IWOL Chapter 273: Spying for Information

Cerberus gently pushed open the door.

As someone who had always loved staying inside, Mr. Mo was unexpectedly absent. But Cerberus wasn’t in a hurry. While waiting patiently, he picked up the book resting on top of the table, turned a page, and read it.

He didn’t read many books. Now, the fact that he could read was due to Mr. Mo having taught him a little. Although Mr. Mo had a lot of books here, Cerberus seldom took the initiative to read without his permission; he had no special thirst for knowledge. On the contrary, there were more important things he needed to do, which was to spend every second of every minute possible with his master.

This was a biography of a person. The brain of the protagonist named Don Quixote didn’t seem to be very good. He rode a horse and came upon a wheat mill. He regarded the wings of the mill as the arm of a giant and rushed forward bravely. His long spear pierced a wind, and the spinning mill threw out both the man and the horse.

Cerberus still lacked class and this kind of novel wasn’t very interesting. A space crack suddenly appeared in the room, accompanied by strong energy fluctuations. Mr. Mo came out, his expression very cold, and he saw Cerberus holding the book. Cerberus raised his head when he heard the sound, his expression softening slightly.

The space door closed behind him. Mr. Mo noticed which book Cerberus was reading when he silently closed the cover. He handed his cane to the man and said, “Living in this world, no matter how beautiful or magnificent one’s dreams and delusions are, when the icy iron hoof of reality grinds over, one can only bow one’s head and concede defeat.”

Cerberus noticed the disturbing meaning of these words and hesitated. “Master…”

“I’m Don Quixote.” Mr. Mo spread his arms so that Cerberus could take off his clothes. There were abnormal energy fluctuations remaining on the key-shaped pendant around the other person’s neck. He frowned and asked, “Are there any special guests here today?”

“I was about to tell you.” Cerberus unbuttoned Mr. Mo’s coat one by one and helped him put on comfortable and soft pajamas. “A group of guests came yesterday. One of them played the whole night using the slot machines and won 4 million. He was even called the Slot Machine Emperor. Today, that person also didn’t lose again at the gaming table and won 200 million consecutively.”

“So lucky?” Although he said this, Mr. Mo wasn’t surprised. He looked at the rough fingers of the man in front of him as he clasped the buttons one by one. Then he raised his hand to stroke the man’s cheek.

Cerberus paused for a moment. The cool palm brushed against the side of his face, softly like a lover. He lowered his eyes to continue his work, but his ears were already red.

Mr. Mo was very satisfied with the effect of this molestation. He slid his hand down and touched the protruding Adam’s apple, asking, “Did you entertain them?”

“I upgraded them to VIPs and took them to the VIP suites. I’ll take care of the matter. Master can be rest assured.”

“Mmn, that’s fine.” The large artery on the side of his neck was beating underneath his fingertips. The lifeblood of this brave man was in his hand, but the other party was not vigilant at all, and gave him the utmost trust and compliance. Mr. Mo enjoyed this feeling from the bottom of his heart. This Cerberus was already no longer that slave that he could beat and scold at will.

With fingertips repeatedly teasing his neck, Cerberus’ Adam’s apple slid up and down, his breathing a little uneven. He stared at the face that was familiar enough to be clearly depicted in his dreams. The two tear moles under the young man’s eyes seemed to hang like tears, as if about to fall on the softest part of his heart in the next second.

“Can I kiss you?” He finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and he grabbed the young man’s waist and asked in a low voice.

Mr. Mo did not agree nor refuse.

Cerberus grabbed his hand and stepped forward slightly. The two were so close that they could feel each other’s warm breath on their faces.

The other party’s fingertips in the palm of his hand still haven’t warmed up until now. Cerberus warmed his body with his own body temperature and asked in a low voice, “You gave me that soul, what if you need it? What can I do to help you?”

Mr. Mo hummed, leaned back, and lightly sat on the edge of the table, hooking his feet around Cerberus. The man staggered forward and his legs hit the edge of the table. To support himself, he stretched out his hands and pressed them against the wall, trapping the young man in his arms.

Mr. Mo buried his face in Cerberus’ shoulder. Then he tilted his head slightly and brushed his lips lightly against the tip of Corbelos’ ears as he spoke. His voice was like the misty singing of a siren in the mist, seducing the night sailor.

“There are many ways to transfer soul power. Just return it to me in another form.”

Their entanglement was reflected in the compound eyes of the unnoticed fly hiding in a dark corner of the room.

At the same time, Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing stared at Wang Que, trying to snoop out some news in advance from the girl’s reaction.

With the passage of time, Wang Que’s eyes, which was initially full of seriousness, became more and more subtle, and soon her whole face quickly burned red. She silently made a mouth shape, which looked like she was saying “I.”(1)

“What?” Dong Zheng asked.

“…I don’t want to watch it anymore.” Wang Que raised her hand to cover her face, but the scene reflected in the fly’s compound eyes was still perceived by her in the form of a certain special consciousness. She began to wonder whether to cut off the induction. What important information could she miss if she did so?

“Oh?” Cui Zuojing suddenly became full of energy and tuned in with a desire for gossip. “What is it? Is it like what I thought?”

Wang Que nodded, covering her face.

Cui Zuojing whistled. He tried to imagine the scene and raised his hand eagerly. “I have a friend who is going to die. He has only one wish before he dies—“

Dong Zheng said helplessly, “It would be a bad thing if Fu Zhe heard this.”

“He’s not here.” Cui Zuojing saw that Wang Que was obviously about to be overwhelmed, and said, “Okay, let’s stop here first. No need to force it.”

Wang Que hurriedly cut off contact with the fly and those indescribable pictures finally disappeared from her eyes. She breathed a sigh of relief, and in retrospect, she was only full of the word “fuck.”

Wang Que was never a girl who deliberately pretended to be pure. She was very open about eating CPs of all sexual orientations. She liked beautiful girls and handsome boys. She’d seen a lot of meat and read a lot of yellow text. The only thing she hadn’t seen was live-action films. What’s more, this was still someone she knew–Fu Zhe, who she’d lived with for a long time and who’d taught her so much.

Although it was only a soul fragment, it looked exactly like Fu Zhe and so the visual effect was the same.

This undoubtedly caused a serious impact on her not-so-fragile heart. Wang Que almost doubted that after she returned, she might not be able to look directly at Fu Zhe for a while.


It was really tempting, ah. How could this be so exciting?! Unexpectedly, Fu Zhe’s fragment was like this!

And that man whose name she didn’t know, his figure was so good! Still swallowing his master with one bite. This loyal dog servant X elegant master relationship was beyond exciting.

Dong Zheng sighed and looked at crazy Wang Que, whose face and neck were all red as she thought about who knew what. Then he looked at Cui Zuojing, this crazy gossip who wanted to spy for more news so as to have one over Fu Zhe. And so he could only drag them away one by one.

Following the message that Victor sent about the change of residence, they returned to the newly-occupied presidential suite. The others were waiting for updates about their progress. At a glance, Dong Linhai could see that something was up with Wang Que, and his eyes became puzzled.

Victor asked, “What happened?”

Wang Que told them about what the fly saw. The casino owner lived on the 23rd floor, and the only way to get there was through the elevator. His ability to cross space and his appearance exactly the same as Fu Zhe. Cerberus respectfully called him “Master,” and there was an extraordinary amount of intimacy between the two.

Lin Hangzhi, who was sitting face-to-face with Xia Qiongyun and throwing dice to repay the overdrafting of his luck, said meaningfully, “Oh.”

Then his tone became gloating as he said, “Then this fragment is doing pretty good for himself. Not only is he filthy rich, he also has a lover. If you have money, you have the right to be accompanied by a lover. I pity our teacher Fu, who is single and lonely. He can’t even step out of the castle door. He’s too miserable—Ah!”

The chair under his butt shattered in response. If it weren’t for Dong Linhai’s eyesight and quick hands stopping him, Lin Hangzhi might have ended up sitting in a pile of wooden debris and bruising his chrysanthemum.

“No doubt that Fu Zhe is miserable.” Cui Zuojing said, “By the way, have you inquired clearly about the man’s background?”

“His name is Cerberus, and he’s head manager here,” Dong Linhai answered. While secretly protecting Lin Hangzhi, he didn’t forget to inquire for information from gamblers who had been frequenting the casino for a long time. “He was in the security team at first and is highly regarded by the boss because of his cruelty. He walked to his current position step by step. Those old gamblers are afraid of him.”

“The name of the three-headed dog in hell? This master and servant play is quite interesting,” Cui Zuojing vomited casually. Then he added, “It’s not yet certain whether the fragment is Morality or Conscience. To be on the safe side, we’re going to make it a quick fight and take the fragment before he discovers something’s wrong and takes the initiative to come after us.”

Everyone agreed. So far, everything was smoothly going according to plan. It was already midnight. After recuperating, they would begin their first strike tomorrow. Everyone knew that what they were about to face was not only a soul fragment with Fu Zhe’s space and illusion ability, but also the brave Cerberus.

A faint worry lingered in Cui Zuojing’s heart. He hoped that he would be able to awaken the fragment’s memory of the Fu Zhe, just like when he took back Goodwill at the beginning by making him realize that he was just a fragment, so that he would return willingly. But all of this was based on the boring experience of the magic flute player. From the beginning to the end, Goodwill hadn’t experienced real life as a complete individual.

But Mr. Mo was different. He already had everything, and even enjoyed happiness that Fu Zhe didn’t have. Furthermore, even if they could really convince Mr. Mo, could Cerberus also be persuaded?

That man might fight to death to protect his lover.

No, they must recover the fragments. They needed the remaining space power. Even if it would cause some tragedies, they must do it.

Dong Zheng shook his hand. Cui Zuojing turned his head and looked at Dong Zheng, who didn’t say a word but looked at him with calm and firm eyes.

The conflict in Cui Zuojing’s heart disappeared. Yes, what they had been working so hard to pursue was for the final ending. There must be blood and sacrifice in the middle, even he himself might die at any moment. Too much sentimentality was of no use, this was the truth that he’d know from the very beginning.

This was why he gave his emotions to the clown when he first returned to the Pure White Realm. It was to make himself more logic-minded and more invincible.

Everything was proceeding as planned.

But to their surprise, on the day they planned to start acting, the other people took the lead instead.

Translation Notes:
(1) Wang Que was probably saying “Wow.” The mouth shape for “wow” looks the same as the one for “woa” (wo3, which translates to “I” in Mandarin).

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3 years ago

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The confrontation is almost here. I’m really curious to see how this conundrum of Cerberus liking Mr. Mo yet Fu Zhe needing to absorb him will play out~

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