Love Delusion: Chapter 22

The next morning, when Lin Anran sent Shang Hao out, he didn’t just send him out the door. No, he followed Shang Hao’s footsteps and sent him downstairs.

In the elevator, Lin Anran glanced at him after. When he stepped out of the house, Boss Shang was still there; when he got out of the elevator, Boss Shang was still there; when he walked out of their building, the security guard at the door saw Shang Hao’s figure appearing, and enthusiastically walked out of the guard box to say hello. “Good morning, Mr. Shang!”

Even Lin Anran, who was next to Shang Hao, received this treatment. Although he wasn’t familiar with the security guard, he smiled and nodded.

It was the first time that Lin Anran saw the kindness of the security guards in the community. It seemed that this wasn’t the first time Shang Hao was greeted like this.

Lin Anran’s heart was filled with countless little happiness.

He hadn’t been this happy in such a long time. It was like a small uninterrupted warm current surging in his heart, telling him the world was clear, and tomorrow would be better.

He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and touched Shang Hao’s sleeve in a cherishing manner. He just wanted to touch it. He was still immersed in the joy of “this person is mine.”

Lin Anran didn’t recognize the black car in the parking area at the entrance of the community. When Shang Hao urged him to go in with him, Lin Anran pursed his lips in embarrassment, and shook his head again and again.

He didn’t plan to go out, and he was still wearing house clothes.

The position of the three windows at the back end of the Maybach was particularly clever. Once the person sat in the car, the person’s face couldn’t be seen even if the door was open, which perfectly took into account the owner’s privacy.

Lin Anran watched Shang Hao get into the car. With Shang Hao’s temperament, he was naturally very capable of driving this kind of car.

It wasn’t until Shang Hao had left and Lin Anran recovered his gaze that he saw the security guard standing next to him, just like himself, watching Shang Hao’s car leave.

Lin Anran was very happy this morning, as if everything had fallen into place.

In the past, Lin Anran had been hesitating and worrying every day, trying to make the knife hanging over his head fall more slowly.

From today onward, he didn’t have to look back anymore. Lin Anran returned upstairs, so happy he wanted to hum.

The point was, how to let his aunt know about Shang Hao naturally without being pretentious and at the same time keeping a low profile?

Lin Anran wanted so much to let his aunt see this head chief of a conglomerate whom he’d abducted. Although it seemed completely unbelievable, he’d abducted him all by himself!

He must be natural and unpretentious. If he behaved too eagerly, Aunt would think that something was wrong.

Last week, when the doctor called him to cancel today’s session, she should have also notified his aunt since she hadn’t called Lin Anran as usual to remind him to go.

As a result, today, his aunt finally called Lin Anran and said that although the session was cancelled, the soup couldn’t be left behind. Lin Huiyan had a meeting today, so she asked his cousin to bring him the soup.

“Don’t worry, your cousin will just drop in to your place later. He has a big mouth, and so I’ve ordered him to come back immediately after serving the soup, without disturbing you and your roommate. Xiaoran, all you need to do is open the door for him. That’s it.”

The moment Lin Anran heard this, he became nervous, thinking to himself that this wouldn’t do. This time wasn’t like in the past. His cousin ought to trouble him; better yet, he should trouble him. Moreover, without his cousin’s big mouth, how else could he achieve the goal of letting his aunt know about Shang Hao?

Lin Anran said, “It’s okay, Aunt.”

Lin Huiyan thought he was being polite. With a smile, she said, “Okay, remember to drink the soup today to moisturize your dry throat. Don’t wait until tomorrow to drink.”

Their conversation ended there.

Now, Lin Anran had to utilize his minimal social skills.

How else could he make his cousin sit longer until Boss Shang comes back?

Lin Anran could imagine himself standing in front of his cousin and generously introducing Shang Hao, saying “This is my roommate.”


His and his cousin weren’t familiar with one another. The relationship they had was one that was common between ordinary relatives. At most, they’d seen each other a few times with Lin Huiyan in the middle.

Lin Anran confirmed with Boss Shang the time he would be off work. And so, he waited at home. The moment the doorbell rang, he rang to open the door.

“Cousin,” Lin Anran greeted.

Lin Anran’s cousin was a graduate student majoring in Chinese Language at a university in this city. Because the food at home was too good, he gradually built up a rather large belly. He was in his 30s, and wore a pair of intellectual rimless glasses. His hair was cut into a flat hair style that wasn’t quite suitable for his face, making his head look somewhat rounded.

Lin Huiyan often tried to match them the same way parents would try to match two children who they wanted to become partners

“Hey, Anran.” His cousin stood outside the door and handed him the thermo pot, saying, “I haven’t seen you in a few days. You’ve lost weight again.”

Lin Anran smiled in embarrassment. His cousin continued, “You’re not tall in the first place. You should eat more. Boys still have to look strong in order to be better-looking.”

Lin Anran murmured “Mmn mmn” in earnest agreement. Since he had to trouble his cousin right now, everything his cousin said was right.

Originally, his cousin was supposed to leave after delivering the food, but Lin Anran awkwardly invited his cousin to come and sit inside for a bit.

Things went beyond his expectations. His cousin didn’t hesitate and readily agreed.

He also wasn’t polite to Lin Anran. He had already stepped out of his shoes in the hallways before Lin Anran remembered and quickly found slippers for him.

As his cousin walked in, he asked, “You’re still drawing at home these days?”


“Shouldn’t you go out to find a class or something? These days, the competition is becoming more and more fierce in society. If you don’t keep up for a day, you’ll be knocked out.”

Lin Anran agreed with an “Mmn,” and attached on a listening expression.

It didn’t matter what his cousin said. Lin Anran sincerely hoped that his cousin would have a good time and enjoy the conversation.

“I heard from my mom that you have a new roommate.”


Before coming here, Lin Huiyan didn’t say much to her son, and only reminded him that there was a roommate at home.

His cousin looked at him curiously and said, “I didn’t expect you to have a roommate. How was it? Still getting along well?”

“Pretty well, cousin.”

His cousin took a seat on the single sofa in the living room, and Lin Anran turned around to pour him water.

“Anran,” his cousin said casually. “Tell me, you’ve lived here for so long and even have a roommate. How do you get along with the neighbors nearby?”

Lin Anran answered, “Unfamiliar.”

…..He didn’t want to say much, but he really was unfamiliar with them.

“So it’s like that.” His cousin took the water he offered and leaned back against the sofa. It was unclear who he was thinking, but he seemed to be in a good mood. Seeing Lin Anran looking at him, he couldn’t help but want to talk more.

“Hey, it’s actually nothing. It’s not a big deal. It’s just that there’s a girl in your building who lives upstairs. She likes me a little. Do you know what I mean?”

Lin Anran curiously waited for him to continue. As far as he knew, his cousin had been on many blind dates, and it turned out that there was a girl who had long liked him.

Lin Anran asked for his aunt, “Did the girl confess first?”

“She actually didn’t. You also know that girls are thin-skinned, so they don’t know how to say it clearly.” His cousin continued, “Actually, you know, I don’t have a shortage of girls chasing after me.”

“Just now, I ran into her when I was taking the elevator upstairs. She glanced at me midway. You know, people’s eyes tend to reveal their thoughts. I can see that she treats me differently from others, very special. I think that if I hadn’t gotten out of the elevator early, she would have already come up to me and ask for my number.”

Lin Anran: …

He didn’t want to remain silent, but he couldn’t find anything to say.

It turned out that this had just happened.

It was only now that he knew why his cousin agreed so readily to stay for a bit longer.

His cousin continued to say, “The girl’s appearance is pretty good in all aspects, even if there was no one to look at but at her. I think she’s pretty good, so if we get a chance to meet again next time, I decided that I’ll agree to be with her.”

Lin Anran: …….

He didn’t know what to say except to continue agreeing with an “Mmn.”

He just hoped that the girl upstairs wouldn’t be angry. His cousin wasn’t doing it on purpose, probably.

Fortunately, his cousin was very talkative. He could talk for an hour without taking a break. Lin Anran’s continuous “mmn” also gave him a sense of accomplishment.

As he chatted with his cousin, time seemed to be moving too slow. Finally, after all that waiting, Shang Hao returned.

The moment he heard the sound of the key, he stood up, told his cousin that his roommate was back, and then hurried to the door to report.

As soon as Shang Hao opened the door, Lin Anran said to him in a rush, “My cousin is here,” followed by the sentence, “Don’t be nervous.”

Shang Hao looked at him with interest, unclear on who was the nervous one.

This was the first time Shang Hao met Lin Anran’s family, and so he stood behind the sofa, nervously watching this historic moment.

Look, this was the Shang Hao he’d abducted, and that was the cousin he’d always known.

His cousin sat on the sofa and shook hands with Shang Hao, looking up and down at the man dressed in a suit.

“Your roommate turned out to be a pretty handsome guy, Anran,” his cousin said with a laugh, sitting straighter on the sofa.

Lin Anran was quite happy to see Shang Hao being praised as soon as he came in. Shang Hao, on the other hand, was noncommittal. He didn’t say a word and just sat down beside Lin Anran.

“I can’t deny it, in this day and age, a person’s face is valuable. Being handsome is an advantage and gives one a sense of superiority. Just look at those celebrities. What little fresh meat and little milk dogs, there’s no sense of accomplishment, but each and every girl are heads over heels for them. I don’t understand this kind of values anymore. But as a man, you can’t be envious of this, can you?”

Lin Anran was anxious on the sidelines. When his cousin finished speaking, he immediately defended Boss Shang, “Cousin, he is mixed race.”

This sentence meant that Shang Hao was naturally born to be good-looking.

“Oh, a half-blood.” His cousin continued, “But the boys of our country have a more gentle temperament in comparison. Modest and noble, these are particularly good characteristics to have. You know what I mean? Let me tell you, I’m this type of person. And if I’m a mixed race, I also wouldn’t look bad anywhere. After all, the foundation is there…”

Shang Hao let out a short burst of laughter.

The cousin glanced at him for a long time and said, “But the most important thing for a man isn’t his appearance, but what’s on the inside. I say, where does your roommate work at?”

Lin Anran answered, “Tianneng Group.”

He was worried that Shang Hao would be upset, but looking at him, he found him leaning against the sofa with a hand placed over the lower half of his face, covering his smile and not saying a word.

He seemed to be expressing an interest in Lin Anran’s cousin’s speech, as if asking him to continue.

“Ah, well.” His cousin got stuck again, and finally said, “Tianneng Group. So many departments, such a big company. He’s so young, which floor does he work in?”

Lin Anran said, “Tianneng Group belongs to his family.”


His cousin’s strategizing expression froze, and this extremely embarrassing expression seemed to be stuck on his face.

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