IWOL Chapter 44: A Cunning Move

Dong Linhai struggled even more violently when he heard this. Even though a large, red wound had formed on his wrists, the hemp rope was so strong that it was difficult to break free.

Dong Zheng immediately said, “Allen, give me the gun. You go and save Linhai. Run immediately after you got him free. Don’t hesitate.”

After they exchanged weapons, Allen took advantage of the darkness in the auditorium and crouched forward toward the stage.

Big Peppa Pig raised the machete and was about to cut off Dong Linhai’s head!

Dong Zheng pulled the trigger.

At the loud bang, Peppa Pig and Dong Linhai simultaneously looked in Dong Zheng’s direction. Dong Linhai’s eyes lit up, and he let out a loud noise of surprise. Allen was ready and immediately rushed to the stage the moment Peppa’s attention was diverted. He used a big knife and began to cut the rope binding Dong Linhai.

The hemp rope was very thick, and the kitchen knife is far below a paring knife. When Peppa found that someone was trying to save the “Knight Commander” while she wasn’t looking, she became very angry.

At this moment, a second gunshot exploded and the bullet hit Peppa in the chest, causing a line of blood to trickle out.

The huge impact knocked Peppa back two steps. Covering her bleeding wound, Peppa’s eyes turned crimson. She roared and, ignoring Dong Linhai and Allen, she raised her machete and rushed at Dong Zheng!

Huge My Little Pony and Old Fox Ali jumped out from backstage and took over Peppa’s task. They wanted to capture the reckless person who was daring enough to interrupt the performance on stage.

Dong Zheng held the gun with both hands. He didn’t have time to be happy about his accurate shot and shouted to Allen, “Hurry up!”

Allen was nervous and full of perspiration. The hemp rope was so strong that it could make a person fall apart. He staked his life and continued cutting but there was still one final thread left.

The horn on the unicorn’s forehead began to violently rotate like a drill, and its mangled and fleshy wings spread out. With a sharp hiss, it lowered its head and dashed forward. Allen could feel the wind blowing painfully against his skin!

He gritted his teeth hard, kicked Dong Linhai and the chair about two meters out of the way, and used the resulting recoil to avoid the fatal blow.

However, the scene of the unicorn smashing the stage into sawdust didn’t happen. The thin figure of a youth stood between the unicorn and the two people.

It was unknown when Cui Zuojing had arrived. He held the ends of a wooden stick in each hand, pressed against the unicorn’s horn. The fragile wooden stick didn’t show any signs of disintegration at all underneath the unicorn’s high-speed rotating horn. On the contrary, the dark purple My Little Pony unicorn couldn’t even take a step forward!


Allen took advantage of this short gap and successfully ran away. What greeted him was the swift attack of the zombie fox. Using his ability, Allen dogged from let to right and barely managed to cope.

Dong Zheng used the favorable terrain inside the auditorium to deal with the huge “Heavenly Butcher”. Although it was thrilling for a while, there seemed to be no substantial danger.

He’d joined the shooting club when he was in college and had practiced consistently. But, after all, the handgun was one of the most difficult firearms to use. Dong Zheng could deal with static objects, but when both sides were moving at high speed, he was very aware that not only would the other party be difficult to hit, but he may even accidentally injure himself or his teammates.

Cui Zuojing slammed his knee ferociously into the side of the unicorn warhorse’s head and then promptly rolled to the side. The warhorse was caught off guard and ended up rushing forward uncontrollably.

Cui Zuojing threw away the splintered wooden stick, gave full play to the fighting spirit of “kicking you while you’re down,” and raised his foot to ruthlessly kick the horse’s hindquarter.

The unicorn warhorse tumbled off the stage. Cui Zuojing grabbed a chair that was about to fall apart and slammed it down repeatedly with terrifying force.

Meanwhile, Dong Linhai finally broke free from the last strand of hemp rope on his own. He rolled and crawled on the ground in an effort to escape before finally managing to push himself up to his feet. His wrists were worn down into mangled pieces of flesh, and he hid in the shadows of the stage in order to avoid being seen.

His gaze swept over the area. With the exception of Cui Zuojing’s overwhelming advantage, Dong Zheng and Allen were both dealing with the monsters with some difficulties. Dong Linhai wanted to help but was helpless and so he could only clench his teeth anxiously.

Needing to do something, Dong Linhai took a deep breath, and crawled through the curtain into the backstage area.

There were many boxes of theater props and other sundries piled up backstage. As soon as Dong Linhai entered, he was unable to refrain from kicking up a cloud of dust. The flashlight and weapons that he’d collected before had all been confiscated. As such, he could only cover his mouth and nose and walked through the boxes in the dark. Suddenly, he tripped over something and almost fell.

Dong Linhai crouched down and fumbled around until he found a thin book and a raised push button.

Thinking that the situation could not get worse anyway, Dong Linhai put away the book and pressed the button.

Nothing happened.

He frowned suspiciously and pressed it again, but the button had obviously lost its function.

Maybe something had changed elsewhere. There was another gunshot outside. Dong Linhai no longer wasted time and hurried out from backstage.

The unicorn warhorse had become a pile of squishy cotton under Cui Zuojing’s violent treatment. At this time, the young man was pulling the zombie fox’s tail around and throwing it into the aisle!

Allen had overused his power and collapsed tiredly, not even wanting to move his fingers.

“Lend me the knife.” Cui Zuojing took Allen’s knife and walked towards the Heavenly Butcher.

This appearance of meeting god kill god, meeting devil kill devil made Allen stare.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this pig’s combat strength was particularly strong and would require a lot of efforts to defeat. Once they were able to seize the key, the wisest course of action would be to leave immediately.

Cui Zuojing was preoccupied and didn’t notice the white figure that flashed past the entrance of the auditorium. The Heavenly Butcher was focused on Dong Zheng, and before it could react, the white cat nimbly sprinted right past it’s side and landed two to three chairs away, a key in his mouth.

It was the key that had been previously attached to the butcher’s waist.



This amazingly cunning move caused everyone to shout in surprise. The loss of the key enraged the butcher, and cotton frantically bubbled out from the bullet hole in its chest. It swung the machete and directly destroyed a row of seats. The resulting impact knocked an already exhausted Dong Zheng to the ground!

With one hand, Cui Zuojing flipped over one row of seats and landed between Dong Zheng and the butcher. He fixed his gaze on the muddied pink creature in front of him and said, “You go first.”

Dong Zheng let out a sound of agreement, got up, took the key from Victor’s mouth, and ran out of the auditorium with Allen and Dong Linhai.

“My little sister liked Peppa Pig and Ali Fox the most, but you guys are so disgusting.” Cui Zuojing gripped the sharp knife behind his back and crouched to lower his center of gravity. The moment the machete swung toward him, he rose up to meet it.

A short scream came from the auditorium, as if a dying monster was being ruthlessly strangled. After about ten seconds of silence, Cui Zuojing walked calmly out the door. There was nothing in his hand, and except for the fact that his clothes and hair were slightly messy, he had no obvious wounds.

“Let’s go.”

Dong Linhai hugged Victor and smoothed his fur, asking, “What about Uncle? There’s no injuries?”

Victor shook his head and put his paw on Dong Linhai’s wrist to heal the wound. “The cat’s body is very convenient for escaping. It looks like I didn’t come too late. This time, everyone appeared in different areas.”

Dong Linhai’s identity in the box was a third grade student. At night, he discovered that he’d left something important behind at school and came over to get it, only to encounter a series of weird things.

Earlier, he and Victor had been separated in the haunted library. Just after getting out of trouble, he met the Heavenly Butcher, who was wandering about on campus. After a chase, he was caught and tied up to participate in the performance as the poor knight commander.

The task interface was now: Collect keys 3/5. There was only one building they had yet to explore.

Everyone walked to the laboratory building. With so many people acting together, even if they were walking around in an eerie campus, they weren’t afraid at all. This was all the more true with the addition of Cui Zuojing, whose existence seemed to go against the natural order. If it weren’t for the fact that the mortal danger was true, they would have had no reasons to worry about life.

They walked into the laboratory.

In the biology laboratory on the first floor, a human skeleton model seemed to be half-hidden behind the curtain and its black eyes watched as the four people and one cat passed by the glass window. Completely horrifying.

The laboratory was a circular structure. Cui Zuojing and the others walked around for a while before returning to the first classroom, where the stairs were located. They suddenly discovered that the skeleton model that was originally placed by the window was missing.

And the laboratory door was wide open.


Da, da, da……

It sounded like skeletal feet slamming directly onto the ground, making both the bones and ground shake. As he listened to the sound of the unknown footsteps coming closer, Lin Hanzhi curled up in the cabinet, his hands tightly covering his mouth and not allowing himself to make any noises. His heart was beating frantically with extreme panic, and his breathing was harsh and rapid.

His eyes were wide in the darkness, watching the faint sliver of light that streamed in from the cracks between the cabinet doors. It was the only source of light in this darkness.

The sound of footsteps paused for a few seconds at the entrance of the laboratory, then came closer.

It was coming in!

The thing began to walk through the entire laboratory. Its footsteps sounded in the aisle that was only a cabinet away. Then, it receded again.

Can’t see me, can’t hear me, can’t find me, I don’t exist…

It finished walking through the laboratory, failed to find its target, and finally returned back to the door.

But, the Gods failed to fulfill his wish. The footsteps sounded again, and this time, it seemed to be coming straight to the cabinet where he was hiding.

Da, da, da.

It stopped outside the cabinet door.

He’s done for.

Lin Hangzhe’s mind instantly blanked out.

Skeletal hands opened the experiment cabinet’s double door. It leaned down and stared at Lin Hangzhi hiding inside. Even though it was a fleshless skull, it seemed to give people the sense that it was somewhat smiling.

It reached out and grabbed his neck.

Capillaries shattered one after another, unable to withstand the rapid flow of blood. Lin Hangzhi’s face was white and red, and then red shifted to black and black to green. In a moment of desperation, he couldn’t care about anything. His voice trembled as he shouted, “Dong Zheng’s bank card password is 401846!”

The sodium hydroxide reagent bottle placed on top of the cabinet shook unsteadily a few times and fell down without warning—

Smashed into the skull’s head.

The reagent bottle shattered and the high-concentration sodium hydroxide spelled all over the floor. The skull head detached from the neck bone. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Hangzhi knocked the skull head away and escaped from the cabinet.

Seeing that the skeleton was groping around in an attempt to find its head, Lin Hangzhi kicked the head against the wall.

Then, the soles of his feet skidded against the floor as he wildly ran away.

At the same time, the second floor.

Dong Zheng frowned and said, “Was that Hangzhi calling me?”

Cui Zuojing said, “I heard it too. He also said your bank card’s password, ending in 846.”

Dong Zheng: “……”

He did have a bank card with a password ending in 846.

“Go, go to Hangzhi. From the sound of it, he seems to be in trouble.”


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Qi Qi
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