IWOL Chapter 327: Farewell

Due to Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing’s “selfless dedication,” the remaining people managed to pass this checkpoint and reach the final juncture. Before them was a stone slab blocking the door that led to the final test.

After they took out all the body parts of the monsters that they’d collected, the broken codexes turned into four gospels, all of which rushed to their respective sacred relic and lit them. With a muffled sound, the giant one-hundred-meters-high door slowly opened inward, revealing the majestic altar build on a cliff beyond.

A black heart floated up and down on the altar, slowly beating. Thick black smoke constantly seeped from the gaps under the altar.

Everyone discussed the method of sealing the demon seed. Suddenly, someone pointed to a spot on the cliff and shouted, “What is that?”

Over ten meters high on the cliff was a protrusion with a constantly shaking wooden box the size of a hand resting on it.

Dong Linhai exclaimed, “The box that the bird snatched!”

Dong Zheng saw the box, and remembered that it contained the Ω-shaped amulet. He’d obtained it from the ship and had given it to Cui Zuojing. Later, the Wonton Insurgency team encountered the heavenly bird, Ziz, and the box was snatched away.

Although he knew everything, Dong Zheng put on a disbelieving expression. He frowned and asked his past self, “You lost it?”

“I lost it.” When he heard these words, Cui Zuojing immediately stepped forward and met his gaze without timidity.

This seemingly insignificant little action reminded Dong Zheng of the past, when he wasn’t mature or strong enough and Cui Zuojing always subconsciously protected him. Even though the youth didn’t say it, Dong Zheng knew that he cared about him.

He gazed at Cui Zuojing for a few seconds, intentionally stopped being aggressive, and said, “How did it get lost?”

“A strange bird came and snatched it away.”

“Ziz,” Dong Zheng explained.

Allen said, “It doesn’t matter what it is. Now, we need to get the box back.”

Victor volunteered to climb up the cliff. When he was just about to reach the box, a loud cry came from a distance. A strong wind rose as a giant bird with wings wide enough to cover the sky swooped over.

Every morning and evening, the sacred bird Ziz patrolled the island. Spotting the group of rash intruders, it immediately came to chase them away. Seeing the bird, everyone scattered and looked for shelters nearby. But Ziz didn’t care about the people below. With a screech, it rushed toward Victor on the rock wall!

Victor didn’t hesitate. He immediately continued to climb up against the wind, and before Ziz could dive down, he threw himself at the wooden box, knocking it down.

Goal now reached, Victor allowed himself to fall into Dong Linhai’s waiting arms below. The wooden box fell diagonally in the wind and hit the ground with a crash. Allen shot out from behind the stone and grabbed the box.

Ziz immediately adjusted its direction to chase after Allen. Three minutes later, an exhausted Allen threw the box at Dong Linhai, who immediately punched the box. The wood shattered under his blow, revealing the Ω amulet in varying shades of purple. Ziz screamed, infuriated.

The amulet emitted a strong primal chaotic energy. Cui Zuojing frowned and shouted toward Dong Zheng, “What is that?”

“The goddess Taweret is frequently shown with a pregnant belly. She is responsible for childbirth and fertility and is often depicted holding an Ω shape sign. This thing should have a similar function! Maybe it’s needed to destroy the demon seed.”

Even as he said this, Dong Zheng knew that this thing would be used to ensure that he wouldn’t be torn apart by the violent space-time continuum when he return to the future

Ziz beat his wings fiercely. Dozens of feathers were ejected from his wings, shooting to the ground like arrows. The past Dong Zheng tried his best to think of a way to resist. He asked the pilgrims to announce their own abilities. And they responded, knowing that only by working together would they be able to avoid death.

Under the past Dong Zheng’s command, the pilgrims cooperated like parts of a well-oiled machine. Heinrich extracted Tao Ji’s energy to increase Beverly’s power as she sent large balls of fire that burnt a blazing trail toward Ziz.

Ziz had no choice but to rise higher, and soon reached twice the height of the rock wall.


“Heinrich’s birthday is March 4, 1992. His bank card number is CH066293714591877533R, and the password is 291743. He had about 19 ex-girlfriends! Come on! Let the bad luck come as fiercely as possible!”

With Lin Hangzhi’s yell, the muffled sound of thunder exploded out as the originally clear sky was transformed into dark clouds roiling with lightning and thunder. As they watched, several bolts of lightning shot out from the thick clouds and slammed into the gigantic Ziz up high in the sky!

The giant bird screamed. Having lost its ability to move, it stiffly fell from the sky. The middle-aged man named Albert followed Dong Zheng’s order to lighten Cui Zuojing’s weight to 1%. Dong Zheng adjusted his crossbow to the maximum force possible, supported his left under with his right wrist, and used his kernel to accurately predict the trajectory of Ziz’s fall. He pulled the trigger.

The arrow shot Cui Zuojing into the sky. Dong Zheng staggered under the powerful recoil and stepped on the ground firmly to stabilize his figure. He watched as the youth shot toward Ziz like a meteor.

It only took one slash of his sword.

The sword slash was simple and unpretentious, and Cui Zuojing poured all his strength into it.

A rain of blood splashed down. Ziz’s head flew out and slammed onto the ground with a heavy thud. It rolled a few times before coming to a stop.

Even without its head, the body continued to flap its wings and flew away.

Cui Zuojing was summoned into the prisoner’s space in mid-air and reappeared on the ground. Everyone cheered. The thunderclouds in the sky still hadn’t disappeared. Before lightning struck again, Wang Que hurriedly pulled Lin Hangzhi away.

A few furious lightning bolts struck the ground. With the bad luck canceled out, the thick clouds finally dissipated. Everyone gathered together again and hurriedly continued to proceed with the business of destroying the demon seed.

No one wanted to risk their lives to destroy it, and so Cui Zuojing volunteered. In order to clear the box, the demon seed needed to be destroyed. He wouldn’t risk someone else bungling such an important task.

Cui Zuojing took the six gemstones and the Omega amulet and walked to the altar. He placed the gemstones one by one on the six corners of the six-pointed star array. Accompanied by six colors of red, yellow, blue, green, white and black light, the mysterious energy from ancient times gushed out. The golden scepter slowly glowed with a bright light. In the hourglass on top of the scepter, fine silver grains of sand fell slowly, revealing a fine line in the glass.

Cui Zuojing held the scepter and walked toward the demon seed.

The youth clearly had no idea how to destroy it, so he simply raised the scepter and brought it down on the black demon heart.


A dazzling golden light erupted from the top of the scepter, enveloping the demon seed, The two energies triggered a violent explosion, and the Ω amulet went into effect, protecting Cui Zuojing from the explosion. As the powers competed, the scepter glowed brighter. Under the suppression of the golden light, the demon seed shattered, and the demonic energy contained within it rushed to flee in all directions.

A bright white door appeared on the mountain wall not far away, announcing the completion of the task of destroying the demon seed. They had successfully cleared the box.


Dong Zheng concentrated with his mental power, staring at the crack on the scepter. His strong mental power was condensed into a thread, and like a needle, it pierced through the crack. Under Dong Zheng’s attack, the crack on the scepter’s hourglass began to extend. Then, with a cracking sound, it completely shattered!

Fine silver-white sand scattered around, and the power of the scepter instantly disappeared. The demonic energy that had fled away was no longer suppressed. They turned back and shot toward the seal that was leaking.


Under the external impact, the already weakening seal finally broke, and strong, powerful demon energy gushed out. The pilgrims screamed in horror and began to run toward the door!

“Cui Zuojing! Come now!” the past Dong Zheng shouted.

The youth was ready to slip away the moment the scepter was broken, but as he took a step toward the door, Dong Zheng blocked his path.

He needed the Ω amulet and the ‌Light Scepter.

Cui Zuojing slowly narrowed his eyes and his hand grabbed the Tang sword at his waist. “What do you want?”

Dong Zheng stretched out his hand. “Give it to me.”

“You want this broken thing too?”

“I need it for something very important. Right now, this thing is useless to you.”

“What a pity. I don’t want to let you have it even if it’s useless to me.” Cui Zuojing sneered. He tucked the scepter around his waist and held the sword, unwilling to relent.

“That’s right.” Dong Zheng knew that Cui Zuojing wouldn’t give it to him. From the very beginning, he was prepared to snatch it from him. But how could Cui Zuojing allow him to succeed? He dodged sideways and slashed at Dong Zheng’s arm.

Dong Zheng’s kernel had already predicted Cui Zuojing’s movements. Dong Zheng easily avoided the attack. Cui Zuojing raised his eyebrows and tried to slam his elbow into Dong Zheng’s stomach, but Dong Zheng also managed to block it with a raised arm.

As they fought with weapons and fists, every blow was fierce and violent. The current Dong Zheng, who had awakened his ability several times and who was diligent in training, completely matched Cui Zuojing’s blow to blow. What’s more, his location, his speed, his strength, and the direction of his attack were all within the predictions of Dong Zheng’s kernel.

The only thing that had been restricting Dong Zheng was his physical fitness. But with Victor’s power of body, his last remaining weakness was no more.

As they fought, they moved in the direction of the door. No matter what the result was, Dong Zheng wanted to ensure that Cui Zuojing would be able to leave the box without incident.

Cui Zuojing kicked Dong Zheng’s waist, and he willingly took the blow. Risking the possibility of heavy injuries, he grabbed the broken scepter from Cui Zuoing’s waist.

The youth was incensed. Dong Zheng’s perfect response gave him a sense of aggrievement he hadn’t felt in a long time. The impulse to defeat him became stronger, causing him to use the power of time for the first time. His eyes glowed with a faint yellow light, and time slowed.

The gushing demonic energy, the flying sand and rocks, the scattering leaves, all slowed down. But Dong Zheng’s fist still swept over without hesitation!

It wasn’t that the slowing of time had no effect on Domingo, but that Dong Zheng had the same power in his body.

Cui Zuojing was shocked. Due to this momentary distraction, the equilibrium between them tipped. Dong Zheng’s crossbow rose and an arrow shot out, swiping the side of the youth’s neck and cutting off the chain that held the amulet, leaving a thin line of blood on the skin.

The Ω amulet fell into Dong Zheng’s hand.

Ignoring the past Dong Zheng’s calls from behind them, Cui Zuojing rushed forward to snatch back the object. Hitting Dong Zheng’s face with a fierce punch, he hooked one finger under the chain.

Dong Zheng tightened his hold on the amulet, and used all his strength to throw Cui Zuojing toward the door that was about to close.

As the youth fell out backward, Dong Zheng saw the shock and unwillingness in his eyes.

Dong Zheng stood tall, holding the broken scepter and the Ω amulet in his hands. The demon’s bat wings spread out behind him, beating the wind into a fierce hurricane. His short platinum-blond hair was blown into wild disarray as he gazed at the disappearing Cui Zuojing.

And he said in a soft whisper, “Farewell.”

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