much points left. If he didn’t enter a box or join a team as soon as possible, he would be forcibly cleared during the next Blood Night.

But…for once, he was lucky.

Lin Hangzhi looked sideways toward the kitchen and vaguely saw the muscular teen named Dong Linhai sitting by the door, picking up spoons after spoons before putting them down again. Victor sat under his feet and seemed to be speaking to him.

Speaking of which, he didn’t know their abilities yet.

“Hi.” A young, lazy voice called Lin Hangzhi back from his thoughts. He turned his head and realized that Cui Zuojing had somehow appeared and was sitting in the chair opposite him that Dong Zheng had just vacated. The youth said, “Do you mind if I delay you?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lin Hangzhi sat down quickly. He hadn’t forgotten that Cui Zuojing was the first one to approve of him joining the team.

“I wanted to test the pinnacle of your ability.” The black-haired and black-eyed boy in front of him clearly belongs to the class of well-behaved high school students, but his behavior was full of casualness. He placed a stack of brand new poker cards on the table and lifted the first card. “Guess what suit?”

Lin Hangzhi didn’t even think about it and immediately said, “Little King.”

The card was turned over in front of him, revealing the black and white joker with a big smile on its face, throwing a ball high in his hand.

“It looks very easy.” Cui Zuojing’s lips showed a smile. He skillfully shuffled the cards again, smeared it upside down on the table, and said to Lin Hangzhi, “I will draw ten cards out. Use your abilities, and tell me their suits and sizes. Don’t care about the result, and just try your best.”

“Ten cards!” Lin Hangzhi frowned. This was something he’d never dared to try before. He feared that if he guessed right, he’d never live to see next week!

Cui Zuojing knew why he was worried and appeased him. “Don’t worry. Since we’re here, even if you are unlucky, there will be no danger to your life.”

“…Okay, I’ll give it a try.” Lin Hangzhi took a deep breath. Thinking that one who couldn’t bear to take risks wouldn’t be able to catch great things, he cooperated a little. Also, it would provide an opportunity to become better acquainted with Cui Zuojing. This way, he could also have a better understanding of his new teammates. He must strive for it!

Cui Zuojing randomly drew ten cards, didn’t even look at it himself, and directly reversed them, making a welcoming gesture to Lin Hangzhi.

Lin Hangzhi stared at those ten cards and tried his best to empty his mind so that he wasn’t thinking about anything. He stared blankly at the patterns behind the card without any movement for a while, as if he’d become stupid.

Cui Zuojing waited patiently.

Inspiration came forth in an instant and shot into his heart. It seemed that a supreme existence was giving him inspirations and answers. Lin Hangzhi’s eyes were sharp, and he quickly spit out the first thoughts in his consciousness,  “8 of Diamonds, A of Spades, 5 of Spades, Q of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, 4 of Hearts, 7 of Diamonds, K of Spades, 8 of Diamonds… 5 of Hearts!”

The moment the words fell, one of the legs under his chair broke without warning. Lin Hangzhi had been on guard early, and the moment he felt the vacancy, he stood up right away. However, he accidentally knocked over a full cup of water and the hot water splashed all over him. The cup fell to the floor with a loud clatter and shattered into pieces.

Lin Hangzhi felt the burning heat and jumped up. “Ow—!”

When he landed, he stepped on a spoon that just happened to fly over. With a scream, he slipped and fell heavily to the carpet. His head slammed into the ground with a loud “bang.”

Dong Linhai, who’d just came out of the kitchen to pick up a spoon: ……..

Cui Zuojing, who was in the middle of reaching out to help him: ………

This karmic retribution came too soon!

Lin Hangzhi’s entire person fell into a cloud of pain. He was unable to get up for a long time, and simply moaned and rolled hard on the ground. His eyes were full of tears, his whole head was hurting from the wound at the back of his head, and his skin was also burned with hot water. He was simply full of misery.

And just five seconds later! How to live in the future!

Victor jumped over and immediately lay on Lin Hangzhi’s chest. He stretched his paws and pressed on the back of his injured hand. A faint white light overflowed from the cat’s paws and wrapped the wound.

Lin Hangzhi felt his chest sink. With Victor, who weighed more than ten pounds, pressing him down, he became a little out of breath. Then, a refreshing sensation swept the back of his hand and the burning pain quickly disappeared.


Lin Hangzhi was about to speak to express his daze shock, but Victor directly stepped on his face, so that he could only spit out a string of ambiguous syllables.

The painful concussion disappeared.

After confirming that no other places on his body were injured, Victor jumped down and breathed a sigh of relief, saying, “I haven’t used my ability in a long time, and I’m still not used to it so the effect isn’t very good. It’s only passable.”

Lin Hangzhi was amazed. When he looked at the back of his hand, the area that had been burnt was much smaller, and there was really no burning pain at all.

“Victor’s ability is purification.” Cui Zuojing pulled Lin Hangzhi up and said, “That’s why I dare to have you guess so many cards at once.”

Dong Linhai grabbed Lin Hanzhi’s hand and pulled him to his feet. After picking up the spoon from under Lin Hangzhi’s feet, he rubbed his hair, and guiltily said, “I’m sorry it caused you to fall.”

Lin Hangzhi quickly waved his hands and said seriously, “It has nothing to do with it. It’s the opposite. Don’t get close to me in these two days. After all, my ability is really too—”


Halfway through his words, there was a loud explosion in the direction of the basement and thick smoke billowed out.

A few seconds later, Fu Zhe hurriedly rushed out of the thick smoke, a hand covered over his mouth and nose. He frowned and waved his other hand. A pile of items used for laboratory firefighting flew into the basement.

The smoke quickly stopped.

Fu Zhe looked at Lin Hangzhi, who was stunned stupid, and sighed helplessly, saying, “It really is a miracle that you can live so big.”

Lin Hangzhi: ……………….

Cui Zuojing’s lips twitched, and somehow he wanted to laugh. He patted Lin Hang’s shoulder and pretended to be relaxed. “Since the retribution came so fast and so many, it means that the guess is definitely accurate. Let’s take a look, shall we?”


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3 years ago


Thanks for the chapter

3 years ago

I feel like the ability has something to do with the way they died. Ling hangzhi died by Billboard falling-lucky, cui zuojing died being stabbed-weapon, dong linhai died by car accident-bending spoon(maybe metal)

3 years ago
Reply to  K20

*mind explosion* *gasp* you could be right! It is a possible theory. But what about Dong Zheng then??

3 years ago

Lin Hangzhi… You’re op bro! Sure, in exchange for luck comes misfortune but it is a reasonable price. Usually others just have pure increase of luck without any downsides, so this is refreshing to see.

Hm… I wonder how serious that part about a supreme being helping LH actually is.

2 years ago

i felt like lin hangzhi has now a trauma in women because of the ticket robbery incident. he now doesn’t want to deal with women at all, and even asked Victor if he’s a male. and i still think that girl who stole his ticket would appear again in the future. she appeared mysteriously on the labyrinth of time out of the blue and i bet that they’ll encounter her again

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Bad luck on nearby enemies, and good luck on allies… if the luck controlled could be used that way.