IWOL Chapter 328: The Man from the Future

The youth’s figure completely disappeared from his sight. The bright white door abruptly closed, shutting off the only passage out of the box.

The roar of the Demon God was deafening, filled with anger and unspeakable ecstasy that had accumulated for thousands of years. It was dark, surrounded by thick demonic miasma, and its wings were stretched out wide enough to cover the sky. In an instant, all the creatures on the island rushed away, instinctively trying to avoid the erosion of the demonic energy.

Dong Zheng turned around and raised his head to face this unspeakable behemoth, feeling fear from the depths of his soul.

—He absolutely wasn’t a match for this thing.

The figure of the fish-form sage emerged from the cliff, holding a black scepter. He stood behind a tree, looking at the newly borned Demon God. The wind sent the edges of his black robe fluttering, while his fish head contained all the memories of his forebears for thousands of years. He knew that today, the inheritance of the sage might end.

He recited a mysterious spell as the last blessing to this host of Ion.

Dong Zheng put the amulet in the pocket of his jacket, close to his chest, and tucked the scepter at his waist. Now that he’d broken the hourglass and scattered the star sand into the wind, he wasn’t certain how bad it would be. However, when he’d spoken about the plan to the fish-form sage, the sage had told him that it would be fine.

The Demon God was still immersed in the ecstasy of breaking through the seal. He raised his head and roared at the sky. Dark clouds quickly gathered overhead. The spreading demonic energy was going to trigger a catastrophe, therefore he needed to force this evil existence back into the depths.

Before the Demon God could fully recover, he needed to act as soon as possible!

Dong Zheng approached the gigantic black figure step by step. He clenched the crossbow in his wounded hand. Notched on the crossbow was an arrow engraved with a small six-pointed star.

The turbulent demonic energy spread out wildly without care, withering the vegetation and all life. A lavender light wrapped around Dong Zheng’s body, concealing him, while the power of body and the power of the Omega amulet protected him. Straining against the wind, he walked toward the Demon God. At this time, the creature’s lower half was still caught in the depths, and it was constantly twisting and turning to free itself from the seal.

The Demon God didn’t care about a small, insect-like human. In its view, this human was no threat at all. Instead, it turned it’s vigilant face to the sky, guarding the gathering, dense clouds and the thunderstorm contained within it. Those damn gods! Sooner or later, it would tear them all up!

In just a few breaths, black, demonic miasma had spread over the entire island. Countless creatures began to erode or die violently, screaming. Even the fish-form sage’s face on the cliff was marked with black traces of erosion, but he never stopped the spell. He raised the scepter high, and a beam of light shot out from the gray-black cloud, directly shining on him.

The demonic energy on this side of the cliff was expelled, and the fish-form sage opened his arms. His short body was like dew in the sun, slowly disintegrating amidst the roar of the Demon God.

His gods had heard his call and taken him away.

Dong Zheng held the silver arrow and shot at the Demon God’s scale-covered body.

The seal of Solomon that the fish-form sage had engraved onto the arrowhead burst into an unprecedentedly powerful energy the moment it encountered the demon. The mysterious power of the gods directly pierced through the indestructible scale, allowing the arrow to directly penetrate into the Demon God’s skin.

A crack appeared on the arrow forged from a special metal. Even it couldn’t withstand the powerful force, and starting from its tail, the arrow shattered into dust.

A drop of purple blood flowed out and dropped into the vial that Dong Zheng had long prepared.


The Demon God bellowed with pain. It lowered its head and saw the tiny, worm-like human. It flapped its wings, creating a strong whirlwind that directly blew Dong Zheng away. A monstrous demonic energy spewed out from it, intent on entangling and swallowing Dong Zheng.

As Dong Zheng flew out, he kept his eyes on the crazily approaching black demonic energy. He struggled to raise the scepter of time in mid-air and urged the power of time on his body. In an instant, everything stilled.

Dong Zheng slammed into the ground, but because of inertia, his body continued to slide backward, ploughing a deep and straight trail into the ground, before he finally hit an ancient stone pillar and came to a stop.

Dong Zheng stretched out his arm and climbed out from the pit. Because of his body power, he wasn’t hurt. But this didn’t mean that he didn’t feel the pain of his healing injuries. Time was still frozen, and so he immediately ran in the direction of the passage guarded by Amit. There was a door there, and he needed that door!

The light on the scepter of time flickered, and time finally resumed. The demonic energy in the air continued to give chase. Dong Zheng sprinted through the slab passage with lava boiling on both sides. When he finally reached the opened door, he used all his strength to push it close.

The demonic energy was right on his tail, and the Ω amulet burned against his chest, protecting him from being swallowed. Dong Zheng inserted the key into the keyhole and rushed through the door at the very last moment.

The demonic energy tried to follow through the door but was completely repelled by the power of space.

Dong Zheng slammed into the wall of the old castle. He was panting violenting, clenching a glass bottle tightly in his hand. He opened his palm and looked down at it. In the vial was a drop of the Demon God’s blood.

Using Fu Zhe’s key in the box would risk drawing Kether’s attention to him, but Dong Zheng had no choice; this was the only way for him to leave.

After a second of catching his breath, Dong Zheng stood up without delay. He went straight into the prison grounds of the old castle. A second after he left, Fu Zhe hurriedly opened the door of his study and walked downstairs, still holding a book in his hand. Just now, he’d felt a powerful spatial energy.

But Fu Zhe looked around and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He frowned and sat at the table in the living room. He couldn’t sense anything different, and so he could only gradually relax.

For him, the castle was the safest place in the world. It was impossible for a person without a key to enter the castle.

Five minutes later, a door in the hall opened, and the dust-covered Wonton Insurgency team walked in. Fu Zhe closed the book in his hands, smiled, stood up and said, “Welcome back.”

Meanwhile, Dong Zheng hid in the cellar. He could hear the movements above quite clearly. He took a deep breath. This was once a prison in Hamelin. Right now, it was Fu Zhe laboratory, and in a few days, it would be transformed into an operating room for Victor and Lin Hangzhi.

Everything was so familiar to him, but none of it belonged to him.

He was just an intruder from the future who shouldn’t be here.

The things that he wanted – the broken scepter of time, the Ω amulet, blood of the Demon God – they were all in his hands.

But now, Dong Zheng didn’t know how to go back to his own time period.

Cui Zuojing had used the power of time to send him back into the past, but Dong Zheng couldn’t grasp the details of it. He thought that maybe he might need to wait until the remaining power of time in his body dissipated. Only then would he be able to return back to his own timeline.

In fact, Dong Zheng knew that he should not go back at this time.

In the following Snow Parasite Trail box, Kether and J had designed a trap for them.

His mission as Domingo was far from complete.

Dong Zheng could faintly hear Cui Zuojing and Victor talking to Fu Zhe upstairs about what happened on Dusk Island. It was unavoidable that they would mention himself. Dong Zheng listened in on their meeting, wanting to hear Cui Zuojing’s voice, even though at this time, he wasn’t his lover yet.

Worried that the time and body power he carried would attract the attention of the three people upstairs, he didn’t stay too much. He took a deep breath and used Fu Zhe’s key to leave the castle.

The door opened by Fu Zhe’s key could lead to any place the holder had been to, and so Dong Zheng went out into an uninhabited alley near the Pilgrim’s Union. After clearing Dusk Island, it would take another two months before the team entered Snow Parasite Trail. During this time, he needed to find a place to stay.

The personnel management in the Pure White Realm wasn’t very strict. After all, newcomers arrived everyday, and numerous people died in various boxes. Dong Zheng applied for a residence without much effort. The apartment he chose was quite some distance away from the Wonton Insurgency’s apartment, thus minimizing the chance of him being seen when he goes out.

After receiving the key, Dong Zheng walked into the apartment where he would be temporarily living. The house had all the necessary furniture, but a general feeling of emptiness permeated the space.

Dong Zheng didn’t turn on the light. He sat on the sofa and laid on the backrest with his arms spread out. The sky outside was growing faint, and his deeply contoured face was hidden in the darkness, his expression unclear.

Dong Zheng fell asleep, half-dreaming and half-awake. He seemed to hear someone calling him, the sound vague in his dream.

Was Ah’Zuo calling him?

Was he…okay?

No one could answer Dong Zheng.

When he woke up, the sky was completely dark. The only light was from the street lights outside, reflecting the outline of the window. Dong Zheng’s tongue was dry. He went to the kitchen, but when there was no hot water, he drank water directly from the tap.

The refrigerator was empty. Fortunately, the water heater was still available. Dong Zheng heated up the water and took a shower, then went back to the bedroom and continued to sleep.

His life alone was really boring. Dong Zheng was awakened by his biological clock every day, and he would opened his eyes without knowing what he would do for the day. All his social contacts were gone. No one knew him. At this moment, he couldn’t be more aware of the loneliness that entangled Cui Zuojing.

The scepter of time was hidden under the bed, and the amulet and the Demon God’s blood were always on him. Dong Zheng got up every day to wash, and after returning from taking breakfast downstairs, he sat at the table and immersed himself in his kernel, trying to better adapt to Victor’s power of body.

Murphy’s figure still existed on the second level of the temple. Dong Zheng had been monitoring her but she hadn’t changed the slightest. It was undoubtedly a good thing that he could now see the meme. After returning to Rose Chapel, he might be able to find out what the anomalous object was that was infecting the team members.

When Murphy left, she’d left behind a “gift” for him. At that time, Dong Zheng was worried that he might not be able to bear it and so he never checked it. But now, he focused on exploring it.

As time passed day by day, Dong Zheng could clearly feel the power of time slipping away from his body. He even estimated that he might be able to go back in another month and a half.

These days, he’d been missing Cui Zuojing, Dong Linhai, and the rest of his companions.

No matter how difficult the time was, it would eventually pass. Finally it was the day the Wonton Insurgency team would enter Snow Parasite Trail.

Dong Zheng carefully wiped down his crossbow and arrows. He decided to take the amulet with him, but opted to hide the Demon God’s blood and the scepter of time under the floorboard. These two items were too heavy and too fragile. He didn’t want to risk them getting damaged in battle.

After making preparations, Dong Zheng took out Fu Zhe’s key, opened the bedroom door, and entered the living room of the apartment rented by the Wonton Insurgency.

The light blue box was placed in the middle of the living room. It was open and the lid rested quietly on the table. It hadn’t been very long since the team had entered the box.

What Dong Zheng wanted to do this time was to protect his companions from the Queen’s heirs, and…he wanted to do his best to save his first teammate, Allen, who had been gone for two years now.

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2 years ago

Yes, please, safe Allen TnT

2 years ago

I’m really worried here…It’s like a whole loop, with the same actions repeating in sequence. Is this the 5th Domingo? The 100th? How many time have they failed and repeated this loop without awareness, with Domingo still repeating the same exact steps he underwent in the past?

God, not to be a pessimist but can DZ really save Allen? Or will e arrive at that fateful moment again, where he is delayed by the battle with Tang Ji and arrives too late? I hope everything becomes clearer soon T-T

1 year ago

Yes saving Allen!
Thank you for the chapter!