IWOL Chapter 343: Slaying the Demon

Cui Zuojing turned a corner and nearly ran into the two people coming from the other side. He took two steps back and saw Dong Zheng and Allen, both of whom seemed to be in a hurry.

Dong Zheng’s face was a little pale, and he looked rather weak. Apart from this, he looked normal. Next to him, Allen was still wearing the task force’s black uniform. The moment he saw Cui Zuojing, Allen’s eyes lit up and he immediately opened his arms to hug him, “Cui’er!”


Although he was happy to meet Dong Zheng, Cui Zuojing stared at Allen as if he’d seen a ghost, “Why are you here?”

“Ah?” Allen was confused. He pointed to himself in confusion, “Me? I shouldn’t be here?”


Cui Zuojing suddenly realized what had happened. His expression changed drastically, and he turned and ran as fast as possible toward the way he came.

“Hey!” Dong Zheng and Allen weren’t certain what was going on, so they could only follow him and ask, “What’s going on?”

“J pretended to be Allen to deceive me and Hangzhi! They’re still together!”

Cui Zuojing was full of regret. Why?! Why didn’t he discover it sooner?! Why did he allow himself to get tricked? Yes, with Allen’s character, the moment he sees them, he would want to hug them.

Dong Zheng realized the seriousness of the problem. J was good at disguising, and he was also incredibly strong. He himself had personally experienced this strength when he returned to Snow Parasite Trail as Domingo. Not only was J incredibly strong, he had the Queen’s brand to protect him. He was evil, bloodthirsty, and cruel. Now that Hangzhi had fallen into his hands, Dong Zheng was afraid to think of the consequences.

The three of them rushed down the path Cui Zuojing came. Suddenly, thick clouds quickly gathered in the sky, and an icy rain began to fall. When the raindrops touched their bare skin, it caused a burning pain.

A huge black phantom appeared in the sky, reaching a height of several hundred meters. Its fleshy ball-like body had a long spiky head, and its arms stretched out toward a point in the sky, as if trying to grab something!

It was…a person.

Cui Zuojing stopped in horror. The person rushing towards the monster in the sky exuded the power of chaos, space and dream. He recognized that this figure rushing against the rain was Chang Hui.

“What is she doing?!”

No one could answer Allen’s question. The gray power of chaos surrounded Chang Hui, gushing out of her body and condensing in the air to form a giant blade. Her hands suddenly moved, and the giant blade followed her command, slashing toward the demon!

The three forces weaved together, breaking through the void and illusion to sever the arms coming toward Chang Hui. Then, without pause, it continued to slash toward the huge figure.

The one-hundred-meter-long giant blade slashed into the body formed by the accumulation of flesh and blood. Chang Hui used all of her strength, and with a shout, pushed the giant blade forward. A violent energy erupted from where the blade and the demonic god met. Gray, dark blue, and lavender light flickered wildly, some wrapping around Chang Hui to protect her. The blade sank into the demonic god’s body, and chaos power immediately penetrated into its bone marrow.


Following Chang Hui’s roar, the virtual blade abruptly rotated, and the demonic god split into two halves!

Black blood spilled from the sky as the demonic god’s monstrously huge body began to fall. But things that did not belong to this world would ultimately be rejected, and so, once the law of space sensed the demonic god’s existence, it immediately rejected it, wanting to drive it away.

Space power condensed in Chang Hui’s hands. At the precise moment when the demonic body was being expelled from the Pure White Realm, she broke through the barrier that separated the two worlds and, using the power of the Master of Chaos, gave it the final death blow!

The demonic god was completely ejected from the Pure White Realm, and so it’s figure disappeared completely. The dark, heavy clouds in the sky dissipated, the rain gradually stopped, and the sun began to shine once more.

She’d personally killed the demonic god who had entangled her for 30 years, and from now on, she was no longer anyone’s bride.

Chang Hui closed her eyes. The blood on her body was washed pink by the rain, even as the power of chaos circled around her hands.

The dark blue power of dream flew out in a specific direction, dragging a tail mark, as it returned to its owner, Luo Yan.

The sun was shining on Chang Hui’s pale face. This was the sun whose rays she had not felt for so long. It was warm enough to make her break down in tears.

On her wrist was the silver bracelet that was engraved with the words “Hundred Years Longevity.” It was something her father had asked the village silversmith to make for her when she was five years old. These three words were the most sincere blessing that her parents gave her.

—She was finally free. Father, mother, you’re also free.

Chang Hui gripped the paper umbrella tightly. On the inside of the umbrella were several layers of blood fingerprints, each of which represented a transaction. She had collected so many souls, using them to nourish her parents’ souls that did not want to leave her.

And now, everything was finally over.

She opened the umbrella several times, and two phantoms appeared in the sun. They looked down at their daughter, who had not changed in 30 years. With a smile, they stretched out their hands, their palms passing through Chang Hui’s face.

Their stubborn souls could finally be reassured and happily scatter. From now on, she would be able to start a new life as a normal girl.

Back then, she became the Queen’s heir to make it easier to gain strength. Due to the existence of the demonic god’s rain, the Queen was unable to mark her neck like the other heirs. It therefore gave her the opportunity to complete her plan step by step.

After all…she was the little devil that others spoke of.

The power of chaos completely surrounded Chang Hui, heralding the possibility that anything was attainable.

“Hangzhi…is dead,” Cui Zuojing murmured, his mind buzzing. A voice reverberated in his heart: It was his fault. It was his mistake that caused Hangzhi’s death!

Dong Zheng immediately pulled Cui Zuojing to him. Embracing him, he gently stroke the back of the young man’s neck, comforting him, “Don’t be sad. It’s not your fault.”

Cui Zuojing gripped Dong Zheng’s arm tightly. He squeezed his eyes tightly closed, but tears gushed out uncontrollably. Why…Now that they have Allen back, why did they have to lose another companion?

The hands at Allen’s sides tightened into fists. He didn’t even have time to see Hangzhi yet, much less speak to him. How could he just…?

Suddenly Allen’s eyes lit up. “That’s right! After a pilgrim’s death, his soul will be recovered by Ket…the supercomputer. We can still find him! Just like you found me!”

Of course, they didn’t know that the supercomputer that controlled the Pure White Realm had gone on strike due to the CPU and Memory’s interference. However, Allen’s words were still a comfort. Cui Zuojing raised his head and looked at Dong Zheng. Dong Zheng stroked his forehead and gently said, “Don’t worry. I’ll find the way back.”

Cui Zuojing nodded. He raised his hand to wipe away his tears and said, “Let’s go.”

Cui Zuojing took the lead, looking for the exit. Behind him, Allen asked Dong Zheng with his eyes if he and Cui Zuojing had that kind of relationship, and Dong Zheng gave a small nod.

Allen’s mouth dropped open into an O shape. Now he was very curious to know what kind of love the team had experienced since he was gone.


Fu Zhe walked on the grass under the starry night. It was very dark. There was no moon, leaving only stars scattered about, but their lights were not bright enough to illuminate. The weeds grew halfway up his calves, and small fireflies floated about, emitting a bright yellow light that gave him a clear view of the path ahead.

His footsteps startled the fireflies, and they slowly drifted. In front of him was a river, and sitting on the bank of that river was a girl. She was wearing a loose dark blue dress with her braids loosely grazing the grass, looking like a small, wandering enchantress.

Fu Zhe walked over and called out her name, “Luo Yan.”


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2 years ago

literally burst into tears when i read where chang hui’s silver bracelet came from bye