IWOL Chapter 94: Fighting for a Prisoner

Everyone, hungry and thirsty, went to the beach that Dong Zheng had discovered earlier.

The dense white bones all over made everyone a bit hesitant, but there were indeed a lot of things that had washed ashore along with the tide. Dong Zheng stepped on the layers of white bones and carefully moved over.

Everyone helped search. Allen found a pink suitcase. He borrowed Cui Zuojing’s sword from Dong Zheng and cut the suitcase open, revealing female clothing, bottles and jars, and other small things.

“Que’er!” Allen waved his hand and called Wang Que over. “You take some clothes. I’ll be cold when we enter the trees. You need to put on a coat.”

The owner of the suitcase was about the same size as her. After Wang Que changed into a t-shirt, a jacket, and tied her hair with a rubber hair band, she couldn’t help but show a painful expression when she pulled out a half-full bottle of SKII fairy water.


“Mmn, it’s very expensive.” Wang Que opened the bottle and smelled it. Then she dabbed some one her face, neck, and the back of her hand. She even wiped some on Allen. But there were still a lot left. She could only sigh helplessly and pour the rest into the sea.

This might be the most nouveau riche moment of her life.

Wang Que rinsed the bottle with seawater. After locating a water source, these containers would come in handy.

Allen was still frowning as he smelled the back of his hand. He said, “How is it that I smell like saliva?”

On the side, Lin Hangzhi squatted down as he studied the bones. Most of these were long fishbones, about 1.5 meters in length, with no fish heads. Instead, the head was replaced by a human skull.

A fish body….and a human head?

Lin Hangzhi’s brain tried to project an image. The anatomical knowledge in his brain kept telling him: Are you stupid? How can there be such an unscientific thing?

He ruthlessly strangled his common sense in anatomy and loudly said, “What kind of fish is about 1.5 meters long with a human head? Does anyone know?”

The five others, even Victor, were stumped.


Lin Hangzhi shrugged and joined in the search for supplies.

After half an hour, everyone finished searching the beach. They found three bottles of mineral water, a bottle of champagne, a few packets of nut snacks, and some clothing.

Victor had disappeared about halfway through the search. When he returned, he was dragging a seabird his size with his mouth. The white fur near his mouth was covered with blood.

“I found something to eat,” he said. “There are a lot of wild animals on the island, along with many edible plants. You don’t need to worry about eating. The most important thing is to find a good source of water.”

They roasted the bird, shared the three bottles of mineral waters, and finished breakfast.

Dong Linhai held the sea bird’s feather with one hand, while the other hand helped his mouth shaved flesh from the bird’s bone.

In the distance, a plume of smoke drifted slowly from the depths of mountains and forest and were swept at an angle by the sea breeze.

Allen was the first to notice this signal. “Is there someone over there? Do you want to join them?”

Lin Hangzhi said, “Yes. The prompt said that we need to destroy the Demon Seed. Although at the moment, we don’t know that story’s background, this box should also require that we work together to clear customs.”

Dong Zheng agreed, “Let’s go and take a look. It just so happens that we also need to find a water source.”

The group ended their short rest. As they moved in the direction marked by the smoke, they began to explore the island forest

There were more than 600 people on board the ship. Even if there were many casualties due to marine life attacks, many of them could have also successfully reached the island. In addition to the pilgrims, perhaps there were also many crew members who were proficient in swimming.

But until now, they hadn’t met anyone else.

The forest was very humid. This isolated island had formed its own unique ecological system for thousands of years. There were many unknown bugs hiding behind grass and leaves, moth-eaten trees, and the ground.

Wang Que felt as if she was going crazy.

She still could not actively control the on and off switch on her ability. The existence of a single worm may not be so obvious, allowing her to be unaware of its existence. But, thousands of worms in all directions together could turn her whole world into a messy cacophony of noises. It was quite disgusting.

Wang Que couldn’t understand why she had such an ability.

The one thing she feared the most was obviously creepy crawlies.

But, Wang Que endured, not revealing her discomfort. Since coming to the island, everyone had been so considerate of her and had been taking care of her. She couldn’t hold them back.

In the prisoner’s space, Cui Zuojing woke up naturally.

The youth rubbed his eyes and got up to observe the surroundings from Dong Zheng’s perspective. Seeing that they had not wasted time and had entered the forest, he stretched his body in satisfaction. With a thought, a partitioned bathroom appeared in the room.

He went in, took a shower, dried his hair, and then leisurely left the prisoner’s space and appeared beside Dong Zheng.

He said, “How’s everything?”

Dong Zheng returned his Tang Sword and told him about their discovery, “Everything went well. We found hieroglyphs and an inverted pentagram on the cave wall. The pentagram should be related to the plot’s background. Unfortunately, we don’t understand it. There was also a great deal of white bones on the beach, composed of human heads and fish bodies. It isn’t clear what kind of creatures they are.”

“Fish bodies and human heads?” Cui Zuojing frowned thoughtfully. “Is it a fishform sage?”

‘Yes. Why?” Allen asked curiously.

“There were seven sages in Mesopotamian mythology. They grew up in water, with fish bodies, human heads, arms, and voices. They were sent by the gods to teach the ignorant and uneducated humans to develop civilization before the Flood. They were called fishform sages.” After Cui Zuojing finished explaining, he asked, “There were a lot of bones? How many?”

“An extraordinary amount, looks like nearly ten thousand.”

Cui Zuojing said, “Then, I’m not sure. Anyway, to my knowledge, the closest things to these creatures are the fishform sages. Is it possible that they came to the island in order to avoid religious persecution? Who knows.”

Pushing aside his doubt, Dong Zheng temporarily changed the topic. After confirming that they’re still headed in the right direction, he said, “Someone sent a signal from the middle of the forest just now. We’re joining them and looking for a source of drinking water.”

Cui Zuojing said, “Okay, then let’s continue.”

There were basically no paths on this primeval forest. Thick shrubs and thorns grew on the underbrush of tall trees, making it difficult to navigate. They moved slowly, and so it took them about two hours to reach the halfway point.

Just as they were about to find a place to rest for ten minutes, Dong Zheng heard a faint cry.

His program kernel had also strengthened his five senses to a certain extent. Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing, who also heard the voice, looked at each other. “Want to check it out?”

The youth swung his sword to clear the way and Dong Zheng followed.

The crying sound became clearer and clearer. After walking for about a hundred meter to the left, they pulled aside the hanging branches, and Dong Zheng finally saw the source of the sound.

A woman was crushed to the ground with a man above her. Their team captain had just pulled up his pants and was redoing his belt buckle. The third man was squatting on the sidelines, eager to try, and urging, “You, hurry up.”

It seemed that her sobs were too annoying so the man crushing her grabbed her throat, choking her.

The onlookers reminded him, “Don’t choke her to death. It’s hard to find such a beautiful one.”

The women seemed to have become used to this and soon stopped making noises. She silently endured, but tears continued to roll down her desperate blue eyes, wetting her cheeks.

Dong Zheng brows were ferociously twisted and the expression on Cui Zuojing’s face had become stiff. His casual smile gradually faded, and his eyes were cold.

He knew these pilgrims. The woman was the team captain’s prisoner. Even on the boat, she was treated like a pet every day, being touched and treated however they wanted.

The bones found in the engine room had belonged to a member of their team.

In their eyes, prisoners had no human rights.

From the moment they were summoned by their masters, these pilgrims who’d once died in a box and became prisoners were no longer seen as individuals–the master could do with them as they wished, even using them as tools and objects.

Only powerful pilgrims like Cui Zuojing dared to take the initiative to become a prisoner. He knew that no matter what kind of master he meets, if the other party exhibits any behaviors that disrespected him, he was powerful enough to kill that person and switch to a different one.

Allen immediately followed with a curse and raised his hands, covering the eyes of the two minors, Dong Linhai and Wang Que.

But Wang Que had already seen the whole thing and knew what was happening from the sounds and from what she’d glimpsed. Her breathing became stagnant, and she immediately began to shake.

Yes, this was what she feared most since coming to the Pure White Realm.

When she was in the Doll’s House, the strange man who was “born” in the same classroom as her wanted to plot against her.

Her appearance had once been admired by countless people, but now it became a crime that could destroy her.

The men noticed that members of the Wonton Insurgency had suddenly barge in on them.

They had an impression of Dong Zheng. During those extravagant days on the ship, everyone was living like the nouveau riche, looking for fun everywhere. Only this man took everything for granted.

Of course, what caught their attention most was that, among these five men, was a beautiful little girl.

Suddenly having others barge in on their fun, the team captain, who’d since finished resting on the side, was stunned. Then, he smiled tacitly at Dong Zheng. Glancing at Wang Que standing beside Allen, he said, “Don’t be envious. Although your breasts are smaller, your face looks better–”

A stone hit his head. Lin Hangzhi kept throwing stones, and his voice had never been so fierce before. “Keep your mouth clean!”

Seeing that the situation was bad, the brawny man who was originally pressing the woman to the floor got up and pull on his pants. The poor blond woman immediately covered her body with her scattered clothes and shrank under a tree, weeping silently .

She had also once been the favorite daughter of her parents and the precious lover of a boy.

Thinking of this, Dong Zheng’s eyes completely lost their previous calm, and he took a step forward. He wasn’t an impulsive person, but this thing before him really made him sick.

The three men on the opposite side immediately became alert and tried negotiating, “It’s just a prisoner. I say, you really don’t want to start trouble over this, right?”

No one answered him.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the team captain frowned. He took out a white card from his pocket and was about to summon the woman back. But, before he could activate the prisoner card, he felt a sharp pain inside his head. The sky spun as a strong dizziness slammed into him.

The stinging pain made his brain slow to respond. By the time his awareness returned, he felt a sharp pain on the bridge of his nose, making it difficult for him to breathe. Blood poured down his nose.

The man screamed like a pig.

By that point, the white prisoner card was already in Cui Zuojing’s hand.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters~

I knew we were bound to see abominable scum sooner or later >.< It wouldn't be realistic otherwise. Hopefully our team will teach them some much needed lessons and rescue that woman. The box's story still seems focused on sea creatures. As always, I'm looking forward to see everything unfold 😀

3 years ago

Ugh I'm scared of that happening to me as well, I'm sure all women are as well.


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I don't want that happening to me… So disgusting, these fucking bastards. She used to have a lover and a happy life, too. She must be having a hard time right now 🙁

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How can they be so gross? Their behavior is so shameful and disgusting! Agh, they are not even worth of being called human beings. Do they think themselves better that prisoners? Do they think themselves superior?
At least Wonton Insurgency will save the girl, she doesn't deserve being treated that way, she also has feelings and rights.

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Ew i totally forgot they were people like this. Absolutely disgusting. I guess there is always a bad apple.

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With the subtle implications of abuse in the doll house arc, I expected that somewhere down the line we’ll eventually see the actual thing happening. Truly, human scum are everywhere. Disgusting. Wang Que is lucky managing to escape and avoid those scenarios, and eventually ending up in the good hands of her reliable geges kekek

When Lin Hangzhi was observing the human-head-fish-bodied corpse I thought they were mermaids or mermans. But with CZJ mentioning Mesopotamia… okay maybe it’s actually not that simple.

But with Mesopotamia being mentioned… Tiamat could be an existence in this box?

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I almost forgot but LH being the first to provoke those trash is such an alpha move I love it!

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Qi Qi
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These scums make me sick, beat them up! è_é

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wang que was actually lucky to find wonton insurgency as her team. otherwise, she might have encounter more of these scums

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Even after death, twice even, poor girl still lives in pain