IWOL Chapter 282: Conscience is Dead

The people raised their heads and noticed this sudden catastrophe.

Everyone: Fuck!!!

At that moment, no one cared about what they were doing before and immediately ran away from Lin Hangzhi.

The first thing Cui Zuojing did was to slow down time to give everyone a better chance to run further away.

Victor took hold of Lin Hangzhi and wanted to leave with him, but Lin Hangzhi’s legs had already gone soft and he didn’t listen at all. As the target of this catastrophe, even if he ran, the meteorite would definitely turn halfway to chase after him. No matter where he ran, it would continue to follow him.

Lin Hangzhi watched the meteorite with its flaming tail get closer and closer. When it was only tens of meters above their heads, Victor shouted, “Go!”

The key flashed and they were teleported to Wang Que’s side.

A loud boom accompanied the crazily trembling earth. The meteorite had hit the place where they had been standing just moments before. It smashed a huge crater more than ten meters deep into the ground, scorching the surface red.

As it bellowed white smoke, several cobweb-like cracks spread out from the center. In a flash, this once prosperous backbone became the scene of a disaster. The violent earthquake on the ground caused the tall buildings in the distance to be affected, and the whole skyline showed a slight tilt visible to the naked eye, maintaining a delicate balance like the leaning Tower of Pisa.


Lin Hangzhi was so scared that his entire body slid down uncontrollably, and he was almost foaming at the mouth. But he failed to successfully fall down to the ground. A hand stretched out and grabbed him under the armpit. A cold, bloody-smelling blade pressed against the artery at his neck, and Cerberus’ cold voice came from behind him, “Don’t move.”

The man stealthily appeared behind Lin Hangzhi like a ghost when they weren’t paying attention. With his rib area still bleeding, he stared at Victor, who was standing nearby. If he saw it correctly, this man had reconnected Lin Hangzhi’s severed hand as if by magic.

Everyone of these people were like his master and were in possession of comparably powerful abilities.

Cerberus tightened his grip on the handle of his scimitar. The sweat from his palm had soaked through the bandages on the handle. He coldly said, “Get out of here.”

The first drop of rain fell and dripped on the bridge of his nose, feeling very cold.

Lin Hangzhi’s bones were still soft, and his whole body slumped against Cerberus’ arm. He didn’t regard the blade at his neck as a terrible threat. With Victor here, as long as Cerberus didn’t cut off his head with a single stroke, Victor could still heal him.

After suffering through the pain of having his hand cut off and the shock of nearly being hit by a meteorite, Lin Hangzhi had already ascended. His soul was detached, and now there was nothing to prevent him from feeling the terror of the vicissitudes of life.

“You are not our opponent,” Victor said. “We’re not trying to hurt Morality—“

“You are going to kill him,” Cerberus interrupted firmly. “Stop telling those nice lies. Your lies won’t work on me.”

Cui Zuojing’s calm voice came from not far away, “He needs to go back to where he belongs. He is part of someone, and he shouldn’t have become an independent personality.”

Cerberus stopped talking. He understood that no matter what he said, these people would only come up with various reasons to refute him. There was no need to use words to defeat them.
After having thought this, ferocity glinted in his eyes.

The phantom of probabilities appeared in front of Dong Zheng’s eyes, showing him the most likely action Cerberus would take. Before his opponent could act, the silver-white crossbow appeared in Dong Zheng’s hand, and he loaded, aimed, and pulled the trigger.

Cerberus felt a sudden dizziness, but his ears still caught the sound of the arrow being shot. His life saving reflexes allowed him to dodge sideways, even as he used the blade that was about to cut Lin Hangzhi’s neck to deflect the arrow away. The arrow hit the blade, emitting a “pang.”. And the weapon that had been tempered countless times with blood became marred with a small dent!

Victor took the opportunity to snatch Lin Hangzhi back while hundreds of insects swarmed up from the ground where the meteorite had hit. They began to climb up Cerberus’ legs. Even hundreds of tiny ants could kill an elephant. No matter how deadly a warrior was, he was helpless against so many tiny attackers. At this moment, another arrow shot out.

Just as the arrow was about to pierce Cerberus’ shoulder, it seemed to suddenly hit a barrier. It froze, and in the next moment, Cerberus’ figure disappeared.

The wave of spatial energy made the keys in everyone’s hands glow. Cui Zuojing turned his head to look. A young man who looked exactly like Fu Zhe had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He held a delicate walking stick and wore a black suit. The corner of the white scarf around his neck was like a white flower, as solemn as if he was attending someone’s funeral.

—His own funeral.

With his help, Cerberus was able to get rid of the insects. The blood from the wounds under his ribs wasn’t too severe. This injury was nothing to Cerberus. He stared at the uninvited guests who wanted to take away his master, and the ferocity in his eyes was enough to stab them.

Morality’s hand rested lightly on Cerberus’ shoulder as his gaze swept over all their faces and finally fixed on Cui Zuojing’s face. He paused and whispered, “I remember you.”

“I know.” Just like Goodwill, Morality had glimpsed his past memories after seeing him. But he noticed that Morality was slightly different from Goodwill. He asked, “Have you seen Conscience?”

Morality and Cerberus looked at each other and a sense of gentleness passed between them. But when they turned to look at Cui Zuojing, their gazes were indifferent.

“Conscience?” He didn’t pretend to be confused. “Conscience is dead.”

“Conscience is dead?”

Cui Zuojing was shocked. He never expected to hear such an answer. The spatial power in Morality’s body was exponentially stronger than Goodwill. And even though he asked that question, he was certain that Morality and Conscience had fused.

But he said that Conscience was dead? What kind of “dead” was dead?

“It’s very simple. In other words, I killed him.”

The rain fell down heavily, just like on the day Conscience died.

The induction of the soul wasn’t confined to the body and its fragments, but also between the individual fragments as well. When Morality discovered that his soul was getting weaker, he constantly thought of ways to stop or delay this process.

Since there were three fragments, then…could he strengthen himself by swallowing the other fragments?

So Morality spent several months trying to locate the other fragment. He had the power of space, which made it easy to do. In the end, he took Cerberus, his most trusted confidant, and went to the small world where the other fragment lived.

That world was in chaos, and everyone on that wasteland was struggling fiercely to live. It took a little bit of work to find Conscience, who was hiding in the sewers.

He looked incredibly downtrodden. He carried a black flute, and his supposedly gorgeous white teaching robe was dirty and stained. His face, which looked exactly like Morality’s, could not hide his fatigue, but though his eyes were tired, they still carried kindness and virtue.

He was alone, all alone. No one paid attention to him, no one cared about him.

In times of crisis, conscience was always the first thing people chose to abandon.

No conscience was needed here.

“Who are you?” Conscience had asked this person who carried the same face as him.

“Haven’t you already guessed it?”

Conscience nodded, unflustered. He glanced at Cerberus, who stood behind Morality, before returning his gaze to Morality’s face. “Now that you’ve found me, what do you want to do?”

“I want to ask you if there is a way for us to maintain our own strength.” Morality didn’t miss Conscience’s obvious weakness. He paused and added, “But clearly, you don’t seem to know either.”

Conscience may have been abandoned, but he still looked good. He looked gentle and virtuous, as if it wasn’t him who encountered injustices. As if he hasn’t been abandoned. He looked at Morality with a smile on his face.

“You are still thinking about the impossible.”

“It’s better than some people who dare not even think about it.”

“Why? No matter what, the ending will not change. After all, you and I…”

“No,” Morality cut off his words. “I don’t think it is impossible, because right now, I have found a good way to try.”

The walking stick tapped on the dirty ground that was smeared with a light layer of water, and it made a soft noise. Just as Conscience became suspicious, Morality’s suddenly cold voice rang out.

“Kill him.”

In the next moment, Cerberus’s blade cut off Conscience’s head. He didn’t hesitate when faced with this person who looked exactly like his master.

Because he knew who his master was.

Conscience couldn’t even make the most basic of resistance. His head flew out, but no blood came forth. Instead, his body turned into a pale lavender light, and as if attracted by the power of same, it gathered around Morality.

Morality stretched out his hand, and this soul full of spatial power fell into his palm and became a part of him.

In the gray-black sewer pipe, dots of light gathered in the palm of the young man like fireflies, illuminating his face. The man who carried a knife was standing by his side, and he watched all of this in surprise.

Outside, the sound of rain came heavy like a curtain that poured down from the entrance of this pipe. Everything outside was smudged in gray, isolating this small and dark world.

This was death without bloodshed, and everything flowed with poetry, just like an artist’s imagery.

Unprecedented satisfaction filled Morality’s entire body. He gently held the last spot of light in his hand, turned around, and said to Cerberus, “Let’s go.”

Cerberus didn’t ask any questions. The only thing he noticed was his master’s sudden rosy color and the fact that the tension between the corners of his eyes and the lines of his eyebrows had relaxed.

They left that place and never went back.

Fu Zhe’s morality…killed his conscience?

For a while, Cui Zuojing didn’t know what kind of expression to make. No wonder Fu Zhe could only perceive the location of a single fragment. No wonder Morality was more powerful than he ought to be. He wasn’t just a single fragment; he was fused with Conscience—

No, it couldn’t be said to be a fusion. It was murder. He killed Conscience, and all he had was the power that Conscience carried. What about the quality that that fragment carried, then?

Fu Zhe’s conscience, was it really gone?

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

A meteor…yikes. I wonder what catastrophe Cerberus would have been struck with if he kept holding onto Lin Hangzhi a bit longer -v-; And darn, I feel so sorry for both Morality and Cerberus >_< Hopefully Conscience was only absorbed and not destroyed. In a way, all the fragments are pitiful. I wonder what Fu Zhe will seem like once he integrates them with himself. What will happen to Cerberus if Morality returns? Will he follow them back to the castle? So many questions…

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3 years ago
Reply to  crimson

Haha. They just needed to let Cerberus hold onto Lin Hangzhi a little bit longer and Lin Hangzhi’s bad luck will knock him out.

3 years ago
Reply to  Xixi

Exactly~ XD Cerberus doesn’t even know how lucky he was.

2 years ago

omg I hate morality xd

I dunno
I dunno
2 years ago

Fortunately, I didn’t feel pity nor mercy at the very beginning with morality and Cerberus, this annoying couple. Im pissed off, does that mean Fu zhe will have no conscience even if he managed to gather all fragments? Dang…