IWOL Chapter 268: Exploring the Situation

“There’s still something like this?”

Cerberus handed the blood-stained coat to his subordinates. When he heard the lead manager talking about it, he thought he was joking.

“It’s true.” The lead manager normally had a big head, but now he only felt that what was on his neck was not a head but a water tank, and his mouth was full of bitter water.

“He played the slot machine for one night and made a full four million. I went to the control room to ask someone to adjust the probability of the machine in the middle, and he turned out to still win the jackpot every time. I’m flabbergasted. Why is there such a thing? Winning on the slot machine one whole night, the probability isn’t different from the probability that the world will explode tomorrow, right?”

Cerberus stretched his hands under the faucet. The water stream took the bright red blood away from his hands and diluted it into pink. He washed every corner of his nails without letting a single spot go, and said, “Then what?”

“Then they rented a suite to stay in and planned to continue gambling tomorrow. Say, if he plays something else other than a slot machine, I could look forward to winning some from him, but he only plays the slot machine. Like this, how can we draw water from him?!”

Every part of the casino’s profit was reported to the boss. If the boss saw what happened yesterday… the lead manager shuddered at the thought.

“If he wants to gamble again tomorrow, it would be better if you can convince him to play something else.”

The lead manager asked, “What if he doesn’t want to?”

“If he doesn’t want to, you know very well what you ought to do without me teaching you.” Cerberus turned off the faucet, wiped every finger, and made sure that there was no more bloody scent. He expressionlessly raised his gaze to look at the disturbed lead manager in the mirror. “As long as he doesn’t disturb the master, do whatever you want.”

“The main reason is that there are a total of seven people with him, and they don’t look very accommodating.” The lead manager was sweating. “And many people already remembered him. Do you know that they started calling him the Slot Machine Emperor? You didn’t see it. In the end, even the craziest guests couldn’t help but watch him play the slot machine. The tables were two-thirds empty!”

“Was that so?” Cerberus frowned. He saw that the lead manager was indeed nervous and scared. He thought for a moment and finally said, “Forget it. I’ll take a look tomorrow night.”

“That’s great.” The lead manager let out a relieved sigh. “This thing is really too weird. I’m just worried that if I’m negligent or mishandled it, I will provoke Boss’ anger. If you’re willing to take care of it, it would be better.”

“Mmn, do you have anything else?”

“No.” The lead manager shook his head, but ultimately couldn’t hold back from saying, “There are a total of seven of them, five men and two women, and they’re all living at Olin Royal Suite A, Room Number 8. I always feel that this group of people are unusual. Just take the following, for example. I have to let the other managers and croupiers pay more attention.”

It was late at night, the most lively hours of the casino. Every table was full, and the croupiers had smiles on their faces as they deal for the gamblers and calculated the odds. When a tip was received, the smile on their faces became even more pleasing to the eye.

Many beautiful temptresses were dedicated to playing with the guests, and they either sat next to them or on their laps, using superb means and skills, whether they win or lose, to lure them into continuing to gamble.

The smell of various perfumes and the sounds of different voices mixed together under lights as bright as day. The glass walls were bilaterally blurred, which not only prevented minors outside from seeing the scenery inside, but also prevented the outside environment from attracting the attention of the gamblers. All these elaborate arrangements were just like a huge cage that was stingy about letting people free.

There were dozens of wide connecting halls, and next to them was a special bar area for those who wanted a temporary respite. The lights here suddenly turned a psychedelic blue, shining on every inch of skin on the woman dancing around the steel pole in the center of the small dance floor. Here, as long as you have enough money, you could buy any drinks other than prohibited items. You could also show your VIP gold card to the waiter and ask for your own special requirements. They would arrange a room for you and provide you with beautiful boys or girls.

Cui Zuojing sat on a bench with the finest leather under him, pinching a glass of “Father” with ice cubes. The mix of whiskey and almond liquor was strong in his mouth. Dong Zheng was next to him, wearing a suit, with one leg boldly resting on the knee of the other leg, displaying the toes of his shiny leather shoes. He leaned back in a relaxed manner, with his arms stretched out on the backrest, declaring rights to the youth next to him in a very domineering posture.

Cui Zuojing swallowed the last sip of wine and held the ice cube that hadn’t completely melted in his mouth, biting into it. He seemed to be a little drunk, with a scarlet flush crawling all the way from his neck to his cheeks, and finally even the corners of his eyes were tinted with a seductive flush as he hummed into Dong Zheng’s arms.

In the dark corners, a waiter who had been paying attention to them proficiently came forward, politely asking if they needed some help.

“Help me prepare a room.” Dong Zheng took out two stacks of ten chips from his pocket and handed them to the waiter, who accepted it tacitly. He looked at the young man who was on Dong Zheng’s body and said, “Please follow me.”

Dong Zheng pulled Cui Zuojing up by the waist. With Cui Zuojing’s arms raised, the hem of his shirt was lifted, revealing a small section of smooth skin and allowing Dong Zheng to see his narrow waistline. The young man stumbled on his feet like a drunkard, wanting to kiss him. In the end, Dong Zheng couldn’t help but lower his head to give him a short kiss as comfort.

Most of the people who saw this weren’t weirded out by the scene at all and focused only on their own affairs. It was only the newer customers who had entered for the first time that had no knowledge. They cast curious or surprised glances at this gay couple who were obviously going somwhere to do something.

Passing through the swaying beam in front of the small dance floor, Dong Zheng followed the waiter. They walked through the small door on the side, through the long gorgeous hallway, and entered the accommodation area.

The sound insulation between the two areas was done extremely well, ensuring that no matter how noisy the bar area was, the guests who were resting wouldn’t be bothered by the noises. The waiter opened the door of an empty room and gave Dong Zheng the room card, politely saying, “Mister, remember to go to the front desk to register at 12 o’clock tomorrow.”

Dong Zheng nodded a thank you to the waiter and then closed the door. This waiter had long grown accustomed to this particular brand of impatience and simply returned back to the survey in that area he was responsible for.

Cui Zuojing hugged Dong Zheng’s waist and clung to him like a koala. He looked up at Dong Zheng from the bottom up, his cheeks flushed, and his eyes confused as he coquettishly said, “Gege(1), you are so handsome. I want to slide on the bridge of gege’s nose and swing on gege’s eyelashes—“

The corner of Dong Zheng’s mouth twitched, and then he openly smiled. He tightened his hold on the back of Cui Zuojing’s neck, looked into his eyes, and said, “Gege, you are really handsome. Gege’s smile is like the sunshine on the Rhine River, melting people into spring water. Gege’s lips bloom in the breeze, exuding sweet fragrance like cherry blossoms. Gege’s eyes are the brightest stars in the night sky, reflecting all the beauties of the world. Gege’s skin is a Venetian rose, making people desire to kiss. Gege’s voice is the song played by the Kingdom of Heaven when the Holy Son was baptized, and even the most enchanting lark is so intoxicated that it dare not open its mouth.”

Cui Zuojing:………………………………

A second later, Cui Zuojing’s confused eyes cleared and he pretended to retch before lightly punching Dong Zheng’s chest. Laughing, he said, “What’s up with these words? Where did you learn these strange and bewildering things? Your image has completely collapsed, okay?!”

The most frightening thing was that what this person said still rhymed!(2) It was also too nauseatingly corny!

“I haven’t established an image.” Dong Zheng couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard. He kissed Cui Zuojing’s nose wetly, and added, “But I can be anything you want.”

Cui Zuojing snorted dismissively. It was hard to tell whether the red flush on his face was due to alcohol or something else. In fact, he could handle his liquor. He had deliberately shown a drunk appearance to the waiter so that he and Dong Zheng could enter this rest area. Guests who check in at the front desk normally couldn’t reserve these rooms and enter this area.

Cui Zuojing took out Fu Zhe’s key from his pocket. Although the bronze key showed no reaction, Cui Zuojing, who had the power of time, could feel the faint energy fluctuations from above, indicating that Fu Zhe’s fragment was in this building.

He looked up and asked, “How was it?”

Dong Zheng hadn’t wasted time while drinking with Cui Zuojing at the bar. He had been trying to hack into the casino’s surveillance system. “Not bad. Their safeguard is quite tight and there are almost no loopholes. Give me a little bit more time, and I should be able to control not only the cameras but the program that runs the gambling machines.”

There were countless cameras installed in every corner of the casino, especially on the ceiling above the gambling tables. The first reason was to monitor and check whether there was any cheating, and the second reason was to give gamblers a certain sense of oppression and warn them to think twice before making trouble or cheating.

“Are you sure you won’t be discovered?”

“I forged a fake visitor identity and borrowed the number of their supervisor. As long as I don’t go to the control room, I should be able to remove my traces in time. There should be no risk.”

To Cui Zuojing, the “should be” in Dong Zheng’s mouth was equivalent to having a 99.99% probability, unless they were caught up in Lin Hangzhi’s bad luck after a whole night of betting on the slot machines.

Just the thought was enough to bring tears.

“Let’s go then.”

They walked out of the room. Whenever they saw people in the hallway, they pretended not to know each other, and in this way, no one noticed Dong Zheng or Cui Zuojing.

The closer they got to the fragment, the more intense the spatial fluctuation on their keys. This was due to the mutual induction between the same kind of power. In fact, Cui Zuojing and Vic‌tor could also personally sense the location of the fragment, but it was better to use the key as it was more sensitive.

As they walked along, all the images in the camera were presented in Dong Zheng’s mind, and the kernel quickly calculated the probability and timed the presence of other staff members. With such a big cheating weapon, the two bypassed ‌many people and smoothly pushed open the narrow blue door with the words “Staff Only” written on it.

“There should be another ‌area up ahead,” Dong Zheng’s voice whispered in his head. “Like a backroom.”

Cui Zuojing asked in a low voice, “Are there many people?”


Without the blood contract, they could no longer directly exchange their thoughts through the link, but fortunately, Dong Zheng had the Diffie-Hellman key and could communicate without speaking. Although it wasn’t as efficient as the blood contract, it was still very easy to use.

At the corner, Dong Zheng raised his hand and made a gesture for Cui Zuojing to stop. The camera had a clear shot of the backs of the people ahead, which looked like a tall, dark-skinned young man and a somewhat bald man in a suit, who looked like a manager.

At the same time, the keys in Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing’s pockets were faintly hot.

Translator Notes:
1. Gege — Older brother; an intimate form of address. I’m keeping the pinyin form because it sounded more coquettish and added to the corniness of what they’re saying.
2. Rhymed — I’m too lazy to try to make them rhyme like in the raw, so just imagine that DZ’s words rhyme.

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