Love Delusion: Chapter 30

Lin Anran didn’t know what Dr. Zhou had said to Boss Shang in the office that day.

After that day, Lin Anran’s imagination became more and more wild. He couldn’t help but guess what they were talking about in his absence.

Was it about his illness? That must be it. What else would they talk about aside from this? How much did Shang Hao know? Did Teacher Zhou tell him everything, including his previous history in the hospital?

So what did Boss Shang think of him now?

In his trance, he suddenly heard Peng Peng’s voice said loudly and clearly into his ear over the phone, “Hello, Lin Anran?! Are you paying attention?

Lin Anran instantly froze and then apologized, “Sorry.”

Peng Peng continued to say with dissatisfaction, “In short, several character profiles are roughly exactly what I’ve told you. A copy of the documents has already been sent to you, and you can take a look at them later. The deposit will be transferred to you in the afternoon. You’re fine with the deadline?”

Lin Anran listened to Peng Peng’s instructions and replied, “Yeah.”

As he held the phone, his eyes slowly shifted to the tablet in his hand. The web page displayed on the screen was Shang Hao’s personal social account.

Even though Shang Hao had already said that this account wasn’t his, and his staff were the ones managing it.

The account was an official social media platform used by Tianneng to relay company news. Usually, it never had personal news, and all reposts were official contents from affiliated companies and company updates regarding project progress, charity works, performance breakthroughs, and more.

Even so, a group of Shang Hao’s fans still gathered under this account.

Shang Hao usually only appeared in the financial news, and although the number of fans he had was small, they were still a group of mature fans. They were already used to it and could skillfully ignore the forwarded contents while following Shang Hao wholeheartedly in the comment section.

Lin Anran sneaked into it, and under the most recent post, he sent a message to Shang Hao, “Hao ge, cheering you on at work (o′▽`o). Muah!”

Of course, no one responded to him. His comment was drowned out in the sea of other comments.

Like this, Lin Anran discovered that he himself really enjoyed observing secretly in the dark. In this way, he felt more comfortable expressing himself.

Lin Anran: The stinky pervert was actually myself.

At this moment, Peng Peng purposefully raised his voice, “Lin Anran, you’re distracted again!!!”

Lin Anran started and apologized for the second time, “I’m sorry!!!”

Somehow, he’d forgotten that he still had the phone in his hand. Sorry!

“What’s wrong with you today?” Peng Peng asked. “You’re constantly absentminded, and you’re not like this normally. What’s wrong? Are you unwell?”

Lin Anran stubbornly said, “No.”

“What’s the matter? What’s going on? Is there something wrong with your relationship?”

Lin Anran hesitated. “Nothing…”

Peng Peng said, “So that’s it.”

When he spoke again, the excitement being about to eat melon was suppressed in his voice. Sounding very calm, he said, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Anran sighed. “It’s nothing.”

But Peng Peng had already smelled the melon. At this moment, even though his heart and lungs were itchy, he had to work hard to maintain a surface calm. He asked in a normal voice, “You can tell me. Aiya, what are friends for if not for giving advice? Maybe I can help you.”

All thoughts of work were thrown aside, and under Peng Peng’s repeated questioning, Lin Anran was forced to consider the fact that Peng Peng might be able to help him.

Because Shang Hao had said a few words to Peng Peng on the phone last time, Lin Anran ended up receiving a lot of money. This huge sum of money felt hot in Lin Anran’s hands, and after thinking about it, he decided that he would buy a gift to thank Shang Hao.

But he didn’t know what to buy. Shang Hao didn’t lack food and clothing, and they were all from expensive brands. Lin Anran didn’t know where to start, fearing that he might select something that wasn’t good.

Lin Anran asked Peng Peng, “If, I mean if, you have a super rich and super handsome boyfriend, what would you give him as a gift?”

He wanted to ask Peng Peng, as a friend, what kinds of gifts were generally given, especially since he himself had no experience in this area.

Peng Peng was silent for a few seconds. Lin Anran waited patiently for a while, until he finally couldn’t help but say, “Peng Peng, are you still there?”

“Yes,” Peng Peng’s voice came from the phone. “Are you constantly absentminded because of this?”

Lin Anran guiltily asked him, “What are you thinking?”

Peng Peng said, “I’m thinking, I don’t have a super rich and super handsome boyfriend, why is my life so bitter.”

Lin Anran: …….

Lin Anran didn’t know how to comfort him, so he hurriedly found something to say, “I’m just fortunate, that’s all…”

After saying this, he racked his brain for something more to add but he couldn’t think of anything good to say to Peng Peng.

Because his Shang Hao was indeed super rich and super handsome.

His Shang Hao was flawless.

Peng Peng said, “I’ll beat you to death.”

Lin Anran said, “….Peng Peng, cheer up.”

Peng Peng didn’t know that Lin Anran wanted to use his money to buy a gift for Shang Hao and was simply thinking that he was giving a birthday or a celebratory gift. He asked Lin Anran, “Must you give a present? But among you little lovers, there’s something that can easily solve this. You can just satisfy him, ah!”

Lin Anran didn’t say anything but was silently blushing over the phone.

In the end, Peng Peng didn’t help as much as expected. Lin Anran hung up the phone. Not wanting to draw, he sat quietly for a while before silently stretching out his hand to the tablet.

Once again, he found Shang Hao’s account for no reason.

Lin Anran stared at Shang Hao’s homepage in a daze. This account was actually a replacement for the boss.

Boss Shang was going to travel abroad tomorrow. According to him, if it was quick, it might take only one to two days. But if it was slow, it might take up to a week. During this time, they won’t be able to meet.

“Come with me,” Shang Hao had said to him. “I’ll take my own private plane and it’ll be very fast.”

Lin Anran couldn’t go. He was afraid of the outside world, Shang Hao knew this already.

But he understood that the boss’ work sometimes required traveling for business. Lin Anran was afraid that he would miss him, so he found a replacement.

Actually, regarding a substitute… Lin Anran thought of something. He stood up and entered the vacant room.

If he remembered correctly, it’d been placed here. Ah, found it! Lin Anran excitedly raised the thing in his hand–Look! It was Boss Shang, the one who could vibrate and message him, simply waiting to be his body pillow!

It’d been a long time since he saw this little businessman who’d been thrown here by the true businessman. It was still like new. Because it was covered in dust-proof cloth, it was still good, looking so handsome and charming.

Lin Anran was extremely happy. He excitedly carried Little Shang to the living room, arranged it next to him, and sat it down.
It was really deserving of being the treasured object of an otaku. Lin Anran sat on the sofa, looking at the little businessman up and down shyly and joyfully, feeling as if he couldn’t be more satisfied. At this moment, this flat replacement was much better than the real one.

Because this thing couldn’t speak or move, it could only be an obedient, handsome guy sitting next to him. Lin Anran turned to face him, took a deep breath, readied himself, and began to practice with this substitute Boss Shang.

Yes, practice. Lin Anran had something important that he must do before Boss Shang leaves.

In the living room, there was only him and that long body pillow. Lin Anran looked directly into Little Shang’s eyes, controlling his expression so that he wouldn’t look too nervous. He opened his mouth, and after a long time, he finally whispered to the pillow.

“…Since you’re going on a business trip, I wish you a safe and pleasant journey.”

His tone was somewhat stiff and halting. After saying this, he clumsily approached the body pillow, shyly spread out his arms, and gently hugged the pillow businessman, pretending that it was Shang Hao.

Fortunately, he was the only person here, or else he would be too embarrassed. His movements were unnatural and awkward, looking like a cat who’d finally cultivated into an adult form and was now just learning how to better embrace humans.

His purpose was to wish Boss Shang a safe journey before he leaves.

Due to his differences, a sentence that a normal person could easily express was difficult for him. Therefore, he could only practice secretly by himself like this.

Although it was just a sentence, Lin Anran was very particular about doing it right. He heard one couldn’t wish someone flying by plane to have a smooth journey, and that it was better to wish for a safe journey. Just now, his tone didn’t seem right, and he couldn’t see whether his expression was nervous or not. If he doesn’t practice well, when the time comes, he might embarrass himself.

So Lin Anran made up his mind that he must practice hard.


The words that Peng Peng had said that afternoon lingered in Lin Anran’s heart. As a result, when Shang Hao returned that evening, Lin Anran couldn’t help but look away bashfully when he saw his face.

Lin Anran was an illustrator, so of course he knew what kind of satisfaction Peng Peng had meant when he’d said “satisfy.”

Not only that, he also had a clear understanding of human anatomy, had learned a variety of materials, and knew various postures, angles, and developments for this “satisfaction.”

Hearing this sentence, before he could stop himself, his brain had spontaneously and automatically replaced the protagonist’s face with Shang Hao’s. He blushed silently.

He just felt that it wasn’t the right time yet for him and Boss Shang…

Of course, for someone so reserved and thin-skinned like him, who knew when the right “time” might be.

The episode in the afternoon caused Lin Anran to blush more easily than ever before when seeing Shang Hao that night. He simply buried his face in the pillow and ignored him.

“What’s the matter?” Shang Hao approached him. His weight and body temperature pressed on one of his shoulders. Lin Anran still didn’t look up and only listened as Shang Hao’s voice whispered into his ear, “I see that today, it’s a little rabbit.”

The heat of his breath made Lin Anran’s ear feel hot and numb. Then Lin Anran heard him tease, “Look at me. I’m leaving tomorrow.”

Lin Anran thought of his mission and the sentence he’d been practicing all afternoon. He looked up and met Shang Hao’s eyes.

Shang Hao was so close that his pupils looked large and deep. Lin Anran felt as if he was enveloped in his gaze, as if he had fallen into an invisible net. He leaned back uneasily. Even the air seemed to have thickened.

At the same time, he also felt Vice President Shang’s presence became more and more prominent.

“Don’t move,” Shang Hao said.

As he said this, he pressed down on Lin Anran’s motionless body. Lin Anran lay on his stomach, completely flustered. He couldn’t ignore the obvious presence of the vice president behind him.

Because it was too obvious. All that can be said was that the Vice President Shang that was pressed close to him was too prominent and the shape was also very present…Lin Anran was alarmed, but he didn’t dare move despite being so constricted.

Usually, Vice President Shang would leave after briefly greeting him, so why was he still here tonight?

Lin Anran’s entire body felt as if it was steaming. He didn’t know whether his ear was hot or whether Shang Hao’s breathing was hot. They were pressed so close together that Lin Anran could clearly feel the undulations of Shang Hao’s chest as well as his every unspeakable movements.

Lin Anran buried his head deeper, not daring to look. This was the first time he’d experienced this kind of thing, and the little rabbit, who’d never seen the world’s large carrot, experienced this kind of thing for the first time in his life. His lower part was so apprehensive that it didn’t dare stand up.

“Don’t be afraid. I won’t do anything,” Shang Hao said. “Just let me hug you.”

He said this into Lin Anran’s ear, not knowing how he could love him more.

It may be because they were too intimately close to each other, but Lin Anran felt as if Shang Hao’s voice had texture, rubbing his ear softly and making it itch.

Lin Anran was too nervous about what Shang Hao would do next, and so he sincerely became a pillow under Shang Hao. But then, very slowly, he stretched out his hands and pulled the two rabbit ears at the top of his head down to cover his hot face.


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Poor Lin Anran >.<
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Haha, I just love this author’s euphemisms. Thanks so much for translating!

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If he remembered correctly, it’d been placed here. Ah, found it! Lin Anran excitedly raised the thing in his hand–Look! It was Boss Shang, the one who could vibrate and message [massage?] him, simply waiting to be his body pillow!

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