Love Delusion: Chapter 33

It was a new day. Lin Anran opened his eyes and said good morning to Hao ge, who was covered with the bedcover.

He yawned, picked up the Hao ge pillow, and carried it into the bathroom to accompany him in brushing his teeth.

When he was eating breakfast, Hao ge sat on the chair opposite him, looking at him with handsome, emotionless eyes.

Since Shang Hao wasn’t at home, this stand-in would accompany him all day, staying with him every step. Although it wasn’t good to say this, Hao ge pillow’s prestige in this home still remained.

And much as he hated to admit it, Lin Anran was also more relaxed when facing this Hao ge pillow. Compared to the real person standing in front of him, the social pressure that came with the pillow was halved. He even found that he tended to actively speak more to this Shang Hao, primarily because he didn’t have to worry about his reaction. The experience was great.

This was worthy of being an otaku’s most important treasure.

But Lin Anran didn’t take him to work, so that he wouldn’t be distracted by Shang Hao.

When he finished drawing that morning, he got up and walked to the balcony. He brought back Shang Hao, who had been basking in the sun all morning.

After basking in the sun, the pillow had become even more fluffy and soft, exuding a unique, clean breath. Lin Anran held Shang Hao’s substitute, rubbed his face against it, and loved it even more.

With the pillow to accompany him, Lin Anran went back to his bedroom for a noon nap.

The curtained room was dim, and a person lay on the bed side by side with the pillow. At this moment, Lin Anran’s closed eyes suddenly opened. He turned to look at the quiet Boss Shang’s substitute next to him.

Although the feeling of having this Boss Shang pillow with him was alright during normal times, there seemed to be something lacking overall.

It sounded strange, but Lin Anran felt that the experience of having freedom over his body was odd

….It couldn’t be that he was experiencing Stockholm Syndrome from being constantly fondled, right?

He lay down for a few more minutes, still not feeling right.

This kind of unfamiliar freedom that came with Shang Hao not being here meant that Lin Anran didn’t have to worry about being fondled. He didn’t know how long this would last.

Lin Anran lifted his clothes and stuffed the pillow Shang Hao’s head underneath his shirt, making the pajamas become swollen and tight.

It was a bit shameful. In the end, he didn’t know how he fell asleep.

In the afternoon, Lin Anran took Hao ge out to draw. In between sketching, he held the tablet and watched with the silent pillow the news report about the real Shang Hao,

He put the Shang Hao pillow in front of him and looked at it thoughtfully.

“Let’s look at it together,” he told the pillow.

The reporter introduced the real estate project funded by the Chinese developer Tianneng Group, which had recently begun to invest in certain areas in the UK. According to the announcement issued by Tianneng Group, the real estate company under the group had brought all the shares to the real estate development project. Once the project was completed, its total value was estimated to be approximately 500 million pounds. The delivery was expected to be completed in a few years. This real estate project would add a strong addition to the list of domestic and foreign real estate investments this quarter.

Lin Anran didn’t have much understanding of it, but this didn’t prevent him from thinking from the bottom of his heart that his Shang Hao was really powerful.

He was excited, and on impulse, he heartily gave the pillow Hao ge a thumbs up.

The pillow was just a pillow with no emotions. It ignored Lin Anran’s thumbs up and faced the screen silently, not knowing that it was being praised.

After yesterday’s incident of Shang Hao nearly being taken away from him, Lin Anran thought it was time for him to do something serious that a boyfriend ought to do, such as showing his possessiveness.

So, he kissed the face of the pillow quite fiercely.

The principle that guided Lin Anran’s conduct in society was to hide in his own shell first. After that, everything else was easy to deal with. Since Shang Hao went away on a business trip, and he was left alone to digest it, he found himself a substitute to make it more bearable.

But others weren’t like that, such as Shang Hao, who almost wrote the word “bad mood” on his face that day.

Thus, without it being said, Lin Anran knew about the other person’s longing and reluctance to part.

In the evening, he made a video call with the real Boss Shang. Ater connecting, he saw that the other person seemed to be in a hotel. Boss Shang was leaning on the bed, his entire person looking a little tired and speaking lazily.

Lin Anran hadn’t thought about what he was going to report today. After a period of time, he told him about what he did today.

Boss Shang seemed to be really tired. He didn’t bother to make any expressions on his face the entire time. After half an hour, he still looked at Lin Anran steadily, so stubborn that he refused to hang up.

After just taking a shower, Lin Anran’s long, half-dried hair was loose and casually draped over his shoulders. It made him look even more gentle and beautiful, framing his face to look smaller. The sight made Shang Hao want to press him to the wall and kiss him.

Shang Hao brought the phone closer, turned his head to reveal his profile, and instructed Lin Anran to move forward.

Lin Anran:….

But seeing Boss Shang’s exhaustion, he leaned in shamefully and kissed the screen blushingly.

At this moment, Lin Anran seemed completely trained. He listened like a well-trained puppy, raising his hand when instructed and letting go when told.

Shang Hao, who was on the other side of the earth, had just returned to his hotel room. He was very tired. He leaned his head back against the bed without moving and snapped several pictures, all of which looked like Lin Anran was closing in to kiss him.

Can be seen but not touched, The irritability in his heart rose another notch.

No matter how much courage Lin Anran had, he would not dare to hang up on Shang Hao. But Boss Shang looked very tired so he suggested that it was better to count sheep for him.

Shang Hao was noncommittal. After a while, he finally opened his mouth and said, “Count for me, Ranran.”

With his eyelids half dropping, he slowly untied his belt with his other hand.

Lin Anran thought this would do. Sure enough, as some who had seen so many small animal one-piece pajamas, Boss Shang’s personal preference was unusual. Tonight, whether Boss Shang wanted to hear him counting carrots or cows, please tell the little dummy to count to your heart’s content. He wanted Boss Shang to rest well.

One minute later, Lin Anran became an emotionless counting machine.

“One Hao ge, two Hao ge, three Hao ge…”

Shang Hao, on the other end, had already put on his headphones.

Shang Hao held the phone with one hand. On the screen was the picture he’d just taken, when Ranran was blushing and kissing him. In his ear was the sound of Ranran. Meanwhile, his other hand was busily moving up and down.

It was at this time that he realized that the situation still had some benefits. This way, he needn’t worry about alarming Lin Anran.

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Lol. Is he really doing what I think he’s doing. 😆 Lin Anran has it coming when boss comes back home. Thank you for the update.

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Hahahah everything has it’s benefit!!
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