IWOL Chapter 267: Slot Machine Emperor

In the most prosperous center of the world, there was a splendid and luxurious building. From the outside, it looked like an emperor with a magnificent crown, and every corner was decorated with luminous and precious jewels.

This special building had an equally special name—Momo.

Every day, countless people came from other worlds, pouring in with a vast amount of wealth, just like birds entering a four-way closed cage. But these birds only had madness in their hearts. The money in their hands was exchanged for stacks of chips, pushed onto the table, and streamed in and out of their pockets and other peoples’ pockets like water.

In the end, they either cursed empty-handed and said that they would have better luck next time, or they were full of smiles, though never quite satisfied as they hoped to earn more and more, and only then would they leave.

Yes, this was a casino.

A marvelous casino.

Uncountable wealth was “pumped” from every customer’s pockets onto the gaming table. Several trickles eventually converged into a huge stream, which flowed into the casino’s pockets silently and became massive debts that resulted in large amounts of turnover.

In this way, day after day, month after month, year after year, it continued on, becoming a kind of gluttonous behemoth that brimmed with only one type of people: those with the greed for gamble in their heart.

This place was the happiest, the craziest, the most extravagant, and the most sinful place.

Cerberus walked out of the elevator. He wore a suit with a bow tie, making his neck a little uncomfortable. Even though his body was wrapped in a suit, his every movement revealed a beast-like power.

A Persian scimitar hung at his waist, handle wrapped in circles of gauze. It was soaked in sweat all the year round, showing a special dark color.

At the top floor of Momo, the marbled floor was so clean that it could illuminate people’s figures. The retro candlesticks on both sides were made of real gold and silver, and the recessed ceiling emitted soft light to illuminate every corner. A young girl dressed as a maid was never far away from the room. Moving step by step into the hallway, she closed the wooden door softly without making a sound.

Cerberus paused for a while, and when he stepped out, his footsteps became lighter, as if he was afraid of disturbing someone.

Angela, the personal maid, lifted her gaze and looked at the man who was walking over. Faced with his inquiry, she shook her head and whispered, “The master hasn’t woken up yet.”

When she said this, her heart couldn’t help but jump wildly. The tall man in front of her had handsome, deep-set facial features and outlines, clearly showing his Persian descent. His eyes underneath his heroic eyebrows were intoxicating and honey-colored, enough to make everyone cherish spring. The girl was always stunned by his looks.

But her sensibility prevented her from showing the slightest interest—Cerberus was one of the casino’s managers and the most outstanding bruiser. It was said that when Mr. Moore brought back a hanger-on from the wrestling ring, even before the hanger-on could enter, Cerberus chopped him down without blinking an eye. By handling all kinds of matters with such callous efficiency, he walked step by step into his current position.

But Angela knew that things were far from the case. He was still the master’s favorite “man”, the only person who could sleep with the noble master on the big bed in his bedroom.

After all, she couldn’t count how many times she had changed the sheets for them.

Whenever Angela thought of this, she didn’t know what to think. She admired the male god and the most beloved master…She should stand aside.

Cerberus let out a sound of acknowledgement, and said, “I have something to deal with. But when Master wakes up, he must eat breakfast. It’s raining outside. Be careful not to let Master catch a cold, and he needs to smoke less.”

Angela said, “Yes.”

As the master’s only personal maid, she was responsible for taking care of her master’s diet and daily life. She was supposed to be on par with Cerberus, but when the man in front of her was also the master’s lover, everything became completely different.

Cerberus glanced at the closed door, but did not enter. In the end, he turned and left.

But in the bedroom behind the door, the young man had already sat up from bed. He walked on the soft velvet carpet with bare feet, and the quilt wrapped around him slid off one shoulder, hanging on his arm.

He knew Cerberus was outside the door, but he didn’t want to let him in.

The young man lit the hookah, pulled the pipe to his lips, bit the agarwood mouth, and inhaled the fragrant smoke full of scented water.

In the coiling smoke, he leaned against the bed and watched the clouds slowly gathered outside the French windows. He liked rainy days. The thick clouds covered the excessively dazzling sunlight, so that everything was enveloped in a dark and humid water vapor, making him feel very present.

There may still be traces of him and Cerberus left on the window from last night. When Angela cleaned it, she must have blushed and secretly complained, but at this moment, he didn’t want to think about these things that would have normally aroused his dark humor.

Not long ago, he had felt outsiders came in.

It was normal for outsiders to be here. The casino wasn’t only the world’s best gambling den, but also the favorite pastime of people in other small worlds. Moore frequently brought his people to squander their money here. But this time, in those outsiders, he perceived a familiar power.

Spatial power.

Have they finally found him?

The young man bit the cigarette holder and rubbed the agarwood casually with his canine teeth. After several months of testing, did that man finally decided to take action?

He had long thought that there would be such a day, so there were not many waves in his heart. That person was more powerful than him, but he was confined in the crack of space. Therefore, he must have sent a bit of spatial energy with his friends.

But…it also decreased his odds of success.

The young man sneered. He spit out his last puff and leaned back on the bed. Like a lazy cat, he closed his eyes in a daze. Under his black eyelashes, there was a pair of small moles.

Let him take a good look, see who would be the ultimate winner.



The handle was pulled, the indicator light on the screen came on, and the patterns in the screen immediately spun. A dozen pairs of eyes stared at the constantly changing patterns, eagerly waiting for the moment when it finally stopped.

Standing in front of the slot machine was a man dressed in outdated clothing. He relaxed his weight on his left foot. With a large stack of chips in his hand, this ‌rich man wandered around, gambling casually, but somehow, he was utterly unstoppable.

At first, no one paid attention to this man so terribly dressed nor to the people who entered the casino with him. Only the staff at the exchange desk knew that there were a total of seven people in the man’s group, who all exchanged the minimum exchange amount to the total of fifty chips worth five thousand yuan.

Then this man took twenty chips, went straight to the location of the slot machine, and started playing.

Ten minutes later, he had three hundred chips in his hand.

After more than ten seconds of turning, the pattern gradually slowed down. The one on the left stopped first, revealing a black top hat ‌pattern, and then the right also froze, showing the same ‌black top hat.

All eyes were fixed on the middle wheel, and those eyes were full of expectations and undisguised curiosity. But the man wasn’t nervous at all. He shifted his weight from his left foot to his right foot. He even stretched out and looked through the crowds far to the other side.

The middle wheel finally stopped at this moment. It was a black top hat, and the three patterns were connected in a series. For a moment, amidst the exclamations of the crowd of onlookers, the entire slot machine was lit up in succession. The x5‌ odds on the screen was incredibly bright.

Ding ding ding ding!

Chips fell out from the slot machine in succession. The man calmly took possession of the fifteen chips amidst the sighs of the crowds and took out three of them. Then he pressed the “Max Bet” button on the slot machine, inserted the three chips into the coin slot, and pulled down the lever.

After fifteen seconds of waiting time, three cherries appeared in a straight line on the screen, the colored lights lit up, and the chips fell down and entered the man’s bulging pocket.

The voices around him became more and more lively. Gradually, more and more people gave up the game at their gambling tables and joined the crowd to watch. Even the few wearing expensive suits couldn’t help but look over.

There was a young woman standing next to him, silently accompanying him. She wore a peaked cap atop her shoulder-length hair. A shiny blue crystal pendant on a silver chain hung around her neck, making everyone couldn’t help but look at her neckline as they passed.

She seemed to have come with the man, but she didn’t play. She just watched by the side, watching the lever every time it was pulled.

Not long after, a young man turned sideway and slipped in through the crowd. Biting a lollipop stick in his mouth, he stretched out his hand and vaguely said to the man, “No money.”

He had on sportswear with the trousers hanging slightly. His coat was open, revealing a black T-shirt with an image of a tiger with its bloodied mouth open in a roar. He looked like a bad boy.

The man grabbed a lot of chips and handed them over, saying, “How did you lose so fast?”

“Just playing casually, don’t want to worry about it.” Putting the chips in his pocket, the boy smiled and patted the man on the shoulder. “Come on, Doctor Lin, our hopes are pinned on you.”

As he watched Cui Zuojing happily disappear from the crowd, Lin Hangzhi sighed. He rubbed the winning chips and couldn’t help but worry deeply about his fate in the future. But now, he needed to concentrate and stop thinking about trivial matters.

As the crowd watched, Lin Hangzhi put in three chips and pulled the lever again.

That night, everyone in the lobby knew that there was a man in the casino. He was dressed cheaply, mixing in with other guests in expensive clothes. No matter how lively and crazy the other options were, he only played the most simple, slot machine with the lowest odds. He would bet three chips at a time and would get the reward with the highest odds almost every time, letting the machine programmed with a certain low chance of winning spit out money for him again and again.

On the first night of coming to Momo, he played all over the place. There were two hundred slot machines in total. Several people walked along with him, acting as scavengers. At the same time, he took the principal of five thousand yuan and snowballed it into four million.

The people in the casino began to call this man The Slot Machine Emperor.

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3 years ago

Hahahhaha love it i cant wait for them to meet fu zhe fragment

3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

I suspected it was Dong Zheng at first using his ability to predict his odds, but I should’ve expected Lin Hangzhi XD I wonder what task the box assigned them. I’m both curious about and dreading their meeting with the soul fragment.

2 years ago

maybe the soul fragement was right, that he is stronger than the real fu zhe in terms of spatial power, especially when their theory about two fragments ‘combining’ is true, but the power of time and body are still on the wonton’s side. though that doesn’t mean it would be easy for the wontons this time. i think retrieving fu zhe’s fragment would be really hard and challenging for them

I dunno
I dunno
2 years ago

My first assumption was Hangzhi. Indeed its him.

1 year ago

Oh dear, how much bad luck will this accrue? Is it purely on the probability change, or is it that plus the importance of the change? If the latter, is it based on how important it is to him? Because right now, the money doesn’t mean that much, as I assume they’re going to use it to play as high rollers and get close to the fragment. It’s not like the money actually has any value whatsoever to them otherwise.