IWOL Chapter 272: Placing a Spy

If one must vote on the most popular gambling game in Momo, Baccarat was absolutely the leader. It was recognized as the most clear and fair entertainment in the world. The rules of the game were very simple. Whoever received two cards with a total of 9 would win.

Fourteen players sat separately at a table. There wasn’t a seat thirteen and so the 14 player simply sat on seat 15. After the cards were shuffled, they placed their bets. Lin Hangzhi put out a small stack of chips and pressed the “Pair.”

The moment he bet the most, he automatically became the banker of this game.

The croupier began to deal the cards, and dozens of pairs of gamblers stared at the face of the cards held in his gloved hands. After the second card belonging to the dealer was dealt, the audience uttered a mixture of exclamation and disappointment–Two 7 of Hearts. It was indeed a “pair.”

Won again!

Lin Hangzhi blankly pulled the chips on the table to his side. The onlookers felt that this was as expected of the new gambling king, but only Lin Hangzhi knew how desperate he felt.

Every time he won, there would be a bit less of Dr. Lin in this world. If there was no business, there would be no harm, and protecting Lin Hangzhi was everyone’s job. Starting with the more trivial matters, so long as everyone was willing to offer a bit of love, Lin Hangzhi’s life would become even more beautiful…

Ling Hangzhi kept muttering repeatedly in his heart. Xia Qiongyun stood behind him, watching and waiting, undoubtedly lacking a lot of fun. But she was unwilling to use the chips won by Lin Hangzhi to try her luck at the gambling table and have some fun like the others.

In Xia Qiongyun’s opinion, she wouldn’t hand over her fate to something as illusory as luck. After all, she could end up like Lin Hangzhi, this one of a kind person.

Today, the doctor paid money to change into a black suit, and the effect was good. His value went up like an insurance or house sale. This was the second night he came to Momo. On this night, he was still an incomparably dazzling casino emperor. He was a favorite of the Goddess of Fate. The manager in charge was all prepared. If Lin Hangzhi continued to play slot machines today, he’ll try to persuade him to do something else. Fortunately, the former seemed to have completely lost interest in slot machines and turned to play table games instead.

That night, Lin Hangzhi increased the four million in his hands more than a dozen times, turning it into 200 millions.

On the contrary, this kind of wild win stunned the lead manager. The rumors of those who wildly won up to 100 millions from the casino had absolutely no truth in this casino. The lead manager couldn’t wait to give up such a crazy winner and provided him with the best service. Because no matter how he won, the casino would always be the one who ended up losing money. However, unexpectedly, the news spread and ended up stimulating a great deal of people, making them visit the casino to try their luck in the hope of becoming the darling of fate and get rich overnight.

The casino had made a steady profit from the beginning to end.

This was due to the two major laws of gambling: the law of conservation of money and the law of casino pumping.

Conservation of money meant that in the entire casino, money was produced out of thin air and disappeared out of thin air. They only entered the gambler’s bag from the gambler’s bag.

Pumping referred to the money that needed to be paid to the casino in the name of venue fees or service fees in gambling. Assuming that the pumping rate was 5%, that was to say, if two gamblers each paid 50 yuan when gambling, after one wins, the money the winner got would be 95 yuan, which included the bonus minus 5 yuan in the form of casino fees.

Pumping was the basis of the casinos’ belief and profitability. The pumping rate was high in Momo’s slot machines. The reason the manager became so anxious after Lin Hangzhi became the Slot Machine Emperor yesterday was because he couldn’t make a cent from Lin Hangzhi.

But tonight, it was more of the same. Lin Hangzhi could play as much as he liked. They still wanted this lucky rookie gambling emperor to play more. The more he won, the more his pumping fees would go into the casino coffers, and the more money they would have.

When he won the 34th hand, Lin Hangzhi closed his hands. His reputation as an undefeated gambling emperor had spread as expected. He was afraid to continue, and couldn’t wait to return to his room and release the bad luck or he might suddenly die on the spot.

On the side table, Dong Linhai and Victor, who were responsible for secretly protecting Lin Hangzhi, saw that he had finished playing this game and ended today’s gambling. Both of them hadn’t played very much and just whiled the time away. However, if they really played away all the chips that Lin Hangzhi had gathered with a lot of painstaking efforts, the doctor might directly vomit blood.

Seeing that Lin Hang had gotten off from the gaming table and was about to go back, the manager who had been staring at him for a long time hurried over to stop him. The balding man pasted a polite smile on his face and said to Lin Hangzhi, “This Honorable Sir, because your turnover in Momo had reached a certain limit, you have been upgraded to our noble VIP customer.”

Ling Hangzhi silently glanced at Xia Qiongyun, secretly letting out a relieved breath. He thought to himself that it was finally happening.

The manager with the worrisome hairline took Lin Hangzhi to apply for a VIP card so that he would be able to enjoy the most advanced treatment when he return. The gambling activities at the other tables continued, and everyone focused on concentrating on what was in their hands. At this moment, a tall man appeared before everyone’s sight.

The first person who noticed him was Victor. The quiet and dormant power of body suddenly felt a fluctuation that echoed each other. He immediately moved toward the origin of the fluctuation, and the man walking towards them was reflected in his violet eyes.

Although they were unfamiliar with what this Persian man looked like, they had already learned about him from Dong Zheng’s investigation last night. This person’s position was higher than the lead manager and he could board the elevator to the private area of the casino. He must at least be a member of upper management, making him a person close to the boss.

Victor immediately moved a few steps to his side, using his body to block Lin Hangzhi. Hangzhi was still communicating with the teller issuing his card at the front desk. Dong Linhai and Xia Qiongyun also noticed Cerberus. His presence was too strong. Even if he just stood still, he would still exude a bloodied killing aura

Through the summoned beast contract, Dong Linhai sensed the message from Victor. Under the cover of Victor’s body, he gave Xia Qiongyun a meaningful glance. Lin Hangzhi looked behind him and also saw the man. Realizing that something was up, they all became vigilant.

“This is our head manager, Cerberus,” the lead manager introduced.

Cerberus nodded to the guests who had become famous in the casino in just two days. His eyes swept across their faces and he said, “Everyone, please come with me. Our casino has already prepared a special presidential suite for our VIP guests.”

Cerberus saw at a glance that the four people in front of him were fairly close. Although the casino counted the number of guests coming in and out every day, those people came in from different worlds and each had their own unique traits. But instinct told him that there was a problem with this group of people.

He didn’t know why the key-shaped pendant on his chest was emitting a faint heat. After turning around, Cerberus raised his hand questioningly and placed it over his chest. But he could only keep this anomaly in his heart, and planned on asking the master when he returned.

Starting from these people’s abnormal behaviors, too many strange things had indeed happened in these two days. The things Cerberus experienced in the basement this morning still made him deeply suspicious. Since Mr. Mo didn’t want to clarify the meaning to him, he had to rely on fragmented clues to piece together the truth— That man with soul power was imprisoned by the master three years ago. Every time he went to the basement to absorb part of the soul power, his health would become better. However, he hadn’t done this recently, and today, he even gave the whole soul to Cerberus himself.

What would happen to him in the future? Why did he need soul power to maintain his physical condition?

Cerberus thought of the name Worm of Mystery that had been mentioned when his hand was pressed to the man’s head. How could this name that sounded like a worm be a normal person?

There were so many mysteries that Cerberus wanted to explore, but he didn’t know know where to start. He needed to settle down and do his job first.

What he had to do was take good care of the master and protect him. That was enough.

After passing through the casino lobby and long hallway, Cerberus took the four people up the elevator to the VIP area on the fifth floor. The presidential suite here could only be opened to distinguished users with a VIP pass. There were two types of these people. One was very rich bosses, such as the old Moore, and the other were customers like Lin Hangzhi, who often won through luck.

He opened the door to their room. The crystal chandelier illuminated the spacious and luxurious living room, and the light-colored velvet carpet was so lush it made people want to jump on it. The most eye-catching thing was the special opened minibar and the gaming table next to it. VIP guests could ask the dealer to start a game at the gaming table in their room at any time. This sense of dignity was worlds apart from the many gamblers downstairs.

Cerberus gave them a brief tour, telling them that as long as they have any need, they could dial a fixed line and service would come immediately.

The general manager’s personal reception was indeed worthy of Lin Hangzhi’s 200 million good fortune tonight. Everyone thanked him and began to explore on their own. To Dong Linhai, it was even more worthwhile. He directly fell on the soft carpet. When Cerberus saw this, he didn’t interrupt them and left quietly.

The whole room quieted down instantly.

Five seconds later, after confirming that Cerberus was gone, Dong Linhai sat up and asked seriously. “Is that him?”

“No.” Victor pulled his mobile phone out of his pants pocket and opened up the top name in his address book. On the other side of the casino, Cui Zuojing, who was lying in wait in the staff passageway, felt the vibration of his mobile phone. He interrupted the call and said in his heart, “Hangzhi’s done.”

The young man’s voice rang out in Dong Zheng and Wang Que’s mind, carried through by the communication key Dong Zheng had established ahead of time. Dong Zheng followed the camera all the way and tracked down Cerberus—He was on his way there.

As he was about to enter nearby, Ding Zheng whispered, “He’s coming.”

Wang Que immediately concentrated. Two minutes later, Cerberus came in from another passage and pressed the button of the private elevator. The private elevator was on the top floor, and it displayed the floor on the screen as it came down.

A fly the size of a mung bean flew out from the corner and silently landed on his back, so lightly that it didn’t even not arouse the dust on his suit.

After half a minute, with a ding-dong, ‌the elevator opened in front of Cerberus.

He walked in, and the elevator ran again, sending the “eyes” that Wang Que secretly laid on him to the top floor of the building.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters~

I wonder if Mr. Mo is anticipating the attempt at capturing him and that’s why he tried to make Cerberus stronger. Either way, at least Worm of Mystery can’t take advantage of him now. Hopefully their little spy won’t be discovered and the team will have a chance to act soon.

I dunno
I dunno
2 years ago

Just…maybe by absorbing Worm of Mystery into Cerberus…its to make Cerberus powerful enough to travel outside of this box? As a last resort for this soul fragment if ever he was indeed taken out.. at least Cerberus can still see the complete Fu zhe…