Love Delusion: Chapter 43

Lin Anran took a bath early that night. Then he laid on one side of the bed, closed his eyes, and began to pretend to sleep.

Time passed slowly, and the room was so quiet that the only sound was the sound of his breathing. He didn’t know how much time had passed before he suddenly heard familiar footsteps, and the strings in his heart gradually tightened.

Shang Hao’s footsteps quickly came to the door.

He paused there.

Lin Anran, with his eyes tightly closed, had adjusted his breathing to imitate someone in a deep sleep. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale…

At this moment, Lin Anran secretly rejoiced and said with modesty that it was fortunate he practiced yoga. He had made some accomplishments regarding the control of his breathing; otherwise he would be like ordinary people and be unable to imitate deep sleep breathing so vividly.

…But why did the movement at the door seem to have disappeared?

Lin Anran needed to keep his eyes closed. Since the enemy was in the light and he was in the dark, his vision was closed and the only thing he could do was maintain his pretense of sleep and nervously wait for what would happen next.

After a while, Shang Hao’s movement reappeared in the quiet room. Someone sat on the other side of the bed, causing the mattress to dip, pulling them closer.

Lin Anran breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, he didn’t dare to slack off even more, making full use of the breathing method he was so proud of.

In order to avoid arousing Boss Shang’s animalistic desires in all aspects, he especially made an effort not to wear any alluring furry animal one-piece pajamas tonight. Instead, he just wore his normal, ordinary pajamas.

Lin Anran didn’t know anything. Lin Anran was already asleep. He was no longer open for business.

Shang Hao didn’t say anything, but Lin Anran could perceive that he was approaching closer.

In the quiet room, the other person’s movement and breathing were amplified, making them particularly obvious in the darkness. He was getting too close.

Lin Anran’s back tensed under his clothes. Has he been found out?….

Did Shang Hao find out that he wasn’t asleep? The skin on Lin Anran’s neck became itchy as Shang Hao pressed his lips to it.

Lin Anran could feel the slight dampness and the heat from his mouth with every exhale breath.
The sensation of his lips brushing against Lin Anran’s ears and neck made him tremble. Shang Hao licked and kissed from Lin Anran’s earlobe all the way up to his chin, leaving his lingering breath and mark everywhere.

The vexing kiss drifted up, leaving wet traces, until it finally caught the lips of the person pretending to be asleep.

Lin Anran trembled uncontrollably. He gave up on all the efforts he’d made toward the pretense. The moment he opened his mouth, another mouth slanted over his and bit his lower lip like a punishment.

Lin Anran’s proud yoga breathing method was defeated at once.

Although this stubborn statue was still pretending to be asleep with his eyes closed, he wasn’t fooling anyone.

Shang Hao moved in front of him, took hold of his legs, and dragged the person who was still pretending to sleep in front of him. He wrapped Lin Anran’s legs around his waist and then picked him up.

By this time, Lin Anran was already alarmed. His eyelashes trembled and trembled as he felt himself be suddenly lifted up by Shang Hao.

Although he had already reached this point, the closer the danger was, the more he tried to pretend to be asleep. It seemed that as long as Shang Hao didn’t speak, he only just had to pretend for a little bit longer and it became true.

Shang Hao didn’t speak but he had other bad thoughts. After he picked Lin Anran up, he didn’t pause at all.

Lin Anran should have noticed his abnormality at that second. Then, in the next moment, one hand pulled down Lin Anran’s elastic waistband–pulling both their waistbands at the same time.

Coldness seeped into his crotch area.

Old pervert!

Tonight, he was wearing normal pajamas with an elastic waistband. When it was opened, it could be said that it was the kind that would allow others to see everything at a glance.

Lin Anran could no longer pretend to sleep. He abruptly struggled to push Shang Hao away, guarding his crotch with one hand and preventing the other party from approaching with his other hand. He didn’t know if he’d been seen or not.

In the chaos, he only heard a “pop” as his waving hands hit something, making a crisp and clear sound. It seemed as if a pause button was pressed because they both froze instantaneously. Lin Anran was stunned, and even Shang Hao had paused.

Lin Anran was so scared that he had forgotten that he’d been pretending to sleep. His eyes were wide as he stared in panic at the person in front of him.

He couldn’t tell where he’d hit, but Shang Hao’s expression looked a bit startled.

In all the time that he’d known him, when did he ever see the expression of sorrow on Boss Shang’s arrogant face? Where had he been hit?

Wasn’t he cruel? Although he didn’t see where he’d hit, his blind slap was so heavy-handed.

What had he done just now? He’d hit Shang Hao!

He regretted it so much, as if the slap just now might as well be thrown on himself.

Shang Hao was stunned that he was slapped just now, and Lin Anran was shocked that he had hit him with his own hands. The atmosphere froze strangely.

Shang Hao reacted first. He rubbed his hand over Lin Anran’s stiff face. “Why are you still scared, huh?”

“Don’t be afraid.” He comforted Lin Anran, rubbing his thumb across his cheek. “Were you really scared? I wasn’t being good just now.”

Lin Anran, who was overwhelmed with guilt, didn’t have enough language skills. He would have to repeating his words, even saying that I was not good.

“Scared silly?” Shang Hao said again. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t bother you, okay?”

He put Lin Anran back in the bed.

Shang Hao also knew that it wasn’t Lin Anran’s fault, so he didn’t blame him, and put him back to sleep.

Lin Anran lay on the bed and watched him get up to turn off the overhead light in the room, and then turned off the night light beside the bed.

The room was immersed in the darkness, and silence was restored. Shang Hao lay down beside Lin Anran, not bothering him again. Now it was really time to go to sleep.

Generally, the party who felt that he had done something wrong was afraid of such a peaceful scene. Lin Anran couldn’t fall asleep. He always felt that he had overlooked something important, and when he tried to think about it, it only reminded him of something terrifying.

He had firmly slapped Shang Hao’s face.

That’s why Boss Shang was suddenly startled by him. Probably because no one had ever slapped him before.

Thinking of this, the feeling of guilt in his heart was like a small bug gnawing at it. He wished he could turn back the clock. He would have never done anything to Boss Shang.

He wasn’t even done thinking over this when Lin Amram suddenly remembered that he hadn’t apologized just now.

He closed his eyes and silently grabbed the comforter, feeling gut-wrenching regret.

Ah, his whole heart was being eaten by guilty bugs.

How could he not apologize after hitting someone…

He’d messed up again. Obviously, everything was going so well, but he had turned it into a total mess.

It would be better to let Boss Shang slap him back, so that Lin Anran would feel much better than how he felt now.

He was too smug. Just don’t pretend to be asleep, don’t be self-righteous, don’t play too crazily. Then everything would have been just fine, not as messed up as how it was like now.

Lin Anran, who regretted it deeply, reflected on his mistakes.

In retrospect, at the time, Shang Hao couldn’t see that he was unhappy. And after he said that he won’t bother him, he uncharacteristically really stopped bothering him.

Shang Hao still hugged him to sleep, but the hugs were very normal hugs. It seemed that he was not the same person who’d pulled down Lin Anran’s waistband just now.

But that was what made Lin Anran feel even more terrible.

Lin Anran had a dull gourd personality. If he couldn’t say it in person, he would have to digest it by himself in bed in the middle of the night for a long time.

He thought about it for a long time that night before finally falling asleep. When he got up the next morning, although the matter had passed, Shang Hao’s attitude towards him was different than usual.

He was still as good as he was before, and perhaps it might have just been Lin Anran’s perception. But he felt that today’s hug and touch were taken with particular care, as if Shang Hao had learned how to speak with virtue.

Before he left, he leaned over and kissed Lin Anran, and when he retreated, he looked at Lin Anran’s expression again. Lin Anran was also watching him. Finally Shang Hao moved, raised his hand and squeezed Lin Anran’s face, and said, “Don’t be afraid of me.”

Then he left.

Lin Anran didn’t understand what he meant. He wasn’t afraid. He was the one who treated Boss Shang disrespectfully. Therefore, how could he disrespect him? Instead, he should have the lofty respect of a little brother.

In fact, throughout the morning, Lin Anran was like a kid who made a mistake trying to test an adult’s anger, trying to find a chance to speak, trying to get a word with Boss Shang. Anything would do.

But Mr. Shang would not know, because in the end, he failed to say a single word. He couldn’t speak or say anything at all.

Lin Anran knew that he was in the wrong, and he was already reflecting on it.

After Shang Hao went to work, Lin Anran was in a daze as he worked on his manuscript alone in the quiet house.

If he was slapped, he wouldn’t want to take care of the person who had slapped himself. That slap last night was really heavy.

Lin Anran thought about it and felt that he had to admit his mistake.

This was as it should be. But because his mouth was useless, he didn’t say sorry last night.

He spent a restless day at home. He had never spent such an anxious time alone before.

When it was time to leave, Lin Anran packed up and got off work early. He sorted out his equipment. Hat, mask, subway card… Yes, he was going out again.

He made a brave decision. For anything related to Shang Hao, Lin Anran would be willing to brave his fears and go outside.

Lin Anran wanted to go to Shang Hao’s company when he’s off work and take him home.

Although this wouldn’t be considered a major event in the eyes of ordinary people, it was proper to admit when one was in the wrong.

A preoccupied Lin Anran went out very early. When he arrived at the lobby on the first floor of Tianneng, it was not yet time for work to end.

Lin Anran had been here a few times before, and he could even be considered a half-acquaintance. The lady at the front desk knew him well, and still entertained this visitor with a smile on her face.

Lin Anran worriedly said, “Last time, I waited here for a long time…” and then was turned away.

“This is the way it is, Sir. When you want to meet a high-level person, you’ll have to go through the formal procedure. The front desk also must follow the rules and can not break them. Do you agree?”

Lin Anran nodded yes. .

The lady at the front desk smiled.

To be honest, to people like Boss Shang, every second was counted in money. Real guests would hardly need to go through the front desk procedure. Most of them were expected. As soon as they enter the door, an assistant will come down to receive them and lead them up.

Only these guests who want to unilaterally meet with President Shang, would come to the front desk to seek opportunities, and they would be sent back with a sentence: “Do you have an appointment?”

“Can I see Shang Hao after registering?” Lin Anran couldn’t help but ask this sentence carefully.

The front desk lady was like a customer service expert. Her thoughtful answer always sounded vague. “President Shang is busy with work. Please wait for a while.”

Lin Anran quickly said, “Okay.”

It didn’t matter how long he would have to wait.

He was then politely sent to the waiting room. He was familiar with that place. Everyone in there wanted to see Shang Hao.

He paused, found a corner position, and sat down. It wasn’t time for Shang Hao to get off work, so he wouldn’t call Shang Hao now. He would wait a little longer.

He had his own plan. Even if Shang Hao couldn’t see him in the end, he would still have to go through the front door once he got off work.

When the time came, Lin Anran planned to dash up and tell him, I’ll take you home.

How could they have an overnight feud? Don’t be angry with him, Hao ge.


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2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing ❤️👏🙏💐⭐️

2 years ago

Poor baobei he’s over thinking and worrying himself to death…😞 totally understand the feeling

2 years ago

hes so not in the wrong that im furious. like, shang hao knows well enough that anran is not good at stating his boundaries, and its rly on him to be rly rly careful

2 years ago

I’m more than sure the reaction afterwards of Shang Huo is more of guilt them anger, thinking he pushed a bit too much. But i appreciate his character, the he stopped when he realised, still one shouldn’t force their partner (specially not for sex)