Love Delusion: Chapter 6

This morning, Lin Anran made an appointment with Peng Peng in a cafe downstairs from his home.

Because Lin Anran didn’t like to go out, Peng Peng didn’t demand that they go too far when they’re together, and so they usually just meet downstairs.

He and Peng Peng used to be classmates in high school, but they only became acquainted after they happened to enter the same university.

They also couldn’t be regarded as too familiar with one another. Lin Anran’s character made it hard for him to warm up to others, so it would take at least three jabs to move him with difficulties. It was just that, after Peng Peng graduated from university, he found a publishing-related job and he needed to use Lin Anran from time to time. This was why they still maintained contact.

It must be said that hiring an illustrator from outside was generally very expensive. Even an illustrator with a low level of skills would start at four digits, which could be considered quite cheap already.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Lin Anran’s friendship, Peng Peng wouldn’t even have a hope of receiving professional illustrations of Lin Anran’s caliber.

Saying that he was a hidden treasure would be an understatement. Lin Anran was simply a mine with inexhaustible uses, whose output was at the quality of gods. Not only this, the most important thing was that he never collected money.

These free illustrations were also never sloppy in terms of quality and details.

In more succinct terms, even blood-related brothers wouldn’t be so giving.

Peng Peng’s thick skin was softened by Lin Anran’s drawings, and he asked with some embarrassment whether they could be considered as friends.

At that time, Lin Anran only answered with two words: Doesn’t matter.

After digesting those two indifferent words, the social animal Peng Peng no longer said anything. He didn’t want to anger Lin Anran, and he decided not to ask for any more free drawings.

After that, he no longer asked for free illustrations. Who knew that after that week, Lin Anran sent him a message asking him why he was ignoring him.

Staring at the message in stunned astonishment, he didn’t know how to respond.

Only then did he truly know Lin Anran.

Peng Peng got along smoothly with society, therefore he always thought that people like Lin Anran were too complicated. Although it was true that this person was too quiet, it was also true that he was too innocent.

Xiao Ran was the most artless, most pure person he’d ever seen. Even the purest boys in overbearing CEO novels couldn’t be written like that.

Peng Peng was extremely moved, and then he hurriedly sent Lin Anran some manuscripts he had piled up on hand.

He decided that, in the future, this treasure mine, ah no, this Lin Anran would be his good brother and friend forever.

After getting along for a while, Peng Peng became accustomed to Lin Anran. Although Lin Anran didn’t like to deal with people and seemed indifferent, in fact, he simply had a hard time expressing himself.

Peng Peng was just as his name suggested. His whole person looked bloated, and he was smooth and glib. His nature was optimistic and cheerful, and he was also quite popular at his workplace.

He had gained weight recently, such that Lin Anran couldn’t even see his ears from the front anymore.

When Lin Anran saw him today, all of his attention was focused on that round face, and he couldn’t help but want to use the compass tool in his drawing software to line his face and see whether it was really that round.

“Sit sit sit.” Peng Peng’s smile bloomed like a flower as he greeted him. “Just order what you want. I’ll treat you.”

Lin Anran expressionlessly shook his head and sat down opposite him.

This kind of temperament would inevitably make people feel uncomfortable, thinking why this person would make such a face. However, Peng Peng was so happy that he directly stuffed the menu into Lin Anran’s hands.

After Lin Anran finished his selection, the other person enthusiastically called the waiter over and ordered for him. This kind of situation happened all the time. After that, he could then hand over today’s task to him.

Peng Peng took a sip of the coffee in front of him, thought of something, and asked Lin Anran about this morning’s event. “I say, did your hand slip this morning?”

This morning, the homepage of Lin Anran’s public account suddenly had a new activity. The emotional status on his homepage went from “single” to “in love,” which triggered a wave of fans coming over to bless him.

This status was optional. When Peng Peng saw this, his first reaction was that Lin Anran’s hand had slipped.

Lin Anran didn’t seem to understand. Peng Peng held his cup and teased him, “What’s going on? Did the big iceberg also want to fall in love?”

Lin Anran said, “I am in love.”

Peng Peng: “Pu—”

He urgently tried to stop himself, but some coffee still ended up spraying on his clothes.

Lin Anran continued, “I have a boyfriend.”

Peng Peng: “Pu—”

He coughed sharply.

“I heard you. I understand,” Peng Peng gasped while still coughing. “You, you, you, let me calm down first.”

Lin Anran quietly handed him a tissue.

That was right. What Lin Anran figured out by himself last night was that he no longer intended to hide it anymore. From now on, he would announce Shang Hao’s existence to everyone.

Shang Hao was not an imaginary friend, but Lin Anran’s boyfriend.

His way of solving problems was completely different from ordinary people. He didn’t choose to prove; rather, he put more effort into covering it up so as to prevent other people from prying.

Lin Anran acquiesced that he was a freak, so this time he must stand in front of Shang Hao.

Perhaps Dr. Zhou’s evaluation of Lin Anran was correct. This time was different from the past. He noticed this difference and so he displayed a special protection toward this “friend.”

There was no need for other people to come and probe it out. He would stand up and proclaim it himself.

Peng Peng took the tissue that Lin Anran had handed over, and proceeded to look at him with curious eyes as he wiped his clothes, as if this was the first time he’d met this person in front of him.

“Did you say, you have a boyfriend?” he repeated, making his words harder and more forceful to confirm whether he had heard correctly.

Lin Anran looked at him and nodded.

“No way, you really have a boyfriend?” He felt that his tone was too rude, and so he added, “That’s not what I meant. I mean, what does he look like? Do you have a photo?”

Unexpectedly, Lin Anran nodded again.


Peng Peng’s eyes widened. Lin Anran took out his phone, tapped on the screen a few times, and then really stretched out the screen toward him to show him a photo.

The moment Peng Peng saw the image on the screen, his expression turned into amazement.

It was definitely a photo. But why was this a photo  of a sketch that Lin Anran drew himself?

But the person in the sketch…

“Ga, so handsome.” Peng Peng was wholeheartedly dumbstruck. “This couldn’t be something you made up yourself. This person is just too handsome.”

Peng Peng didn’t follow the financial news like Lin Anran so he only thought that this person was too handsome.

The photo that Lin Anran showed him was the sketch that he drew yesterday.

In fact, he was extremely nervous just now. His face had gone tense and his voice was anxious. Even his hand holding the mobile phone was slightly trembling.

He wasn’t used to this form of spreading himself open in front of others. Like a hedgehog suddenly forced to expose the soft belly that it had been protecting.

On the other side of the table, Peng Peng sighed again and again. “Brilliant, Lin Anran. I really didn’t expect a person like you, who is usually so reserved, to suddenly have a target and someone so handsome at that!”

He didn’t think too much about it. Lin Anran had a boyfriend, so he blessed him. It wouldn’t affect Lin Anran’s drawing for him anyway.

And that person was so handsome.

So handsome. Peng Peng was too envious of his face, and he bit a handkerchief in his heart.

Although his reaction was a bit exaggerated, Lin Anran consciously felt that the atmosphere had returned to normal, and he slowly let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that things weren’t as difficult as he thought.

The round-headed little dummy Ranran finally spoke out.

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3 years ago

Awwwww cute

Sugar Tang
Sugar Tang
3 years ago

Doing art like that without commission seems a bit weird to me, even if it’s for friendship, I hope it gets addressed in the future, because Peng Peng, although seems nice, meh, maybe I’m just overthinking it

Also this chapter proved me wrong from last chapter, a bit embarrassed, but a very good thing to be wrong about, little dummy Ranran, speak up, show the world!

2 years ago

Taking the first step – speaking out 👏👏

2 years ago

I laughed too hard at Ranran’s compass comment 😂😂😂

2 years ago

Thanks for translating this novel ♡♡♡