Love Delusion: Chapter 31

Shang Hao’s plane was at ten in the morning. Lin Anran got up early and made his only best sandwich for them in the kitchen.

Boss Shang was doing the final packing in the bedroom, while Lin Anran was making them breakfast before they parted.

Sandwiches were simple and fast, not requiring a lot of cooking skills. If there was ham, egg, and cheese at home, simply sandwich them between two toasted bread and it would be delicious.

Lin Anran looked in the refrigerator for leafy greens. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Shang Hao’s tall figure suddenly appear in his field of vision.

Shang Hao leaned against the doorframe, silently looking at Lin Anran. Although his expression was neither good nor bad, with Boss Shang so silent, the air pressure in the entire kitchen seemed to thicken.

Or maybe it was just his own temperament, making the person standing next to him automatically feel as if they had done something wrong.

Lin Anran quickly wiped his hands and ran to him. Shang Hao kindly bent down slightly, and turned his face to the side so Lin Anran could easily reach him.

Lin Anran was already somewhat proficient in his movements. He stepped forward and kissed him twice, once on the left and once on the right. After the kiss, he stood there and waited for the boss to give him instructions.

He was like a kiss machine without feelings.

Shang Hao looked at him for a moment, not speaking. Then, he moved away from the doorframe, returned to their room, and continued to pack his things.

They didn’t speak throughout the entire process, because this scene had been repeating since they both got up this morning.

It was unclear when it started. Maybe it was this morning, or was it last night? Whatever the case, when the sun rose this morning, Lin Anran found that Shang Hao’s mood was unusually bad.

Not only did he speak less, even his face was overcast. Lin Anran had no choice but to become his kissing machine.

After he was done making the sandwiches, he washed his hands and returned to the bedroom, wanting to spend more time with the real Boss Shang before he left. After all, he would have to spend a few days alone with the pillow.

Shang Hao was standing by the bed and looking down at his suitcase. He turned his head and, seeing that Lin Anran had appeared, he motioned for him to come over.

Lin Anran walked over obediently. When he saw that half of the suitcase was empty, he felt that something was wrong. Shouldn’t Shang Hao have finished packing up already?

In the next second, Shang Hao picked him up horizontally, startling him. His feet left the ground, the ceiling spun, and he was directly placed into the suitcase.

This was the first time Lin Anran had ever experienced this.

Shang Hao commanded the impossible. “Follow me.”

Then with a sullen face, he added, “I’ll take care of you.”

Lin Anran thought Shang Hao was just joking around, but when he looked at his expression, he realized that he was completely serious.

….Don’t ask such a difficult question to someone with communication problems.

Lin Anran didn’t understand what was going on anymore and didn’t know what to do. Since Shang Hao asked him to lie down, he remained lying down in the suitcase.

This suitcase naturally wasn’t big enough, and his calves fell outside the box. But he remained curled up in the suitcase, staring blankly with clear eyes at Shang Hao. He really looked like a personal item belonging to a certain individual.

Shang Hao looked down at him, and for the first time that morning, he smiled.

He bent down, propped up Lin Anran’s upper body, lowered his head, and kissed the person in the suitcase, kissing wherever he wished–the neck, hair, chin, and half of his soft lips.

Lin Anran’s field of vision in the suitcase was very narrow, and the light dimmed with Shang Hao’s body leaning over him. Lin Anran couldn’t see him well, and after a moment, he became nervous and stretched out his hand to push Shang Hao’s shoulder.

“You’re running out of time.”

He whispered this, but the distance between them was too close, and so it came out like a breath.

After he said this, Shang Hao looked at him, and Lin Anran knew that his mouth was going to be blocked.

So sorry, but his mouth currently couldn’t be loaned to Shang Hao right now. He had something very important to say that he’d been practicing all afternoon yesterday.

While his mouth was still his own, he didn’t wait. He hurriedly seized the time, wanting to succeed on the first try.

“Shang Hao.” Lin Anran stopped him.

He was gasping a little due to nerves, but he looked into Shang Hao’s eyes, and told the real man what he had been practicing over and over again, “…I wish you a safe and pleasant journey!”

He felt that the delivery was still acceptable, while the spoken words themselves were bright as a rainbow.

Sure enough, Shang Hao froze.

….But he wasn’t as happy as Lin Anran had anticipated. Boss Shang was very quiet, watching Lin Anran lying inside his suitcase with heavy eyes. Right now, his expression looked like he wanted to zip up the box and take the person away with him.

The light in front of Lin Anran’s eyes darkened again, because Shang Hao’s upper body was leaning in closer and closer, so close to him that Lin Anran’s arms had nowhere to rest and so he ended up subconsciously wrapping them around Shang Hao’s neck.

The clever Lin Anran felt that he could alleviate the mood, and so he added an extra sentence that wasn’t included in yesterday’s practice.

“I will wait for you to come back.”

This sentence wasn’t rehearsed in advance, and Lin Anran didn’t know if he was able to completely convey his feelings, and so he could only repeat it again, “I’ll wait for you to come back.”

There were many things he couldn’t do, but he would wait for him seriously at home.

Lin Anran knew that Shang Hao heard him. After a moment, Shang Hao responded with an “mmn.”

Lin Anran estimated that it was almost time for Shang Hao to leave. He didn’t know what special meaning was contained in Shang Hao’s “mmn,” or what his tone meant. He didn’t have time to mull it over because Shang Hao’s next sentence was, “I’m not going anymore.”

Lin Anran: ! ! !

Although he didn’t know much about Shang Hao’s work, he knew that his itinerary was arranged at least one week in advance once personally confirmed by him. If something went wrong, the follow-up itinerary would also be subjected to a series of disturbances, which would involve many important people. For him, the price of not working for a day was never simple.

What’s more, it was such a sudden change of schedule. If this business trip was really unimportant, Shang Hao would have changed it early on, and there would be no need to wait until now.

He really wasn’t joking this time. After Shang Hao said this, he gave Lin Anran a big kiss on the mouth and then swiftly got up to make a call.

Lin Anran sluggishly sat up from the suitcase, not understanding the turbulent development of things. This…if he said he won’t go, then he really wouldn’t go?

Did he say something wrong just now?

Shang Hao made a lot of phone calls on the balcony. He scolded people and issued some commands. Lin Anran sat on the sofa apprehensively, feeling like a sinner.

But when Shang Hao returned from making the calls, he seemed to be in a good mood again.

Lin Anran finally found the opportunity to make a comment, and he carefully asked Shang Hao, “Is it bad not to go?”

When Shang Hao heard this, his face became dark again. “I’m not going today. I’ll go tomorrow.”

“But I’m not going to work today.”

Lin Anran pondered for a moment, and then he carefully asked again, “Will we be troubling others?”

This partner of his was unexpectedly really giving, spontaneously classifying himself as Shang Hao’s accomplice. He said it like he was the one who’d told Shang Hao not to go to work, and so he must also deal with the aftermath.

Shang Hao sneered, and like someone who’d done it many times before, said, “Trouble them? What am I paying them for?”

Lin Anran gave birth to the familiar impulse to once gain take on the role of the little brother, wanting to calm Hao ge down.

But he was digesting what had happened just now. Since Shang Hao didn’t have to go on a business trip or to work, did this mean that they had a holiday together? Shang Hao, now in a good mood, went to the kitchen to get the sandwich that Lin Anran had made for him.

Getting used to this kind of life was very strange. It was like a day of blank space was suddenly packed into 356 days a year. They didn’t have to do anything; they could stay together for a whole day.

However, this day was merely stolen. Because Shang Hao would still be leaving tomorrow.

But even if it was only one day, it was still very good. Lin Anran really thought so. This was already very good.

…Except for Boss Shang’s crazily sticking to him the entire day, everything was fine.

They ate breakfast together, played games together, and watched TV together. At noon, they drew the curtains and took a long nap.

Boss Shang was stuck to his back like a large humanoid plaster, and Lin Anran saw Vice President Shang out in broad daylight.

Today’s Boss Shang was particularly unbridled. He wanted to eat a piece of meat from him as well, and this also involved Vice President Shang. Lin Anran didn’t move, allowing Boss Shang to use his body as he pleased.

Lin Anran concentrated on pretending to sleep, his face constantly blushing as he pretended not to know that his little white rabbit pajamas was being soiled.

This scene was simply too exciting. In the dimly lit room, Lin Anran’s heart was pounding, and his palms were sweaty.

He actually had an idea that he didn’t know whether it was appropriate to entertain or not.

Wasn’t Lin Anran worried that Boss Shang might break up with him? It turned out that he could rely on one-piece pajamas to keep this man’s heart.

But he couldn’t help but feel that this businessman actually liked his body better than him?

To be honest, Lin Anran had deliberately researched this question before. The little articles online said that you can tell whether a man loves you or not by whether he will hug you afterward or put you aside and smoke alone.

The worried Lin Anran wanted to ask the writer, what if his man would ♂ and get hard against him? Did that mean he loved his body or him?

He wanted to ask the writer whether their feelings for each other could still be saved?

After being tossed, Lin Anran was so tired that he took an extremely refreshing nap.

After being idle for the whole day, at dusk, they stood on the balcony, each holding a cup of hot tea, to watch the sunset. They watched as the dim sun gradually sank toward the city’s horizon.

On this stolen holiday, the time that passed seemed to be more fulfilling but also faster than ever before.

The sky dimmed little by little, and the city was finally caged with a soft yellow sunset. The day was over.

Lin Anran still felt somewhat reluctant, even if he couldn’t stop the sun in front of him from sinking even a little bit. Many people in the city were getting off work, ushering in the rush hour of traffic congestion. The street lights gradually lit up, and the smell of leaves was intermingled with the evening breeze. The faint lights and the sounds of cars seemed to have reached them from a place far far away. The balcony was like their own private island, and everything else out in the world had nothing to do with them.

Lin Anran watched as the world darkened, and for no reason at all, he had the absurd idea that the two of them were watching the end of the world together.

The person next to him remained silent. Lin Anran looked up, only to realize how strange Shang Hao was behaving.

He was too quiet. Lin Anran hadn’t seen Shang Hao this quiet before.

When Lin Anran looked at him, he also looked at Lin Anran, with unidentifiable emotions surging in his eyes. He looked at Lin Anran without blinking.

Lin Anran asked, “What’s wrong?”

Shang Hao didn’t know what to say to him. In the end, he could only say, “Listening to you.”

“Listening to what?”

The moment he asked this, Lin Anran found himself suddenly being hugged, with one hand pressing his head slightly down.

Lin Anran’s ear was suddenly pressed against Shang Hao’s heart, which was clearly transmitting an unusually fierce heartbeat.

He listened to Shang Haos heartbeat, unable to say anything at all. His heart was jumping so violently that Lin Anran wanted to reach out and soothe it down for him.

Lin Anran looked up at him, unable to match the calmness on Shang Hao’s face with his hot and agitated heartbeat.

Shang Hao didn’t know how to explain it to him. He hugged Lin Anran tightly with one hand, and touched Lin Anran’s eyes with the other hand, “…It’s exactly the same as the heartbeat that afternoon seven years ago.”

The setting sun, the breeze, the person in front of him, and those pairs of youthful eyes.

At this moment, he wasn’t the domineering Shang Hao, but just an ordinary person who loved this person so passionately.

He had no words. Sometimes, an image could capture a person for all of his life. Whenever and wherever, this person would awaken the blazing heartbeat in his chest. When it beats for him, this heartbeat would be as sincere and enthusiastic as it was before.

Found him, Shang Hao said to himself.

“I found you.”


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