Love Delusion: Chapter 26

It was a chaotic night.

That night, Lin Anran set the record for changing pajamas the most times in his life. In the end, he still failed to change into all the pajamas stored in that closet as Shang Hao had hoped.

An extremely worn out Lin Anran laid motionless, wearing a little chick one-piece pajamas, looking yellow and round. His eyes were dull, so tired that he couldn’t even lift his arms…

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a figure approach, and he immediately shook his head feebly, communicating his rejection in a weak voice, “No more. I can’t do it anymore…”

Shang Hao smiled and pulled on his hand, as if he hadn’t heard his words. “Be good, Ranran, and change into this set.”

Less than two seconds after Lin Anran fell on the bed, he was pulled back up again.

Lin Anran: wuwuwu

He couldn’t even raise his hands to change anymore, so Boss Shang helped him change.

Shang Hao pulled down the zipper in front of the pajamas, easily peeled Ranran from his clothes, and stuffed him back into a fluffy little cow one-piece pajamas.

Wearing a one-piece pajamas required two zippers, one in the front and one in the back. The zipper in the front was a vertical strip, while the one in the back was horizontal, making it more convenient for the pants to be taken off.

Lin Anran didn’t want to move so he spread his limbs out flat on the bed and allowed Shang Hao to change him.

Shang Hao maintained a kind and pure smile on his face. But, although his expression was smiling, Lin Anran was too familiar with his hungry eyes.

Shang Hao pulled the front zipper up for him, turned him over, and gently bit the back of his neck. When he stretched his hand to the back zipper, his movement suddenly stopped.

This cow was very good…No, this piece of clothing was very round…

Because the person behind him didn’t move for a long time, Lin Anran became sleepy and nearly fell asleep.

He turned his head politely and asked, “Is this still not good?”

Just as Lin Anran was falling asleep, Shang Hao pressed up against him from behind, using his body temperature and weight to press the person in his arms into the bed as he gave Lin Anran an oversized hug.

At the same time, Vice President Shang also made his strong presence known, pressing into him from behind the zipper.

Why did it stand up again? Lin Anran, who was being nibbled on the neck, weakly made a humble suggestion, “This is the last one.”

After putting on the hood, Lin Anran’s face was the only thing exposed on this black and white cow pajamas. He looked like a soft, furry little cow, making a certain someone feel rather lecherous.


Shang Hao had a different idea. In order to let Ranran know how cute he looked in the form of a cow, he tried hard to figure out a way to communicate with him in his own language. “Is this a popular style of xx clothing for you otakus?”

Lin Anran mumbled, “…I don’t really want to be a cow.”

Shang Hao asked, “Little milky?”

Lin Anran : …

Even though he really wanted to scold him for being a pervert, he continued to smile.

As a result, they messed around late into the night, which resulted in them getting up later than usual the next day.

After Shang Hao left for work, Lin Anran stayed at home alone. He sat in front of the computer, opened a browser, and typed into the search bar. “Is it perverted to become aroused by a little milk cow?”

Vice President Shang was standing up more and more frequently, and Lin Anran was a little alarmed.

Lin Anran had no experience in communicating with other men, and so he didn’t know whether this frequency was normal and whether Shang Hao’s size was normal.

Last night, he was so tired that he wasn’t able to react much. This morning, when Lin Anran got up, he thought about it and he decided that he must not wear that cow pajamas anymore.

Lin Anran gave up searching and leaned back against the chair. He recalled the phone call he’d gotten from his aunt that morning.

His aunt said that she wanted to come and see them this evening, and she also told Lin Anran to be sensible and let his roommate know in advance.

This day finally came. Lin Anran knew that the reason his aunt was here was to see Shang Hao. This was what he’d been waiting for.

Just, how to say it to Shang Hao?

Lin Anran wasn’t good at anything that involved “opening up.”

However, because this meeting was facilitated by Lin Anran, as the middleman, he consciously took full responsibility for this meeting, hoping that it wouldn’t be bothersome to his aunt and to Shang Hao.

But when it came to actually saying it, Lin Anran struggled for most of the day. Finally, he chose a time that wouldn’t affect Shang Hao’s work. Therefore, before Boss Shang got off work, he called and told him that his aunt would be visiting their home tonight.

On the other side of the phone, Shang Hao only said, “Okay, got it. Love you, Ranran.”

Lin Anran breathed a sigh of relief.

It was almost dark by the time Shang Hao got home. When he entered through the door, he was carrying a few bags of things, which included supplements and cosmetics, all of which were brands whose logos smelled of money.

Shang Hao said, “For Aunt.”

Lin Anran didn’t expect that he would return fully prepared.

Shang Hao squeezed Lin Anran’s face. “Speaking of which, we should go and visit Aunt. Why did you allow Aunt to come and see you instead?” He reminded Lin Anran of his aunt this morning when she was telling him how to interact with people. “Next time, we should go and visit her instead.”

When Shang Hao said this, Lin Anran felt that he was really incapable in this life, letting his aunt run back and forth.

But Lin Anran didn’t have the nerve to tell Shang Hao that he was only a roommate at this moment, and if they did that, it would be the first time someone took their roommate home to meet their family.

Therefore, he had to make an excuse, “Traffic jam…”

It was true since Shang Hao had to deal with traffic every day when he got off work.

But even Lin Anran himself could dismantle this poor excuse. After all, there were many ways of traveling, such as taking the subway or riding a taxi.

Sure enough, Shang Hao only smiled and wasn’t the least bit concerned about it. “This isn’t complicated. Is there any open space or empty roof near Aunt’s house?”

Lin Anran became wary. “What do you want to do?”

Shang Hao said, “Finding a place for the helicopter to land.”

Lin Anran: ! Absolutely not!

What kind of rich people talk was this?! Who takes his roommate to meet his family by helicopter? Aunt will be scared!

Perhaps this was the disparity between man and man. After all, while Shang Hao was thinking this, Lin Anran was only thinking about riding a two-wheeled bicycle.

And why use a helicopter to travel within the city?

Shang Hao shrugged. “Anyway, there’s already a helicopter and a pilot at the ready. If you want to see the night scene some day, you can tell me and I’ll take you up.”

…It was he who was reckless. It turned out that it was no big deal for Shang Hao to board a helicopter for a leisurely ride.

Lin Anran was so frightened by the power of money that he couldn’t speak for a while.

Shang Hao continued, “If you want to go to sea someday…”

Lin Anran:…Don’t say anything. I haven’t gotten over the helicopter yet.

By the way, would his aunt be embarrassed if his roommate gave her such heavy gifts on their first meeting? Lin Anran was secretly worried.

When the doorbell rang, Lin Anran put Shang Hao’s gift on the table. He knew that his aunt was outside, ready to see Shang Hao.

He took a deep breath, looked at Shang Hao, and then walked over to open the door.

“Anran, I brought you some fruit.” The moment Lin Huiyan entered the door, she looked behind Lin Anran and saw the tall man standing behind him.

“Hello,” Shang Hao said.

Lin Huiyan was stunned for a second, but then she quickly said, “Ah, hello, hello.”

Lin Huiyan looked between Lin Anran and Shang Hao, a feeling of sourness swelling in her throat. Then she returned her gaze to Lin Anran and smiled, unable to speak for a long time.

Lin Anran took the fruits from her hand and let her in, then he handed Shang Hao’s gift to her with some embarrassment.

“Oh, how thoughtful!” Lin Huiyan also realized the value of these gifts, and she quickly took out a big red envelope from her pocket and stuffed it into Shang Hao’s hands without any explanation.

Lin Anran: !

Why did Aunt come to see his roommate today and even prepared a red envelope?!

He didn’t understand. A friend giving gifts and a guardian handing out a red envelope in return. Was this the normal process for a roommate meeting a parent? Why did it seem so strange?

Did these two secretly communicate and he was the only one left in the dark? Why give each other such big gifts upon meeting?

Aunt was very tough, but she must have accepted Shang Hao. She smiled and said, “Look, I didn’t prepare anything. A little care must be taken at the first meeting. Give Auntie some face.”

Shang Hao finally accepted it.

Lin Huiyan secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, she came prepared. She thought about it beforehand that she might have misunderstood the previous guest room, so as a precaution, she prepared a red envelope for seeing the parents.

Look, wasn’t it useful now?

Xixi: Thanks for the kind words and for your patience, you guys.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter. I hope you are in a better state of mind now.

3 years ago
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Much better than before. Thank you. 😊

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Thank you so much for the chapter!!! ^^

Sugar Tang
Sugar Tang
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Thanks for the chapter Xixi, also finally Auntie knows the existence of Hao-ge!

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