Love Delusion: Chapter 40

Shang Hao held Lin Anran’s hand as they stood by the side of road, waiting with other pedestrians to cross the street.

They had left the park, and Shang Hao intended to take Lin Anran to find a convenient parking section nearby so that the driver could pick them up.

Lin Anran had made full preparations for this date so that, once the date ended, they could call the driver of the Mercedes-Benz to take them back.

Shang Hao led Lin Anran, who was distracted.

As expected of someone who’d chosen to play the viola, Shang Hao’s palm was large enough to hold Lin Anran’s hand, all the while rubbing and playing with his fingertips one by one, as if it wasn’t simply enough just to hold him.

Lin Anran’s temper was just like a lump of dough, and he allowed Shang Hao to knead as he pleased without comment. His hand remained obediently nestled in Shang Hao’s big hand.

Shang Hao lowered his head and asked him, “Are you happy today?”

Lin Anran nodded happily.

Afterward, he remembered that something was wrong. As the person planning this date, shouldn’t he be the one asking Shang Hao this sentence? Oh no. He felt regretful in his heart and was determined to memorize this sentence. If there was another opportunity, he would not forget it and would try to ask the question first, so that it became a matter of ritual.

It wasn’t just Lin Anran who was nervous. Shang Hao was watching his own performance today even more nervously than Lin Anran.

Because Lin Anran was the one who had planned their first date, Shang Hao also tried to do his best and to be on his best behavior.

Of course, that black card couldn’t be counted. After all, it was nothing in the scheme of things, and the things that belonged to them were even more impressive. He had yachts and helicopters, and if Lin Anran liked them, he could have a Ferris wheel too. He also heard that it was also very fashionable to have drones and large LED screens that filled up an entire wall.

But in the end, in Shang Hao’s mind, nothing was truly worthy of Ranran.

Of course, he performed very well today. He was on his very best behavior.

As long as Lin Anran was willing to be on stage, let alone let him be a foil, even if he was overshadowed in his limelight, it was still okay.

They were waiting for Lin Anran to contact the driver of the rental car, when Shang Hao discovered that Lin Anran was staring at the other side of the street.

But Lin Anran said nothing. Shang Hao followed the direction of his gaze and casually mentioned, “There’s a supermarket there.”

Sure enough, Lin “Little Fish” Anran wagged his tail and swam over enthusiastically to bite the hook by himself. “Yeah.”

Lin Anran was originally withdrawing his gaze, but when Shang Hao mentioned it, he glanced over there again.

Unexpectedly, they encountered a newly opened branch of a supermarket chain that Lin Anran often visited.

Because this kind of newly opened supermarket often had unexpected big bargains, when Lin Anran looked at it, he suddenly remembered that the only laundry detergent at home was bottoming out.

But it was just a spontaneous thought. Lin Anran did not forget that they were on a date.

Shang Hao continued to tempt him quietly, “It’s also a newly opened business.”

Lin Anran’s fingers curled up in Shang Hao’s palm in embarrassment.

Like all newcomers who lacked experience, Lin Anran took the completion of a date very seriously.

Since it was called “dating”, it must be more romantic than normal, and it was best not to include the trivial matter of buying laundry detergent.

But when Shang Hao mentioned it again, the thought that Lin Anran wanted to forget emerged uncontrollably.

It was natural to like discounts. He just wanted to take a look to see if his laundry detergent was expensive here, really.

Shang Hao said, “I really want to go in and take a look.”

Shang Hao’s acting skill wasn’t very good and he didn’t sound very enthusiastic, but it was enough for Lin Anran. Lin Anran said more sincerely than him, “Really?”

Shang Hao smiled. “Yes.”

So Lin Anran immediately announced to himself that today’s date was over.

Now they could cross the road hand in hand to go to the supermarket.

At home, Shang Hao wasn’t used to it, so Lin Anran took on the role as the family housekeeper, responsible for the chore of purchasing supplies. After all, he was used to buying these daily consumables by himself when he was living alone.

There was only half a roll of toilet paper at home and the laundry detergent had bottomed out. Therefore, Lin Anran wanted to see if there were any detergents…

Boss Shang usually doesn’t come to these types of places often. Therefore, he stayed with Lin Anran. As he walked behind Lin Anran, he looked like the kind of character who came down to inspect the sentiments of the people.

Lin Anran was reluctant to drag Shang Hao into this. Therefore, he took on the responsibility of pushing the shopping cart and walking in front, happily thinking about which one to buy and which one not to buy.

He automatically considered the problem of carrying things and carefully planned on buying necessities within the weight range that he could carry. They would take a taxi back anyway, so at least he wouldn’t have to worry about carrying them for long periods of time.

He couldn’t possibly let Shang Hao do these works just because he lives in his house.

On the way, he came across two brands of yogurt, both marked with special prices. It was at times like this that Lin Anran would ask Boss Shang which he preferred.

Shang Hao said, “If you like both, buy both.”

This style of selection was indeed very commercial.

Lin Anran shook his head. “One is enough.”

Shang Hao thought for a moment and said, “The one on the left gives you a full discount and the second one on the right is at half price. Both have small yogurts of different specifications. When converted, the unit price per milliliter of the one on the left is about 1.5 cents cheaper.”

1.5 cents. Lin Anran heard Shang Hao say this number but didn’t immediately choose it. He looked at the yogurt in his hand, and finally put both in the basket.

“Let’s buy it both,” Lin Anran said, facing Shang Hao’s inquiring gaze.

He seemed to have seen toothpaste on specials. Oh, it turns out that this brand could still be so cheap… Lin Anran, who was immersed in this, didn’t notice that his footsteps were light, and his body was relaxed. At the same time, the shopping cart was gone.

He didn’t know when the shopping cart reached the noble hands of Boss Shang, but he followed Lin Anran’s footsteps and pushed it slowly.

At this time, he was already able to integrate into the atmosphere of looking at the supermarket promotions, and so he took a white and delicate checkered apron behind Lin Anran’s back and put it in their shopping cart.

It was ten minutes later that Lin Anran discovered the apron. He wondered whether Shang Hao planned to cook, and if so, this kind of lace apron wasn’t practical.

Lin Anran put the apron back into the shopping cart. The moment he looked up, Shang Hao accurately fed a piece of honeydew into his mouth.

Boss Shang poked him with the small bamboo stick that was used to feed him. When Lin Anran looked at him, he explained, “It’s free.”

The sweet melon in his mouth was sweet. Lin Anran chewed the honeydew in his mouth and silently admired Boss Shang’s adaptability and learning ability. It didn’t even take him long to find free food tasting, all without a teacher to guide him.

Lin Anran thought for a moment, then chewed his lip indecisively, and finally asked Shang Hao in a low, embarrassed voice, “Am I very fond of petty bargaining?”

Shang Hao thought for a moment and asked him, “Is this being greedy for petty bargains?”

Lin Anran said, “Yes…”

“Then we are,” Shang Hao said after an objective analysis.

It was us, not just you. I am what you are.

They were together. Lin Anran liked cheap things, and so he liked them just as well.

Shang Hao had always been a person who believed firmly in his own vision, but on this day he also realized that he sometimes had double standards.

Perhaps Lin Anran felt that what he was doing was being greedy for petty bargains, but he only thought that it was so cute.

Hearing what he said, Lin Anran was dumbfounded, and his heart softened into a pool of water. Shang Hao pulled his hand and continued to move forward with him.

Lin Anran had been a stranger in the eyes of others for most of his life, and still couldn’t adapt to the feeling of having someone suddenly willing to stand by his side.

He always thought that he had to become better, better enough, good enough, then Shang Hao would continue to like him.

But no. No matter how bad his behavior was, this person just wanted to hold his hand from beginning to end.

Boss Shang also fed him red sausage, egg tarts, milk…

That figure did not let go of any tasting stalls, and this overlapped so much with his usual image and temperament that it created a sense of violation.

Lin Anran also felt secretly regretful, realizing that in this trip to the supermarket, he’d unknowingly misled him..

After they had queued up to check out, Lin Anran wanted to carry everything by himself, but Shang Hao took them first. He wanted to grab them back, and Shang Hao asked him to watch the street instead.

At the same time, the Mercedes-Benz driver was already waiting for them outside.

It was the same enthusiastic driver they had in the morning. Lin Anran had booked him all day.

They got into the car with the purchased materials, and the driver greeted them happily, “Buddy, go back to the previous community?”

Lin Anran knew that “buddy” meant himself, so he straightened up and said, “Yeah.”

After this final trip, the driver would officially be off work, and so he was more conversational than normal. As he drove, he took the initiative to chat with Shang Hao.

“Man, your boyfriend must really like you. I already accepted an order today, but he doubled the price, just to pick you up.”

Boss Shang was very pleased. When he got out of the car, he handed the driver a thousand yuan tip.

The driver was stunned, while Lin Anran watched from the side.

After freezing momentarily, the driver quickly thanked the boss and enthusiastically invited him to look for him the next time he had a job. What kind of God of Wealth did he meet today, and how was he so lucky?

Lin Anran still hadn’t recovered from that thousand yuan. He looked at Hao ge and then at the little Mercedes that was happily flying away.

He was thinking about how he’d spent an hour bargain shopping at the supermarket.

Sure enough, he had thought too much. Shang Hao was clearly the same Shang Hao, and he was not affected by his thrifty style at all.


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2 years ago

Ranran’s perception of Things are so refreshing 😂
thank you so much for sharing 🙏🧨💐❤️

Rose D.
Rose D.
2 years ago

Aish Ranran, the joy of shopping with your partner is not in finding bargains, but being together!