IWOL Chapter 280: His Morality

The fruity smoke curled up again, and Morality propped himself up and sat on the bed. Cerberus was afraid that he would catch a cold and had covered him with a thin quilt. Passion was indeed the best way to relieve fatigue and pain. Morality took a deep breath from the waterpipe, before turning his head to exchange a lingering kiss with Cerberus.

The man’s arm was wrapped around his waist like a protective ring, and the pleasant lingering effect still hadn’t disappeared. Morality let out a few low coughs. He could clearly feel that his usual weakness had become much worse.

This kind of weakness appeared for the first time many months ago. At that time, Morality still hadn’t yet figured out the truth of the matter. Until one day, he sensed a mysterious and inexorable call from some distant place.

That time was exactly the time when Cui Zuojing had recovered the goodwill fragment and returned it to Fu Zhe.

With the recovery of Goodwill, Fu Zhe’s soul strength was much improved, allowing him to connect with his other fragments. His body’s power was much stronger, and so Fu Zhe was able to slowly absorb the soul energy that was escaping from the other fragments.

This kind of absorption was slow and miniscule, and it was difficult for Fu Zhe to detect, but it was enough for Morality to discover that his own body was gradually weakening.

But at the time, Morality knew nothing.

Until he discovered that Hughes, who he had always respected, was an incarnation of Worm of Mystery.

All of Morality’s memories began on a certain day nine years ago, and he had no impression of anything before that. He didn’t know his name, his age, or where he came from, and who his family was.

His earliest memory was that he had always managed the casino. He made a name under the casino, and since then, everyone called him Mr. Mo.

He had some powers that no one else in this world had, which allowed him to create illusion, manipulate space, and even more, affect human “emotions.”

Hughes was by his side from the very beginning, assisting him in the management of the casino. Morality had always thought that there was nothing wrong with this, but as time passed, he gradually had a terrible realization–Did this world even really exist?

One day, he used the power of space to open a door, with the determination to never return. He entered a completely different world, and he realized that just as the casino was the center of the world he was in, and the center of this world was an arena.

He met Moore, who had been around for many years, and it was Moore who told him that these small worlds were just special “boxes.”

Morality was stunned. But he ultimately didn’t care who created the world; he just wanted to focus on his own life.

So he used the power of space to travel to various worlds and to build bridges between different boxes. Not only would this attract more guests to the casino, but it would also allow him to have some more fun.

He lived like this for six years, until the appearance of a man broke his peaceful and lonely life.

In the arena, he saw the ferocious desire for freedom in the man’s eyes, and his heart was moved. So he bought him and named him Cerberus.

Originally, this ordinary slave didn’t mean anything much to him, until Morality discovered that Cerberus had other ideas about him. He had no intentions of responding, and in fact, he used quite a bad method to expose and kill Cerberus’ thoughts for him.

He seemed to have succeeded. Cerberus stopped coming around, but Morality was left with a strange emptiness–He had become accustomed to that man carefully looking at him with admiration and longing, and he took pleasure in it.

Who would not enjoy the feeling of being sought after and admired? Whenever he saw Cerberus half-kneeling at his feet, Morality’s mood would be very good.

He was so contemptible.

Morality intended to give Cerberus the cold shoulder at first, and then he would reel him closer step by step. Morality found that he was still attached to that feeling after all.

But one discovery disrupted his overall plan. From the very beginning, Hughes was not as simple as he seemed.

Hughes boarded the elevator in the middle of the night, arrived at the top floor, entered his room, and wanted to “swallow” him. But unfortunately for him, not only did he fail to succeed, he also ended up captured.

Morality shut Hughes in the basement built with space power and used various methods to torture the truth out of him. It was from him that he discovered the truth.

In fact, he was just a fragment of another person’s soul. That person was someone Worm of Mystery had cursed many years ago. Because the man’s soul power was too strong, his three most important soul fragments were scattered everywhere. They each formed a consciousness, wholly ignorant of their past. But Worm of Mystery wasn’t satisfied. It planted its own incarnation beside these three fragments, hoping to be able to swallow them one day and absorb their abilities.

Hughes was the incarnation Worm of Mystery had placed beside him, and he was Fu Zhe’s morality.

After he learned this truth, Morality was a mess. He couldn’t believe that his own independent personality was just a fragment of someone else. His ability to create illusion was Fu Zhe’s ability. His ability to manipulate space was only because Fu Zhe was selected by the element of space, and the fact that he could influence the “emotions” of others was simply because he represented human morality.

Morality returned to the casino and finally realized why he had been so exhausted and weak those past few days. It was because Fu Zhe was imperceptibly absorbing his soul energy.

This kind of weakness gradually became more and more serious, making Morality feel unbearable. Whenever he felt the most uncomfortable, he would always subconsciously think: Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone by his side?

Humans were social animals, and people always wanted warmth from others when they were most vulnerable. Morality was the same.

But the only person who was always by his side was Angela, his personal maid. Morality didn’t think that such a little girl could comfort him. He thought of Cerberus.

If he called that person up, that person would be so happy that he would do whatever he wanted, right?

He was so despicable that he not only enjoyed it, but he also unscrupulously used the feelings that others had toward him.

He was, after all, morality.

Morality only felt that it was truly ironic; but in the end, he still asked someone to call Cerberus up.

The man really couldn’t resist Morality’s seduction. His pain was indeed relieved, and the man’s warm embrace made him feel as if he was no longer a drifting duckweed with no root. Perhaps, one day, he would be taken back and be fused with Fu Zhe again, but at least now, there was still one person who would remember him as he was.

That day, Cerberus kissed him with strong passion, and when Morality slapped him, he didn’t miss the grievance and anger in the other man’s eyes. How did he feel at that time? Remorseful? Maybe.

But Cerberus still didn’t reveal his negative emotions. He was always so humble every time he came near him. Even though he was being used like a tool, he was so sweet.

Morality became softhearted.

He decided to treat Cerberus a little bit better.

Passion was like hookah. It could only temporarily alleviate the pain that came with weakness. Morality needed to make up for his lost soul power. Since Worm of Mystery could be strengthened by swallowing him, could he also absorb it in turn?

So Morality returned to that underground prison and absorbed a part of Worm of Mystery’s soul power. He didn’t swallow it all. He thought that since the soul power was coming from a powerful incarnation, it could self-repair after being damaged. What morality needed most was a food reserve that would continue to support him.

Sure enough, Morality’s body became much better. Since then, every time he felt weak, he would go to Worm of Mystery and absorb some soul power. He had set up a space barrier to cut off Worm of Mystery’s incarnation, so that the real Worm of Mystery wouldn’t find out.

Despite having found a way to alleviate his weakness, Morality didn’t stop his relationship with Cerberus. He was already obsessed with that feeling. He was like a small animal frozen in the icy snow. Cerberus rescued him and warmed him with a most sincere heart. Even if Cerberus was frostbitten, he refused to give up.

Even ice cubes will melt, and Morality wasn’t even an ice cube. He was just someone who didn’t know how to express positive emotions.

He was so greedy for Cerberus’ warmth, just as Cerberus was greedy for him.

Morality spent several months using Cerberus as a tool before he finally took him into his heart and began to genuinely care about him.

He taught Cerberus how to read and write. He taught him about the mathematical principles behind the gambling that supported the casino, and about how to get along with others better.

In the end, Morality gave him the key he’d been carrying close to his body, and also gave him all of Worm of Mystery’s energy. He only hoped that even if he failed this final trial, Cerberus would have enough power to live in this world without him.

At this moment, the perception of the maze being broken was transmitted clearly to his heart. There were four ruptures. Sure enough, these people were so strong that even the combined power of illusion, space, and morality wasn’t enough to completely trap them.

“Cerberus.” Morality looked into Cerberus’ honey eyes, those same eyes that had attracted him when he saw him at the beginning of that year “Aren’t you always curious about my name?”

“My name is Fu Zhe. To be precise, I am a part of him. I am his lost morality.” It seemed that it wasn’t so difficult to tell these secrets that were deeply buried in his heart.

Cerberus’ shock was just as he imagined. Morality was amused. His mood suddenly lightened, and he continued to slowly say, “As you can see, there are many small worlds connected to this world. I had taken you to these parallel worlds before. But outside of these worlds, there is also a larger world.”

“Our world is just a small box. The backgrounds, sceneries, and people of these boxes are all created by a special existence just test those people from the larger world. Those people are called pilgrims”

Cerberus was shocked speechless for a while. But soon, he reacted. With a frown, he said, “I don’t care. No matter what the world is like, I’ll be where you are. That Mr. Lin just now and his companions, are they all pilgrims?”

“Yes. To be precise, they are here to take me back.” Morality paused, and continued, “I probably know what they wanted to do. They desperately need the full power of space, and since I am Fu Zhe’s fragment, I have a part of his power in me, so I must be retracted.”

“Retracting means…”

“As morality, I will become a part of Fu Zhe again. From then on, Mr. Mo would no longer exist.”

Cerberus was alarmed and immediately said, “I won’t let them take you away.”

Morality’s smile disappeared. “If you’re not here, I wouldn’t have fought very hard. After all, I’m just a fragment and my soul energy will always be absorbed by the original body, and I will become weaker and weaker. Even with the nourishment from the power of the world, at most, it can only delay matters before we’re eventually reintegrated into one.”

He raised his hand to caress Cerberus’ cheek. With a light sigh, he said softly, “But now, in order not to leave you alone, I decided to resist as much as I can.”

“You are the only person in this world that I can’t bear to part with.”

Cerberus opened his mouth, but no words came out. This was the first time this person had confessed to him, but it happened at this time.

Cerberus’ grief was so intense and so palpable that even if he didn’t say anything, Morality still felt his pain. But he just smiled lightly and pressed a kiss to the corner of the man’s lips.

“Okay. Let’s get ready to welcome our friends.”

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