IWOL Chapter 344: His Honor

Luo Yan looked over her shoulder and smiled at Fu Zhe. Her smile had both gentleness and the relief that came once the dust had settled. Suddenly, Fu Zhe realized that she was already no longer the old Luo Yan from ten years ago.

Luo Yan patted the grass next to her, and Fu Zhe walked over and sat down. This place was like a dreamland, especially the dark blue river flowing quietly in front of them, looking exactly like everything that was otherworldly and fantastical.

“Is this the place that trapped you?”

“It is.” Luo Yan stretched out her hand and gently dipped her fingers into the river. The deep blue dreamland that flowed around her fingertips condensed into a ball. When it popped, it turned into a translucent fish that swam into the sky. “I’m afraid of being discovered, so I haven’t dared to look for you. Now, I don’t need to worry anymore.”

Some questions needn’t be asked. What kind of person Luo Yan was and what she’d done , Fu Zhe knew almost all of it. Although she wasn’t a member of the Wanton Insurgency, but with the key, Fu Zhe still knew that they were now at the core of the Pure White Realm–the God’s Back Garden.

The place where countless regrets and hopes were left behind.

But Fu Zhe was still worried. “Is Chang Hui trustworthy?”

“Trustworthy. I promised to help her become the new Master of Chaos in order to fulfill a long cherished wish. In return, she agreed to do everything she can to help us achieve our goal.” Whenever she thought about the conversation she had with Dong Zheng in the shattered remains of the church, Luo Yan couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear. “In Rose Church, I thought I was going to fail. I didn’t expect that Ah’Zuo would really be able to reverse time, allowing Dong Zheng to retrieve what they needed.”

Fu Zhe silently nodded. Perhaps Luo Yan, who had contacted Chang Hui long before Ah’Zuo returned to the Pure White Realm, had set in motion a plan to change things. How did Dong Zheng, who’d just entered the Pure White Realm, obtain a rare and precious dark gold prisoner card, resulting in him summoning Cui Zuojing, who’d just smuggled in? What’s more, the energy that Chang Hui had put into Dong Zheng’s body in the Labyrinth of Time not only did not harm him, but helped him suppressed his emotions. After that, when they needed help the most, Luo Yan had guided them in their dreams…Everything that had happened, it turned out that the pieces had been arranged long ago.

This girl, who had committed suicide due to severe depression, had entered the Pure White Realm with a determination to live that was more unyielding than many others.

Although they both were trapped in different places for many years, rendering them unable to communicate with one another, they still held the same belief, the same goal, and were determined to do everything they could to achieve this.

“What happened to them?”

“Dong Zheng destroyed Kether. Xiao Xia unfortunately encountered Worm of Mystery, Ah’Zuo and Dr. Lin killed Cheriyu Nana, and Chang Hui killed Tang Ji, finally becoming the Master of Chaos. Uncle and Midnight met once more, but this time, Uncle has the upper hand.”

Unfortunately encountered Worm of Mystery.

Fu Zhe’s heart sank. He knew very well what it meant to encounter Worm of Mystery. That book was too evil, and Xia Qiongyun encountering it didn’t bode well for her.

Luo Yan didn’t mention Wang Que and Dong Linhai, and so Fu Zhe asked tacitly, “What about the final link you’d planned?”

Luo Yan let out a slight smile. “She and her knight are on their final journey.”

Fu Zhe nodded and fell into silence by the bank of the river. The cry of the insects, the fireflies that flew around him, the surface of the river that reflected pulsating spots of lights, and the wind that brought the scent of green grass…Suddenly, Fu Zhe realized that it had been a long time since he felt such a comforting peace.

Soon, their ultimate fate would be revealed.

Fu Zhe abruptly sensed something. His relaxed body instantly tensed, and he looked out at a specific direction in the darkness, as if listening intently. In the space he was most familiar with, there was an unusual disturbance.

“Someone broke in.” He stood up, stared at the darkness in the distance, and whispered, “I’ll make the first move.”

“Yes.” Luo Yan took hold of one of Fu Zhe’s hands and when he lowered his head to look, she said, “I have something for you.”

Although Fu Zhe was puzzled, he still opened his palm. Luo Yan grabbed something from the air, placed the mysterious content into his palm, and closed his hand into a fist.

If felt as if there was nothing there, just a cloud of air.

“What is it?” Fu Zhe was puzzled.

Luo Yan looked up at him, and a familiar, cunning light appeared in her eyes. She placed her index finger against her lips. As if fearing that someone might overhear, she whispered, “The courage to face your fear.”

Fu Zhe was taken aback, and then he couldn’t help but smile. He raised his palm, squeezed Luo Yan’s gift tight, and said, “Okay, I’ll accept it.”

The river flowed silently, surging against the banks. The light of the fireflies brightened, and the distant halo gradually spread to consume Fu Zhe’s entire field of vision.

Fu Zhe opened his eyes. He was reading a book, but at some unknown point in time, he must have fallen asleep. Although it seemed like a long time had passed in the dream, it was only a second in reality, and the abnormal disturbance was still there. He immediately stood up, grabbed the black flute, and silently opened the door.

Downstairs, a man wrapped in a white Arabic robe stepped out through the kitchen door, holding an opened black book in his hand. The book was black, his robe was white, his hair was black, his eyes were white, his fingertips were black, and the ring he wore was white.

Worm of Mystery.

That nightmarish name, always engraved in Fu Zhe’s heart, had now reappeared in front of him after a lapse of so many years. How did it get the key to enter the castle? Or rather…who did it get the key from?

The answer heralded some kind of bloody possibility.

Fortunately, Lillian was in her room. As long as she remained in her room, she wouldn’t be in danger.

Fu Zhe walked out and pressed his back against the wall. At this angle, he was blocked by the railing and would not be seen from the hall downstairs. Fu Zhe held his breath and focused on the movements downstairs. Suddenly, he felt his hand being held.

His head snapped up. At some unknown time, Cerberus had left his room. He must have also noticed that something was wrong because his Persian scimitar hung at his waist.

This was the first physical contact between Fu Zhe and Cerberus in a long time. There were many calluses in the man’s broad palm, and the temperature of his touch was so warm that it was burning. Fu Zhe subconsciously wanted to pull his hand away, but Cerberus tightened his grip.

Cerberus looked down at him. His mouth opened silently, but Fu Zhe still understood every word.

He said: Master, don’t be afraid.

Am I afraid? I’m not afraid, Fu Zhe thought, but then he realized that the hand holding his flute was trembling slightly.

Perhaps, because he saw the embarrassment flashing across Fu Zhe’s eyes, Cerberus lowered his head and accurately pressed his mouth against Fu Zhe’s.

When Cerberus’ lips touched his, something in Fu Zhe’s heart abruptly shattered.

Long suppressed feelings broke through the hard, frozen ground and began to sprout. The savage growth quickly entangled his entire heart. Fu Zhe’s back was pressed against the wall, his face uptilted. Cerberus pushed one hand on the wall, while the other hand held Fu Zhe’s hand, their ten fingers entangled. After the first probing touch, he gradually deepened the kiss.

Worm of Mystery was exploring downstairs, and a crisis was imminent. But Fu Zhe was immersed in a kind of deep and trembling reverberation. The feelings that were once hidden in the fragments of his incomplete soul were strong as wine. Without his knowledge, it had somehow already soaked his entire soul.

Cerberus did his best to force himself to stop this long-anticipated kiss. His proud self-control seemed to have always become nonexistent when facing his master. Fu Zhe’s eyes were slightly red and watering. How familiar this sight was to Cerberus.

His tall nose brushed against the tip of Fu Zhe’s nose, and he whispered into his ear, “No matter what happens, I will always be by your side.”

Worm of Mystery had finished exploring the first floor and was walking up the stairs, searching for traces of Fu Zhe. Fu Zhe and Cerberus gazed at one another, and he saw his eyes reflected in those deep honey eyes.

He was holding Luo Yan’s courage, with Cerberus to accompany him, and he had his friends with them. What was there to be afraid of?

The worst outcome was nothing more than death.

He gently pushed Cerberus away, placed the black flute against his lips, took a deep breath, and blew out the first note.

The illusion had already been laid out ahead of time, and the castle was fully under the control of the power of space. The entire building immediately underwent a violent transformation as space was distorted, torn, interlaced, and overlapped…Numerous doors appeared, connecting where they should. There were countless passages. Some of these passages would lead to a door, others to cracks in space or to other passages. They were wrapped layer by layer, like an endless matryoshka doll. The white-robed man holding Worm of Mystery was wrapped in the first layer.

Fu Zhe didn’t know how long it would take Worm of Mystery to break through the maze he’d set up, but—He looked at the man next to him. Cerberus was wrapping bandages around his wrist, layer by layer, preparing to take the invader’s life.

“Listen to my flute. It will guide in the right direction.”

Cerberus nodded. He slowly clenched the scimitar, his honey-colored eyes filled with a cold, obsessive light. Just like in the past, just like a deadly beast in the arena. “I’ll definitely come back.”

This was about honor, about love, about life.

This was about his entire world.


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Aw, they’re so sweet too

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aaah sure it’s a battle but why I have the impression of seeing a romantic stroll ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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the sexual tension, damn!!!