Love Delusion: Chapter 42

In the morning, Lin Anran opened his eyes in a dazed manner. The first thing he saw was Shang Hao’s Adam’s apple, which was very close to him. He closed his sleepy eyes again and stretched his waist, causing the top of his head to lazily rub against Shang Hao’s chin.

Shang Hao seemed to wake up, because his arms around Lin Anran tightened, so that they were pressed close to one another.

Lin Anran was still waking up when he indistinctly heard Shang Hao’s slightly hoarse voice.

“…Isn’t this very energetic?”

Lin Anran couldn’t react for a while. Then, like a machine kicking into gear, he immediately reacted. Energetic? What energetic?

He only knew that Shang Hao was unexpectedly energetic right now. He always wakes up later than Lin Aran, but today was different. Lin Anran was still tired, and yet Shang Hao had the energy to tease him.

Lin Anran closed his eyes and could feel Shang Hao touching the hair on his pillow with one hand, slowly and deliberately stroking and caressing his long hair.

This often happened with people with long hair. There were no nerve receptors in their hair, but his movements caused the roots of Lin Anran’s hair to feel an electric itch.

Lin Anran was no longer sleepy. He opened his eyes in a daze, waiting for him to finish touching so that he could get up.

It was impossible for Shang Hao to finish touching so quickly, and he didn’t allow Lin Anran to move, holding him in that same position.

Lin Anran felt strange. Now that he was fully awake, he finally sensed his own body and he directly stiffened.

Without his permission, his carrot had privately stood up. And after standing up, the carrot was arrogantly poking at Shang Hao’s thigh, ready for war.

Lin Anran: Unfilial son!

He didn’t react yesterday, but today…Lin Anran had barely just woken up, but now he was flushed red-hot, and the red came particularly quickly. He had no face to see Shang Hao, and so he awkwardly moved away, pretending that nothing had happened.

Not surprisingly, Shang Hao refused to allow him to budge. He put on a gentle mask, and he whispered to him in a coaxing voice, “Let me help you, alright? Ranran…?”

No way. Lin Anran shook his head like a rattle, as anxious as last night.

But it was too late to repent. From the moment he discovered that Shang Hao had woken up more energetic than before, he should have realized that something was wrong.

Shang Hao was still talking wildly over there. “So you can function normally? Why didn’t it work last night?”

It was no wonder that he was worried. Data showed that one out of every three Chinese men couldn’t stand up, and the streets were full with yw advertisements.

Lin Anran was embarrassed. The lunatic refused to let him go, and he even opened up the comforter to take a look at the carrot, so much so that he was nearly leaning closer to study it.

Under Shang Hao’s suppression, they maintained that posture. When Lin Anran thought that he was still sticking to Shang Hao’s thigh, not only was his face beet-red but so was his ears. But he was too embarrassed to make a sound.

Just when Shang Hao wanted to release Vice President Shang for a friendly comparison, an alarmed Lin Anran took advantage of this and fled from the bed.

He ran away, moving faster than a rabbit. He picked up his clothes and ran into the bathroom, then quietly locked the door behind him.

…The above was what Lin Anran experienced this morning.

You know, before meeting Shang Hao, Lin Anran had never slept in the same bed with anyone else before, nor had he studied someone else’s lower body parts so closely.

Before last night, Lin Anran hadn’t even been naked in front of others.

He normally had no dirty thoughts about Boss Shang. But if he had to admit it, he was more able to enter an aroused state in front of the 2D Boss Shang than in front of the real Boss Shang.

He had been an otaku for most of his life. With the door closed for more than 20 years, it ought to have been rusted, and so he was alarmed at this quick progress.

This was the otaku Lin Anran. In short, he had to put his foot down.

His aunt was right. Sometimes, people still had to learn to reject others.

In view of the fact that it involved Shang Hao, Lin Anran was even more nervous about putting this matter on the agenda. Although the final day would come sooner or later, couldn’t it have come a little bit more milder?

The question now was, how could he tactfully refuse Boss Shang?

Truthfully speaking, there was really nothing he could refuse Shang Hao on. Love covered his heart like lard, and as long as Shang Hao asked him, Lin Anran would feel that it was reasonable and so he would not find it unacceptable.

Therefore, when Boss Shang squeezed out his shower gel and shampoo, he didn’t even feel angry.

If it weren’t for his powerful embarrassment this morning, which conquered everything, Lin Anran would have become meat on the chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered.

If Lin Anran was in a monster fighting game, with his current state, he wouldn’t even be able to fight the junior mobs of “Rejecting Others”; therefore, how could he fight the invincible ultimate boss “Rejecting Shang Hao.” Lin Anran was reluctant to fight, and he was even more reluctant to disappoint Boss Shang.

So difficult.

Boss Shang had gone to work, and Lin Anran was preparing to work in front of the opened computer. But before that, he habitually opened his homepage first.

After the boss lady incident, Lin Anran also became rather popular. Therefore, he dared not update casually anymore, letting his account go silent for a while.

However, the message notifications he received on his accounts had not stopped. Among these accumulated messages, there were some from the account @ShangHao, which would forward the latest development to Lin Anran at the same time everyday and only say, “Good morning.” Lin Anran knew that Boss Shang would send out this news every time he arrived at the company.

This wasn’t like saying hello to him and was more like showing off to others.

Now Lin Anran dared not use his account to leave messages to Shang Hao. On the contrary, it was now Shang Hao who sent messages to him. Once he got his account back, he would post every day, and sometimes it would go round and round without interruptions.

Lin Anran sometimes felt very apologetic to Shang Hao. Because he had a hard time communicating, Boss Shang would look in the mailbox for Lin Anran’s messages every day.

The original situation had already subsided, but the daily forwarding from Shang Hao’s account would still make small waves from time to time. It had become a tourist attraction for netizens, and they would come check at appointed times.

“Drop, beloved wifey checkpost.”

“Today, I’m also shedding lemon-flavored tears for other people’s love.”

“Dried food CP!”

“As long as I eat fast enough, dog food will never be too much for me.”

“President Shang is truly so single-minded, but the other person isn’t even replying. Don’t you think it’s so rude and disrespectful? Anyway, as a passerby, I can’t stand it. Not worthy of President Shang at all.”

Just below this mystifying speech, @ShangHao appeared and personally replied, “None of your business. Humph.”

Without much effort, he managed to mix in an expression pack of “We’re a fated ideal couple, come at us, you demon!”

Sure enough, a bunch of people flooded in from below: “Boss lady, come and speak ahhh!”

“Catch the boss lady alive!”

“Front row! Boss lady, please bless me so that I can find a rich and golden husband this year. Thank you, thank you.”

“Magnificent boss, refute the rumors at once. Tell us your family relationship is very good and that you can still post on President Shang’s account. Please don’t keep us in suspense, okay?”

“Is the boss lady a target or what? Scolded when speaking out in the past, and scolded when not speaking now.”

As he looked at these comments, the expression on Lin Anran’s face was complicated and constantly shifting. Thank you very much, kindhearted and enthusiastic netizens. Next time, don’t imitate his own tone to reply to others, Boss Shang!

He really did have access to Shang Hao’s account, but he didn’t know what to say this time. He himself definitely wasn’t one to humph when coming and humph when going.


The feeling of seeing Boss Shang act like himself was really subtle. Boss Shang had seen the emoticon package last time, and he thought it was very good so he saved it. Turned out that he was able to use it at once.

Lin Anran put down his mobile phone and started today’s work. As he was drawing, he thought about the rejection.

Teacher Zhou said there was more than one way to express himself. If he couldn’t say it, he could use art to express it. The most important thing was expressing himself.

Lin Anran became thoughtful.

In the evening, Shang Hao pulled out a drawing from Lin Anran from the mailbox.

The round-headed little dummy stood in a blank frame. There was a big hand passing a glass of an oversized drink to him. It was Coke in a cup with a straw inserted. The only thing was that this cup of Coke was too big for the little dummy.

Lin Anran secretly added a special message here. As we all knew: Coke, buy Coke, make love.

The round-headed little dummy climbed up to the lid of the cup with great effort, sat on the lid, and tried to use the large straw that was the same size as himself. But he only ended up anxiously going around and around it.

How could a little dummy drink such a huge Coke?

The story ended here. The author of this little cartoon wanted to tell a truth, which was that everything shouldn’t be rushed for quick success and quick gain. One must proceed step by step, be patient and tolerant, and take one’s time.

When Shang Hao was looking at the drawing while sitting on the sofa, Lin Anran poked his head out from behind the sofa, secretly observing Shang Hao’s expression.

He was a little nervous. When drawing this, he had tried his best to be euphemistic, but he didn’t know how to express it or whether Shang Hao would understand it.

Shang Hao finished looking at it and raised his eyebrows.

He turned his head, pointed to the straw in the picture and asked Lin Anran, “You mean, it’s too big for you to eat?”

The straw in the picture was as big as the little dummy’s head. It was thick and round, such that the little dummy couldn’t even take a single bite.

Lin Anran nodded his head wildly. Yes yes yes. That was the truth. He just wanted to say that such a big glass of Coke was a problem for the little dummy and so it shouldn’t be rushed.

“So you’re worried about this.” Shang Hao smiled.

Lin Anran also found it embarrassing and he nodded his head. Exactly. This was what he was worried about.

“It’s okay, I can eat yours instead,” Shang Hao comforted him. “I mean, the straw.”

Lin Anran looked at him, puzzled: ?

Lin Anran: ????


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2 years ago

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thank you so much for updating. Hope you’re doing well. 🌝🍀

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Thanks for the tl, lovely. <3

As always, these two cuties pies are a riot. Reading this novel makes me want to date and fall in love but as an introvert, I haven't found the person I'm comfortable letting into my space. Welp!! Lol

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The part where Ranran shouts “Unfilial son!” to his 🍆 is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever read in my whole life

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And there is the straw thing 😂😂 witch haohao corrupting snow white ranran

Lady Sayuri
Lady Sayuri
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