IWOL Chapter 212: Luxurious Dragon Ship

Lin Hangzhi flew out of bed. He casually opened a small drawer beside the bed, and took out a white porcelain bottle. After opening the lid to see what was inside, he stuffed the bottle into the servant’s hand and hurriedly said, “Give His Majesty one pill at every incense time until five pills have been used up. Remember, no matter what happens in the middle, you must ensure that he eats five pills! Hurry up and deliver the medicine. Give him the pill immediately!”

The servant held the porcelain bottle and ran away like his butt was on fire. What he had in his hand was an elixir that could save His Majesty! Once His Majesty woke up, he would be considered a great contributor and would be rewarded handsomely!

There was only one person left in the room. Lin Hangzhi hurriedly put on his shoes, took off the conspicuous and obstructive Yin-Yang robe, and flipped out through the window.

Where was he? What elixir? He didn’t even know what was in the bottle he’d given the servant. What one pill every incense time until five pills were eaten? He just wanted to stall for time. Now that something bad had happened to the emperor, his head would definitely roll.

Now that the entire National Teacher’s residence was gathered at the emperor’s side, Lin Hangzhi was able to escape very smoothly. In the courtyard, he ran head-on into a small child. Judging by the little girl’s clothes, she was probably one of the five hundred children arrested for alchemy.

With the child staring at him, Lin Hangzhi could only raise his sleeve to cover his head. Pretending to be a handyman, he hurriedly got down and escaped through the dog hole.

The National Teacher’s Manor was near the imperial palace, and Lin Hangzhi was able to slip out very smoothly. Many carriages ran out from the gate of the imperial palace. Presumably, these carriages were carrying the entire imperial hospital.

It could be considered safe for the time being. Lin Hangzhi hid in the corner of an alley and considered his next move.

He seemed to have vaguely heard mention of an airship. It seemed that the emperor’s head eunuch once mentioned that the emperor wanted to go south of the Yangtze River, and so the Bureau of Heavenly Studies spent a lot of financial and material resources to build a gorgeous dragon ship. Once the emperor arrived, the airship would depart.

But where was the ship…


Dong Zheng finally successfully slipped out of the palace.

There seemed to be some chaos in the palace, but he didn’t pay it any attention. He ran to the busiest street nearby and slipped into a restaurant. He went to the top floor, and before the restaurant waiter could chase him away, he pushed open the window to survey the entire imperial city.

There were mountains in the West and plains on the other three sides. The palace was situated in the South, and on the plains in the West was a huge airship.

The ship was too conspicuous. Whether it was the golden dragon head, the red tiles and yellow eaves, the huge oars on both sides, the countless fans, or the gorgeous pavilions in the deck of the airship, all of these shouted its identity.

Even in reality, Dong Zheng had never seen such a gorgeous thing. Looking at it from a distance, he was stunned.

The waiter finally caught up to this kid who ran faster than a rabbit. He grabbed Dong Zheng’s arm and tried to pull away this little beggar who came from who knew where to disturb the distinguished guests on the top floor.

Seeing Dong Zheng grabbing the window frame and staring fixedly at the dragon boat in the distance, waiter grunted and said, “This is the dragon boat that the Emperor will be taking to Jiangnan one day. Now that you’ve feast your eyes on it, hurry up and come down or I’ll beat you!”

Dong Zheng was promptly thrown out of the restaurant, and he fell to the ground, nearly hitting someone.

But it didn’t matter. He had already memorized the exact location of the airship and how to get there.


Xia Qiongyun stood on top of the Thousand Year Longevity Hall, scanning the entire palace with a bird’s eye view. The dragon boat on the east was very conspicuous.

On the mission page, the item [Hunting Target 0/4] was still there. In fact, she suspected the children she needed to capture were all here teammates.

Xia Qiongyun didn’t have time to think about the punishment she would receive if she failed the mission in the challenge box. She sighed and flashed quickly toward the dragon boat.


Preparations were underway on the dragon boat. Even though it was unknown when the travel to the south would start, they have to sufficiently prepare.

The pavilions painted in luxurious vermillion were located in an elegant place, surrounded by curved water, and decorated with small pots of garden plants. As the residence of the emperor, the central hall was grand and majestic.

It was like a small city.

The craftsmen on the deck were carefully inspecting all mechanical facilities to ensure that the airship could be operated safely. They had installed many mechanical apparatus and there were also many wooden humanoid servants responsible for maintaining workflow in the back. Their wooden faces were painted with white paint, red lips, and red eyeshadows. At a distance, they looked like real people.

No one noticed when a small transparent insect crawled into the cab.

A middle-aged man dressed in a third-grade official costume was standing in front of the steering wheel. It was unknown why he was in a daze. Maybe he was thinking that once the test flight was completed, he would receive more rewards.

The transparent insect crawled up his pants, climbed all the way up, and finally slipped into the official’s neck through his collar.

He felt his neck become itchy and raised his hand to touch it. The little transparent insect was like jelly, and it burst into a sticky liquid with a light touch, sticking to his palm and neck.

“What is this?” The official looked at the transparent mucus on his palm in surprise.

A little figure flashed into the cab, and the wooden door closed behind him.

“Who?” The official turned his head. The ship was heavily guarded, and he wasn’t worried about gangsters coming in. But when he turned around and didn’t see anyone, he was stunned. Then he lowered his head and realized that it was a little boy who’d barely reached his waist.

The child seemed to have just escaped from somewhere, and he was dirty from head to toe. When the official saw the clothes on his body, he realized that the child was from the National Teacher’s residence.

His face stiffened, and he stretched out his hand to drive the boy out, saying, “Quickly get out. This isn’t a place for you.”

“Can you get this boat up?” The boy ignored the official’s attempt to chase him out. Standing on tiptoes, he looked at the pile of strange levers on the console. “Help me get the boat afloat.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, get out!” The official’s tone became severe. But at this moment, he felt an indescribable tingling on his neck, and his body began to grow numb.

In the end, he fell feebly on a chair nearby.

Except for the most central helm, Wang Que couldn’t understand anything. She looked at the officials, and under his horrified eyes, she said, “Don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s just a neurotoxin. It’ll be gone in two hours. In the meantime, you can teach me how to get this boat up.”

Now, the official was paralyzed from head to toe and only his mouth could move. He couldn’t understand the boy’s strange words. “…What are you saying?”

“……” After a moment of silence, Wang Que reorganized her words. “I gave you poison. As long as you can teach me how to sail this ship in one hour, I’ll give you the antidote.”

The official was shocked. “I can’t sail without the Emperor’s command. I’ll be beheaded!”

“I’m sorry. Then I can’t give you the antidote.” Wang Que turned her head indifferently. Continuing to look at the lever, she reached out with one hand, as if she wanted to pull it.

“Ah, that can’t be touchedㅡ” The official quickly stopped her. He hesitated for a moment and finally said fiercely through clenched teeth, “You can’t act in bad faith!”


A rumbling sound swelled like muffled thunder in the horizon, but it was coming from the bottom of the dragon boat.

The shaking made all the people around the ship stagger, including Lin Hangzhi, who had just managed to successfully sneak on board. He hurriedly supported the cabin to stabilize his figure and continued to explore.

From leaving the National Teacher’s Manor to boarding the ship, his good fortune was shown to the fullest. He wasn’t alarmed and smoothly touched the inside of the ship.

According to the structure of a modern ship, he should now be close to the power cabin. Ling Hangzhi was curious. In a world that didn’t use steam, electricity, or magic, what did they use to power such a large airship?

The mission task [Board the airship] ended and was replaced with [???]

From experience, Lin Hangzhi knew that he needed to trigger a plot point in order to get the next task.

By this time, the emperor must have already died, and other people should have also discovered that the National Teacher had fled. He had to find a way to get the ship up and away from here.

Then, the first task would be to start the ship.

The road ahead was blocked by a door, and it was locked with a complicated machine bracket. It seemed that many parts had to be assembled into a specific pattern to unlock it. Lin Hangzhi’s desire to enter wasn’t too strong, and so he only fiddled lazily with two card slots. Suddenly, he heard a soft click, and the machine returned to its original position. The door slowly opened in front of him.

Lin Hangzhi:……

He immediately raised his hands up to cover his head. After waiting quietly for a few seconds, he made sure that nothing unlucky would happen first before reaching out and looking through the door. The first thing he smelled was the smell of animals.

Then came a rumbling sound.

It seemed that his previous bad luck had offset his good luck. With the intention of opening the door and taking a look, he walked through the door and sucked in a breath at the scene in front of him. His first thought was: Is this really okay?

The hundreds of meter square cabin was divided into hundreds of independent compartments with load-bearing columns and partitions distributed on both sides of the aisle. In each compartment were three large wooden running wheels.

A group of hamsters of various colors and sizes were running on the wheels, which pulled the rods connected to it. In this way, the countless wooden rod structures interacted with each other, relying on the countless hamsters to provide power to rotate the airship’s blades.

Lin Hangzhi: …………

This model was simply too terrifying.

At the end of the day, once the hamsters were exhausted, and furthermore, with the energy provided by these small animals, was there really enough to drive a large dragon boat the size of an aircraft carrier?

Lin Hangzhi couldn’t help but doubt the feasibility of this operation, but it had nothing to do with him. Full of skepticism and wonder, he withdrew from the power cabin, finally choosing to stay away from these smelly hamsters.

Away from the power cabin, he could finally breathe normally again. The entire cabin was as complicated as a maze, and Lin Hangzhi groped forward, hoping to find a concealed place he could hide and wait for the next task.

The wooden hull dread flames. In this world, there was no glass and electricity. For lighting, they could only use night pearls every ten steps, and so the lighting was fairly weak. Moreover, as long as there were people on deck, if someone walked up, the sound would carry through the wooden planks and resound above their heads.

As Lin Hangzhi was carefully exploring, a trace of metal flashed past into the dark corner, reflecting the cold light.

Unaware, he walked toward the corner.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters~

I still can’t believe that emperor died so easily O.O Gosh, I hope Dong Linhai discovers that it’s Lin Hangzhi before it’s too late >.< I wonder if the little girl Lin Hangzhi ran into was Dong Zheng or Dong Linghai. Hopefully Dong Zheng made it onto the airship in time too. And Wang Que turned into a little boy? O.o This box sure seems to like swapping everyone’s genders…except Lin Hangzhi. I did not see the hamsters coming XD

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
2 years ago

So Hangzhi is the only lucky one who didn’t get his gender switched xD
Oh noo, Linhai my boy, don’t be impulsive! O.o
Let’s hope Hangzhi will be unlucky as always and trip so Linhai will realize his target’s true identity o.o