Love Delusion: Chapter 24

Once again, Lin Anran drew a small illustration.

His pen drew a little man with a round head on the paper. This time, the little dummy was no longer shedding tears nor was he holding a tortoise shell in a protective gesture. Instead, he was restored to his original expression.

There was a person too large for the drawing, wearing a suit. He was sitting, and the little dummy Ranran was on his knees. The little dummy was holding a bunch of flowers in his hands, kneeling on one knee, and lifting his two pea-like eyes to look at the person.

The dummy Ranran was showing love to the person too large for the screen.

If you look closer, you would see that there were two tiny, twinkling stars in those pea-like eyes.

When he was done, Lin Anran put his pen down.

After his cousin left, he knew that his aunt would call.

Although this was the result he wanted, since Boss Shang threw his cousin out today, Lin Anran was a bit uncertain about his aunt’s call.

As a result, he’d been anxiously waiting for the call to come in.

As the evening passed, and his aunt’s call did not come, Lin Anran considered whether he ought to take the initiative, but he couldn’t help but wonder whether it would make him seem too impatient.

He was entangled by this all the way until night time, and still his phone had not moved.

This should fall within the normal time frame…Right? Lin Anran didn’t know; he was someone who was uncertain. Because he had to make some psychological preparations, the period of waiting seemed exceptionally long.

He decided that if his aunt hadn’t called by eight o’clock, he would take the initiative to call her and apologize.

When his aunt’s call finally came in, Lin Anran was in the middle of refurbishing an unused shoe box.

He was turning the shoe box into a storage bin with six grids, so that it could be used to store the watches worth a few suits that were currently in the drawer of his bedside table.

After knowing the truth. Lin Anran was really frightened to see Boss Shang just throwing the watches in his bedside table, making his heart tense.

When his aunt called, Lin Anran quickly put down the shoe box in his hands. With the vibrating mobile phone in his hand, he quickly gave his mouth a quick stretch and then solemnly pressed the answer button on his phone.

“Hello, Xiao Ran—“


Lin Anran stood up and began circling around the living room by himself.

“Did you drink the soup I made you?” his aunt asked him.

“I’ve drunk it, Aunt.”

His aunt’s tone still sounded the same as before, not at all angry like he’d expected.

“Go ahead and drink.” His aunt paused and then continued in a more cautious voice, “Then, do you often share it with your roommate? Is there enough for the both of you?”

Hearing her mention Shang Hao, Lin Anran became more spirited. “There’s enough, aunt.”

“Good, good…Mmn, I heard your cousin said, what kind of group does your roommate’s family own? What do they do?”

“Well, his family does some real estate, hotels, travel, cars…like these.”

Lin Huiyan was stunned. So much extravagant embellishments, surely Xiao Ran hadn’t been swindled by this type of bad multi-level marketing, right?

While Lin Anran was nervous, Lin Huiyan was worried. When her son came back, he’d told her that Xiao Ran had a roommate at home but then he’d refused to speak any more about it.

So, Xiao Ran really did have a roommate? Did she misunderstand? But what about the empty room she saw before?…

Lin Huiyan hadn’t been able to sit still since hearing her son talk about this in the evening, and she immediately wanted to call Xiao Ran. But after second thoughts, she realized that calling too quickly would seem too abrupt and impatient, as if there was a problem.

It wasn’t until nighttime that she felt that the time was just right, and so she called Xiao Ran as calmly as possible.

The person on both ends of the phone didn’t want the other party to notice their urgency, so they agreed with false casualty to see Shang Hao together next time.

Boss Shang seemed to have become a rare creature at the zoo, whereby people circled around, waiting to gawk.

When Lin Anran saw that his aunt hadn’t mentioned what happened that afternoon, he mustered up the courage to sincerely admit his mistake. “Aunt, in the afternoon, cousin…”

This afternoon, Shang Hao didn’t intentionally throw his cousin out.

He thought hard about how to word it.

“Sorry, what?” After a second, his aunt reacted, and then immediately thought of something. Her voice suddenly became louder. “Your cousin bullied you?”

Lin Huiyan knew Lin Anran’s character very well. If nothing happened, this child wouldn’t have taken the initiative to mention it.

Lin Anran suddenly realized that his cousin hadn’t filed a complaint with his aunt yet. He abruptly changed his words, “Oh, I just want to say that I forgot to thank cousin.”

When saying this, Lin Anran had a guilty conscience and his words subconsciously sped up.

Since this was him, Lin Huiyan didn’t doubt it. She smiled and said, “Silly boy, there’s no need.”

His cousin apparently hadn’t mentioned it to his aunt, and maybe it was rather shameless of him, but the instant Lin Anran realized this, he subconsciously wanted to protect the shortcoming of the businessman in his family.

The plan went smoothly. After he hung up, Lin Anran felt relaxed, as if he’d accomplished something major. Thinking of his aunt meeting Shang Hao, which was like advancing one step further, the happiness bubbling in his heart rose another level.

He looked around the house to see where that capitalist went.

Currently, Lin Anran was like a silly village boy who’d somehow managed to marry a new daughter-in-law. Such an outstanding Boss Shang, the more he looked at him, the more he liked him.

Speaking of which, yesterday when Lin Anran impulsively posted a picture of the painting on his homepage, he’d inadvertently triggered a little wave.

When someone questioned in the comments, “Did Wifey buy this?” He hurriedly posted an explanation, saying, “It was a gift.”

It wasn’t a painting he’d bought; it was a gift.

The pervasively keen netizens immediately deduced that this was a wave of dog food.

Clues: 1. Because Wifey’s previous posts didn’t involve anything Versailles, thus all the Versailles posts are actually romantic posts; 2. Wifey said it was a gift, so it was very likely that this was a bowl of dog food.

This quickly relegated the post to throwing dog food, and so Lin Anran recieved many blessings.

His post itself resulted in a lot of forwarding. Previously, a fan @ a popular blogger whose ID Lin Anran remembered as “Rich Person Speaking.”

The outcome was that this blogger reposted Lin Anran’s post, which directly gave the post a lot of publicity.

Within a day, the number of forwarding comments on Lin Anran’s homepage rose steadily, and for this reason, he had a small increase in fans.

Lin Anran had no sense of security over the fact that the post he’d posted was making so much noise, so he switched the post to private and sent the blogger a private message to apologize.

Being too-high profile isn’t too good, he thought.

After Boss Shang came out of the shower, Lin Anran warmed up his aunt’s stew and served it to him. Then he sat next to Shang Hao and watched him drink the soup.

The more he looked at him, the more he wanted to look at him….Lin Anran touched Shang Hao’s sleeve lovingly, feeling sweet inside.

His family was so good and so pleasing to the eyes. Not like that previous Fanran, who could be somewhat detestable.

Why did he like him so much?

He liked him, so much so that he felt bashful.

“Are you eating?” Shang Hao turned his head and asked him.

Lin Anran shook his head.

“Oh.” Before turning his head back to drink the soup, Shang Hao suddenly said, “I love you too.”

Lin Anran’s throat choked, and for a moment, he felt as if he’d just been poked by Shang Hao’s words of loving him, completely melting him.

In the end, he didn’t say anything.

Before this, he’d never thought that there would be someone who would be with him everyday, and halfway through eating soup, he would turn his head and say “I love you too.”

As if loving him was a daily matter.

Lin Anran couldn’t describe the feeling, but it was full of warmth and melting softness.

To the extent that his enthusiasm for his new partner soared through the roof.

During bedtime, when Shang Hao was in bed looking at his mobile phone, Lin Anran happily and diligently moved closer to his family member and asked Boss Shang whether he wanted him to count sheeps tonight.

Right now, his partner Boss Shang was like a guest of honor.

Hearing his question, Shang Hao silently turned to gaze at him.

Something was wrong. This person’s attitude towards himself was lenient. Shang Hao thought that maybe this was the so-called double-standard.

Shang Hao did not agree to his proposal to count sheep, but looked at Lin Anran and gave him an unpredictable smile.

A pair of dark eyes stared at Lin Anran. The gleaming light in his eyes seemed to have stripped Lin Anran naked.

Lin Anran: …

He was careless. He’d patronized this person happily today, forgetting that he was a stinky pervert—Ah no, forgetting that he always had a special hobby.

Ten minutes later, Lin Anran found himself straddling a certain someone, the posture giving him an indescribably shy feeling.

Because it was Boss Shang’s body sitting under his butt and because his face was thin, he didn’t dare to look directly at Shang Hao’s face.

Shang Hao, who was leaning on the bed, held his waist with both hands, urging him with his eyes.

Lin Anran said, “Then I will start.”

Shang Hao wanted Ranran to take the initiative to kiss him himself.

After saying this, Lin Anran actually didn’t know where to put his mouth. In the end, he just leaned in and pressed a quick kiss to Boss Shang’s lips.

“That’s it?” Shang Hao was dissatisfied. “Use your tongue, Lin Anran.”

In order to avoid getting too close, Lin Anran was already supporting himself up with both hands on Shang Hao’s shoulders. Despite his sense of crisis, he couldn’t get away at all. Shang Hao held the back of his head, deepening the kiss.

In the room, the sound of wet kissing went on for a long time.

The scene went from him kissing Shang Hao to Shang Hao kissing him. They laid on the bed, pressed against each other, and Shang Hao asked him whether this was okay.

Tonight, Lin Anran was especially obedient, like soft jellyfish in water, seeming to be able to transform into any shape no matter how he was kneaded. Him being so obedient only made Shang Hao want to bully him more.

When Lin Anran said, “Okay,” Shang Hao’s hand slipped under his clothes.

He was no longer kissing Lin Anran and was instead focused on looking down at him, looking at his flushed face and his expression of wanting to turn his head away but having nowhere to escape.

Lin Anran regretted it a little. He felt particularly ticklish, but because it was Shang Hao’s hand on his bare body, he felt intimate and shy. His brain was too meltingly comfortable, and when he finally had a moment to think about it, he couldn’t help but wonder whether his entire body was also completely flushed red.

“Boss Shang,” Lin Anran endured for a long time, and finally he rested back against the bed and reminded Shang Hao, with his eyes looking pointedly down, “Vice President Shang has already been standing up for a long time.”

Shang Hao heard him, but the expression on his face showed that he didn’t care and that he was deaf, and he even arrogantly used his vice president to resist Lin Anran.

He touched Lin Anran’s neck with his hand, causing a large area of ​​Lin Anran clothes to be opened, exposing his skin to the air.

Currently, when he and Lin Anran were together, the normal physiological reaction of an adult male would rarely take precedence. On occasions when a second person appeared, particularly in the case of Boss Shang, he would always restrain himself. Even those early morning reactions would be quickly resolved alone.

It wasn’t easy for Shang Hao to get into Lin Anran’s bed, so he was willing to solve the situation himself.

Over time, this became Lin Anran’s impression of their private lives.

Let the Vice President Shang stand. As before, when this happened, it would just eventually go down on its own anyway.

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