IWOL Chapter 57: One-Man War

After landing, Cui Zuojing rolled to eliminate the force of the fall before standing up and patting the soil off his body.

A wall of more than 20 meters high stood behind him, and from time to time, evil-talking beasts fell beside him, splashing pus on his feet.

The clouds covered the stars and the moon. Except for the lights projected from the wall, the rest was pitched black. Cui Zuojing held the scabbard in one hand while using the other to cut down the imprudent monster that had crept up behind him.

Internal organs and juices spilled out of the smooth cut, but not the slightest bit was spattered on the youth’s sportswear.

Against the torrent of invaders, he stepped into the unknown darkness step by step, slow but firm, with a sword in his hand. Every tiny movement could chop off a head or smash a heart.

The original excellent Tang sword was sharp to the extreme under the action of [Slayer]. The scabbard was also used as an armor, so that no creature could get close to him. For a while, just like Moses dividing the sea, he opened a path among the evil-talking beasts!

It really was a good sword.

Suddenly, he heard frantic footsteps in the distance, followed by quickly approaching rumblings. There seemed to be countless creatures rushing toward him.

Cui Zuojing narrowed his eyes but did not stop.

The noises became louder and louder, and after a few minutes they were already closing in on him. With the help of the already faint light on the city wall behind him, he finally saw the perpetrators’ true faces.

A group of… huge, decaying rats.

Each of these rats was the size of an adult tiger and were decayed to varying degrees, just like those carcasses that appeared on the dinner table not long ago.

They stared with muddy eyes, and their gray-black fur was stained with all kinds of filth. They were like a thousand horses rushing towards the city wall!

The taste in the air was so bad that Cui Zuojing was reluctant to breathe. He slowly crouched, lowering his center of gravity. The Tang sword lay across his chests, and his ever-cold eyes showed an unprecedented excitement.

Even though his emotions were taken away, the desire for killing and fighting had not faded.

Just as the decaying rats rushing forward were about to pounce, the land under Cui Zuojing’s feet suddenly shook violently. The instinct of fighting for many years made him instantly aware of the crisis. The youth did not hesitate to dodge sideways, moving so fast that the naked eye could hardly catch it. At the same time, he thrust the scabbard, penetrating the giant rat’s damaged brain!


An earthworm drilled out of the ground like a giant dragon. The huge body almost turned over the entire land. Gravel and mud showered down. Cui Zuojing covered his head and face with one hand and took the time to look at the manual.

Patterns had already appeared on the second and third pages.

This earthworm was about ten meters above the ground. It was as thick as five people, and its full and bulging clitellum was shiny with mucus. If one looked closely, one could see the densely packed earthworm cocoon.

It couldn’t be denied that Cui Zuojing was really disgusted.

He sighed helplessly when he thought that bits and pieces of some strange and disgusting monster would get on the sword, and he looked at his precious Tang sword with pity.

A rat took advantage of the situation to lunge at his neck. At the moment when it approached Cui Zuojing, he jumped up over the rat’s head, easily splitting it in half.

The earthworm twisted and its body whipped toward Cui Zuojing, who swiftly avoided the attack. Its huge body smashed to ground with a loud noise, nearly shattering the packed dirt underneath.

As if disturbed by the shock, another earthworm burst out not far from the side. It rushed straight up, unexpectedly reaching the height of the city wall!

Evil talking beasts, decaying rats, giant earthworms.

Surrounded by thousands of monsters, Cui Zuojing’s expression had not the slightest hint of fear. He pushed the Tang sword back into its scabbard and carried it with one hand. Feeling the tremor caused by the worms beneath his feet, he narrowed his eyes.

Better to clean up those disgusting worms first.

On the high wall, Dong Zheng and the others also noticed the loud reverberations in the distance, sounding as if the sky itself was collapsing. They could clearly see the long, dragon-like earthworms despite the distance. Everyone was frightened. Wang Que took a step back, and her voice trembled as she said, “There are still many more underground!”

One thought immediately appeared in everyone’s mind: What to do?

General Bear promptly yelled, “Watch out for those earthworms! Use fire! Quickly!”

The moment his voice fell, the support crew from the rear immediately rushed to the watch tower to carry fuel. There seemed to be an unprecedented chaos somewhere in the distance. Dong Zheng watched closely. He could sense through the prisoner link that Cui Zuojing was over there somewhere.

He could also sense the youth’s wild and carefree heart. This heroic emotion was almost infectious. Dong Zheng took a deep breath and said to General Bear, “Let’s formulate the next step in the plan. There will only be more and more enemies. Mere defense isn’t going to work.”

General Bear nodded in agreement. The black crows hovering in the sky seemed to be flying lower above the heads of the dolls, as if they would carry them away at any moment.

They returned to the command post, with injured dolls trailing one after another behind them. Some of them were corroded by pus, some had the stitching on their limbs and bodies torn, some had button eyes falling out. The team went to the medical room to suture and treat each other with needles and thread.

As soon as Dong Zheng entered the command post, he took out the sand model and put it on the table, saying, “This sand model can reflect the situation of the entire town in real time. It will be extremely useful in investigating the enemy and understanding the situation.”

He grabbed the sand model with both hands and pulled. The mini sand model began to enlarge. Dong Zheng didn’t stop until he could see every house in the town. By this time, the sand model was already large enough to cover the entire length of the dining table.

“We are not very familiar with the situation here, so as the general, you make the decision to facilitate dispatches. If you need help, just tell us.”

General Bear hummed in agreement. The situation was critical. Even if the master asked these outsiders for help, he wouldn’t dare give too much trust. Dong Zheng’s statement was exactly what he wanted.

Dong Zheng took out the cloth heart and the broken teddy bear doll that he’d obtained from the school. This little bear was a key prop, and he always kept it with him. Now, he finally figured out how it could be useful.

He stuffed the heart into the body through the slit in the doll’s arm. Then, he borrowed needles and thread from the medical room and sewed it up.

Dong Zheng had never stitched anything by himself before so he was very rusty, but the end product wasn’t too bad. He sewed the teddy bear’s arms twice over to ensure that the stitching stayed firm and that it wouldn’t split open again.

Dong Zheng put it on the table and waited for about ten seconds. The teddy bear suddenly moved in full view. It blinked its black bean eyes, rolled over, and sat up.

“It’s alive?” Allen asked in surprise.

Lin Hangzhi whispered, “It looks so amazing.”

The teddy bear looked around until its eyes finally locked on a rabbit doll in the medical room. One of the rabbit’s ear was torn open and was drooping over its head as it sat and waited to be stitched up.

The tiny bear climbed down the table leg and trotted to the rabbit. It spit out a white needle and scissor from its mouth and, without a word, it began to suture the wounded rabbit.

Dong Linhai was shocked. “The stitched-heart bear?” (1)

Dong Zheng said, “What’s that?”

“It’s an SCP item. I forgot the specific number. The item is a teddy bear with a bow tie. It will automatically use nearby items or the fillings from it’s own body to use as raw materials to repair the wounds of people who’d been injured, including replacing diseased organs, severe burns, and more.”

“But there are also certain injuries that it could not repair. It was written in the project that there was a certain D-level personnel who suffered from cerebral hemorrhage. After searching around, the teddy bear couldn’t find any suitable materials for use. It could only make a chocolate bar for the D-level personnel and hold his leg and cry.”

Dong Linhai scratched his hair and said, “This is one of the more distinctive items in the SCP project, so I remembered it more.”

In the meantime, after the teddy bear had finished stitching up the rabbit, it found a unicorn with a broken wing. It rushed to and fro, struggling hard to heal all the wounded toys around it.

Lin Hangzhi raised his hand and asked, “That… What is SCP?”

When they first heard Cui Zuojing talking with this unfamiliar word, Dong Zheng and Allen also had the same question. Later, they did some research and gradually figured it out.

As the person who’d known about this project for the longest time, Dong Linhai explained, “The SCP Foundation is a series of works about various supernatural phenomena, entities, and more. Everyone can write their own scp entries and post them on the official website. It’s basically a collective creation based on the themes of science fiction, fantasy, suspense, and horror. The name of the organization is taken from its purpose and so the three letter initial refers to control, containment, and protection.”

“The most attractive part about SCP is its writing style and novel ideas. If I explain it like this, it won’t seem as interesting. It will take a few more items for you to understand the specifics.”

Lin Hangzhi nodded in half-understanding and said, “So now we will have to look after it as it treats the wounded?”

“Leaving it here will make the best use out of it. I think its treatment is effective and efficient, better than these other medical cares.”

They returned to the command post. After discussing the next step of the plan and the division of labor, Lin Hangzhi and Dong Linhai had nothing to do, so they went back to the palace to help Mickey protect Agatha.

The crows that had never left the sky, the dead carcasses on the dinner table, and the haunting earthworms all show that the city was not a safe place. Since those things were intent on destroying Paradise, Agatha would be the first to bear the brunt of it.

Victor and the two of them should be enough to handle any accident.

Allen’s ability was suitable for investigation. Although Wang Que had never mentioned her ability, she’d sense that there were earthworms in the ground from the very beginning. It was very useful, making her suitable to stay.

As a result, they were chosen to remain on the front line with Dong Zheng. Since the emergence of the earthworm, Wang Que was very anxious. The little girl sat in a corner with her lips tightly pressed together, not saying a word. She frowned and twisted the corner of her clothes nervously.

Those giant earthworms originally seemed to want to enter the town from underground without their knowledge. However, they were discovered by Wang Que and lured out by Cui Zuojing, causing a series of chain reactions. For a while, the scene was very chaotic.

Dong Zheng knew that earthworms were afraid of drought and light, but they couldn’t create a dry environment in such a short time. In the darkness, they could only turn on the lights on the walls to the brightest setting and use fire to drive them away.

He pondered for a moment and said, “Gather things like salt and washing powder from town. Sprinkle them on the ground and around the city walls to absorb water. I remember that earthworms seem to fear acid and alkali…Right, soapy water should also work.”

“Soapy water?”

“Soapy water is alkaline in nature and has a chemically active effect. It can penetrate into the mucosal tissues of the earthworm epidermis and obstruct the circulatory system. I don’t remember where I saw this, but it won’t hurt to give it a try.”

General Bear said, “Okay, I’ll order someone to start on it right away.”

The battle on the city wall had become fierce. The evil talking beasts were no longer the main force, and the giant earthworms were like the legendary pillars supporting the heaven, drilling in and out of the ground. Their large twisting figures could shake people’s courage. Meanwhile, the decayed rats began to frantically gnaw at the city wall, trying to tear it down. The crows in the sky swooped down from time to time, adding to the chaos.

Dong Zheng and Allen once again boarded the city wall. In the distance, an earthworm wriggled crazily and toppled over, in a kind of miraculous surrender. The huge body slammed heavily to the ground, scattering dust and killing a decayed rat.

The wound that had severed the earthworm in two quickly regenerated and it became two new earthworms. They dug into the soil, waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback.

Allen looked over. Even though he knew that Cui Zuojing was very powerful, he was still dumbfounded. He sighed. “He is so strong. In the future, would we be as strong as him?”

Dong Zheng looked at the distant place where Cui Zuojing waged a one-man war and firmly said, “We definitely will.”

Bags of salt and washing powder were sent to the city wall one after another. The dolls tore the bags open and threw the contents outside. Wang Que forced down her nausea, and a few minutes later, joy suddenly rose in her eyes.

“They stopped!”

“It’s good that those things are useful.” Dong Zheng breathed a sigh of relief. But before everyone could be happy for long, an oppressive thunder exploded from a distant place and surged toward them.

A drop of rain with a strange, fishy smell fell on the back of Dong Zheng’s hand.

Glowing a faint yellow.

Translation Note: 
(1) “The stitched-heart bear” — This is SCP-2295, also known as “Bear with a Heart of Patchwork.” It’s so cute. Here’s the link to it. Picture credit to the above scp entry.
Bear with the heart of patchwork
(2) Translation Correction: I saw myu’s comment about “hairy creatures” in the last chapter and, knowing Wang Que was referring to earthworms, was like, “Hairy? That can’t be right.” So, I double checked the raw and realized I made a typo. I meant to write hair-raising, not hairy. The typo has been fixed.
(3) Translation Correction: Tang knife has been changed to Tang sword. The character 刀 (dao) could refer to a knife or a single edged sword. Since I wasn’t sure, I went with knife. But, it seems like it’s being used as more of a sword than a knife so the correct translation is probably sword.

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3 years ago

oh is a typo. I thought the hair referred to legs and now I realise that its centipedes that have legs.

the bear sounds adorable and good but at the same time gives me horror vibes…

2 years ago

When Linhai explained the heart-stitched bear SCP and how he couldn’t heal that one person so it just gave chocolate to comfort the man and proceeded to cry at his leg… I fooking felt my heart squeeze and my tear ducts activating.

Speaking of SCP… Does the SCP wiki work in China? I meant… It’s translated? Is there an official site for SCPs??