Love Delusion: Chapter 45

Lin Anran never thought that there would be one day where he, a serious otaku, would not want to go home.

He was almost home, but Lin Anran was procrastinating outside. He found a milk tea shop near his house and bought himself a cup of milk tea to whittle away the time. He also didn’t forget to buy Boss Shang one as well.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, mobile phone ordering could effectively allow one to avoid some interpersonal communication, thereby allowing Lin Anran to order tea faster.

But after buying milk tea, he still didn’t think about going home.

At first, he relied on the emotions of wanting to redeem himself and admit his mistakes, and these emotions were used to get him out the door.

This was the basis for everything that had happened today thus far, and it was also the reason why his situation had become so embarrassing now.

Lin Anran couldn’t judge whether this thing he did was strange in the eyes of others, or whether what he decided was always unreliable.

It was actually pretty funny. A person without a car actually took the subway to pick up a person with a car and a driver, intending to take him home after work. In the end, he waited for a long time in the lobby of the company. He didn’t even tell him so, of course, he didn’t get anyone in the end.

This was inherently stupid, and the end result only revealed its embarrassing nature. In his mind, he thought it was a good idea, but in reality he was just a joke.

At this moment, Lin Anran really didn’t have the courage to go home and face Shang Hao. Just thinking about what happened, he felt embarrassed for himself. He stayed as long as he could outside, slowly drinking a cup of milk tea.

By the time he was done drinking the milk tea, the sun was about to set. The frustrated Lin Anran then slowly got up and went home with the milk tea he’d bought for Boss Shang. He walked alone on the street, his pale back stooped like an eggplant, listless.

This place was originally near his house. No matter how slow Lin Anran moved his legs, it still didn’t take long for him to see the gates of his community.

His gloomy emotions nearly turned tangible, condensing into a small dark cloud floating over his head, following his every footsteps as he walked out of the elevator door.

The dark cloud floated along, until it suddenly stopped and remained where it was. Because Lin Anran had also stopped moving.

The moment he got out of the elevator, he saw Shang Hao standing in front of his home.

Shang Hao also looked at him.

Lin Anran was caught off guard. If he remembered correctly, Boss Shang should have arrived home long before him. That was why he didn’t want to come back so soon.

But seeing Shang Hao standing in front of the door, he was forced to face this embarrassing storm in advance.

Shang Hao stood there with his hands in the pockets of his pants, looking at him silently.

Had he been standing outside the door of his house up until now? Thinking of this, Lin Anran suddenly felt a sense of pressure.

Could it be that Shang Hao forgot to bring his key? But even if this was the case, it was Lin Anran’s fault. If he hadn’t delayed for so long and came back a little bit earlier, Boss Shang wouldn’t have to wait for so long by the front door, unable to get in.

He froze for a moment. Then, he bit the bullet and slowly walked toward Shang Hao. Because he felt that he was at fault here, Lin Anran tried his best to overcome his trepidation and cautiously said, “Um, did you forget to bring the key?”

As he got closer, he could feel Shang Hao’s gaze like a weight. Lin Anran didn’t dare to look directly into his eyes and only listened to his voice as he replied, “No.”

Lin Anran was not an active person, but because of guilt, he spoke in a fawning manner as he took out his key, “Then why are you out here?”

“I can’t go in,” Shang Hao said.

“…Huh?” Lin Anran was puzzled.

Shang Hao’s gaze was as dark and calm as ever as he looked at Lin Anran. But this time, he said something frightening, “Because I made you angry yesterday, you definitely wouldn’t want to see me now. Unless you tell me you’re willing to let me in, I can’t go in.”

Lin Anran’s hand shook and the key he was holding missed the keyhole.

His body and mind were greatly impacted. He was thoroughly shocked.

He turned his neck like a robot to look at Shang Hao, completely dumbfounded.

Shang Hao’s calm eyes were still gazing at him, as if telling him silently: Yes, you understood correctly.

This was why Shang Hao was standing at the door, waiting for him.

Shang Hao was a very conceited person, but things would change starting today. When facing the humble Lin Anran, he must become inferior, willing to humble himself a hundred times over.

Only magic could defeat magic, and only inferiority could defeat inferiority.

But this was obviously not his area of ​​expertise, and it even stumped him a bit.

Fortunately, everyone around him seemed to be inferior when compared with him. This was especially true for Assistant Xu. Shang Hao only needed to copy his assistant’s servile attitude toward himself as much as possible.

The secret was to try to make his eyes look sincere—look now, immediately, trust me.

Just because he wasn’t good at being humble didn’t mean he wasn’t good at acting either.

He would do whatever needed to be done. As long as he could pull Lin Anran out of the quagmire of his inferiority complex, he was willing to do anything. It didn’t matter if he had to fall into the dirt and roll along with Lin Anran himself.

Sure enough, Lin Anran bought into his words. At this moment, he was in a complete daze.

Were such lowly and unflattering words true? Especially when coming out of Shang Hao’s mouth? As he was questioning think, he looked into Boss Shang’s eyes, which convinced him that he wasn’t joking.

At this moment, he even had a horrified thought: Did some kind of spiritual event occur, causing him and Shang Hao’s soul to be exchanged?

No, his soul was still in his body.

Then who was this soul in Shang Hao’s body now?

Many thoughts flashed through Lin Anran’s mind for a moment, and he was stunned for a long time. He tried to open the door and invite President Shang to go in, but the man remained motionless, still looking at him.

It was exactly just like he’d said. Unless Lin Anran was willing to let him in, he could only wait outside the door.

Lin Anran was at a loss. This minister was terrified!

He fumbled to awkwardly let Boss Shang inside. As Shang Hao stepped forward toward the door, he asked, “Are you still angry with me?”

Lin Anran quickly explained, “I’m not angry with you.”

“It’s because you are too kind,” Shang Hao said. “It was obviously my fault.”

“It’s not. It really isn’t…” Facing such a Shang Hao, he was already being to wonder if this person truly was Shang Hao.

Because Shang Hao got off work early today, they still hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Lin Anran put down the things in his hand, went into the kitchen, and simply made noodles for them to eat.

In truth, Shang Hao’s inferiority complex was easy to see through, particularly as he was willing to wait for a meal to be cooked for him. It was just that Lin Anran didn’t realize this.

Since Lin Anran was in the kitchen, he didn’t know what Boss Shang was doing. But when he walked out, he discovered that Boss Shang, he, he was actually drawing!

When Lin Anran came out, he was just finishing up the drawing.

Boss Shang showed him the drawing. The art style was simple, and there was only one little dummy who occupied the entire piece of paper. This represented Lin Anran. Shang Hao drew Ranran.

The little dummy was raising a match-stick leg and looking at the soles of his feet. Here, Shang Hao used a speech bubble to enlarge the image of the soles of the little dummy’s feet.

Because his leg was cylindrical, the entire cross-section was circular, and displayed in it was a flattened bug.

Lin Anran studied the drawing carefully, speculating about Shang Hao’s holy intentions. What was the meaning of this little bug….

Shang Hao said, “That’s me.”

The hand Lin Anran was using to hold the drawing trembled slightly.

Shang Hao added, “This drawing is called ‘Ranran and Haohao.”

Lin Anran nearly combusted on the spot.

Boss Shang, ahh!!!!

Although the drawing skills weren’t too great, the drawing was extremely insulting to himself.

Lin Anran looked at Shang Hao and then at the drawing. What a premature death. Boss Shang had really changed his nature!

Suddenly Lin Anran remembered something. He cautiously asked Boss Shang, “Are you angry with me?”

Yes, this might explain all his abnormalities. Boss Shang must be angry with him and was deliberately using this to punish him, right?

Lin Anran was so distrubed by Boss Shang’s sudden inferiority complex that he himself had nearly forgotten that he was the one with the inferiority complex.

Hearing this, Shang Hao lowered his gaze and his voice became small.

“It’s because I usually treated you too badly, and that’s why you think like this. It’s all my fault.”

Lin Anran shouted inwardly: No!!!!

What to do?! Boss Shang was really broken!

Shang Hao said, “Why don’t you hit me a few more times? It’ll make me feel better.”

Shang Hao’s sentence was precisely the reason why Lin Anran’s heart became knotted. He hurriedly explained that he really didn’t mean to hit him on purpose last night.

Unexpectedly, Shang Hao said, “Even so, it’s still my fault. I shouldn’t have forgotten myself.”

By this time, Shang Hao had already mastered the servile attitude, and his act became more and more smooth. There was no need for his expression to display his sense of inferiority. Lin Anran couldn’t be more familiar with these words. Shang Hao’s calm words were laced with distress.

“No, you are very good.” In order to cheer Boss Shang up, Lin Anran racked his brains and emptied his vocabulary to praise Boss Shang, using words like “he was a very good person and he treated him very well. No matter what, no one treated him as well as he does.”

After listening to him, Shang Hao calmly looked at him and said, “You’re just comforting me. You’re such a kind-hearted person to be willing to be with me. Since you’re saying this, you’re probably not planning to break up with me, right?”

Lin Anran was dumbfounded. Utterly speechless.

He now recognized reality. In front of him was indeed Shang Hao himself, and it was a Shang Hao he had never seen before. Shang Hao must have been hit by something at work today, and that was why he became so depressed.

Others may not understand it, but Lin Anran understood this feeling all too well. Life seemed to be full of high walls everywhere, and he who stood on the road was destined to run into a wall.

The body could get sick, so it was also very easy for the human spirit to get sick as well. It was just that this disease was invisible and intangible, making it even harder to understand. Why not talk to other people? Why made such a bad face all day? Why not go out and instead hide a home all day long?

People who were ill like this were often not treated as if they’re ill, but rather like they’re freaks instead.

Because he had personally experienced it, Lin Anran knew what this emotion was like, so he was even more reluctant to let Boss Shang suffer the same pain as him.

He would try his best to get Shang Hao out of this quagmire. He was very firm on this idea.

It was just that he himself was still standing under these high walls. He had exhausted all the words of praise he knew and now he no longer knew what to do.

After they had dinner, Lin Anran brought out a hot water bottle and the freshly heated milk tea to Shang Hao on the sofa, intending to stay with this sick person at all times.

The former arrogant and domineering Shang Hao was still Shang Hao. Lin Anran was completely convinced that he’d just caught a mental cold by accident, and he would get better soon. Lin Anran was more confident in this than he was ever confident in himself.

Lin Anran comforted the insecure Boss Shang, telling him that they won’t break up.

Boss Shang said, “How can you prove it?”

When he said this, his eyes were full of the hints that Lin Anran was quite familiar with.

Knowing what he wanted, Lin Anran leaned in and kissed him.

Boss Shang said, “You’re not using your tongue. You really are still blaming me.”

Lin Anran: …..

I’ll use it, I’ll use it!

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I really thought his serious. His still a stinky pervert.

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“You’re not using your tongue. You really are still blaming me.”


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